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Avalon For Sale, Turtle Protection Season Starts Today, Grants For University Students. Cornerstone Laid For New Ferry Terminal, Candidates Registered, Pruning Palms, Planning More Promotion, Tomorrow Is Mother's Day In Isla Mujeres News Thursday, May 9 Articles From Tuesday, Wednesday, & Today: The Final Edition (Finally!)

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



US Court Offers Avalon For Sale
On Tuesday, SIPSE/Renán Moguel reported: The last hotel of Michael Kelly is in Isla Mujeres and is being offered for sale, with two hotel groups already interested. The Avalon Reef is located on an islet known as "El Yunque" in Isla Mujeres. This is the last of the Kelly Group's real estate property, whose founder Michael Eugene Kelly Hodgson was charged with fraud and detained by a US Court.
     The Northern District  Court in Illinois is offering it for sale to address the outstanding debts owed to hundreds of retirees. The property has an area of 22,794 square meters, and 4.72 meters of Federal Zone, with approximately 100 rooms and 10 cabanas.It is one of the largest properties on the island, along with the Isla Mujeres Palace and Villa Rolandi. Although information has not been released about the amounts of the bids, it is known that at least two major hotel groups are interested in acquiring it.
      Douglas A Doetsch is the "Special Master" in charge of collecting information about the assets of Kelly and his family, and has held frequent meeting with the Kelly Group, according to the Northern District Court of Illinois. Kelly Group properties sold in the past year include Puerto Cancun, which was acquired by Grupo Mira, and the hotel Avalon Baccara, in the Hotel Zone. The last property of the Kelly Group in Quintana Roo is found in Isla Mujeres and has an area of 5000 square meters (At the beginning of the article it identifies the Avalon Reef hotel in Isla Mujeres as the last Kelly Group property in the state, and says it is 22,794 sq mts).
      Kelly defrauded thousands of American retirees through the sale of "time shares" with promises that they would make a profit because of a third company that would administrate, but they received no profits. Kelly was captured in Florida in late 2006 and transferred by federal marshals to Chicago, Illinois on January 9, 2007, where he is currently under house arrest (arraigo domiciliario).

Promoting Isla Mujeres On Facebook & Twitter
The municipal tourism promotion agency of Isla Mujeres, El Fideicomiso de Promoción Turística de Isla Mujeres, announced plans to launch pages on Facebook and Twitter, to connect directly to the international community of tourists. They will use this medium to share the beauty and images of the island though photos, videos, and news as well as sharing the culture and traditions of this destination. It is hoped this will attract more tourists from Europe and South America. Source: Por Esto  Tuesday

Artisan Seeks Second State Win
On Wednesday, Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez reported: César López Espinosa is seeking the title of Artesano del Año in a state competition commemorating Día del Artesano, which was March 19th. He was chosen to represent Isla Mujeres as  “El Artesano del Año 2013” /The Craftsman of the Year 2013". He reports he won first prize in this annual contest last year. This is the eighth edition of this competition and Fair which features typical crafts of the region. It also provides workshops for children, teens, and older adults to transmit knowledge and culture between the generations. The contest will take place Wednesday in Chetumal.

Sculpture Contest For Youths
Twenty teams, of four members each, are expected to compete in the first DIF recycling contest "Marine Species" (Especies Marinas), which commemorates World Environment day which is on June 5. The contest will be held May 17. The aim of the DIF is to help youths avoid vices and to not pollute their environment, as well as to encourage family involvement. The goal of World Environment Day is to raise awareness, promote political action, humanize environmental issues, enpower people to become active agents for sustainable and equitable development, and to promote community involvement in changing attitudes towards environmental issues, as well as to encourage cooperation among people and between nations to give them a safer and more prosperous future. Arrangements are being made to provide prizes of swimming with the whale sharks for contest winners. Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez  Wednesday  

Selecting Citizens to Oversee Voting
On Wednesday, Quequi/Carlos Gasca reported:  El Consejo Distrital Electoral XIV / The Council for  Electoral District 14, chose the letter "S", which means the surnames of the 700 citizens  overseeing the 96 voting boxes (Casillas electorales) in the July 7th election will have last names of that letter. The PAN representative, City Council member Rayito de Luz Rendón pulled the letter "S" from an urn. At the special meeting, directors and representatives of the political parties chose their representatives for each party. The 700 citizen overseers will be selected and receive training in upcoming days.

Pruning Palms
Wednesday, Diario Respuesta/Jesus Molina reported that the Department of Ecology had begun a pruning program of the island's palms and were seen with ladders, machetes, and ropes, removing old dry branches in the area of Posada del Mar beach, and other workers were loading the organic waste onto a truck. The workers said they had begun the previous day, working on Carlos Lazlo avenue, as well as Rueda Medina, and they were working their way toward the Whale Shark statue, and expected to continue a little farther.

 Candidates In City Election Registered

Note: A Rigador is a City Council Member, and they are given in order:  first/primer, second/segundo, third/tercer, etc. The "Presidente Propietario" is the candidate for Mayor. Suplente is alternate.

TV Isla Mujeres reports that the first to present documentation to the IEQROO (governmental electoral agency) was Juan Basto Chacon of the Citizen Movement party, who list of candidates was presented after a slight delay, at the event scheduled for 5pm:
Presidente propietario, Juan Basto Chacón; Presidente Suplente Francisco Gaytan Puerto; Síndico Municipal, Raymundo Fernández Ferral; Primer Regidor, José Guadalupe González Herrera; Segundo Regidor, Idelfonsa Ávila Canto; Tercer Regidor, María Elizabeth Tum Balam; Cuarto Regidor

Next Alicia Ricalde Magana arrived with supporters, including Mayor Hugo Sanchez Montalvo, having walked from the park in colonia Meteorologica, at the event scheduled for 6pm, with the following list of candidates for the PAN Partido Acción Nacional party:
Presidente Propietario, Alicia Ricalde Magaña; Presidente Suplente, Eva Fany Quijano Kiní; Síndico Municipal, Víctor Osorio Magaña; Primer Regidor Antonio Ríos Chalé; Segundo Regidor, Carlos Gamboa Ortiz; Tercer Regidor, Rosa Elena Ríos Fernández; Cuarto Regidor, Luis Baloios Fernández; Quinto Regidor, Liliana Magaña Moguel; Sexto regidor Feliciano Nuñez Loría (este último de la zona continental

Next the PRI candidate arrived with hundreds of supporters, and the registration of candidates for the Revolucionario Institucional party were presented as follows:
Presidente propietario: Agapito Magaña Sánchez; Suplente: César Poot Pérez; Síndico Municipal, Fidel Villanueva Madrid; Primer regidor,  Miriam Trejo León; Segundo regidor, José del Carmen Magaña Galue; Tercero regidor, Roseli Danilu Magaña Martínez; Cuarto regidor Pedro A. Fuentes Cruz; Quinto regidor, Adriana Trejo González; Sexto regidor, Bartolome Pech Matú.

Por Esto reports that the PRD party ("partido del sol azteca") registered Carlos Pech Casillas as their Mayoral candidated and their candidates for City Council are:  María Citlali, Odeth Nataly León as segunda regidora, María Romeli Zapata, as tercera regidora and Olguita Rodríguez Paredes as cuarta regidora.

Governor Laid Cornerstone For New Ferry Terminal
Yesterday Governor Borge placed the cornerstone for the new ferry terminal which is being built at a cost of 34.5 million pesos. It will benefit the more than 16,000 residents of the island, as well as over 2 million people who visit the island annually. The influx of visitors has increased 14 percent in the first quarter. Many important officials attended, whose names and titles are listed in the article, and speeches were made about the benefits of this project and the commitment of the local, state, and federal  governments to improve tourism infrastructure. Source: Quintanarroense/Ovidio Lopez 

Agreement To Provide University Tuition Grants
The Mayor of Isla Mujeres, and the City Council, signed an agreement with the Universidad del Sur, for a scholarship program in which the university will award tuition grants of up to 43 percent to islanders interested in attending their institution. The Mayor explained that support will encourage young islanders to study and increase their knowledge, in order to arm themselves for the future tourism projects that are being developed on the mainland by the municipality.  There are provisions in the urban development programs that guarantee that future administrations will respect the measures set out to protect the environment, including the mangroves and beaches of the municipality Isla Mujeres.
    The Vice Chancellor for the University also signed a second agreement opening their doors to students from Isla Mujeres who wish to pursue studies in professional areas or social service. Here is a link to the Universidad del Sur campus in Cancun, in Spanish. The Mayor and other officials toured the university, and he participated in an interactive forum on college radio where he expressed his commitment to education and said that Isla Mujeres has its doors open to all Mexican and foreigners who wish to visit.  Source: El Quintanarroense/Ovidio Lopez  

Sea Turtle Protection Season Begins Today
The program to protect sea turtles will last almost seven months, starting on May 9 and concluding in late November. The Committee for Protection of Sea Turtles 2013 will meet on May 9 at 6pm, who will oversee the surveillance, protection of nests, transfer of eggs, and releases of the hatchlings of the species Carey, Blanca, and Caguama or Hawksbill, Green, and Loggerhead in Isla Mujeres. Source: SIPSE/Lanrry Parra  

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 On the internet in the past 24 hours...

Wednesday afternoon: Cornerstone ceremony for new Ferry Terminal...included Governor & Mayor
La tarde de este miércoles, el presidente municipal, Hugo Iván sánchez Montalvo acompañó al gobernador del Estado, Roberto Borge Angulo, en el eventó donde se colocó la primera piedra de la nueva terminal marítima de Isla Mujeres.

Ayuntamiento De Isla Mujeres
Festival on Friday for Day of the Child and Mothers Isla Mujeres (there was another one on the mainland)

10th annual fishing tournament MAY 17-19

Ages 8-13 Sculpture contest "Marine Species"

City scholarship payments
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 Inauguration of the park  "The Frigates" in colonia Lol-Beh 5p Monday

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Sagrado Corazon Isla Mujeres
Mexican Night at the La Gloria Catholic Church including chosling a Senorita Sacred Heart and Food and entertainment.
La Capilla Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Isla Mujeres, invita a toda la comunidad Isleña a la gran NOCHE MEXICANA con la Presentacion de LIGIA LIZAMA candidata a Señorita Sagrado Corazon 2013, este domingo 12 de Mayo despues de misa de 7:00 pm. — with Hugo Ivan Sanchez Montalvo and 38 others.

Tony Garcia
Tuesday via Aperture
07 may 2013. (8 photos)

Trae a Mama a Cenar y Bailar Porque Ella NO PAGA NADA!! *Valido 1 mama por cada 4 personas o más.
Bring in your mother & dine and dance because you pay nothing for her..Valid for one mom for every four people or more

May 6, our first Punta Sur trip this year, awesome conditions, Wilbert with Mickey and Penny, and tortuga!
Clink link above to view video 

John Cain providing music & vocals...

 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  (message says wait a moment)

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

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