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New Ferry Terminal At 25%: Facility For Tour Boats & Magana & Ultramar, Successful Sand Sculpture Contest, About Ixchel's Husband & Seeking Rain From Chaac, Disqualification Video, Over 800 Young Islanders Attend 34 Anti-Litter Environmental Workshops In Isla Mujeres News Monday, May 20 Today's Articles: The Final Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



Anti Litter & Environmental Workshops For 800 Islander Kids
The organization "Amigos de Isla Contoy"  conducted 34 workshops teaching children of Isla Mujeres about caring for the environment. The program is titled "“Todos Juntos a Cuidar el Mar”. "Taking Care Of The Sea Together", and involved 804 island students from kindergarten through third grade. They were taught about different marine species; and how plastic, trash, and other pollutants affect them; and the importance of putting trash in its place. The goal is to teach children positive lifestyle habits, and to have love and respect for the environment and for the place they live.These workshop courses were conducted in February and March.
  With a similar goal, the DIF is promoting recycling with the first sculpture contest "Marine Species", which will be held June 5 for World Environment Day.  They are arranging to award prizes of swimming with the whale sharks for the top three winners.The young contestants are using recycled materials of plastic, cardboard, glass, and other debris, for this event that gives them an opportunity to express their creativity while raising community awareness about the importance of protecting the environment. Source: Diario Q Roo/Manuel Valdez 

Participants disqualified from tournament for fraud after the rest of the competitors complained

 The Captain of the boat "Top Notch", Roberto Vargas of Cancun, and his crew were disqualified from the tournament and barred from future tournaments. There was controversy over the condition of the 70 pound blue marlin, which had put them in first place. This was immediately detected by the sports fisherman, causing protests and an overnight review by the Committee. After analyzing all the data provided by the protestors and the required video of the catch, the decision was outright disqualification according to the Rules of the Tournament. This was announced at press conference at 6:30 am yesterday, where the video was shown. The other contestants approved and then continued with the competition. The contestants who were disqualified are likely to be banned from other state and national tournaments. Diario Q Roo/ Manuel Valdez  

LINK to  video (on YouTube) that was submitted by Top Notch. They are hollering to get the gaff, and  when they are over the marlin, in the boat, they are saying that it is moving. This is not the same video as yesterday, which was indecipherable.

Winners of the 10th Tournament Fishing "Cosme Alberto Martínez Magaña" show the video of their capture of a blue marlin (The first video at this link is of the awards ceremony with the Governor, and below it is the video of the catch (even though the still photo shows the Mayor) but the pop up ad makes it hard to see. The action is in the second minute. The list of winning boats is on this page, also. ) 

Itzamná, the lord of heaven, of night and day

Itzamná, el señor de los Cielos, de la noche y el día

Rather than translate this essay about Ixchel's husband, who is one of the most important Mayan gods, here is an article about him in English originally published in  REVUE Guatemala's English Language Magazine    and reprinted at Copper Canyon Adventures          (Here's a wiki  LINK about Him )

Itzamnaaj – Itzamná

Itzamná was the Old Creator Deity, patron of the Scribal arts, esoteric knowledge, divination, medicine and curing.  He was the archetype of the “divine priest”, personified and worshiped by diviners, scribes, healers, temple priests, and sage old rulers.  This ancient sorcerer wears an obsidian mirror as a sign of his divinatory powers.  He is the “spiny one” or “caiman”, “cipactli” in Nahuatl, “itzam” in Maya.  These hardened spines symbolize the hot dry season over which this deity ruled.  Itzamná can be translated as “Caiman House”, an allusion to the great power of this earth and sky deity.  His terrestrial aspect was the “Spiny Earth Caiman” or “Itzam Kab Ain”.  “Itzam Kab Ain” rose from the sea to create the earth and from his massive body came the sustenance of this world.  Itzamná’s nighttime celestial aspect was the Milky Way or “serpent of the stars”, the very embodiment of creative wisdom that fed priests and scribes with nocturnal insights and divinatory Knowledge.  The daytime celestial aspect of Itzamná and his spirit companion was the “Principle Bird Deity”, a being who plays a great role throughout Mayan mythology as both creator and destroyer of humanity and its various worlds.  Itzamná as the supreme divinity of the sky and orginator of the sacred calendar was patron f the day “Ahau”, “Lord” of both Night and Day.  As the spiny Ceiba of the coastal plain the thorny “Tz’ite” or “Palo de Pito” of the mountainous highlands he personified the world tree.  In this way Itzamná represented the “axis mundi” of the Maya as the great supporter of the heavens above the earth.  He was closely related to the sun deity, K’inich Ajaw and the office of divine kingship.  He is God D of the Schellhas classifications.

Families Enjoy Sand Sculpture Competition
Twenty-nine grade school children participated in the DIF sand sculpture contest on Sunday morning, with creations that included whale sharks, sail fish, Mayan pyramids, and starfish. Their parents were nearby offering encouragement and support, and this was an family oriented event. Source: Diaro Respuesta/ Jesus Molina 

One Fourth Of Ferry Terminal Construction Finished
The new ferry terminal is 25 percent completed. It will have two areas, with one dedicated to passengers coming from Puerto Juarez and Cancun, and the other will be used by passengers of the boat tours. There will be shower facilities and a parking area. Credit is given to the Governor for this project, which involves an investment of 33 million pesos. Source: Diario Respuesta/Jesus Molina  
      Por Esto notes that this will be a first class facility which should impress tourists, as well as being more efficient. It will be one of the best sea terminals in the country, says the director of the State Port Authority, Roosenvelt Erce Barrón Barrera. He added that last year, 2.3 million passengers traveled to Isla Mujeres, and during this first quarter of this year the average is the same . He said they hope that news of this terminal travels through word of mouth and the social networks to let tourists know that it will be more comfortable, as well as safe and fast. He said this will be one of the most modern terminals in the country and likely to become a model for other states to copy.  He noted it will be divided into one section for the tour boat customers, and another area for passengers using the two ferries. (Ultramar & Magana).  There will be an area were food is sold, that will be simple and not very large, as well as an area for the businesses that are located in the current terminal. The new terminal will not obstruct the views of the sea and piers.

Praying For Rain at Los Chunes
  This area known as "the Chunes" consists of the communities Chumphon, Chum On, Chun Yah, and Chunyaxche, near Felipe Carrillo Puerto, which is not a port. It is a rural area where thousands of Mayan families live more traditionally. Many are dependent on their milpas, and particularly on their corn crop, as their main source of food.

 En la ruta de Los Chunes, la población depende del “maíz sagrado” para subsistir. (Manuel Salazar/SIPSE)
Filipe Carrillo Puerto, Q Roo.  Mayan dignitaries and priests  conducted a service to the Mayan god  Ch´a Chaac with prayer for rain. There are concerns about the delayed rain which was expected by May 15th. There has been no significant rain in the region, (including in Isla Mujeres) and there have been high temperatures. If rain does not come within the next two weeks, the corn harvest will be small. At the ceremonial center in Chumpón,the Mayan priests reminded the faithful to fulfill their traditional responsibilities to install the guards that, according to their beliefs, will intercede to bring the rain that is necessary to water the crop and benefit the communities. Source: SIPSE/Manuel Salazar   (This refers to Aluxes; the small spirits who are said to protect  the milpas where crops are grown, and it is believed they  cause harm if not respected and given offerings. Shrines to them are placed in alignment with the four directions, often along paths entering the milpa and the community. )  

Watch Your Step When Caribe Walkway Is Wet
Por Esto says there is criticism of the new Caribbean walkway overlooking the sea, because its construction involved removal of some vegetation, and because it is located on cliffs that are affected by erosion. (Previously, vehicles were being parked on areas of the cliffs that were unsafe, and one of the intentions of this project was to prevent that.) Another complaint is that the surfaces of the walkway are not resistant to skidding, which causes risks of falling when there is rain and because salt residue accumulates. (While water makes the tiles and walkways at our coastal villa slippery, I have not noticed that effect from the salt accumulation.) Carmen López Sánchez, who lives in nearby Amplification La Gloria, said her son was playing there several days ago with friends, and sprained his ankle. She blames the people who managed the construction and chose the materials, while admitting that the walkway is very nice.
   The government has completed two of the five phases, and plans to extend the walkway down by the Trash Transfer Station.It is  Por Esto's opinion that this as pointless because at times (usually when equipment breaks down)  trash accumulates at the facility causing odors. The trash transfer facility has been undergoing renovations, but PE says there is no point in building a wall so tourists don't see the trash facility, if they can still smell the odors. (The trash facility is upwind from the walkway, with persistent coastal breezes that should send the odors away from the malecon.) The first two phases of the walkway were built at a cost of six million pesos, and the rest may involve at least 12 million pesos.

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Sunrise this morning from MVC B&B

This is sunset yesterday from a table at Brisa's Grill

 This is the Cuban Band we enjoyed at Brisa's Grill after our wonderful meal at the Posada/Penquino's
 BELOW is the reason we were downtown. Nacho, of the Posada & Penquino's Restaurant, treated us to an anniversary dinner. First we chatted & I quizzed him about their land turtles, who were in a nearby tank, asking about the one who laid eggs in the courtyard the other day. He introduced us to Romy, tho of course we had heard of HIM, who stepped down the path by the pool, and cut fresh mint for our mojitos. They were excellent! This special table was set up for us in the sand, and we ordered the seafood grille for two which was scrumptious! Nacho had carefully reviewed all my gluten precautions with the chef and the food was cooked to perfection, with a light buttery, slightly seared flavor that accented the high quality ingredients. The service was stellar, the setting was very pleasant, and as you can see, the table and presentation were beautiful. The fish, lobster, shrimp, and octopus were all tender and very tasty, and the salad was a nice mix of fresh, crisp vegs. We enjoyed watching the Sunday afternoon activity on main street from within an otherwise serene setting. A very lovely gesture and a fabulous way to celebrate our 21st!

Sunrise this morn

 On the internet in the past 24 hours...

Bruce :  Lots of fishing boats on Isla this weekend for the fishing tournament.

Soggy Peso Bar Grill says..Today promises to be an active day at The Soggy Peso.A group of people from Louisiana were in the bar this morning, all wearing grass skirts, claiming to return this afternoon with even more people. Another group of 20 from Galveston are to return this afternoon. Couple these developments with our Crispy Tacos and ya got yourself a BIG ASS PARTY!!!!!!!!!

Here's an answer I gave today to a question about what to do on Isla...
Turtle farm! ($3) Turtle Releases in Sept! (free) Swimming w Whale Sharks ($120). Underwater Sculpture Museum ( (MUSA)($25 snorkel from boat w lunch, equipment). Punta Sur/South point..amazing views & old ruin & walkways along the cliffs, iguanas to feed, sculptures ($3 or one part is free). Walk the three "malecons" seaside walkways, Bike or cart or walk the isle, Snorkel at Castille Garrafon ($5) or near Avalon (free bring own equip). Nautical Museum Capt Dulch ($5?) at beach club, visit the mercados & see the tortillerias, Visit the "flea market" where the artesans pay lower rent and have less expensive stuff and many handmade items from natural materials, Days, near Poc Nah hostel. If in Isla the first week, ..the First Thursday Artists Fair on the Square..where you will meet lotsa English speaking foreigners whom you can ask for suggestions The Bottle Island in Sac Bajo for a donation.. The more pricey options have lotsa marketing like Garrafon and Dolphin Discovery & I'm not very familiar with them, but are also very popular options. There is lotsa good live music.And we are so close to Cuba that includes good Cuban music and food. Find Cuban Music..Brisas's Grill Early Evenings, mostly weekends it seems. and Saturday afternoon at Fenix (playa norte) then Iguanas Marina Paraiso..west side (band moves). Texas Ribs at Soggy Peso Sundays (Authentic!). Paella at Iguanas on Sundays (addictive) . Cochinita pibil on Sundays (decadent and not generally available NOB)..once the conversation turns to food there are too many choices and a bad meal can be hard to find.

Victor Manuel Cervera Cervera updated his cover photo. (The square used to look like this. Pretty, ay?)

Tiffany Yenawine Wareingposted toBarlito, bakery & market cafe and Sonrisas Catering on Isla Mujeres, MX  Monday's teaser...a biscuit breakfast sandwich w/ fresh seasonal fruit! A great way to start your day & that can be at anytime....we serve breakfast from 8am to 3pm!
Monday's teaser...a biscuit breakfast sandwich w/ fresh seasonal fruit!  A great way to start your day & that can be at anytime....we serve breakfast from 8am to 3pm!

Casa Havana Cafe Paladar updated their cover photo.
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Isla Mujeres added 19 new photos to the album 10° Torneo de Pesca Isla Mujeres. — in Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo.

Rob Herrin's photo.

Bruce on Fb:   We managed to spread our anniversary out over several days. A great way to celebrate 21 wonderful years of marriage. Thanks to Carlos from Marino Paraiso and Ignacio Acosta Casanova of Posada del Mar for making this a very special weekend.
We managed to spread our anniversary out over several days. A great way to celebrate 21 wonderful years of marriage. Thanks to Carlos from Marino Paraiso and @[100000357910988:2048:Ignacio Acosta Casanova] of Posada del Mar for making this a very special weekend.

Oh and my New Love???  Besides the Seafood Grille at Posada?  The Torta Espanola at Iguana's! ;)

 24 hr "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

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