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In Isla Mujeres News Sunday, December 22, The Afternooon Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte

North Beach/Playa Norte In Real Time  In Isla Mujeres  LINK to 24 hour time lapse of the webcam

The "Morning Edition" has translated headlines &  newspaper photos. This Afternoon Edition has  translations of the news articles,  Daily Events, the Live Music Schedule  & the "Around the Internet in the Past 24 Hours" section including photos & info from individuals & local businesses .... Daily In Isla Mujeres. There are always links to the original articles in Spanish.

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   Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

Fun posada holiday event hosted by Agapito to express gratitude to colleagues

Divertida posada

Sábado, 21 de Diciembre de 2013 22:19

Encabeza Agapito para desear parabienes a sus colaboradores

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 21 de diciembre.-.
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In an atmosphere of fellowship, camaraderie and good wishes, directors, employees and members of City Council celebrated with the traditional Christmas Posada party at the Convention Center.  The convention center was filled with joy and music; and there were many useful gifts presented through raffles, which could be used in the homes of the workers. The Mayor thanked them and reflected on the previous year, noting that we are living in difficult economic times, but if everyone applies themselves to their work we will move forward.
  In an emotional Christmas message he wished the attendees, workers, and their families congratulations and the promise of a happy new year full of health and love. A musical group added a festive touch to the annual celebration, and many couples were dancing. There was an atmosphere of fellowship and the Mayor gave out awards and financial incentive payment for good performance.

Remodeling the downtown basketball court

Remodelarán la “José del Carmen Pastrana”

Sábado, 21 de Diciembre de 2013 22:20

Comuna planea su total “rescate”

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 21 de diciembre.-
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 The renovation will be done with federal funds of 546,664 pesos and includes benches for the players, reconstruction of the court, installation of an electronic scoreboard, and new metal posts and lights. This is the downtown basketball court by the town square, “José del Carmen Pastrana”.  Other improvements to sports facilities include 20 million pesos for El Pescador baseball field, and the creation of an outdoor gym by the futbol rapido stadium.

Another foreigner accused of nonpayment

Más estafas

Sábado, 21 de Diciembre de 2013 22:36

Ahora sale a relucir “pleito” de extranjeros

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 21 de diciembre.- 
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  Foreigner Georgiane Meldahl, 65, has a complaint against foreigner Jim Taylor, claiming he owes her over 32,000 pesos, after renting her home in Salina Chica. She returned to Isla from the United States and changed the locks and evicted him from the house on December 12th. She says he owes her more than 28,000 pesos for four months rent, and over 11,000 pesos for unpaid utility bills.
     Dr Salas intervened, and Jim Taylor came with a lawyer, so she returned his belongings, which she had intended to keep. She says at that time he gave his word that he would pay, but has not.


 Tvisla Mujeres

Noticias de  Quequi......

  Hotel occupancy: Less than 50%

Noticias de Diario Respuesta...

Mayor gets together with his colleagues

Convive alcalde con sus colaboradores

Convive alcalde con sus colaboradores
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Deeding is a priority: Mayor

Prioriza Magaña la escrituración

Prioriza Magaña la escrituración

 por esto

One of the pillars of maritime transport died
Fallece uno de los pilares del transporte marítimo[+] Ver mas
Raúl Magaña Carrillo, 79, passed away in Merida at 6pm after suffering declining health in recent months. With his siblings, he was important to maritime transport between Puerto Juarez and Isla Mujeres, as well as one of the founders of the taxi union. He was also a great promoter of local, regional and national baseball.  He was loved by some, hated by others, and always being talked about. It was expected that his body would arrive in Isla Mujeres Saturday night and be buried Sunday morning. He was born on May 3, 1934 and is a member of one of the most emblematic families of Isla Mujeres. He worked on shrimp boats with his father. With his sister Arminda Magana Carrillo they developed ferry service between Isla Mujeres and Puerto Juarez, first in slow wooden boats that took 45 minutes for the passage, and later with a small flotilla of faster boats, such as those that now offer service. With his brothers, the recently deceased Ariel “Picho” Magaña and Romeo Magaña, they developed the fishing industry and he managed the packing plant "Romero".

25% increase expected in price of nautical tours
Prevén alza del 25 por ciento a los tour [+] Ver mas
Due to various increases in overhead, which includes rising fuel prices and the approval of the VAT (IVA) tax at 16%, prices are expected to increase for boat tours, golf carts, food & beverages, as well as items in convenience stores. The last time the nautical tour prices were raised was about five years ago when it increased from 250 to 280 without food, and from 300 to 330 with food. Demand usually increases  after Christmas Eve, especially among domestic tourists, and they are hoping it reaches 90% of their capacity. Regarding the restaurant industry, a tour of downtown restaurants indicated some have applied an increase of 5 to 10% to the prices of their dishes, and this may rise again early next year.

Threat of poor weather on December 24th
Amenaza mal tiempo el 24 de diciembre[+] Ver mas
The port is opened to navigation in general with cautions due to winds, and the port could be closed on December 24th if the winds are strong. Hotel occupancy is at 40%, and hotel owners continue to complain about the increasing number of foreigners who are renting renting via the internet, and not paying any taxes, including the 3% hotel tax. Hoteliers say a greater number of tourists are observed renting in the colonias, and that a majority of these rentals are "clandestine".  Increasing numbers of visitors are arriving to the island, including people who visit for the day, as well those who stay for several days. There are more people at the beaches, both domestic and international tourists, as well as families from the island.

Holiday security operations by police and harbor master
Operativos navideños de SP y Capitanía de Puerto[+] Ver mas
In addition to the usual security operations from December 20 to January 6th, this year there will be three inspectors from the FIDENA agency (Fideicomiso de Formación y Capacitación para el Personal de la Marina Mercante) who will assist the Port Authority with inspection and supervision of the tourist boats, assuring they have proper lifejackets, buoys, and other safety gear, including the first aid kit and nocturnal navigational lights.
  The bicyclist who hit the back of a taxi (Ziggy the cook) has been discharged from the hospital in Cancun and reached an agreement with the owner of the vehicle, to pay for the damages.
    The security checkpoints are operating in the evenings, but on Christmas eve they will be in place at noon, which will also be the case on New Years Eve and New Years Day.
  The police chief admitted they have not yet implemented the Tourism Police, but there is an officer providing information to visitors in a police 'caseta' (booth?) near the Avalon hotel advising tourists of the risk of theft if they leave their belongings unattended, especially in golf carts while visiting points of interest.

Fishing tournament for Lion Fish
Torneo de pesca del pez león[+] Ver mas

 In order to control the proliferation of this marine species which is considered extremely harmful for fish production around our shores, the first fishing tournament for lionfish is tentatively planned for February 14 and 15, said municipal Fishing Director Humberto Moguel. He said, "The lionfish is a carnivorous species that is destroying the reproductive cycle of many species such as lobster , snapper , grouper, rubia , canané and many others, which are often found in reef areas. In these reef areas, these species spawn and the lion fish feed on the eggs and hatchlings, hindering reproduction. Therefore it is very important to remove as many as possible "
   Members of the five fishing cooperatives will be participating in the tournament, but it is open to anyone interested in enjoying two days capturing as many lionfish as possible. Also participating will be Comisión Nacional de Areas Naturales Protegidas (Conanp), el CRIP y la Sagarpa, who have experts skilled in the capture of lionfish, and can advise others as needed. In recent days their staff have given two talks. One was aimed at the fishermen of the five cooperatives, and the other focused on the restaurant industry, who are needed to purchase the lion fish which has been found to be delicious and does not contain toxins that could make it dangerous for human consumption.
   The Director explained that the toxins are on the outer spines, and once those are removed, the lionfish is completely harmless. However those who handle the species must take precautions, but once it is dead, it becomes harmless, he said.
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View from rooms
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Fine dining a few steps away at Da Luisa or try the traditional neighborhood eateries a couple blocks farther. Stroll five minutes down the coastal sidewalk to Mango Cafe or Monchi's,shop at Chedraui or visit restaurants, bars, & beach clubs; minutes away by bike or on foot. Our guests recommend the Yoga classes a couple villas away at hotelito Casa Ixchel. Fresh juice, produce & tortillas a few blocks away in the village, as well as a pharmacy and variety of other stores and small local restaurants

December Calendar of events

 Festivities for the Patron Saint, The Virgin of Immaculate Conception are Nov. 28-Dec 8
The religious image was moved to Isla Mujeres from the Boca Iglesia Church, where she has been honored annually for 102 years. HERE is an article about the Festival
Dec 4 Wednesday 6p Confirmation Mass at Catholic Church on Town Square
Dec 5 Thursday  4-7 Artist Fair Town Square (First Thursday of Each Month)
Dec 6 Friday  Security Operation Guadalupe-Reyes begins
Dec 7 Saturday 7p Procession of the Virgin through the colonias
                         ~10p Singing Las Manitas, Mass Catholic Church on Town Square
Dec 8 Sunday 3p Procession from Church on Square to Bay, for procession on Bay with three large boats provided for parishioners. Followed by Grand Kermes, and returning of icon to her niche. Celebration of 50th anniversary of priesthood for Father Martinez.
Dec 12 Dia de Guadalupe, Patron Saint of Mexico. Festival at Chapel in Salina Chica.

 Start of Guadalupe-Reyes Holiday period, which ends January 6th.
Dec 14 Saturday 5:30-8:30 Casa Sirena Benefit for Brazos Abiertos
Dec 16 -24  The Posadas
The Posadas are nine days before Christmas eve, when there are reenactments in neighborhoods (and a play on the town square) of Mary & Joseph being turned away, until they are accepted at one house, and there is a neighborhood party there.
  During the posadas, there is usually a dance on the town square, featuring dances & costumes from different regions of Mexico
Dec 14 Saturday Caribbean Cultural Festival 8pm Town Square (Cuban band)
Dec 18 Wednesday 4-6  Brisas Grill  Benefit for Keys4Life
Dec 21 Saturday
 6p  Golf Cart Parade starting just south of MaraVilla Caribe, near Hotelito Ixchel, where the road gets very wide at the end of Aeropuerto before entering the first village of Salina Chica, just south of Colegio Bachilleres.Assemble at 5:30 and depart at 6. Decorated vehicles, Cartoon Characters & Santa's helpers tossing treats & visiting parks & kids around the isle. To benefit one of the Carnaval Dancing Troupes.
8p  Municipal Christmas Parade
4p-8p CHRISTMAS ART SHOW at ComoNo at el Patio, Gifts for sale

Dec 24  Noche Buena  Zapatos por los ninos party
Dec 25  Christmas
Dec 31 New Years Eve celebration on Town Square (Usually fireworks & dancing to live music until dawn. Reserved tables are sold by Tourism Department.)

Love the Isla Mujeres Artist Fair promo for the January 2nd Artist Fair.  @[507239157:2048:Jen Graham], you are awesome.  @[502757686:2048:Michael Azaria] & @[1701660950:2048:Denise Azaria] you two just rock!!! -60 Artists & local food vendors!!!  @[795152257:2048:Joe Mendez] & Corona make it all work.  Thank you all so much!!!
Roger Hardesty's photo.

 at 6:00pm   El Patio Caribbean Grill
 Charity Info
Donate some shoes? You can drop them off at Barlitos! (See below re holiday donation Drop Off Locations!) If you aren't coming before this event, your donations of shoes or money are always welcome and needed! 
ZAPATOS PARA LOS NINOS   Shoes for the Children Annual Christmas Party and Shoe Drive
        December is here, and we are collecting shoes and donations for our annual Christmas Party and shoe delivery.  Last year every child that came for shoes walked away with a new pair for Christmas!
This is the one time of year we only collect new shoes in order to make each child feel extra special.
Not only do we distribute shoes, but we join with the local community to provide a meal and a small gift. It is a special event, as for some of the children, it will be their only Christmas gift. They are already looking forward to it on December 24th.
If you would like to donate shoes, please contact Greg Snider at:

If you would like to contribute monies so we can purchase shoes, food, or small toys, please also contact Greg at the email address above or go to our website for Pay Pal   We will happily send you photos of the children who receive your gifts.   Greg and Natalie


Donation Drop offs:
Red Cross:  Social Justicia Restaurant (south of ferry terminal, north of car ferry)

 Books for Grade School Reading Program, Items for Isla Animals, Diabetes Supplies, Shoes for the Kids, Items for Little Yellow School House...Barlitos:  On Hidalgo, the pedestrian street, at Abasolo  Barlito's is closed for the holidays...If you need to drop off books, shoes, items for LYSH or Isla Animals....  contact the group (see tab at top "Charities" for contact info, or email me at

Toys for PEACE: Galerita across from Olivia's Restaurant



Iguana's: Thursday is Blues, with beer & pizza specials. Friday evenings have featured Cuban-Vera Cruz music. On Saturdays & Sundays they have   Reggae- Caribbean-Tropical music.  Starting around 6.  Saturday they are grilling & Sunday's special is paella. Usual menu also.

  Miguel's playing schedule 
 Fayne's BarandGrill  Wednesday through Saturday 10:30pm - 12:00am.
 Saturday Tequileria La Adelita's 12:00am - 2:00am for salsa night. 
 Sunday Bahia Tortuga with the Sol Rockers 7:00pm - 9:00pm

 John Cain's schedule   
Tuesday, Cafe Del Mar, solo, 8 to 10 pm
Friday, Bally Hoo Restaurant, solo, 630 to 830 pm
Saturday, The Sunset Grill, solo, 530 to 730 pm
Sunday, Bahia Tortuga, The Sol Rockers, 630 to 900 pm 
Banda Sin Nombre at Chuuk Kay 3:30p Sat & Sun

Domingo Salsa en Vivo con ¡¡Puro Sabor - Salsa Cubana !! ::  Sunday Live Salsa with ¡¡Puro Sabor - Salsa Cubana !! + Gratis/FREE Chilpachole Pa' la Cruda! + Tragos/Drinks + SUP & Kayak :: See You There!! / No Falten!! 
Fenix Sat ~3p Reggae/Cuban  

       Sun ~2p Salsa
Fenix Lounge   Domingo Salsa en Vivo con ¡¡Puro Sabor - Salsa Cubana !! :: Sunday Live Salsa with ¡¡Puro Sabor - Salsa Cubana !! + Gratis/FREE Chilpachole Pa' la Cruda! + Tragos/Drinks + SUP & Kayak :: See You There!! / No Falten!!
every tuesday!You may find live music after 9 or 10 on Hidalgo at Fayne's, La Terraza, or  Comono, and at Poc Na Hostel.
ComoNo, Isla Mujeres, Mexico  RYAN RYCKMAN......back at ComoNo......every night 8:30

On the internet in the past 24 hours...

It was the end of the week, the day before Christmas vacation begins, the children were surrounded with love, games toys then all of a sudden .....SANTA CLAUS APPEARED.
He was in his white pickup truck with balloons and toys for everyone!!!
What a a grand surprise!!! A gift for each and every child


The Golf Cart Christmas Parade Departs

Last night, in front of MVC B&B, my photos....

After a busy day, guests arrived as we finished putting Christmas lights on the palms out front, and then the sun set.

Grabbed a beer and headed downstairs to watch the Golf Cart Parade assemble & chat with neighbors & friends who were gathering out front, in various degrees of costuming. Those with full scale Character Costumes had set their heads/bodies aside until the last minute (those are Hot costumes!). There were some decked out Santa's Helpers & Elves, while others simply sported Christmas colors, garlands, & Santa hats. Two Santas in Golf Carts arrived, and when The Santa in a Truck with a Chrismas Tree & entourage arrived, he took the lead and the Parade Began.
  (Meanwhile, Bruce took photos during the assembly....and later, after I fell asleep, he watched the Municipal Parade go by, and noticed the Golf Cart Parade had become part of that parade.)

Santa arrives & takes the Lead Position

  (Everyone is facing has been decided the parade is going south. When the police drove by, they pulled over & waited, then stepped in and stopped traffic and escorted the parade. No parade permit, no hassles, helpful & friendly.)
Santa in our front yard! Tree in a truck!
This shot also shows the new lil 'casita' for our new scooter.
 Carts were decorated with lights, balloons, sparkly garlands, decorations, y mas.

Now the line of decorated carts and characters of all sorts, costumed & not, stretched down to Casa Ixchel hotelito & everyone was ready to go.
The police stop traffic in both directions & Santa leads the everyone U turns.

Bruce's photos....during assembly...

Todd G Pierce with Tiffany Yenawine Wareing  The Isla Mujeres Christmas Golf Cart Parade!
Brad & Tiffany bringing some Christmas Joy to the neighborhood!
Barlito, bakery & market cafe and Sonrisas Catering on Isla Mujeres, MX


(yesterday)..ComoNo, Isla Mujeres, Mexico  CHRISTMAS ARTISTS SHOW today 4 - 8 !!!

Who would rather be here instead of spending the weekend preparing for the upcoming holidays? We would!!!

Mery Linares shared their photo.
Buen fin de semana para mis amantes del SUSHI!!!
Hagan su pedido!!!
She says she enjoyed listening to Seblues at La Terraza..a fine night.
Es un placer escucharte mi seblus en la terraza que buena noche

"Casa Havana Cafe Paladar updated their cover photo.
Like ·

Frequencia Tropical....

Fenix Lounge added 34 new photos to the album La Tropical — at Fenix Lounge.
Cumbia & Reggae

Daily Update: It’s such a relief to get that first vaccination into a pup. They need to be healthy, a good weight and de-wormed before they get it. It isn’t full protection until they get their booster but it means they’re on the way. About half of our new pups have been vaccinated but I still haven’t vaccinated Susie Q. Even though she’s doing better she’s smaller and weaker than the rest. I was overwhelmed by the wonderful response to her picture. Thank you everyone for sharing and your comments. You have no idea how that makes my day. Plus I would like to put a big thank you out to Brad and Tiffany who own and run Barlito’s, an outstanding breakfast and lunch restaurant on Hidalgo Street. They’ve been so supportive of Isla Animals, amongst many other things they receive supply donations for us and have a doggy piggy bank on their counter that buys two to three bags of puppy chow every week. Thanks so much.


A Todos nuestros Clientes y Amigos, les deseamos los mejor en
esta Navidad y Año Nuevo.
Posted by Rosa Sirena...I think taken by Alexis N Darren..
 Assembling near MVC B&B....

 .. That's Freddy of Soggy Peso in the Elmo w Green Cape & Hood costume.


.that's Sponge Bob, "before" (Jimmy P.)


 Departing in front of MVC...

Everyone's in Costume & hitting the road!


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