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In Isla Mujeres Daily News Tuesday, July 23: The Afternoon Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



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Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

Doing rehabilitation and remodeling work on sports dome with an investment of 3 million pesos

Realizan trabajos de rehabilitación y remodelación del domo deportivo

Lunes, 22 de Julio de 2013 21:40

Con una inversión de casi 3 millones de pesos

ISLA MUJERES, 22  de julio.-
With an investment of nearly three million pesos in federal funds (from Rama 33), the sports dome at the Bicentennial Center is being rehabilitated and refurbished. Work on the metal structure has progressed to 87 percent, and later they will place the tarp overhead, which features greater durability. They are also rehabilitating the metal bleachers and the perimeter fence. It is noted that various sports tournaments take place at this facility, including the handball competition for the National Olympics at the state and municipal levels.
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 Giving consults to detect osteoporosis at the Center for Advanced Clinical Analysis

Realiza consultas para detectar osteoporosis

Lunes, 22 de Julio de 2013 21:38

El Centro de Análisis Clínicos Avanzados

ISLA MUJERES,22 de julio.-
 The DIF conducted bone densitometry testing to screen for osteoporosis, at a fee of 50 pesos which represents ten percent of the cost. Early diagnosis is important for treatment of osteoporosis.
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Recreational vacation program begins with 40 children participating:  Baaxlo’ob Paalalo’ob 2013

Inicia el programa vacacional Baaxlo’ob Paalalo’ob 2013

Lunes, 22 de Julio de 2013 21:35

Participan 40 menores en programa deportivo

ISLA MUJERES, 22  de julio.-
The summer program began Monday at 9am with the 40 children in two groups (ages 7-9 and 10-12) at the sports dome in Salina Chica, doing an activity of balloon twisting with instruction from the 15 young monitors and the agency staff of the Dept. of Sports & Recreation. Other scheduled activities include visits to the Naval base, the Police facilities, Aguakan, Capitán Dulché museum, Tortugranja/turtle farm, and Isla Contoy National Park, among others. They will visit the Aquarium in Benito Juarez municipality (Cancun), and attend a camp at the baseball field "El Pescador" (in front of Chedraui). Among other skills, they will practice soccer, volleyball, basketball, and soccer-baseball "futbeis", as well as participating in cultural activites and listening to talks on topics of interest from PAMAR (Program for Children & Teens At Risk).
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 Tvisla Mujeres

Noticias de El Quintanarroense

by Ovidio Lopez
Seeking agreements .The former president of CANACO (Chamber of Commerce), Javier Ortiz criticized the former administration and asked the Mayor-elect to meet with the people and the business leaders and to keep his campaign promises.
Solicitan acuerdos

 Detecting osteoporosis
Intentan detectar osteoporosis

Luchan por predio
 Fighting for land
Info already translated...about the Isla Blanca fishermen who were evicted in Nov. 2011.
Noticias de  Quequi......

Concern about the proliferation of flies
  • Preocupa en la ínsula proliferación de moscas 


    Preocupa en la ínsula proliferación de moscas

    0 22 de julio de 2013

    Por Carlos Gasca.- With over 1000 tonnes of trash at the Trash Transfer site, neighbors are complaining about the proliferation of flies and the odors, which worsen during the midday heat. Former mayor of Isla Mujeres, Fidel Villanueva Madrid said that in over 12 years, the Trash Transfer Facility had never accumulated this much garbage. It is located on the perimeter road, a kilometer from Punta Sur, which is a busy area where there are hundreds of tourists passing by daily, and this represents a bad image.
  • Mejorarán servicios médicos


    Improving medical services

    Mejorarán servicios médicos

    0 22 de julio de 2013

    Por Carlos Gasca.- .

 An investment of 50,000 pesos is bringing important improvements to the General Hospital, including equipping it with a room for treatments and injections, which the Director says will require more nurses. This has already been considered in the new plan. The Pharmacy will will be located within the hospital, and they will now be able to process health cards, which was previously done in an adjoining building. The Director, Dr David Valenzo Loaeza thanked the state Secretary of Healt, Juan Lorenzo Ortegon Pacheco.


Noticias de Diario Respuesta...

No incidents reported at start of vacation period: "Saldo Blanco"

Reportan "saldo blanco" en inicio de vacaciones

The police chief reported there have been no incidents this holiday period, and the officers can be seen patrolling the island in municipal vehicles. There are two checkpoints at strategic locations, with one by the vehicle ferry and the other checkpoint is opposite the first, near the Aguakan pump. Summer vacation is in full swimg with many domestic tourists crowding the island.
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Souvenir sales increasing

Se incrementan las ventas de artesanías

.Merchants located on the main street downtown (Rueda Medina) report their sales have increased by over 6o percent, while those on Juarez Avenue say the economic impact is uneven. The merchants on Juarez say they do not do as well as the merchants on main street, and complained that many tourists are enjoying the beaches, but do not walk into the other areas of town.

Announcement of treatment room for minor injuries at General Hospital


Diario La Verdad
Diario La Verdad

La CFE prevenidos en caso de un huracán en Isla Mujeres

 Electrical Commission prepared in case of a hurricane in Isla Mujeres
jul 22, 2013 8:02
Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo –)

 por esto

Layoffs of City personnel
Recorte de personal en la comuna[+] Ver mas
Por Esto says that apparently 30 people have been laid off.

Summer vacation period begins to be fruitful
Vacaciones de verano empiezan a rendir frutos[+] Ver mas
Juan Carrillo, president of the Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) said businesses are benefiting economically both day and night, and that the beaches of Isla Mueres are popular with people seeking to cool during the intense heat. He said business has increased by 50% during teh week and 70% on the weekend, and notes that most of the tourists are from Mexico and the United States.

Increasing demand for seafood
Se incrementa la demanda de marisco[+] Ver mas
The restaurants have been requesting additional seafood, with an increase in demand of 50 percent, according to the president of Social Justicia Cooperativeo Baltazar Gomez Catzin. He said catches have been good in recent days, with the good weather, and they have been able to meet the demand.

Taking action to improve services at the General Hospital
Emprenderán acciones para mejorar los servicios en el Hospital Integran +] Ver mas

Consults to detect osteoporosis at the DIF
Consultas para detección de osteoporosis en el DIF [+] Ver mas

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Sunrise this morning from MVC B&B

 The Mystery of the Disappearing Turtle (must have returned down the same path)

Upcoming Events
Thursday, Aug 1  Art Fair on Town Square 

Critter events...
It is currently the season for swimming with the whale sharks, and turtles are mating offshore & nesting on the eastern beaches. The mating is visible by day, especially off Punta Sur, the South Point. The nesting happens in the wee hours, and there are Tortugranja personnel, volunteers, and Naval staff monitoring the beaches to prevent people from disrupting them, and to gather and transport the eggs for incubation.
       By far, most of the turtles nesting in Isla Mujeres are Green turtles (called Blancas in Spanish), and the second most common are the huge Loggerheads, and there are some Hawksbills.  The Green turtles take ~60 days to hatch and the hatchlings are released by the public at events at dusk on Media Luna or Guadalupana beaches. The releases usually start around the end of July & are held periodically until early October.
    Lately the water has been very calm and there have been many manta rays, with many swimming upside down, in addition to many whale sharks. Offshore from MVC, we have been seeing dolphins & turtles from the balcony, and lotsa big fish while snorkeling. 

 There are small red crabs that migrate to & from the sea in July, watch out for them at night on the coastal road at the southeastern part of the isle.
  Lobster season began July 1 and continues until the end of February.

Sunset & Moonrise 'event' tonight!!
The Super full moon will be rising at 8:18, after the sunset at 7:30 (and about an hour later nightly) link 
 Last night the sun slipped behind the clouds without much fanfare. At moonrise there was still a fair amount of light, so la luna appeared above the clouds on the eastern horizon as a pale orb that was barely noticeable, gaining brightness as it rose, until it began casting its light on the water & creating that fabulous line of reflection upon the waves. Tonight it rises an hour later, when dusk will have faded, and is more likely to be big and orange. Moonrise last evening,photo by Tony Garcia

MVC B&B.... Ayer por la tarde.... (I don't recall if Bruce took this in the late afternoon or in the early evening. In Spanish, they are the same.)  Pelican waiting for the buffet.

More information on how to spot them: http://bit.ly/14WZNjp

 On the internet in the past 24 hours...

Katie Cain shared Makarenco Tavizon's photo. Tonight-Tuesday, Solo guitar & vocals at Cafe Del Mar, 8:00PM-10:00PM

Katie Cain shared Brenda L Nash Lamonica's photo. Plan your early morning, cool off, shake it, move it, mellow your self and more. Pool Yoga Move at Marina Paraiso Isla Mujeres Tuesday and Thursday 9AM-10:10ish.
Spent a day by the pool today! Ahhhhh!

Tony Garcia  Ooo My god. Today was hundreds of mantas rays wonderful and amazing ever have 
These are videos on Capt Tony's page Tony Garcia
 (..on Tony's page)Video of Rare GLOWING Manta...kidding..it's caused by sunshine reflecting thru the ray..but is a cool effect!Tony Garcia   
(Another video says Devil Rays.)
Say "Ahhhh"...Dining whale Shark  heading right at Tony/camera...And Then what happens???
Ok,  if that wasn't exciting enough for ya..This probably is...Here's  a coupla snorkelers having a close encounter with some baleen whales...(LINK TO BRIEF VIDEO)
Please ignore the stupid title. (Those are snorkelers, not divers...Humpbacks, not killer whales)
They don't have teeth & can't/don't eat large critters, their throats are a few inches across.  I think this technique of eating is called 'forming a bubble net'.
Isla AnimalsDaily Update: Just a very quick note right now. I'm back in Mexico, going to the dump today to check on some dogs. I'll post pictures later. This is Mighty Mo, a terrific 8 month old little guy. He has all shots, is neutered and wonderful if any one knows of someone in Cleveland or the vacinity that could help, we have a ride for him to get there.
More pictures of Mighyt Moe. He has transportastion to Cleveland Ohio.Iif anyone is ready to give this little guy a forever home, he is full of love, funny, smart, neutered, has his shots and is fully revovered from being so cruley miss treated. I beleive he is only about 7 months old.with Alison Sawyer Current and 2 others.
 (And they deliver)... Rolandi's Isla Mujeres  says...Who fancies a plate of 'Rigatoni ai Quattro Formaggi' with a glass of Pinot Grigio? (Yumi!)
 Home Delivery of Fried Chicken...KFC style..with salad and soup..60pesos  998 153 3787
From Merca Isla..Principessa Melany Cetina Hdz   para hoy si se les ofrece hagan su pedido hay servicio a domicilio al 9981533787        60 la orden con sopa y ensalada
 pollo estilo kentoky si se les ofrece pedidos imbox o watsap al 9981533787 k tengan bonita tarde By: Principessa Melany Cetina Hdz
Tony Garcia added 2 new photos.

Caribe On Canvas  It was a busy afternoon for the popsicle vendor. Tourists and locals alike enjoying a cold treat!

Had a great nite last nite playing poker and since everybody wants to do it again and some people couldn't make it last nite. We are going to play again Thursday at 6pm at El Patio.Come join us.https://www.facebook.com/events/157362177787759/
Thursday July 25 Texas Holdem Poker at El Patio
QubanoFrying up some Boniato Chips

This isn't is Isla Mujeres, but it is a BIG 70 million year old dinosaur tail found in northern Mexico recently...LINK 

 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

The Early Edition has headlines & newspaper photographs.
This Afternoon Edition has translated articles, events, & original photos with the "Around the Internet in the Past 24 Hours" section.
 There are always links to the original articles.
  If  there is a headline, but no translation,  the information was probably already translated recently.

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