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Articles & Events In Isla Mujeres Daily News Friday, July 12 The Afternoon Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



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  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

Closing festival held at CENDI
The children were encouraged to enjoy advancing on to Kindergarten

Realizan festival de clausura del Cendi

Jueves, 11 de Julio de 2013 23:42

Exhortan a los niños a disfrutar de la etapa que emprenderán en el Jardín de Niños

ISLA MUJERES, 11 de julio.- 
The Child Development Center, CENDI, held a ceremony with the mayor and other city officials, for the 18 children who will be attending kindergarten, giving them their completion awards, and a gift. CENDI currently has 60 children enrolled. The mayor spoke about the pleasure of watching the youngsters take their first steps outside their homes, beginning their educations, and urged the children to enjoy this phase of their lives.
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 Tvisla Mujeres

Announcement of more layoffs by the City. Anuncian más despidos en el Ayuntamiento de ‪#‎IslaMujeres‬
Noticias de El Quintanarroense

Regrets defeat
The Mayor, Hugo Sanchez, acknowledged the the election results by IEQROO, the Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo, and said he is saddened by the adverse outcome to his party, and noted the PAN party will need to reflect on its successes and failures. The Mayoral results should be confirmed on Sunday, July 14th and then he will begin working with the mayor-elect, Agapito Magana Sanchez. It has been heard that the Mayor plans to take a brief break from the political scene after the completion of his term, having not had vacation days during his tenure, and then plans to have a career devoted to study, but he has confirmed that he will always be available to his party.
Lamenta derrota
Ovidio Lopez
 Coming together to work in unity
Convoca a trabajar en unidad
Ovidio Lopez
 Seeks resumption of Photography Contest
Piden retomar concurso de fotografía
Ovidio Lopez 
Arturo Delfín, the organizer of the International Photography Contest "Ramon Bravo", encouraged entrepreneurs and municipal authorities to support the event, and to avoid a repeat of last year when it was unexpectedly cancelled due to a lack of municipal resources. It was previously held in October. He encouraged business owners to take responsibility for supporting this event, which commemorates Ramon Bravo, an important conservationist, who is well known outside the country and whose memory should be taught to the new generations.

Priest leads camp
Párroco encabeza campamento
Ovidio Lopez   

Noticias de  Quequi......

Noticias de Diario Respuesta...

Progress on the Ferry Terminal construction

Avanza edificación de terminal marítima

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The head of the Port Authority Administration:  Administración Portuaria Integral de Quintana Roo (Apiqroo), reported that progress on the construction of the ferry terminal has reached 30%. He said the work and its supervision has generated 59 directs jobs of which 43 are permanent and 16 are temporary, as well as generating 177 indirect jobs. He said the current terminal is already inadequate and the new one will solve problems of capacity, operation, and security, while providing visitors with more comfort and a better appearance.
  In the first quarter of last year, there were 574,071 users, compared to this year when 652,682 people used the facilities, which is an increase of over 11%. In 2012, they moved  2,374,179 passengers.
Ultimatum given to bureaucrats 

Dan ultimátum a funcionarios flojos

Dan ultimátum a  funcionarios flojos
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The Mayor advised city employees that they are subject to the directive of the municipal comptroller to resolve and account for debts and other fiscal responsibilities. These must be concluded for the handover of government.  The date of July 29th was announced as the last day to formalize the committee for the governmental changover to coordinate with the mayor elect Agapito Magana Sanchez.
    The mayor said in the last two and a half months of his administration they can expect more spending cuts in the area of personnel, and the mayor gave notice of radical measures to any employees who are not doing their part. He said people will be dismissed who do not do their work for the city government or who obstruct the workings of the administration.  He reminded workers of their responsibilities to serve the people and this administration and that they must earn their wages & salaries, noting there will be no tolerance of laziness.

Cierra actividad formativa CENDI 

Closing ceremony at CENDI 

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Derroche de energía 

Wasting energy 

The reporter received a call from Pedro Moo  complaining about lights being left on at the baseball field "El Pescador" and at the nearby soccer field in his neighborhood of colonia Caribena, and the reporter visited around noon and verified the lights were lit.

Islanders are familiar with hurricane preparedness 

Island businesses benefiting from tourism

Turistas mexicanos y extranjeros visitan el destino insular. (Lanrry Parra/SIPSE)Benefician turistas a comerciantes isleñosLanrry Parra    
Diario La Verdad
Diario La Verdad

 por esto

Awaiting the arrival of more tourists
Esperan la llegada de más turismo+] Ver mas
The municipal director of the Tourism Promotional Trust agency said he expects hotel occupancy in the summer season of 2013 to be five or six percent higher than last year, with occupancy increasing from July 12 to August 3rd.  There has been a positive economic impact from the arrival of people from the United State and Canada, and recently there has been an increase in the number of Brazilians arriving.

Calls for removal of election material to maintain a clean image of the island
Pide quitar la propaganda electoral para mantener limpia la imagen de la isla[+] Ver mas
The Mayor-elect Agapito Magana instructed party workers to remove political campaign materials immediately, to preserve an image of cleanliness, order, and respect for the electoral law. Although the law allows 30 days after the election for the political parties to remove of these materials, PRI members have begun taking them down. The election was held Sunday, and the politician noted the materials no longer serve any purpose and now represent a negative image.

Fishermen await the arrival of a specialist
Pescadores esperan la llegada de un especialista+] Ver mas
Fishermen are expecting a specialist shortly, for operation of the hyperbaric chamber, because the Mayor-elect, Agapito Magana, promised to support them in their need for service. There is a high probability that some fishermen will suffer decompression illness during lobster season, and require treatment. The maintenance has already been done.

Clearing and cleaning vacant lots
Limpian y hacen desmonte de lotes baldíos [+] Ver mas
The Municipal Department of the Environment has begun clearing and cleaning green areas in the mainland of Isla Mujeres including vacant lots and medians, to prevent the breeding of mosquitos and to maintain a better image.

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View from rooms
Small room
Large room
Fine dining a few steps away at Da Luisa or try the traditional neighborhood eateries a couple blocks farther. Stroll five minutes down the coastal sidewalk to Mango Cafe or Monchi's,shop at Chedraui or visit restaurants, bars, & beach clubs; minutes away by bike or on foot. Our guests recommend the Yoga classes a couple villas away at hotelito Casa Ixchel. Fresh juice, produce & tortillas a few blocks away in the village, as well as a pharmacy and variety of other stores and small local restaurants

Sunset from MVC B&B & Victor's Cuban Restaurant (~a mile up the coast from us)
Sunset from a front balcony
 And then from the eastern Malecon, sitting at Victor's Casa Havana Cafe Paladar

 On the east coast, looking northward  Cuba is about 100 miles away.
 We arrived first
Our friends & guests from Tokyo, under the Cuban flag, and The Neighbours
Mojitos that can't be beat! We've been connoisseurs of Victor's mojitos for a dozen years or more. Recommended!
 Always plenty to eat! I generally order Ropa Vieja, which most of the others had also. It is made with shredded beef, onions & green peppers. Also on the plate are salad, fried plantains, a sauteed platano macho (banana), rice & beans, and yucca. It was all very tasty!

Diane White Daniell The turtle mommas were pretty busy last night! 3 big nest holes on the beach this morning — with David Daniel and at MaraVille Caribe.

Upcoming Events
  Saturday, July 13  11am  Fenix Art Expo & Corona Beach Party
 Saturday July 13   7pm Town Square Stage  Las Vegas The Show by Renatta Dance School
Saturday, July 20  9am Children's fishing tournament Weigh in-1pm

Critter events...
It is currently the season for swimming with the whale sharks, and turtles are mating offshore & nesting on the eastern beaches. The mating is visible by day, especially off Punta Sur, the South Point. The nesting happens in the wee hours, and there are Tortugranja personnel, volunteers, and Naval staff monitoring the beaches to prevent people from disrupting them, and to gather and transport the eggs for incubation.
       By far, most of the turtles nesting in Isla Mujeres are Green turtles (called Blancas in Spanish), and the second most common are the huge Loggerheads, and there are some Hawksbills.  The Green turtles take ~60 days to hatch and the hatchlings are released by the public at events at dusk on Media Luna or Guadalupana beaches. The releases will begin in about a month & be held periodically until early October.
    Lately the water has been very calm and there have been many manta rays, with many swimming upside down, in addition to many whale sharks. Offshore from MVC, we have been seeing dolphins & turtles from the balcony, and lotsa big fish while snorkeling. 

 There are small red crabs that migrate to & from the sea in July, watch out for them at night on the coastal road at the southeastern part of the isle.
  Lobster season began July 1 and continues until the end of February.

Live Music In Isla Mujeres: FRIDAY


Casa de los Suenos 4-7  Live music & Half priced appetizers LINKwebsiteLINKfb

Iguanas 6:30 - 8:30  John Cain  LINK   Fb

Sunset Grill 6-7:30 Keyboard & Vocals LINK
Bahia toruga   Sunset. Capt Bill (see below)


Fenix:  8-10 La Guera & Willy's Blues    LINK

Faynes 8-10 Raul Alexis LINK
Cafe del Mar 8  (?)  LINK LINK

Las Brisas Grill:  (?) Cuban music starts around dusk LINK

Ocean Blues & Sassy Jazz 8-10   LINK

 La Terraza 10p Salsa & Latin  LINK

Faynes  10:30-12:15 Banda Sin Nombre   LINK

Adelita's Tequila Bar  12:30-2:30  Banda Sin Nombre  LINK     

Tres Mentiras ? LINK

La Catrina: ?   LINK LINK 

Poc Na:  ?   Link


El Patio Dinner & Movie night LINK

 On the internet in the past 24 hours...
Bahia Tortuga Restaurant-Bar / Hotel / Marina updated their cover photo.
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Tomorrow: Town Square Stage: Renatta Dance School

Tomorrow: Art event at Fenix on Playa Norte, by the Avalon bridge
Don`t Miss out on Live Entertainment, Locally Made Arts & Crafts and fun Workshops! So Far Workshops include Yoga with Greg, Hula Hoop Class with Rebeca & Cooking with Corona with Chef La Güera Lau! If you are interested in Hosting a Workshop please contact us :)
There will be Games & Contests with Prizes Provided by the Corona Girls!!
Live Entertainment will be Provided by Chucho Ruidos (Jesus Campuzano) as well as Tropical Groove ( Payo, Mariano, Eduardo, Yeyo)

As the Sun Goes Down Fabio will Entertain us during Dinner and then Dj Mandrak is going to turn up the Volume till 2am!
There will be Spectacular Fire Performances by the Lovely Rebeca throughout the Evening as well.
Saturday July 13th 

Fenix Lounge shared a photo. TONIGHT::HOY Dont miss La La Güera & Willy´s Blues from 8-10
Come and dine on a slice of Paradise and let these two entertain you like only they can ;)
La Guera `n Willy`s Blues Friday Night 8-10 pm

Ayuntamiento De Isla Mujeres's photo.
Cada 12 de julio se celebra en México el día del Abogado, porque en esta fecha pero del año de 1553 se impartió la primera cátedra de Derecho en México en la Universidad Pontificia a cargo de Fray Bartolomé Frías y Albornoz.¡El Ayuntamiento de Isla Mujeres felicita a todos los abogados y abogadas en su día!
Every July 12th in Mexico Lawyer's Day is celebrated because this is the date in 1553 when  the first Law chair was established by  Fray Bartolomé Frías y Albornoz at the Pontifical University and the government of Isla Mujeres extends best wishes to all lawyers on their day!

Hoy en BUFALO, pollo al vino, pollo a la crema, pasta tornillo y chow fan!!
 Today at Bufalo...Chicken in wine, Chicken in Cream Sauce, Pasta Tornillo (spiral, I think) and Chow Fan!  (Chow Fan is a Chinese dish made with chicken, I think)hoy en BUFALO Chow fan, rollos primavera, y antojitos mexicanos!! Mexican food & Spring Rolls

Irlanda Denali Chan Balamposted toMerca Isla
Buñuelos para hoy apartir de laas 4:30 agan sus pedids xk rapido se gasta whatsaap 9981437415 entrega a domicilio a 3 pesos kada uno estan grandes i rikos
It says..Buñuelos today after 4:30...home delivery  3 pesos each..tasty and large  (They are like fritters)

Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo.- La dirección municipal de Obras Públicas informó que ya se cuenta con un 98 por ciento de avance en las obras de repavimentación de las colonias populares de Isla Mujeres, así como la ampliación de la avenida Paseo de los Peces y la carretera Sac-Bajo. Oscar Noé Gómez Martínez, titular de la dependencia, destacó que con una inversión total de 25 millones de pesos, se llevaron a cabo los trabajos de atención y remodelación de calles y avenidas así como la zona de Sac-Bajo. El funcionario explicó que con estas obras se le dio solución al problema de los baches que afecta a varias colonias de la localidad, tales como la Gloria, Electricistas, Meteorológica, Caridad del Cobre y la Caribeña, en las que se repavimentaron todas las carreteras. Explicó que estos 25 millones de pesos se enfocaron a tres acciones, la primera fue la atención de calles en las diferentes colonias populares de la localidad, después se construyó l...a avenida Paseo de los Peces con cuatro carriles, y por último, la atención a la carretera de Sac-Bajo, todas ellas ubicadas en la ínsula. Es importante mencionar que los trabajos benefician a toda la población, ya que se repavimentaron casi en su totalidad las carreteras y avenidas de la isla, con lo que se ofrece una mejor imagen del municipio tanto para turistas como para locales. En este sentido, Gómez Martínez indicó que aunado a los trabajos de repavimentación, en la avenida Sac-Bajo también se construyeron 4 kilómetros de guarniciones y banquetas, además de que toda la avenida Paseo de los Peces también cuenta con sus guarniciones y banquetas. Cabe recordar que la avenida de cuatro carriles servirá como acceso para el hospital de segundo nivel, para el Servicio Médico Forense (SEMEFO) y el Cementerio, entre otros servicios que se encuentran en las cercanías como la Cruz Roja. De igual forma, expresó que se abrieron nuevos accesos carreteros en colonias como la Electricistas, en la que se encontraban dichas brechas de terracería que fueron pavimentadas para el uso de los habitantes de estas zonas del municipio. Para finalizar, mencionó que se encuentran concluyendo los últimos detalles de las avenidas Paseo de los Peces y Sac-Bajo, para dar por finalizados estos trabajos que ofrecen mejores vías de transporte y acceso a las diversas zonas del municipio.See More
Translation by Google
Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo. - The Municipal Public Works reported that already has a 98 percent improvement in the resurfacing of the neighborhoods of Isla Mujeres, and the extension of Paseo Fish and Sac-Bajo road. Noah Oscar Gomez Martinez, head of the agency, said that with a total investment of 25 million pesos, were carried out care work and remodeling of streets and avenues and the Sac-Bajo area. He explained that these works was given the solution to the problem of potholes affecting several colonies of the town, such as the Gloria, Electricians, Meteorological, Charity and Caribbean, in which all roads repaved. He explained that these 25 million focused on three measures, the first was the attention of streets in different neighborhoods of the town, then built the Fish Paseo with four lanes, and finally, attention to the Sac-Bajo road, all located on the island. It is noteworthy that the work benefits the entire population, as it almost completely repaved roads and avenues of the island, which provides a better image of the city for tourists and locals. In this sense, Gómez Martínez said coupled with resurfacing work on Avenue Sac-Bajo also built four miles of curbs and sidewalks, as well as the entire Fish Paseo also has its curbs and sidewalks. Recall that the four-lane avenue serve as access to the secondary hospital for the Medical Examiner (SEMEFO) and Cemetery, among other services that are in the vicinity as the Red Cross. Similarly, said opening new road access in colonies as Electricians, where these gaps were dirt that were paved for the use of the inhabitants of these areas of the municipality. Finally, he mentioned that they are finalizing the last details of the avenues Paseo Fish and Sac-Bajo, to terminate these jobs that offer better transport links and access to the various areas of the municipality.

David Daniel added 2 new photos to the album The Road.
Nice lunch location today!
Dinner last night with Brayan and Gloria Viva.... Man-o-man was that good... Sauce is made with Bleu Cheese.... and 'speck'.... Italian prosciutto-like smoked pork... Damn good!!! — with Diane White Daniel at Caffe Italia.

  • Diane White Daniel GorGONZOla Baby!!

Tony Garcia added a new photo.
This is a video on Tony's page

Tonight, John Cain, solo guitar & vocals at Marina Paraiso Isla Mujeres, Iguana Bar. 7-9PM.

John Cain live at Las Iguanas tonight in Marina Paraiso Isla Mujeres 6:30!

Eileen Regn added 4 photos.
Very nice one day Spay/Neuter clinic yesterday. I dont have official number but I think we did over 20 cats & dogs. Great bunch of volunteers and Lunch from BARLITO'S Thank You sooo much. But I must mention our #1 volunteer. that would have to go to Barlito, I can't say enough about this amazing 8 year old. He was such a big help . He came with me at 7:30am to start getting dogs and didnt leave till after 4pm . He showed kindness to every animal he was helping, from holding a pup just out of surgery, to making sure all the others had picked ticks to his satisifaction. Thank you to everyone it was a HOT one but we aLL GOT IT DONE!

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This is from Merca Isla on FB, which are like local Classifieds in Spanish and it says "I want to trade a rooster that crows at 5 for one that crows at 7"
Da Luisa Restaurant updated their cover photo. (Just a few villas away from MaraVilla Caribe & with similar panoramic views)

 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

The Early Edition has headlines & newspaper photographs.
This Afternoon/Final Edition has translated articles, events, & original photos with the "Around the Internet in the Past 24 Hours" section.
 There are always links to the original articles.
  If  there is a headline, but no translation,  the information was probably already translated recently.

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