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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Thursday, February 25

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 Our Northern Zone continues in Yellow on the state epidemiological light thru Sunday, March 7th, as does the Southern Zone.


Today, Isla Mujeres continues to report a total of 274 cases of C-19 with 25 deaths and 227 recovered. The state geoportal for February 25rd continues to report 6 active cases in Isla Mujeres as: Meteorologcio-3, Salina Grande-1, Amp la Gloria-1, and colonia 006-1. There have been no new cases nor deaths reported in the past 12 days.


 Mexico updated its pre-flight questionnaire, which can now be obtained via the mobile application and website It can also be  downloaded to your smartphone at the airport via a QR code. You'll need to include your seat assignment and you must fill-in the health information within 12 hours of your flight, not before.

 The opening "Create an account page" is bilingual. 

 The first step is your flight information. #2 is Contact Info. #3 is Personal Info. #4 is Health Info, which must be entered within 12 hours pre-flight. At the top you can put it into English, this is a screenshot from Mundukos' instructional video, which is in Spanish.

The City announced that vaccinations against C-19 will be available for seniors 60 and older today at the Community Hospital before 2p. On Tuesday the federal Director General of CENAPRECE (National Programs for Disease Prevention & Control) announced that foreigners residing in Mexico are eligible who lack a resident visa. He said although the only thing that is needed is an identification, any proof of residency is always useful, but many times it is not necessary. The booster is in two months, so if they aren't planning to be here then, it is better to be vaccinated in their country of origin. He said this at a national press conference on Tuesday, and the transcript is at this link. He said you don't need a CURP. 
The relevant section is below Dr Ruy Lopez Ridaura's name & title in BOLD....scroll down to where it says: "PREGUNTA: Gracias. Andrea Vega de Animal Politico". It ends where it says "Esta aqui." (after the questioner/interlocutora said 'okay gracias & Gabriela resumes speaking)LINK  

Here's the digital translation of most of the relevant section...QUESTION: Thank you. Andrea Vega, from Animal Político.
We want to clarify some questions about the vaccination of foreigners. Some rectors have shared photos of posters in the modules where it says that they will not be vaccinated. We want to know if this is true or in which cases they are going to be vaccinated.
For example, what happens to people who are residents or who are studying here? Will they have access to the vaccine or not?
If it corresponds to them, for example, because they live in the mayor's office or in the municipality where they are vaccinated.
And if yes, what documents do you need to present? Please.
And I have two other questions.
GABRIELA DEL CARMEN NUCAMENDI CERVANTES: Doctor Ruy, if you like, could you start answering this one in particular.
RUY LÓPEZ RIDAURA: Yes, of course. Thank you very much for the question, because it gives us the opportunity to clarify this aspect that has caused doubts in social networks and also in the opinion of the general public.
We want to be very clear. The National Vaccination Plan that includes vaccinating every person who is in the national territory, regardless of their nationality.
So, although there was perhaps some confusion in some operational sites, but we have already (transmission failure) both in training and in the different communication links that we have from the federation with the operation in each of the vaccination sites that do not, that all people, all people who are in the vaccinated territory are candidates to receive the vaccine, regardless of their nationality and regardless of whether they have a valid CURP or have any document that proves them as a resident.
The only important thing is your identification, we need to have an identification, there on the site it is registered and on the site a temporary individual identification key is also generated that allows us to also track and schedule the second dose when needed.
Then, the only thing that is needed is an identification and that the person (transmission failure) this government in general has the trust of the people, we know that they live in the places where they are programmed, where the vaccination points are enabled; however, any proof of residency is always useful, although it is not necessary many times.
QUESTIONER: You don't have to present proof of address, just identification?
RUY LÓPEZ RIDAURA: Yes, just with the identification. If they can, if they are residents and have some proof of residence, help in the operation; but, I repeat, it is not necessary and trust is made in the people who voluntarily declare that they live in areas where vaccination centers are being carried out
INTERLOCUTOR: And this even in the case of those who are passing through who are not residents or who are not working here? Even if they are only passing through, are they going to be vaccinated?
RUY LÓPEZ RIDAURA: Yes, really the scenarios, as we have also commented on other evenings, I mean, we are always going to find some specific cases, exceptions that come out of the rule, but it is really important that these are really minority cases and it is not important either. establish a rule that modifies the ability to vaccinate (transmission failure) they may not have a residence and are temporarily there, we estimate that these will be specific cases and it is not worth having a strict, inflexible criterion to allow their vaccination .
QUESTIONER: But at what stage would they be vaccinated? Because, for example, if they are passing through, they may not be able to prove residence in the mayor's office or in a municipality and perhaps they tell them right now it is not their turn. When would they be vaccinated?
RUY LÓPEZ RIDAURA: That is why, that is why what we mentioned is that they are specific cases and in principle vaccination is estimated for all people who are in Mexican territory, including residents; But we know that there are also people who or do not have the full status of formal residence, they are also candidates to receive the vaccination and in the extreme there are these specific cases of people who are temporarily, they will be the fewest and therefore Vaccination sites can be studied case by case and I am sure it will not cause more problems that can be solved locally.
What I think is important is that, also for people who are passing through, that they consider that vaccination has a schedule, a dose schedule in most vaccines and in those that are currently being applied and therefore it is It is important that these people consider that they have to receive their second dose, and therefore they would be invited to take this into account. If they are on a temporary basis and are going to return to their places of origin, it may be more convenient for people in this situation to receive their complete scheme at their place of origin.

This morning from MaraVilla Caribe Bed & Beach...Two suns rising and the sea afire. OK, maybe it's a gap in the cloud and a reflection...

Also from MaraVilla Caribe...last night by Bruce

 From the City (Ayuntamiento de Isla Mujeres)

 On the 25th of each month, "Orange Day" is commemorated to generate awareness about preventing violence against women and girls. Activities include distributing information about the phone numbers for any emergency related to gender violence which are 9982294411, 911 and 089.  Norma Estela Bacab Garrido, director of IMM (Isla Mujeres Women's Institute) said this month there was a talk for municipal officials on the topic fo "Gender Equality"  through the State Human Rights Commission of Quintana Roo (Cedhqroo) and in conjunction with the Executive Secretary of the System for the Comprehensive Protection of Children and Teens.



 TVisla Mujeres 

 Chetumal--On February 24th, Quintana Roo received its fifth batch of vaccines, which consists of 6825 doses of the Pfizer vaccine. They will be administered to both front-line health personnel and seniors 60 and older. There will be 3900 doses administered to seniors in Cozumel of which 1000 will be given at the General Hospital, 2000 at the IMSS Family Unit, and 900 at the ISSSTE Family Medicine Clinic. The remaining 2925 doses will be given to health personnel who provide direct care to C-19 patient at the IMSS, ISSSTE, SESA and SEDENA clinics in the interior of the state, which includes nursing professionals medical personnel, ambulance personnel, and food preparation personnel. Senors visiting the vaccination modules are reminded to wear face masks, maintain healthy distance, stay hydrated and eat food, not to suspend their medications, and to be accompanied by only one person if they need assistance. They need to bring their CURP, voter credential if they have one, and proof of address if their INE address doesn't correspond to the municipality where they are seeking vaccination. LINK  

Yesterday...The ferries ("Jetway 1 & 2") of the company Molina Aviomar started their docking tests today at the Martitima terminal of Isla Mujeres. They are expected to start operations soon. 

 Yesterday...Quintana Roo has a 12% hospital occupancy, with 21 people intubated--Governor

Feb 23--Governor: More than 5000 doses of vaccines against C-19 have been administered to seniors 60+ in Q Roo.

Feb 23--The Navy rescued six Mexican nationals in a small boat "LA BICHI" who were adrift due to mechanical failures in their hydraulic steering system. The crew and boat were towed to the Naval dock where they were met by personnel from the Regional Port Captain's office for the corresponding procedures. LINK   


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Full moon rising over the Caribbean  


Full moon Feb 27 Saturday at 7:27p

Feb 28 Sunday at 8:28p

March 1 Monday  at 9:29p

March 2 Tuesday at 10:31p

March 3 Wednesday at 11;33p

Sunset 6:37-6:51(beginning vs end of month)

 Sunrise 7:24-7:08


Public events have been suspended due to C-19. Some holidays have featured online competitions and events.   

Mon. Feb. 1 Day off for Día de la Constitución (Constitution Day) 

Tue. Feb 2 Dia de Candelaria

Carnaval has been cancelled which would have been Feb 12-16.

Sun. Feb 14 Dia de Amor y Amistad (Valentine's Day) 

Wed. Feb 24 Dia de la Bandera (Flag Day)

Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres


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