Monday, September 7, 2020

Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Monday, September 7

  Here's the webcam LINK, which also has time lapse of the past 24 hours.
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Today the municipality reports another case for a total of 168, with 11 deaths and 109 recovered.

The Geoportal has the data for 9/6 for active cases by colonia which I reported yesterday.  I also published the new Incidence rates yesterday.
On the National map for 9/6, the municipality reports 4 suspicious and 72 negatives (and 167 confirmed with 11 deaths)

>There is an area of low pressure SW of Bermuda producing disorganized showers and a few thunderstorms, with some development possible during the next several days as it moves W or WNW. 10% formation chance through 48 hours and 30% through 5 days.

>A Tropical Wave is expected to emerge of the west coast of Africa in a few days, which could form a Tropical Depression late this week or over the weekend as it moves westward across the eastern Atlantic. It has a 40% chance of formation through 5 days.

>Tropical Depression #17 is expected to become a Tropical Storm later today, with slow strengthening expected over the next few days. It is moving WNW at 6 mph which is expected to continue for the next few days with a gradual increase in forward speed. It has maximum sustained winds of 35mph & there are no coastal watches or warnings in effect. It is a large tropical cyclone with circulation evident several hundred miles from its center. Other than some dry air in the vicinity of the depression, the overall environment is favorable for strengthening over the next few days. However due to its large size, strengthening may occur more slowly than what might be expected from a more compact cyclone. Therefore, only gradual strengthening is expected and by 72 hours, increasing wind shear should limit further intensification and may cause some weakening.

>Tropical Depression #18 is expected to become a Tropical Storm today, affecting the Cabo Verde islands later today & tonight. With maximum sustained winds near 35mph, it is moving west at 12 mph, which is expected to continue over the next few days with some increase in forward speed anticipated. It is expected to become a hurricane in about 72 hours, then it is expected to pass over slightly cooler waters, which should slow the intensification process. It is expected to move westward to WNW over the next 72 hours. There could be some binary interaction between the two tropical cyclones later, so the longer range track guidance is more uncertain.

"Onda Tropical"=Tropical Wave.

 Tropical Depression #17
Tropical Depression #18


Midday Weather update...
  Depression #17 is now Tropical Storm Paulette, making it the earliest 16th named storm of any Atlantic season, beating Philippe by 10 days which formed on Sept. 17, 2005. It has moved very little in the past few hours, but is expected to resume going WNW to NW shortly. Moderate strengthening is likely for the next couple of days then its winds are likely to plateau or decrease at the end of the week.
Depression #18 is expected to strengthen to a Tropical Storm later today

A message from Ruben  Chavez--
Ricky Za'Ga wrote: I was able to see Ruben in his (hospital) room today & these were his words:

′′I am fighting with all my strength to overcome this virus,
I'm going to get past it because I have many people who believe in me and need me alive and strong,
Thank you from me to everyone who is helping me I wish I could tell you many things but I can't talk much
I trust my doctors they are professionals. I trust God."

Ricky continues: I couldn't be there for long but I spent every second telling him about everything you're doing for him. He certainly had an indescribable reaction on his face. I made sure he knows that he is not alone in this nor in the hospital, and that, like me, a lot of you who care about him are hoping for him too.

I could feel that he is positive and fighting as hard as only he can, but like everyone, with some fear and who doesn't in these times. Thanks for the support but especially thanks for your prayers. Good night.
 Donations for his medical costs can be sent here....

VIDEO fromGovernor's page--It says...On the 6th of July, the state government reinforced sanitary measures for the prevention of C-19, such as Mobility Restrictions, Closing Zones of High Propagation, Sanitary Filters (checkpoints), and Restricted Hours of Alcohol sales, in addition to Healthy Distancing, Face Masks, and Frequent Hand Washing. With Positive Results!
    The narrator explains there are 14 day cycles in the pandemic, so the results were not immediately evident from the increased measures, but by the 21st of July, the gradual decrease can be seen in hospital occupancy. The peak occurred during the week of July 5-11 with 142 admissions, and the last week (Aug 23-29) had 70 people, thanks to the measures that have been implemented and the efforts of the residents.
     Next he explains RT ("R0" or Reproduction Number) which indicates the average number of people who will contract a contagious disease from one person with that disease. (If it equals one, each existing infection causes one new infection. If it is more than one, the disease is being transmitted between people and can cause an epidemic. Less than one is optimal.) The graph shows the decrease.
   It's working--Don't let down your guard! Use Face Masks. Wash Your Hands Frequently. Maintain Healthy Distance. Screenshots from video....

Thanks to the goodwill of island families who in one way or another have a little to support those who do not, as well as the participation of the private sector,  tables are maintained by the DIF social service agency for collection and distribution of donations.

TVisla Mujeres    
VIDEO--The Director of ZOFEMAT (Federal Zone agency) in Isla Mujeres, Kerem Pinto Aguilar, explains the Semaforo & Regulations at the entrance to Playa Centro. If the sign is Green, it means there is space available on the beach, Yellow=limited space and Red means all spaces are occupied. There are signs on the beach delineating Healthy Distance and there is a maximum limit of 5 people in a group. She says there are similar signs over by El Riito beach where islanders also visit (across from Mia), and that the North Beach businesses are cooperating by distancing their furniture, taking temperatures, etc. She reviews some of the other regulations including the prohibition on bringing alcohol or food, and she notes that those who are considered more vulnerable due to health conditions should not come to the beach & that beach-goers should bring a degradable bag for their trash. Beach-goers should review the regulations posted at the beach entrances, which are being enforced by personnel with ZOFEMAT, Civil Protection, Fiscalizacion, and Public Security.
Screenshot from video--

There is an article about the regulations for beach-goers, noting they should not stay longer than 3 hours, are prohibited from bringing food or alcohol, they must wear face masks or shields and glasses and should use antibacterial gel and respect healthy distancing between families or groups. She said this is not an invitation for everyone to come to the beach; it is better if people stay home, since we are living with Covid-19 in the New Normality, and that those who are vulnerable because of medical conditions should stay home. LINK  


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Full moon rising over the Caribbean 
 After Sunset--Sept 2 at 7:42
  Sept 3      8:15 
 Sept 4      8:48
Sept 5       9:21
Sept 6       9:54
Sept 7     10:30

 Sunset  7:02-6:35pm (beginning vs end of month)
Sunrise  6:31-6:38am
Painting by Pamela Haase at MVC
Turtles continue nesting in September. They nest along the eastern beaches. Tortugranja staff and volunteers gather the eggs and incubate them in the sand in a pen outside the facility. Three species nest annually in Isla Mujeres, Greens, Loggerheads, and Hawksbills.

Swimming with the whale sharks ends in mid-September. They congregate and feed on a 'buffet' of plankton and fish eggs from a type of tuna. Rays are also attracted to the feeding areas.  Photo by Tony Garcia

Wednesday, Sept. 16--Independence Day  (The Grito is read by the Mayor each year on the night of the 15th, which will presumably be done virtually this year.)

Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres
LINK to NHC   

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