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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Tuesday, June 16

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June 15- The Municipality of Isla Mujeres continues to report a total of 23 cases with 2 deaths and 17 recuperated, leaving 4 active cases.

June 14- The Municipality of Isla Mujeres reports another case for a total of 23 cases with 2 deaths and 17 recuperated, leaving 4 active cases.

Rain offshore at sunset yesterday (Monday-from MVC Bed & Beach)

Rain offshore on Sunday (from MVC Bed & Beach)

From MaraVilla Caribe Bed & Beach--Sergio (Sergio’s Batik Art) is giving Ixchel a touch-up this week & the first photo is from six years ago, Saturday. A friend from Austin (& frequent guest) Eleanor Niz painted the atrium mural in January. The other Ixchel, by Pamela May Haase, hangs in a guest room. The masks are the most recent works of art around here, by Gomez Jessica. The moonrise at Maravilla Caribe also hangs in a guest room & is by Pam.

In coordination with the Ministry of Health (SESA) a mosquito-prevention nebulization campaign is taking place on the island and in the Continental Zone. The municipal General Secretary, Miriam Trejo Leon, said the first round reached all of the colonias, and this is the intention with this second round. The preventative campaign will be ongoing, and includes work on foot and in vehicles to reach areas where mosquitoes breed. She encouraged the cooperation of residents to clean up their yards of any areas where water can accumulate such as cans, bottles or puddles and to change the water in any vases or pots, as well as ensuring their water tanks are covered. To prevent bites, use mosquito nets on doors and windows and repellent on exposed skin and clothing.

In addition to the beautification program which began in colonia La Gloria, the City is conducting a campaign to pick up and remove junk, which also began in La Gloria, and both will more toward downtown.

June 15-Work being done to preserve the good image of Isla Mujeres by City officials, employees and volunteers to beautify public spaces has been completed in colonia La Gloria, and is taking place downtown. Fernando Bacelis Godoy, director of Public Works, said, "We are making progress little by little, and we have already concluded in the La Gloria colony and will continue until we encompass the whole island so that both islanders and visitors enjoy a clean place, which in turn contributes to public health."

June 14--

During this Covid-19 contingency, the municipality continues to assist the vulnerable sectors of the community via the DIF social service agency, in coordination with the private sector and citizenry. Yuseli López Tec, Director of the municipal DIF, said that in recent days just over 726 "pantries" (Bags of groceries) have been delivered to seniors, people with disabilities, single mothers and other vulnerable members of the community, both on the island and in the Zone Continental, with support from the residents and from the Chedraui company, who have allowed collection tables at the supermarket.
   The Director said, "This has been a joint effort between government and society and many people have donated within their means. Chedraui has supported us with collection tables and donations of food, including baked goods and yogurt. Other companies like Belo Hotel have been joined to support those who need it most in the face of this health contingency in which we live."

The City said that with the reactivation of tourism, healthy distance and health measures will continue, with the use of personal protective equipment , and vulnerable groups should remain in their homes. These are some of the health recommendations that must continue with the arrival of the gradual start of the New Normality in the face of the health contingency of Covid-19.
      Because the epidemiological Traffic Light for the northern part of the state, including Isla Mujeres, is in the orange phase and some essential activities were gradually reactivated, the government headed by Juan Carrillo Soberanis, via Dr. Xhanat Tze González Mora, Liaison for Preventative Actions Against Coronavirus, calls on the general population to continue carrying out preventive measures.
    Dr. González Mora said it is very important that in this new phase activities are carried out in a disciplined and ordered way so that infections do not increase and cause a return to the red light. She said, "It must be stressed that tourism is reactivated with the healthy distance measures, and the use of face masks and hygiene must be maintained. For  people who still don't have to leave home because their activity is not considered essential, it is advisable that they stay in their homes."
        The official stressed that the virus is still active and that it is fundamental to reduce the spread by breaking contagion chains, so the use of face masks and glasses, or face shields and of healthy distance must continue. She emphasized that vulnerable groups that include people over the age of 60, people with obesity, diabetes, hypertension, with other health conditions, pregnant women and children, must continue to protect themselves in their homes, even if their activity is essential.
     She also urged the workers who have returned to work to be very disciplined and cautious in the matter of tourism because there are asymptomatic people who can transport the virus. Therefore, it is important to maintain at least 1.5 meters of distance and continue with strict hygiene measures. She said, "Use face masks at all times, wash your hands regularly, avoid direct contact with tourist belonging, and if you should do so, it is important that you do not touch your face and immediately wash your hands."

There are infographics about contraception, about the negative effects of  teen pregnancies, about knowing the symptoms of Covid-19, and about the 15% discount on municipal trash services (for businesses--it's free for residents).

The municipal government advises tourists and visitors to use face masks
Faced with the New Normality following the National Campaign of Healthy Distance for Covid-19, the municipal government has strengthened measures to contain the spread of coronavirus among island families and those who visit the destination.

   City General Secretary Miriam Trejo León, explained that checkpoints have been implemented to invite the general population, but especially tourists, to constantly use face masks, and she noted that it is everyone's job to preserve public health. 
    She said that checkpoints staffed by public officials and public security personnel have been implemented in strategic points such as the Isla Mujeres photo-op sign behind the Casa de la Cultura, at the Whale Shark Monument, at Punta Sur, and by the kinder Enriqueta Camarillo. (The kinder is in front of Casa Ixchel, at the northern edge of the colonias, along the Caribbean coast, on Jesus Martinez Ross.)

TVisla Mujeres    
Father Raúl Sánchez Alonzo, announced that services will resume in the Sacred Heart church in colonia La Gloria, with health and safety measures against Covid-19. LINK

Nationally, Quintana Roo has dropped from fourth place to 18th in the number of positive cases of Covid-19 LINK    

Increasing numbers of tourism businesses have registered for the CPPSIT Certification for Health Protection and Prevention in Tourist Facilities in the entire state. LINK  
Each of the certificates will have a QR Code that allows verifying of the validity of the document. Additionally, they will have the WTTC Global Security Seal.
  It has only been three weeks since the state Secretary of Tourism (SEDETUR) and the State Health Services (SESA), together with the support of specialists and entrepreneurs, launched the Certification in Protection and Sanitary Prevention in Tourist Facilities (CPPSIT), throughout the state. More than 5,000 companies have registered, classified in 15 different categories. This facilitates the possibility of international recognition of the Mexican Caribbean by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), as one of the first destinations to obtain the Global Security Seal (Global Safety Stamp), highlighting the adoption of standardized health and hygiene protocols, so that consumers can experience safe travel.

The sailboat that was reported missing on Saturday was located near Isla Contoy, where it ran aground, causing damage to the reef. LINK   The boat's captain is Mr. Jeffrey Michael Burns, 76. The Harbor Mastor issued a notice to locate the sailboat after it left for a test of its engines. The damage in the National Park at Isla Contoy affected an area of about ten by 20 meters.  
From  Por Esto :

Por Esto reports that the sailboat Pegasus, which flies a United States flag, left the El Milagro Marina early on Friday, and they requested assistance from the Harbor Master when it hadn't returned 24 hours later. The Harbor Master requested assistance from the nautical community at 10am on Saturday, and at noon, authorities confirmed that he was not lost, and was anchored in front of Isla Contoy in the National Reserve, and the search was suspended. The boat, which flies a United States flag, had allegedly gone out to test its engines. It had run aground on the corals in the Park, and officials there are evaluating the damage.  They said the instruments weren't working on the sailboat and the captain didn't notice the corals. The park director said if the park rangers had resources to operate their boat, the damage would have been avoided, because they observed the sailboat approaching the coral zone of the "Ixlache" reef, but due to a lack of gasoline, they were unable to arrive in time to prevent the incursion.  
  The Park Rangers rescued the boat under the supervision of the Harbor Master and the Navy, and the vessel will undergo and administrative process to be sanctions for environmental damage.  Por Esto notes that among the damages that have been inflicted on coral in the vicinity of Isla Mujeres, the most notable was done in 1997 by the cruise ship "Leward" (sic-"Leeward") in the Bay of Isla Mujeres. 

Por Esto reports that the foreign owned boat "Bonabo" was rescued by Naval personnel after it was taking on water due to damage to one of its engines cooling tubes, and the owner requested assistance to avoid sinking. The boat was anchored offshore from Rueda Medina avenue, and assistance was provided around noon. The pipe was repaired and the situation will be evaluated at a local shipyard. The nationality and name of the captain and owner were not provided, but witnesses said they were from the United States.

The general director of the state Port Authority (APIQRoo), Alicia Ricalde Magana says the overall decrease in passengers for all of 2020 could be about 70 percent. This would mean the "mobilizing" of an average of 1.8 million  people. (Note--This is different from "arrivals" because it counts each passenger twice--being 'mobilized" to the island AND being 'mobilized' from the island). In 2019, 5,465,143 passengers were 'mobilized', which is more than the Cozumel route which had 4.4 million people.  
   The Port Authority projects a passenger increase of 47 percent in June in comparison to May, which would be an increase from 30,834 to 45,326. However, this is a drop of 88% compared to June 2019. On June 8th, the 'movement' of passengers increased from 526 to 1130. As of June 12th, there were 1343 passengers 'mobilized',. For the first twelve days of June, 10,471 people were 'mobilized', of whom only 483 were foreign (4.8%).  
   She said they are not close to moving the large volumes of people thru the terminal last year when there were more than half a million passengers in July and August. Hotel occupancy is expected to increase to an average of 50 percent for 2021, with a recovery in 2022, according to some executives in the industry.


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Full moon rising over the Caribbean 
 Just after Sunset--June 5  7:36 (sun sets 7:27p)
  June 6      8:38 
 June 7      9:37
June 8     10:30
June 9    11:17

 Sunset  7:25-7:33pm (beginning vs end of month)
Sunrise  6:05--6:09am
Painting by Pamela Haase at MVC
Turtles continue mating and nesting in June. They can be observed mating offshore from Punta Sur during this month, and they nest along the eastern beaches. Tortugranja staff and volunteers gather the eggs and incubate them in the sand in a pen outside the facility. Three species nest annually in Isla Mujeres, Greens, Loggerheads, and Hawksbills, and very rarely, a Leatherback will attempt to nest, but generally the sand isn't sufficiently deep.

The season for swimming with the whale sharks normally takes place during June, which ends annually in mid-September. They congregate and feed on a 'buffet' of plankton and fish eggs from a type of tuna. Rays are also attracted to the feeding areas.  Photo by Tony Garcia

In June, there are fishing bans on Lobster (fishing resumes July 1st), Octopus (resumes Aug.1), Shrimp (resumes Oct. 15), conch (reusmes Nov.1) and shark.

Monday, June 1 Dia de Marina / Naval Day 

Friday, June 5 World Environmental Day

Monday, June 8 World Oceans Day

Saturday, June 20 Summer Solstice

Sunday, June 21 is Father's Day 

Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres
LINK to NHC   

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