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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Sunday, January 12

  Here's the webcam LINK, which also has time lapse of the past 24 hours.
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The eastern coast of the isle lends itself to moon-gazing & thinking about how important the full-moon nights must have been in the days before artificial light. Before being perched on the Caribbean coast of Isla Mujeres, I didn't realize that the full moon ALWAYS rises at sunset & sets at sunrise. (#1 & 2)
Ancient Mesoamericans saw a rabbit in the moon (#3). The Mayan goddess associated with the moon, Ixchel, is often depicted with a rabbit. (#4) Two temples on Isla Mujeres were dedicated to her & the one at the Punta Sur is believed to have been an observatory. (Only a foundation remains of the other, in the Mundaca Hacienda.)
Photo #5 is Thursday night's nearly full moon. Tonight (Edit--last night) it begins to wane (decreasing ~7% nightly) & rises at 7:31, making beautiful reflections on the Caribbean, usually (#6). Sunday at 8:36, Monday at 9:39, Tuesday at 10:41 and Wednesday at 11:41.
At that point, it's the third quarter moon (aka waning gibbous, rising ~midnight, setting at noon). The waning crescent faces right (#7, pardon the full zoom distortion) & is followed by the 'invisible' new moon (rising at sunrise & setting at sunset). The waxing crescent increases 7% nightly & faces left. The waxing first quarter moon rises at noon & sets at midnight. The whole cycle takes 29.5 days & a "Blue Moon" is when there is a second full moon within a single calendar month (and has nothing to do with its color).
All photos are from Maravilla Caribe Bed & Beach except #2 by Ingi Fragata from El Milagro Marina. The Ixchel mural on the driveway wall was painted by Sergio's Isla Art, the moonrise & Ixchel paintings are by Pamela May Haase, and the medusa mural in the atrium is by Eleanor Niz, featuring moon phases in the background.

From the City....

   The City has a collection site for natural Christmas trees at the side of Mundaca Hacienda where they are grinding them into compost. It is open from 9:30am to 3pm, Monday thru Friday. until February 15th. Those who can't transport them can call 998 490 2675, and City workers will come to your home and collect them. This prevents the trees from accumulating on sidewalks and in the streets, causing a bad image. This program began three years ago & the compost will be used later for soil enrichment. 

José Castillo Magaña, director of Tourism,.said that overall hotel occupancy is at 82% during the second week of 2020, which he expects to continue over the next two months because hotels are reporting that they have many reservations. He attributed the good level of occupancy to the work the City has done to promote tourism, which will continue in the future.  He said the increased number of hotel rooms, the tourist attractions, the beaches, the security work and the cleanliness make Isla Mujeres one of the favorite destinations for tourists, both national and international, to spend their holidays. He noted that the municipality currently has 7604 hotel rooms throughout the municipality

The transformation into an Isla Verde/ Green Island depends on everyone
Help us keep our island clean 

Working with us for an Island with dignity for our children

Let's keep making a better future for Isla Mujeres 

From  Por Esto :  
Pristine bird sanctuary: Isla Contoy   

Prístino santuario de las aves

biologist María del Carmen García Rivas, director of the Isla Contoy National Park said bringing plastics or using sunblock is prohibited, as one of the strict measures to conserve the environment of thousands of migratory birds who reproduce on the island. On International Bird Day, she spoke about the challenges of not disturbing the birds when tourists are visiting, noting the reserve
"is one of the few places left in the Mexican Caribbean for the refuge, feeding and reproduction of birds."
  It is noted that tourists have visited since 1960, and in 1993 there was an invation of dogs that caused the temporary closure of the fishing camp, because the dogs released by the fishermen were eating eggs and putting the bird population at risk.  The Federal Government, via the National Institute of Ecology presented a four-year Reserve Management Program in 1997 to guarantee the protection of the seabirds found on the island, as a Natural Protected Area, a legal status that was obtained by Presidential Decree on Feb. 2, 1998.  
    It is one of the main nesting areas for seabirds and contains the largest colony of the brown pelicans on the Atlantic coast. Its surrounding sands are an important breeding point for aquatic species, such as sea turtles of hawksbill, loggerhead and green species. Ecotourism is practiced in the visitor center and there are three nature trails, which allow visitors to enjoy its natural resources "in a pristine site”.

Expanding water storage capacity

Amplían su capacidad de almacenaje de agua

   In response to recent water shortages, Nautibeach condos on North Beach are expanding their water storage facilities so they have capacity for one week, and they are also installing a rainwater collection system for watering their landscape.

Isla Mujeres news briefs   

Breves de Isla Mujeres

  Many people are not taking advantage of the January discounts to update their license plates, and the office was open on Saturday. and will be open on Saturday the 18th & 25th. The other brief is about the natural Christmas tree collection.  Aguakan has advised small establishments and people who live in the coloinas who have experienced low water pressure.
  While it is advisable to have a cistern with a week's supply of water, many poor people have difficulty building them and use plastic water tanks instead, sometime in their yard or near the sidewalks.
  During the December holidays when consumption was high, there were drops in pressure affecting most of the island at time, affecting tourists and families. These efforts are being made to avoid the same problems during the Easter holidays.

Complaints about taco truck  

Módulo de tacos preocupa a locatarios

  Tenants of the downtown Mercado, "Javier Rojo Gomez" are complaining about a taco truck parked at the rear of the Mercado, because it is only two meters from the LP gas tank that supplies the tortilleria, and has a capacity of 1 cubic meter. They also consider it to be unfair competition for the businesses in the mercado, noting that it was open at night at first, but now is open during the day. They sell grilled tacos to tourists, as "On Fire".

Beneficial agreement signed

Convenio provechoso para la comuna

  The Mayor said the agreement signed with the University of the Caribbean will help the new generations have better opportunities for educational training, in which both parties are committed to working in a coordinated manner for the benefit of the students and the island community.
“This agreement establishes the foundation from which work will be done so that both students and islanders can benefit from the organization and development of academic activities, research and dissemination of culture, as well as carrying out technological development, invention and innovation."

     He thanked the rector, Ana Priscila Sosa Ferreira, for her great support and the work that Unicaribe has already been doing on the island for some years, on population and urban development issues, which is very important for the municipality, which plans to grow in an orderly manner. 
        It was agreed to conduct studies and analysis on urban growth and its impacts on social development in the Continental Zone of Isla Mujeres,

Accumulation of trash at the transfer facility again 

Otra vez se acumula basura en la isla

  Although the Trash Transfer Facility was cleaned out in October, more than 1000 tons of trash have accumulated, because there were two months when the installation of the wastewater network by Aguakan prevented the access of the trucks that transport the garbage to the regional landfill on the mainland. There were a dozen trucks hired in September, who emptied out the facility, and residents in the area want a similar effort made again, asying they are concerned about the presence of vermin and potential health effects. They are complaining about the odors when the winds are from the north and northeast, which could be smelt on Thursday in the colonias of Guadalupana, La Gloria and Cañotal. It is noted that there are many foreigner's homes and rentals within walking distance of the Transfer Station.


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Full moon rising over the Caribbean 
 January 10  6:28
January 11  7:31
January 12  8:36
January 13   9:39
 January 14  10:41
January 15 11:41

Painting by Pamela Haase at MVC
 Sunset  ~6:15-6:35p (beginning vs end of month)
Sunrise ~7:25am
January Events 
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events

Wednesday nights at 8:45p, the group "Isla en Bici" bike around the isle, meeting at Juarez &  Abasolo. Lights required, helmet recommended. LINK

Thursday afternoons ~3p-8p Artist Fair on the Paseo de la Triguena off the Town Square at the malecon by the food trucks.

Some Sunday evenings 8p on the Town Square "Noches Magicas" performances  

Fishermen in this region are banned from catching octopus during January.   LINK 

Friday, Jan. 3 First quarter moon. After the moon has completed the first quarter of its orbit around Earth, the relative positions of the Earth, sun, and moon cause us to see it half-illuminated — on its eastern side. At first quarter, the moon always rises around noon and sets around midnight local time, so it is conveniently positioned for observing before youngsters' bedtimes. The evenings around first quarter are excellent for looking at the lunar terrain while it is dramatically lit by low-angled sunlight. (

EARLY Saturday, Jan. 3 The Quadrantids meteor shower peaks between 3am and dawn. The moon won't be around to interfere. The shower's radiant, which is beyond the tip of the Big Dipper's handle, will be high in the northeastern sky.

Monday, Jan. 6, On the first Monday of each month, there is usually a civic ceremony in the morning, often on the Town Square around 8am.  

Monday, Jan. 6 Dia de Reyes/Kings Day At Ruben's Restaurant, in front of the Post Office & Mercado on the back street Guerrero, volunteers will be giving away 1000's of toys that have been donated, and a snack & drink, usually starting around 10am. They also provide hampers of food for families in need of them. The DIF social service agency usually has an event at the baseball field in front of Chedraui or at the Bicentennial with entertainment and raffles, starting around 4p or 5p, but it's not always held on the 6th.  Jan 6 is also Nurses Day in Mexico.

4:30 Kings Day festival at the Pescador baseball field 

Friday, Jan 10 Full moon rises at sunset & sets at sunrise. There will be an eclipse as the moon passes thru the earth's shadow, but only the beginning and final stages will be visible here .

Sunday, Jan 12 at 1p at the Pescador baseball field in front of Chedraui, the Isla Mujeres Pescadors will play the Puerto Morelos Cardinals, who they beat last weekend 8-7 in an 'away' game. They're currently in third place & hoping to be in the semifinals.

Saturday & Sunday, January 25 & 26 Ultramarathon Nonstop 24 Hours Isla Mujeres event LINK

The Thor Heyerdahl traveling school-sailboat visits in late January-early February with about three dozen high school students on board. Under the tutelage of the experienced crew, the students learn to work together, sailing and navigating, as well as receiving their normal lessons. They sail from Germany to the Caribbean, departing in October and returning home in May.
      The ship is named for the man who sailed a hand made raft "Kon Tiki" from South America 5000 miles across the Pacific to the Tuamotu Islands in 1947, to demonstrate that ancient people could have made long sea voyages, creating contacts between apparently separate cultures. LINK  

Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

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