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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Friday, April 7

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  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

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Mayor Juan Carrillo: Safety is a priority during this vacation period  

Apuesta por seguridad

Juan Carrillo, durante próxima temporada vacacional

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 6 de abril.-
Leer más..Full article at this link.

See City section below...


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (  FB page link)

Security services are a priority for the municipal government during the holiday season  

· The mayor affirms that the safety of islanders and tourists is a priority for the municipal government
Holiday times are a reason for hundreds of visitors to come to Isla Mujeres, so the City government led by the municipal president, Juan Carrillo Soberanis, stressed the importance of strengthening security services, a commitment which he has worked at since the first days of his administration.
"Semana Santa/Easter holidays are one of the vacation periods when national and international tourists go on holiday with their families to beach destinations, so a large tourist influx is expected on the island. In addition, we have worked at the promotion of Isla Mujeres as a destination of inclusion, where all people can enjoy our beaches, "commented the Islander.
For this reason, the Mayor said that the operations and surveillance patrols will be increased by the officers of the Public Security department and the Municipal Transit Authority, directed by police chief Jaime Alberto Ongay Ortiz, and they will make it a priority to patrol the most crowded places to avoid accidents.
Juan Carrillo Soberanis also said that he is already working on the organization of the operations in coordination with state and federal governmental agencies for this holiday season, to ensure the safety of the families of Isla Mujeres and the visitors.
"I have the commitment and the conviction to take care of the security of the islanders and of all the tourists that visit us. A good image of the municipality is important, but certainly that they feel safe during their stay in the island is even more important. All of us who make up the City government commit ourselves to continuing to work on the benefit of our Isla Mujeres, "concluded the Mayor.

Seeking Blue Flag certification for the third consecutive year  

Pronatura audits for certification are carried out once a year on beaches and marinas
Isla Mujeres has been recognized as one of the best beach destinations in the world, so obtaining the Blue Flag designation, which awarded by the civil association Pronatura, is important to the island's municipal government, headed by the municipal president, Juan Carrillo Soberanis.
The Federal Land Maritime Zone (Zofemat) agency, whose director is Héctor Gerardo Vladimir Vallejo Molina, takes care of the beaches of the municipality, as well as caring for the richness of their natural resources and the importance of the ecosystems they host. This agency is charge of verifying that all the requirements to obtain the certification are fulfilled.
These include the participation of people who use the beaches in marine environmental education programs, the implementation of environmental management systems, the control of environmental conditions to reduce the impact of human activity, the involvement of the different people involved in its management towards its sustainable development and providing technologies which allow for inclusion in the community.
In this context, since last February, the municipal president, Juan Carrillo Soberanis, put into operation two adapted chairs so that people with disabilities who come to Playa Centro to enjoy the beach and water with the help of their companions.
With this action, the City of Isla Mujeres took important steps in its path to become a tourist destination of inclusion, providing arrangements in infrastructure and urban equipment to improve the mobility of people with different capacities. It should be noted that this service is given free of charge every day of the week in the module of the Zofemat located at Playa Centro (Posada Beach)  of Isla Mujeres.


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link to photos & articles)

Increased security for the Easter holidays…/

The Navy, Harbor Master, and Immigration inspected a sailboat
  With the new coordination plan between the Navy and the Harbor Master, it cannot be ruled out that there could be more inspection of yachts and sailboats in the Bay of Isla Mujeres.
    Naval patrol boat 1109 with several officers aboard and personal with the Harbor Maste and with the National Institute of Immigration inspected the sailboat "Tylerj" which was flying a Canadian flag. The inspection included a dog trained for drug detection, took about 40 minutes, and nothing unusual was found. The operation provoked the curiosity of residents and visitors, and the authorities said it was just a routine inspection.

Cozumel, Cancun, and Isla Mujeres benefit from decreased electricity rates (See yesterday PE translation)…/…/
The new motorcycle plates have arrived.  The head of the Recaudadora de Rentas (Tax Collector's office) - Jesús Contreras Gómez, said that the discount program was successful, because of the 6000 vehicles that are registered, only about 2000 haven't renewed. He also said that more than 1000 of the 2000 motorcycles have been been renewed and the rest are expected to do so starting this week. He expects long lines again. The only plates still pending are for vehicles registered for public service, which involves taxis, golf carts, and some motorcycles, tho in the case of the later, the plates are already being distributed.

Paramedics gave emergency care to a tourist on North Beach for possible 'alcohol congestion'.
Ahora paramédicos atienden a turista en Playa Norte tras emergencia por posible congestión alcohólica


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles & photos

Sea lion "Mony" was free in the bay for nearly 24 hours  
“Mony” anduvo libre en la bahía por casi 24 horas [+] Ver masFull article at this link

    On Wednesday afternoon, a sea lion escaped from the enclosures at Dolphin Discovery due to the carelessness of a staff member and was recaptured Thursday near the pier at the Punta Sam Marine Terminal. It was said that the loose animal was "highly dangerous, since there comes a time when it has to eat, and being accustomed to being fed n captivity and then not having food, could attack anyone who was nearby."  Personnel who are specialists in the management of animals in captivity confirmed that this type of animal is "obliged at any given time to go onto land to find food, the cannot be in the water all the time, according to their own characteristics.".
    This sea lion is about 9 years old, which is still young because the average lifespan is 20 to 30 years, and it is named "Mony". Recorded video began circulating on the social networks, and the sea lion was located and captured in the vicinity of the Punta Sam Marine Terminal on Thursday morning by personnel from Dolphin Discovery, including one aboard a jet ski.

The Blue Flag certification is important to the island  
El distintivo Blue Flag es de relevancia para la islaa.. [+] Ver masFull article at this link
  See City section...

Preventing bee attacks   
Previenen ataques de abejas. [+] Ver masFull article at this link
  In the past ten days, the Department of Civil Protection has destroyed six swarms of Africanized bees. The head of the department, Ulises Berman, is encouraging residents to report the presence of the bees on their property. He said that with the Easter holidays about to begin, they want to prevent any visitors from being attacked by a swarm of bees, which can be dangerous for children and adults.
    The most recent swarm that was destroyed was found in the Las Tortugas park playground, in La Gloria, where a child was stung on Tuesday. It seems that this hot weather season is associated with the propagation of these bees, and there is concern because of the number that have been reported within a short period of time, therefore the general public is asked to report to the Civil Protection agency so they can be destroyed immediately.
   Over the past two decades, swarms have presented themselves in the middle of the Maritime Terminal, on the roofs of houses, in yards, in mangroves, and even in the facade of the Town Hall. They have even entered homes and one pet was killed last year in the house leased by the Red Cross.
   In the amendment in 2016 to the Mexican law NOM-002-ZOO-1994 regarding the technical and operational activities applicable to the National Program for the Control of African Bees, these are designated as a function of SAGARPA, to promote livestock production, and establish beekeeping as a livestock activity without health risks to bees that affect the production of honey or social risks that affect the establishment of apiaries.       This is interpreted to mean that this SAGARPA should intervene to proceed to eradicate these bees on the island to provide full security for the tourists who visit this place and  for the families residing on the isle.       In this analysis by specialists in Mexico City, the justification in the prevention and control of the African or Africanized bee was appreciated "as a biological phenomenon established throughout the national territory with which beekeepers have learned to take the necessary measures to continue producing honey, without problems for the community and therefore SAGARPA has stopped taking measures to trap swarms. "       Problems with of the Africanized bees continue to exist in Mexico and, therefore, so does the risk of having a negative impact on bee production and society.

Reservation books at 60% 
Libros de reservaciones al 60%c.. [+] Ver masFull article at this link

   Starting on Saturday, the ferry companies will transfer at least 10,000 tourists daily during the Easter holidays, and they say that everything is ready. The company Maritime Isla Mujeres, who transport cargo to this paradise, will increase their crossings to Punta Sam to hourly, to meet the demand. The ferry company coming from Puerto Juarez (Ultramar) will provide service every 15 minutes during the peak hours. The ferries from the Cancun Hotel Zone will also increase their frequency, and the same will happen with the fleets of trimarans, catamarans, and other boat companies who transfer passengers to enjoy recreation at the beach clubs of the island, day and night.
    Regarding the announcement about two new ferry companies wanting to be added to the Puerto Juarez-Isla Mujeres route, nothing is definite at this time. One executive confirmed by telephone that there is no date to start operations this next week, and he said, "It is in the hands of the Merchant Marines to give the authorization."

   The two hotel organizations, Hoteles de Isla Mujeres, the Asociación de Pequeños Hoteles Fascinantes, and the independent hotels say their reservations are over 60 percent, mostly, for the first two days of the season, and they expect an average occupancy of 80 percent. The operators who offer tours to Isla Contoy National Park, which has a maximum capacity of 200 tourists daily, say their available reservations are running out quickly. The Office of Tourism reports that all the sites of tourism are in good condition and "safe to be visited",  including the popular locations: Garrafon Park, Playa Lancheros, Tortugranja, Hacienda Mundaca, Caribbean boardwalk and the two beaches.

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 April Events
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events

Saturday, April 1 at the Casa de la Cultura 5pm: Festokin with musical guests: Elefangs, Los Afectados, Ultra P, @Kiritz, Isla Sounds Mexico, Mindblowing Sound Corp, and spirulahelix. Creative talent includes muralists, graffiti artists, body painters & more.

Sunday, April 2 Noches Magicas 8p Town Square

Tuesday, April 4 Jazz Dance Classes 6p Casa de la Cultura

Thursday, April 6 Artist Fair 3:30-8:30 Casa de la Cultura Art, Food, Music, Beer
Isla Brewing Company says: Where can all your dreams come true? The Artist Fair at the Casa de Cultura has it all. Awesome Art, Delicious Food, Cold Beer, and Great Music. This week’s musical guest is Kiritz Reggae, 6 – 8, everything is IRIE
Thursday, April 6   6pm
     You are invited to an event about the workshops available at the Casa de la Cultura on Thursday at 6pm. Learn pinata making, hammock making, Yoga, dance & more!

Friday, April 7 Easter Vacation begins
On Good Friday, April 14, about 75 actors are expected to participate in the reenactment of the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ, which is part of the celebrations of the 500 years since Catholicism came to these lands. This will be the 25th anniversary of this celebration of the Passion of Christ in Isla Mujeres, and will include all the actors who have played Christ over those 25 years.
   Holy Week begins April 9th with Palm Sunday, with the blessing of the palms and more emphasis will be given to the entrance of Christ (played for the sixth time by Wenceslao Trejo Martinez) into Jerusalem, riding on a small burro, as it says in the Scriptures.
   A press conference was held about the event by parish priest Raul Sanchez, who explained that more than 30,000 pesos are being invested in the event, since it celebrates the 25 years of this event as well as 500 years since Isla Mujeres was encountered by Europeans, bringing Catholicism. They are getting new armor from Guadalajara for the Roman soldiers, and a renovation to the wardrobes of the main characters, so they will look more professional and realistic, as well as the costs of the burro.
    Azalia León Pastrana will play the role of the Virgin Mary. According to the calendar of activities, on April 13, Holy Thursday, the ceremony of Foot Washing and the representation of the Last Supper will take place; Good Friday will begin at the Sacred Heart Church (in la Gloria), at 10:30 in the morning, with the representation of the Stations of the Cross, and will culminate at three in the afternoon at the Church of the Immaculate Conception (on the Town Square) with the crucifixion of Christ.
Friday April 7 6:30-8:30p Cocktail reception for Batik Artist Sergio
 Amar Cocina Peruana Restaurant is on the back street Guerrero, just north of Abasolo & the Cultural Center, on the west side of the street. Sergio's impressive batik art can be seen, and purchased, at the Thursday Artist Fairs. He also does murals & sign painting. We love the mural he painted for us! His are will be featured and for sale at the restaurant all month.

Sunday, April 9  Palm Sunday
 Noches Magicas on the Town Square 8p

Sunset ~7:05p
Moon rise over the Caribbean
April 11  7:39 Full Moon
April 12   8:30  
April 13   9:20
April 14  10:10
April 15  10:59
  April 16  11:48   
 Painting by Pam Haase Link to website

Thursday, April 13 Artist Fair 3:30-8:30 Casa de la Cultura Art, Food, Music, Beer

Holy Thursday, April 13 Foot Washing Ceremony and reenactment of the Last Supper Town Square Immaculate Concepcion Church

Good Friday, April 14 10:30am Sacred Heart Church (in la Gloria), Passion of Christ reenactment with the Stations of the Cross finishing on the Town Square at 3p with recreation of the crucifixion of Christ.

Easter Sunday, April 16

Thursday, April 20 Artist Fair 3:30-8:30 Casa de la Cultura, Art, Food, Music, Beer

Saturday, April 22, Earth Day 

Sunday, April 30 Children's Day

Monday, May 1 Labor Day

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