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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Sunday, February 19

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  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

link to their Isla articles & photos

Mayor: A clean municipality is a priority  

Municipio limpio, prioridad

Juan Carrillo “blinda” imagen de la Isla

Lanrry parra

ISLA MUJERES, 18 de febrero.-
Leer más..Full article at this link.
See City section below 


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (  FB page link)

• Juan Carrillo Soberanis reiterates the commitment of his administration to taking care of the image of the island for visitors and islanders.
    Having quality public services, which help to have a clean municipality, is one of the commitments 
of the municipal president, Juan Carrillo Soberanis, for the benefit of all the island families and their health.
    "From the beginning of this administration, I have explained how important the help of community is in regard to caring for the island, which is significant not only for those who live here, but also for the people who visit us every day. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the first impression that visitors have of the municipality is everything, "said the mayor.
    Mayor Juan Carrillo Soberanis expressed his gratitude for the support that the islanders have given him in terms of improvements and maintenance of the parks and recreation areas, such as the park in colonia La Gloria, which recently received maintenance from both the community and authorities.
    It is noted that the Public Services Department has improved the garbage collection service and the cleaning of streets and avenues of the municipality, both on the island and in the Continental Zone, continuously, responding to the needs of the community and ensuring the well-being of each of the inhabitants of Isla Mujeres.
     During the time that this administration has been in charge, important work has been carried out for the benefit of the community, such as cleaning the Trash Transfer Facility, increasing the frequency of garbage collection, various junk removal programs, and cleaning of the beaches, parks and family recreation areas, among others.
     That is why the municipal president is asking the community to continue supporting the work of caring for the image of Isla Mujeres, which will strongly ensure it retains its position among the best destinations to visit in Quintana Roo and Mexico, helping the economy of all island families.


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link to photos & articles)

Maintaining a clean municipality…/

Navy assists with rescue of 8 Cubans in two different actions…/


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles & photos

Navy helps with rescue of 8 Cubans  
Armada apoya en rescate de 8 personas [+] Ver mas Full article at this link
     The Ministry of the Navy reported  that in two separate actions, Naval personnel with to the Fifth Naval Region (based in Isla Mujeres) provided perimeter security to personnel from the Special Prosecutor for Kidnapping Investigations / Fiscalía Especializada de Investigación al Secuestro (FEIS) to rescue eight people who were allegedly kidnapped.        The first action was carried out when the FEIS requested support to this Naval Command during the rescue of two Cuban people (a woman and a man) and the arrest of an alleged kidnapper, and to later transfer people to Cancun aboard an Interceptor Patrol boat.      The second action took place when the FEIS requested perimeter security from the Naval Command during the search and location of six people of Cuban nationality (one woman and five men) in the vicinity of Makax lagoon, who were later transferred to the Policia Ministerial of Isla Mujeres, and were delivered to personnel with the National Institute of Migration (INM), ending the assistance without any incidents.    With these actions, the Government of the Republic, through the Mexican Armed Forces and security agencies, reaffirms its commitment to families to ensure their safety, which is why the public is invited to report any wrongful act to the telephone number 01 800 627 4621.

City complies with judicial order  
Cumple el ayuntamiento ordenamiento judicial [+] Ver masFull article at this link
  The municipal General Secretary, Joel Sauri, said the City of Isla Mujeres has fulfilled its responsibilities in the collective amparo to carry out the distribution of hundreds of residential and commercial lots in the Continental Zone, where the state government is 'urbanizing' part of 100 hectares which the City donated for this purpose. He explained the requirements, the deadlines, and the actions that were taken, which included opening a window to receive paperwork from the complainants who sought legal remedy in 2014. They were among the 1715 people who received letters of assignment in 2005 from the then-Mayor Paulino Adame Torres. The window closed on January 17th.
      A Council Commission was also established to follow up on this issue, and a collaboration agreement was signed with the state government, to coordinate efforts and comply with the judicial requirements. He said all the details of this cadastral (deeding) process will be turned over to the judge before the deadline expires. The lots are being assigned to the complainants in the Nueva Ciudad de Isla Mujeres on the mainland.
    He said that the City and SEDUVI have to proceed within ten days to conclude the contracts of sale and the assignment of lots by delivering the necessary documentation. Once those contracts have been concluded, possession of the lots can take place. 

Tourists continue arriving to the island   
Turistas siguen arribando a la isla .. [+] Ver masFull article at this link
   Although the price of crossing between Isla Mujeres and Puerto Juarez on the ferry has increased 100 percent, there has been no decrease noticed in tourism, due to the arrival of visitor for "Spring Break", according to personnel with APIQRoo and tourism service providers at the Maritime Terminal.
   The agencies renting golf carts, motorcycles, and bicycles were doing a good business starting at 10am, when visitors began to arrive in the more than 50 boats which transfer tourists to Isla Mujeres from various points in Cancun and Punta Sam. The Port Authority of Quintana Roo (APIQRoo) reported that there was a good flow of visitors thru the two terminals that operate in the Cancun Hotel Zone, from Puerto Juarez, and from Punta Sam; as well as from the docks of the small lanchero boats, “Adolfo López Mateos” and “Boteros Libres”; and from the Isla Mujeres Yacht Club and other private facilities.
    Regarding the increase in Ultramar fares for the crossing between Isla Mujeres and Puerto Juarez, business owners want the municipal government to intervene and request that the SCT (Ministry of Transportation and Communication) investigate whether the increase is justified. They believe this increase will impact them after high season, and note that Ultramar was fined a few years ago for monopolistic practices by COFECE (Federal Commission for Economic Competition).

     A manger at the Poc-na hostel was consulted and she said there has been no impact among their guests from the increase so far, but she expects it will have an effect when many clients opt to be on the island for some days, but then want to cross over to Cancun for various reason, and will have to take the costs into account.
     She said it is likely that national tourists will stay on the mainland and decline to cross to the island, as will families from Cancun who frequent the island to relax on weekends. Hotel manager Eleazar Juarez said, "We are going to be affected by this increase and the municipal authorities must ask that the SCT do its job and confirm what we suspect." 

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 February Events
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events

Feb. 2   Thursday 4-9  Artist Fair Casa de Cultura   Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music, Fun

Feb. 5   Sunday   8p Town Square  The Noches Magicas performances will feature three singers and four dance troupes, including the children's Folklorico troupe
                                  Constitution Day This is the Centennial. The Mexican Constitution was drafted in Santiago de Querétaro by a Constitutional Convention during the Mexican Revolution. It was approved by the Mexican Constitutional Congress on February 5, 1917.

Feb. 6 Monday  Day Off for Constitution Day (A Federal holiday, some cities & towns will have parades and celebrations. This is the Centennial)

Feb 7-11 Island Time Fishing Tournament

Feb. 9  Thursday 4-9  Artist Fair Casa de Cultura   Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music, Fun

Sunset ~6:40p
Moon rise over the Caribbean
Feb. 10  6:39 followed by a lunar eclipse
Feb. 11  7:36
Feb. 12  8:31
Feb. 13  9:24
    Feb. 14  10:16   
 Painting by Pam Haase Link to website

Feb 11-16 National Artisans Fair 11a-10p Town Square

Feb. 12  Sunday   8p  Noches Magicas performances  Town Square

Feb. 14  Tuesday  Valentine's Day

Feb. 16  Thursday 4-9  Artist Fair Casa de Cultura   Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music, Fun

Feb. 19  Sunday   8p  Noches Magicas performances  Town Square

Feb. 23  Thursday 4-9  Artist Fair Casa de Cultura   Art, Food, Craft Beer, Music, Fun

Feb. 24  Friday   Flag Day

Feb. 24-28  Carnaval 

Coronation of the Kings & Queens of Carnaval
Performances by Carnaval Dance Troupes
Town Square / 8p
Dance to Live Music by MegaBoom

Performances by Carnaval Dance Troupes
Dance Show & Live Music
Kimbara Show (*Here's a version sung by Celia & Tito: )
Town Square / 8p

Begins at the monument in front of the Naval base on Rueda Medina.
Concludes in front of the Posada Beach (*aka Playa Centro) / 3p
Live DJ music at the Posada Beach and in the street of Rueda Medina.
Performances by Children's Dance Troupes & Persons w Disabilities.
Children's Costume Contest
Children's Show of Botargas (*Costumed Characters like Barney & Dr Simi)
Town Square / 3p
Performance by Senior Citizens Carnaval Dance Troupe
Performances by Carnaval Dance Troupes
Performances by Carnaval Dance Troupes of Diversity
Daudeth Alarcon: Master of Ceremonies
Dance to Live Music
Town Square / 8p

Begins at the monument in front of the Naval base on Rueda Medina.
Concludes in front of the Posada Beach (*aka Playa Centro) / 3p
Traditional Night
Carnaval Dance Troupes
Adult Costume Contest
Nani Namu & Stars Show (*Comedy & Dance & Crossdressing)
Dance to Live Music
Town Square / 8p

Negrada & Toro Petate / In the town streets after noon
(*La Negrada celebrates the Afro-Caribbean roots of Carnaval & also dressing as opposite sex. Toro Petate features a dance-fight w one character in a huge costume.)
Performances by Carnaval Dance Troupes
Burning of Juan Carnaval
Last Will & Testament of Juan Carnaval
Dance to live music by Junior Klan
Town Square / 8p

Carnaval Dance Troupe from Holbox "Las Dormadoras" dancing in the streets of Isla Mujeres.

Photos by Bruce from Carnaval 2015

The Artist's Fairs are scheduled weekly on Thursdays at the Casa de Cultura, 4-9 thru April 20.

Yoga at the Casa Cultura on Monday & Wednesday mornings at 9am and Tuesday & Thursday evenings at 6pm. On the back street, Guerrero, at Abasolo.

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