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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Sunday, January 3

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  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

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Record breaking numbers of tourists arriving

 Exceeding expectations of entrepreneurs

La presente temporada alta ha superado todas las expectativas de los empresarios

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 2 de enero.-
   Regarding tourism, 2015 has been one of the best years for Isla Mujeres, with thousands of visitors arriving over the past 12 months without interruption. One day last week, a record number of visitors arrived in one day, exceeding 25,000. In the winter of 2014, the island received an average of 10,000 visitors daily, but in the summer of 2015, the island celebrated the arrival of 20,000 people in a day. 
       The Ultramar ferry company has brought in boats from other parts of the area to cover the extra crossings. They offer service from 5am to midnight, between the island and Puerto Juarez, charging less than 150 pesos per round trip to visitors, and the return ticket valid for more than a month. 
        On December 16, islanders celebrated the arrival of the two millionth visitor to the island. According to the Cancun Nautical Association (ANC), one of the most requested services by tourists in general is a trip to Isla Mujeres, which is popular with visiting Mexican families, and takes more than two hours.

More trash generated during the holidays     

Por festejos decembrinos y de Año Nuevo

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 2 de enero.-
   The staff at the Trash Transfer Facility said the amount of trash collected since December 15 has increased 20-30 percent. The stores have had more sales of their products, generating larger quantities of boxes, bags, and trash, and more people are staying on the island. 
     On the island, the volume of trash has grown to 1500 tonnes.  However, this location, unlike other islands, has the advantage of having its trash removed from the isle to a landfill on the mainland, which is a recycling center. 
       This project is managed by the company TRS Pimsa Waste Management, and is called Planta 3, with areas for the separation of different types of trash, which will become materials made from plastic, compost, and biogas. 
        The Delphinus group has dedicated campaigns for cleaning up the beaches of Isla Contoy, where there are no tourism developments, but with each campaign, it is possible to remove a tonne of trash.

Holidays without incidents     

Rinde frutos operativo vacacional

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 2 de enero.-
   The Director of Public Security and Traffic (the Chief of Police), Joaquin Poot Acosta, said there were only 17 people were detained, of which 14 were on the island and three were on the mainland. The arrests were for Disrupting the Peace & Public Intoxication, or at the request of families for aggressive behavior. 
       There were no cases of robbery, of injuries to tourists or residents, and not vehicular accidents that put lives at risk during the New Year's festivities. There was one case of a vehicle that was stopped because the driver was intoxicated, and it was moved to the impound yard. 
     The security operations will continue during the remainder of the holiday season, with patrols on the island which include 50 officers, eight trucks and cars, and eight motorcycles. On the mainland, there are 20 officers, with three trucks and cars, and one motorcycle.


127 Cuban refugees were taken into custody on the shores & coastal waters of Isla Mujeres in 2015 

 En costas y cercanías de la Isla, durante 2015

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES,  1 de enero.-

  During 2015 a total of 127 undocumented Cubans were detained on the coasts and nearby waters of Isla Mujeres, in a year that was very active for the exodus of Cubans seeking the American dream. In addition to those that were caught, there was a balsero boat that landed whose occupants managed to escape.
On December 20, 2014  a boat landed with several Cubans, but only seven of them were caught.On January 5, 2015 Mexico Navy rescued seven Cuban more than 100 kilometers from Isla Mujeres.On January 30, 2015 the remains of a balsero boat washed ashore, unmanned, on a beach of the Caribbean Sea, and apparently the occupants managed to reach shore and slip away.On March 21, 2015, the Mexico Navy detained 15 Cubans who had previously been rescued by fishermen near Isla Contoy.On April 8, 2015, the Mexico Navy managed to rescue 14 undocumented immigrants who were sailing 7.4 nautical miles from Cuyo, Yucatan.On July 16, 2015, the Navy rescued 13 Cubans as they sailed about 50 nautical miles from Cabo Catoche.On July 25, 2015, the Navy of Mexico reported seven Cubans were detained who were aboard a homemade boat sailing near Isla Contoy.On July 28, 2015, another boat came ashore with several Cubans on board, but when the Navy arrived, they had escaped and none were detained.
On August 30, 2015, the Municipal Police detained 18 undocumented Cubans, after they had sailed for some days and arrived in a small balsero boat.On September 14, 2015,  the Navy of Mexico detained 17 undocumented Cubans, including three women.On September 16, 2015 ten Cubans were detained by the Navy of Mexico after arriving aboard a small boat.On September 17, 2015, Lisandro Ramos Cervantes, 30 years old, originally from Cuba, surrendered to authorities after being recognized as one of the refugees who had arrived two months ago.On October 17, 2015, after sailing for 15 days and surviving a tremendous storm, six undocumented Cubans arrived in Isla Mujeres, including a 23 year old woman.The last time Cubans were detained was on November 17, 2015, when the Navy of Mexico detained 12 undocumented Cubans offshore, all of whom were turned over to the National Migration Institute (INM).

SEMARNAT prohibits public from touching baby turtles during releases    

Confirma Semarnat que queda prohibida la participación de personas ajenas a programa de protección de la tortuga

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES,  1 de enero.-

    The Director of the Tortugranja, Raciel Rivero Coba, announced that the public will not be allowed to handle and release baby turtles in 2016, in compliance with mandates from the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT). Only Tortugranja staff and participants in the Program for the Protection of Sea Turtles, will be allowed to release the hatchlings, and other people, including children, may spectate, but they will not be permitted to handle them. This is in accordance with the law NOM-0162-Semarnat-2012. 
     She said the releases will occur very early or at nightfall, to avoid problems with birds who prey on the baby turtles. They want to organize the releases so there will not be large crowds of people, and they want to avoid having the turtles accumulate in large quantities. In this past year, there were no large public releases, and this law was complied with during 2015. The personnel of the Tortugranja will be conducting releases as the eggs hatch out, to prevent the accumulation of excessive numbers of hatchlings, and to ensure better management when they are released.


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (  FB page link)

Take advantage of the discount during January for payment of property taxes.
Aprovecha el descuento del mes de enero en el pago del impuesto predial.

A lovely Saturday at our beautiful beaches to begin the year.
Un sábado agradable en nuestras bellas playas para comenzar el año.

Register for preschool 2016-2017 online
Aprovecha la preinscripción en línea para preescolar 2016 - 2017


This morning's sunrise...(From MaraVilla Caribe)


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link)


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles

Lobsters on the move after the poor weather 
Mal tiempo movió a las langostas. [+] Ver mas
Jan. 2
       After several weeks of hard luck, fate seems to be smiling on the fishermen at the beginning of 2016, when the five cooperatives have caught nearly seven tonnes of lobster since December 23rd. The cooperative "Patria & Progreso" led the way by capturing two tonnes by midday on Saturday, and as things stand there could be good statistics by the close of the season, two months away.
       The fishermen are also filling their holds with fish, after their inventories had been depleted from the high levels of consumption during this holiday season, with some restaurants offering the slogan, "From the sea to your plate".
     Members of the cooperatives Caribe, Justicia Social, Isla Blanca and Makax reported good catches, after many days of being unable to go out because of bad weather, which caused the lobsters to move from north to south, into the area where the islanders fish.
      According to CONAGUA, National Water Commission, effects of cold front #24 could be felt on Sunday, but there should be no consequences on Monday, with good weather expected for the beginning of the week.

Swordfish season has begun  
En marcha la pesca del pez espada,.. [+] Ver mas
      The swordfish and blue marlin season, of catch and release or observing, has begun in the northern part of Contoy National Park, which begins at Christmastime, with the approach of winter, attracting luxury boats and visitors with high purchasing power. The species come to this area to feed, and this sector has experienced fierce competition in recent times, causing a drop in the quality of services. Some hotels sell packages that include this type of recreation at sea, now that the weather is good.
     Meanwhile, peak tourism season has resumed with intensity, with the ferries working at maximum capacity bringing groups to the island. The boats offering dive trips and those offering tours to Isla Contoy have remained busy without incidents, and island security operations report there have been no serious incidents.
          Tourism is busy on land as well as at sea, with more than 500 rental golf carts in circulation. Hotels also offer packages including carts. The beaches were busy and the security personnel reported no irregularities. The Department of Tourism maintains contact with the service providers for...(ends mid-sentence).

Restrictions concerning cooperative selling their property 
Cooperativa no puede vender ‘activos’ .. [+] Ver mas

   The Director of Fishing Operations (Operación Pesquera) of Quintana Roo, Severo Gongora Barbosa, wrote a letter to the members of the cooperative Patria & Progreso advising them that they cannot sell the land of the organization where the government has invested in expanding the infrastructure, unless they return what was invested. It also explains that fishing permits cannot be sold, according to the General Law of Sustainable Fishing and Aguaculture, except with express permission from CONAPESCA (National Fisheries Commission) and they can only be transferred in accordance with the guidelines under that act, under penalty of revocation.  The letter is dated May, 17, 2013, but is applicable to the situation in recent months, when dialogues have been opened with entrepreneurs.
   With respect to the general assembly and Law of Cooperative Societies, and in accordance with the organizations constitution, notices must be posted 7 days in advance, must contain all the points of the agenda, and must by signed by the Board members (Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer or Financial officer). Decisions greatly affecting the cooperative must be made by an agreement of "two thirds of the members, that is, 75 percent" (sic).  Employees of the coop may request their inclusion into the society, and  Sr. Gongora Barbosa said "They will receive a response in writing whether they are accepted or not, and why."
      A meeting with an entrepreneur is planned for the second part of this month concerning an offer for 15 million pesos with the right to use the property indefinitely, perhaps converting the transaction into a lease. 


Business owners: No more construction near runway  
No más edificación en inmediaciones del aeródromo, reclamo empresarial. [+] Ver mas
    Entrepreneurs are requesting that the municipal government not authorize further constructions in the vicinity of the runway, which could complicate the renovation proposed by businessman Enrique Lima Zuno. There are no new application documents at this time, but members of the business organizations (CANACO and the hoteliers) are supportive of this request and proposal.
        It is recalled that on November 23, the Governor Roberto Borge Angulo presented a document to Sr. Lima removing the administration of the airfield from the Navy of Mexico, and turning it over to the government of Quintana Roo. This is considered to be a necessary step toward the proposed rehabilitation of the runway for use by private planes from the southeastern US, for relatives of the yachters who participate in the annual regattas from Florida to Isla Mujeres.
      There are concerns among some entrepreneurs regarding reports issued in 2010 from the Director General of Civil Aeronautics of the Department of  Communications and Transportation (SCT), when the municipal government was pushing for investment in three major projects: a new hospital, mini-cruises, and rehabilitation of the airfield terminal. This was a popular proposal at first, but the diagnosis by others was that there was not much viability, especially concerning the airfield, due to concerns about the international standards which are very rigorous, to ensure safety, and the closeness of residences caused an obstacle for consideration by the SCT. The negotiations made some progress, with pictures and statements being generated. Now that there is a new proposal, it is paradoxical that there is new construction nearby, which could ruin the entrepreneurs plans.
      Sr. Lima did not have any comment regarding the work which would be necessary at the southern part of the runway, which needs to be expanded another 250 meters, so it would total 1500 meters, in order accommodate aircraft of up to 50 seats, according to the proposal from two decades ago.
      It is recalled that this runway has existed for more than 50 years, and accommodated executives with planes, constructing Cancun 40 years ago. However, the airfield was abandoned to its fate when the ASA (Airport Auxiliary Services) retired from the property, and it was passed on to the Mexican Navy.

More trash problems during holidays  
Con las fiestas, se acentúa el problema de la basuraen.. [+] Ver mas
  After the New Year holiday, there was more trash to collect, and it was picked up an an early hour downtown, but remained for a longer time in the colonia neighborhoods. Residents say the the City needs to buy new vehicles or the service will worsen.
     In the budget for 2016, there are 7,541,304 pesos budgeted for trash collection services. The Mayor, Agapito Magana Sanchez, has announced that a new collection system will be introduced this month, with set schedules and reduced frequency of collections, with fines for leaving trash sitting out. Many business owners who pay for trash collection want private residents charged, also. The income in the budget from this source is nearly 10 million pesos.

Influx of tourists continues  
La afluencia turística no se detuvo.. [+] Ver mas
   The first day of 2016 brought good weather, with winds of only 12-16 kph, allowing small boats to conduct recreational activities. A boat transported people to Punta Sur to receive the first rays of the sun, together with those who were on land, sharing the "good vibes" together.
     The fishermen also took advantage of the good weather to catch fish and lobster, since the inventory of the cooperatives had been sold out in recent days, with the high consumption of seafood. There were families on the beaches starting at an early hour, and some received the first sun's rays there, which has been a tradition for many decades. Tourists also participated, and there was a good level of security, lighting, and policing.
        On Playa Centro (aka the Posada beach), along the main street Medina, the Navy's First Aid & Safety module was set up and their operations were in effect which began a month ago and will end on Dia de los Reyes/King's Day.  The ferries resumed their services after sunrise, without very many passengers, but as the morning progressed the flow of visitors resumed, with many people coming to the island for recreation and to take advantage of their day off from work in nearby communities.
       The Port Authority reported that at 9am there were no restrictions on navigation. There were a few businesses who did not open at an early hours, because of the New Year's party, and others reported slower sales in the early hour. (The party on the Town Square ended around 9am).

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January events

Sunset ~6:30
Moonrise over the Caribbean
"Wolf Moon" or "Old Moon"

Jan. 23   6:46
Jan. 24   7:21
Jan. 25   8:13
Jan. 26   9:05
Jan. 27   9:55
Jan. 28  10:44
Jan  29  11:32
  During the month of January, folkloric dance costumes of Quintana Roo are on exhibition at the Casa de Cultura
Jan. 1   Sunrise event Punta Sur  Greeting New Year
 First Ultramar crossing from Gran Puerto is 7a and from Isla Mujeres 7:30a
Car ferry departs Isla Mujeres at 8am and Punta Sam at 9am. The earlier crossing is cancelled

Jan. 6 Dia de los Reyes / King's Day    Commemorating the Magi bringing gifts to the baby Jesus. Gifts are exchanged & this ends the Christmas holidays. DIF usually has a party & toy give-away. 

Jan. 7 Artist's Fair 4-9  Outside the Casa de Cultura
           Taste of Isla 5-7

Every Tuesday and Thursday: Free spay/neuter clinic  (Isla Animals)
 Consults 100p, Vaccines: parvo & distemper 50p, flea & tick meds 20p, wormer 10p. Helpers always welcome! Isla Animals, Mundaca Hacienda, 10am-4pm (No food morning of surgery/water ok)

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