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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Friday, January 29

This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte.  HERE is a timelapse version, that you can set to slow or fast (fps-frames per second). It takes a few seconds to load.
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  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

link to their Isla articles

Destruction of protected species in Sac Bajo 

Expired environmental impact statement 

Además que ya está vencida la MIA

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 28 de enero.-
   After workers began clearing land in Sac Bajo which contains endangered species, there was an outcry on social networks, and closure seals were placed by the municipal Department of Urban Development due to expired Environmental Impact Statements. Commenters on social networks want PROFEPA inspectors to visit the site (Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection), which belongs to Jose Gabriel Tommasi and includes nearly 1200 square meters in the residential area of Sac Bajo. They allege that mangroves have been illegally destroyed with the clearing of the lot.

Clothing for those in need in Francisco May and the Agricultural Zone  

Marthy entrega prendas de vestir en Francisco May y la Zona Agrícola

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 28 de enero.-
See City section below.... 

 200 kilo grouper caught & sold by kilo to islanders  

Vendieron la pieza entre los isleños

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 28 de enero.-
  A 200 kilo grouper was caught by Isla Mujeres fishermen, 15 miles south of the island, after being struck 10 times by a harpoon and they used a rod with a trigger (?  le asestaron 10 varillazos de arpón y le lanzaron una varilla con detonador). It was caught a depth of 20 meters in the area of "Piedras Negras". It is rare to see a grouper of this size and weight, and it was cut up and sold by the kilo to residents of the island.
      In Spanish, groupers are called "meros" or "Chernas" and are part of a group of 20 fish in the subfamily Epinephelinae of the family Serranidae, in the order Perciformes. They have a robust body with a large head with globular eyes and large mandibles.Their habitat is rocky areas of temperate and tropical waters, around large rocks and underwater caves.
      More info about grouper HERE.   


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (  FB page link)

This was translated yesterday about English classes in all the primary schools by Volunquest & the delivery of English books.

The Eastern Malecon was cleaned up in order to provide the best image of a first class tourist destination.
El concurrido Malecón Oriente recibió labores de limpieza para brindar a los paseantes la mejor imagen de un destino turístico de primer nivel.

World Environmental Education Day was celebrated by the students of the kindergarten "Juan de la Barrera" in Rancho Viejo in the Continental Zone of our municipality with a photographic exposition about the biological wealth of Isla Mujeres at the primary school “Enrique Estrella Oxté”.
Los alumnos del Jardín de Niños "Juan de la Barrera" de Rancho Viejo, en la Zona Continental de nuestro municipio, celebraron el Día Mundial de la Educación Ambiental con una visita a la exposición fotográfica “La Riqueza Biológica de Isla Mujeres” que se encuentra instalada en la Escuela Primaria “Enrique Estrella Oxté”.

The learning of a second language, in this case, English, will allow our children to acquire the tools that will enable them to compete in an increasingly demanding world. Thanks, Volunquest.
El aprendizaje de un segundo idioma, en este caso el inglés, permitirá a nuestros niños adquirir herramientas que le permitan competir en un mundo cada vez más exigente. Gracias Volunquest.
Enjoy the Carnival Island Women 2016 with the best artists. Don't miss it!
Disfruta del Carnaval Isla Mujeres 2016 con los mejores artistas.
¡No te lo puedes perder!

Clothing delivered to the people of Francisco May by the City, via the DIF    

The president of the DIF social service agency (System for Integral Family Development) of Isla Mujeres, Marthy Vargas León de Magaña, went to the town of Francisco May and the Agricultural Area (on the mainland part of the municipality) to deliver clothing, for the benefit of hundreds of people in those two communities. 
     This donation of is a result of efforts made by mayor Agapito Magana Sanchez via the SAE for the benefit of these low income families who are among the most in need. This is the second time this type of assistance has been given during the administration of Agapito Magana Sanchez. The families who benefited thanked the DIF officials for the clothing, which included dresses, pants, blouses, shirts, shorts, etc.

With commitment and professionalism, but above all, with a great love for the land, the Isla Mujeres Pueblo Magico Committee held a  meeting to analyze, review and propose the projects and activities that will enable this destination to comply with the guidelines and requirements, in a timely manner, to remain on the list of Pueblos Magicos of Mexico.
Con compromiso, con profesionalismo, pero sobretodo con un gran amor por el terruño, el Comité Isla Mujeres Pueblo Mágico, se reúne para analizar, revisar y proponer los proyectos y actividades que permitan al destino cumplir en tiempo y forma con los lineamientos y requisitos para seguir en el censo de Pueblos Mágicos de México.


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link)

The Secretary of Health increases actions to prevent Dengue, Chicungunya, and Zika 

  In the wake of the new threat from the Zika virus, the Ministry of Health is increasing efforts to contain the mosquito that transmits Dengue, and now Chicungunya and Zika. The Head of Sanitary District #2 in Cancun, Jorge Gutierrez Contreras, said that ust last week during the reinstallation of the Municipal Health Committee, the issue of this new virus was discussed. Although there have been no recorded cases in Quintana Roo, the risk must be considered.
       He said that because Quintana Roo is a tourist destination with a high influx of people, this virus could come to the state quickly; therefore the community should stay informed about preventative measures. The health official stressed that the first priority is to have clean yards and to increase programs such as Patio Limpio/ Clean Yards,  Casa Saludable/Healthy Homes, and the promotion of Health. 
   He said there has been a case of Zika recorded in Chiapas, and because of this proximity, immediate actions should be taken. Therefore, efforts for mosquito larvae control had been increased throughout the state to eliminate breeding sites. Fortunately, the current climate is not favorable to breeding of mosquitoes, which requires warm weather. He said, "The lower temperatures caused by the recent Northern fronts are helpful, because they are not favorable for the proliferation of mosquitoes."
       He said at this time, there have been no recorded cases of Chicungunya, much less of Zika, but this area is not exempt. The Health Department is focused on preventative actions, which requires the attention and cooperation of the residents of Isla Mujeres, because many people have containers in their yards that are suitable for mosquito reproduction.

Fire in the bodega of an old abandoned hotel at the southern part of Isla Mujeres  
   The bodega storage building of an old hotel that was abandoned mid construction went up in flames Thursday afternoon for unknown reasons. Public Safety and Civil Protection were notified shortly after 5pm and arrived to find flames coming out the bodega of an old hotel, which has been abandoned for over seven years. The firefighters were unable to gain access because the door was completely blocked by rubble. Within an hour after the report, the fire was put out.  The personnel of Civil Defense said that inside the building were a few bags of cement and some construction materials, but it is unknown how the fire began. The building has an electrical supply, but the cause of the fire is unknown at this time.


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles

Abandoned building catches fire in Punta Sur
Se incendia bodega abandonada en la Punta Sur.. [+] Ver mas
   Shortly before 5pm a storage building caught fire that is part of a hotel that was abandoned during construction in 2005. The flames were quickly controlled by the fire fighters of Civil Protection. The neighbors were concerned that the winds from the north could cause the flames to spread, and that the building might be full of junk, and later expressed complaints about odors and potential contamination. Civil protection put out the fire and were supported by Police and Traffic officers, while the area experienced increased traffic from tourists. The cause of the fire is unknown at this time.

Port closed for small boats
Cerraron el puerto a la navegación menor [+] Ver mas
   The effects of cold front #34 caused the port to be closed for navigation by boats under 40 feet, which was initiated on 3:30pm, and is expected to continue on Friday, although the forecast from CONAGUA (National Water Commission) says the wind should shift to the southeast.
    Tourism remained excellent on Thursday in the shops, on the beaches, and among the golf cart rental agencies. Fishermen had a good day and a group of them caught a grouper weighing nearly 400 kilos. They recalled the time Carlos Garcia, aka Valvula, caught a giant grouper at the Cave of the Sleeping Sharks in the 1960s. He was the discoverer of this cave, where tourists visit to see its natural beauty and to sometimes observe sharks 'at rest'.  The fishermen said now it is rare to catch a grouper of this size.

Public Health care facilities vary in quality
A la baja la calidad y calidez en las instituciones públicas de atención medica .. [+] Ver mas
     Patients of the FMU of the IMSS (Unidad de Medicina Familiar del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social/ Family Medical Unit of the Mexican Social Security Institute) mobilized last year for the removal of its director, and now they say care has improved at the medical facility, especially for those with chronic illnesses.
      However, beneficiaries of the ISSSTE (Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado/ Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers) lacks medicines, (provided for free when available), forcing them to pay for them elsewhere when they may not have funds in times of crisis. This is also very difficult for elderly patients, whose medicine may cost the equivalent of a two weeks work for those earning minimal wages.
     There are also complaints that the new specialty hospital is not great, alleging that despite the enormous building, "it is a shell with no contents", and lacks specialists, claiming it provides fewer services that the previous General Hospital and lacks state funding to cover the increased needs for personnel.

  This blog is brought to you by....
View from the rooms.

MaraVilla Caribe   Bed & Beach    Three rentals with large glass doors overlooking our white sand beach and the beautiful Caribbean sea, with  kitchenettes & free WIFI. In the coastal neighborhood of  Bachilleres, among upscale villas & boutique hotelitos, convenient to downtown or the colonias, yet separate.  Quiet & Private.   
 Kitchen in a large studio. (Sur & Norte are identical)
Kitchenette in small room, Medio. There's a table & chairs across from it & a double bed.
A large slider opens from each of the 3 rooms onto the patio where each has a table & chairs, hammock & clotheslines. The BBQ is behind the pole, and the outdoor shower is outa the pic at left.
Large studio (Norte), I'm standing in the kitchen. A queen & single bed.

Free amenities such as hammocks, bikes, outdoor shower, portable beach chairs & beach towels, washer, loungers. Breathtaking panoramic views from the rooftop terrace. Upstairs room also available.   Downtown is  ~ a mile away; if you don't feel like walking or biking, flag a $2 taxi or hop on the bus. We also have room for parking,You can enjoy the music & crowds downtown, then come home our quiet neighborhood of Bachilleres where you'll  sleep to the sounds of the sea.$275/$325/$425 wk   $40/50/$65nt  Monthly Discounts

Large studio (Sur) with Queen & Single bed. Slider door & view are behind me.

Fine dining a few steps away at Da Luisa or try the traditional neighborhood eateries a couple blocks farther. Stroll five minutes southward down the coastal sidewalk to Mango Cafe, Bahama Mama, Brisas, or Manolitos. Walk less than 10 minutes southwest to shop at Chedraui or to dine at Green Verde, Kash Kechen Chuc, or other options. Visit marinas, bars, & beach clubs that are minutes away by bike or on foot. Our guests recommend the Yoga classes a couple villas away at hotelito Casa Ixchel. Fresh juice, produce & tortillas a few blocks away in the village, as well as a variety of other stores and small local restaurants.

January events

Sunset ~6:30
Moonrise over the Caribbean
"Wolf Moon" or "Old Moon"

Jan. 23   6:46
Jan. 24   7:21
Jan. 25   8:13
Jan. 26   9:05
Jan. 27   9:55
Jan. 28  10:44
Jan  29  11:32
  During the month of January, folkloric dance costumes of Quintana Roo are on exhibition at the Casa de Cultura
Jan. 1   Sunrise event Punta Sur  Greeting New Year
 First Ultramar crossing from Gran Puerto is 7a and from Isla Mujeres 7:30a
Car ferry departs Isla Mujeres at 8am and Punta Sam at 9am. The earlier crossing is cancelled

Jan. 6 Dia de los Reyes / King's Day    Commemorating the Magi bringing gifts to the baby Jesus. Gifts are exchanged & this ends the Christmas holidays. DIF usually has a party & toy give-away. 

International Nurse's Day is celebrated on May 12th (birthday of Florence Nightingale) but in Mexico, Jan. 6 is Día de la Enfermera. This special day was established in 1931, when Dr. Jose Villagrana said nurses were like a "regalo de reyes" Gift from the Magi. It's Día de los Reyes..Kings Day, when Mexican kids receive gifts. If you get the baby in your piece of rosca, you're providing tamales for your friends on Candlemass, Feb. 2nd.

Jan. 7 Artist's Fair 4-9  Outside the Casa de Cultura
           Taste of Isla 5-7

Jan. 10 Saturday   8pm Convention Center Basketball game: Los Cahuameros of Isla Mujeres will face off against Los Isleños of Cozumel.

Jan. 11 Sunday    noon   Convention Center Basketball game: Los Cahuameros of Isla Mujeres will face off against Los Isleños of Cozumel.

Jan. 24 Sunday  11am El Pescador baseball field (In front of Chedraui) All Star's game 

Jan. 25 Monday   There will be an homage to beloved Isla Mujeres song writer-musician "El Chino" Fernandez today at 6pm at the Casa de Cultura in honor of the 99th anniversary of his birth. It will include performances by the DIF Choir, the listed musicians, and the dance troupe Anoranzas de Isla Mujeres

Every Tuesday and Thursday: Free spay/neuter clinic  (Isla Animals)
 Consults 100p, Vaccines: parvo & distemper 50p, flea & tick meds 20p, wormer 10p. Helpers always welcome! Isla Animals, Mundaca Hacienda, 10am-4pm (No food morning of surgery/water ok)

Announcement of the activities to commemorate World Wetlands Day. 
Feb. 2, Tuesday 6pm Casa de Cultura "The Importance of Wetlands" Conference
Feb. 3, Wednesday 9am-11:30 am Clean Up 
            Meeting place is the Bicentennial Dome in colonia La Gloria

Artist Fair February 4  

Carnaval is February 5-9  

 Tribute to King Momo in Isla Mujeres: February 5-9  
    The theme for Carnaval Isla Mujeres 2016 isEl Escenario del Mundo(The World Stage or Scenes of the World). All events will take place on the Town Square, starting at 8:30pm.  
     Friday, Feb 5:  Carnaval begins with coronation of the Kings & Queens at a grand gala event, followed by a presentation of the dance troupes.
    Saturday, Feb. 6th is Cuban night (Noche Cubana) with a presentation of the dance troupes, and dancing by residents & tourists to the music of the band "Rebelde". 
     Sunday, Feb. 7th is the Beach Carnaval (Carnaval Playero) and a parade starting in front of the monument by the Naval Base and concluding at the Posada Beach (Playa Centro). Other activities scheduled for Sunday, the Night of Fantasy, (Noche de Fantasía) include a children's costume contest and a pet costume contest.
    Monday, Feb. 8th, is Regional Night (Noche Regional). There will also be a presentation of dance troupes, the adult costume contest, and the spectacular Show de Nani Namú y sus Estrellas.
     Tuesday, Feb. 9th will be the grand finale with a presentation of the dance troupes and the burning of Juan Carnaval and reading of his will. 
     There are ten troupes registered, and the deadline is the first of February. Isla Mujeres Carnaval 2016 an official theme song  “Calor, Pasión, Mucha Diversión”, written by Abdiel Hernández and performed by Andrea Burgos y El Yankee.
      To obtain more information about this exciting and fun tradition, visit the social network sites of the Ayuntamiento (City government) LINK  or go to the Casa  de la Cultura, Av. Guerrero esq. Abasolo Col. Centro, tel.: 8 77 0767. 
   The Queen of Carnaval will be Darcy I, Darcy Dannae Magaña Cahuich, 18 year old student and the King will be Beristain I,  Jesús Alberto Beristain Carrillo, 18, an employee. The King and Queen with disabilities will be  Kimberly Guadalupe Solís Espinoza, Kimberly I, and Manuel de Atocha Rosado Uicab, Manuel I. The senior citizen King and Queen will be Concepción Pastrana, Conchy I, and Ernesto Rodríguez, Ernesto I.

.CARNAVAL Feb. 5-9
8pm FRIDAY: GALA NIGHT Town Square
Coronations of the Carnaval King & Queen, the Senior Citizen King & Queen, Dance Troupe Performances
Dance Troupe Performances
Dancing by Residents & Tourists to Music of the Band "Rebelde"
Rueda Medina & Posada Beach aka Playa Centro Live Music
8pm FANTASY NIGHT Town Square
Costume Contests for Children & for Pets
8pm MONDAY: CARNAVAL Town Square
Dance Troupe Performances, Adult Costume Contest
Comedy with Nani Namu & Stars
Dance Troupe Performances, Burning of Juan Carnaval & Reading of His Will

The parade begins at 3p at the Naval base, going to Playa Centra/Posada Beach, and includes decorated carts & compact cars in a student competition.

Announcement of the Costume Contest for Isla Mujeres Carnaval 2016
The Children's Contest for those under 13 will be Sunday, Feb. 7 at 9pm on the Town Square.
The Adult's Contest for those 13 and over will be Monday, Feb. 8 at 9:30pm on the Town Square.

Feb 13-21  Isla Mujeres, will host the National Artisanal Fair Pabellón Nacional Artesanal  

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