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Isla Mujeres Daily News and Events Sunday, August 23

This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte 

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  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

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Need for better monitoring of nesting turtles

Ante presencia de depredadores y pescadores furtivos que están al acecho de los huevos de tortuga

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 22 de agosto.-
    A tour of the Caribbean beaches revealed many turtle eggs that have been abandoned, some of which have been consumed by predators. There are not enough Tortugranja personnel to handle the workload, causing many areas to be unprotected and unguarded, said Leonardo Tuz who lives near one of the beaches where the turtles nest. 
      To make matters worse, PROFEPA (Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection) dismissed one of the workers who monitors nesting, which further complicates the situation. PROFEPA has an agreement with the City of Isla Mujeres, for the continuation of the work of sea turtle care and protection, which has been going on for more that 30 years.

Trucks transporting materials not respecting security measures: Potential danger 

Camiones que transportan materiales no respetan medidas de seguridad

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 22 de agosto.-

     It is apparently the responsibility of the Department of Communications and Transport to monitor these trucks which are coming off the ferry without their loads properly secured. This is raising concern among island drivers about the risk of materials falling off the trucks and causing an accident.

Pescadores of Isla Mujeres hope to maintain winning streak against the Trabajadores de Aeropuerto of Cancun 

Pescadores recibe a Trabajadores del Aeropuerto de Cancún

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 22 de agosto.-
      The "Fishermen" of Isla Mujeres have had three consecutive victories against the "Airport Workers" of Cancun, and they hope to continue this streak in order to become leaders in the State Baseball league. The community is invited to come out an support them at the baseball stadium "El Pescador (in front of Chedrui) when they play this weekend. The Pescadores are in the middle of the ranking, with the team from the municipality of Lazaro Cardenas at the top of the league. The Isla Mujeres team had a bad start to this tournament, but for three weeks they have not lost a game, and are looking for a victory on Sunday against the Trabadores del Aeropuerto de Cancun.


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (you can join this FB page at this link)

Dozens of children enjoyed the showing of the video "Rango" by the municipal Department of Ecology in coordination with Aguakan, as part of an ongoing program of education about the environment
Decenas de niños disfrutaron de la proyección de la película "Rango" que ofreció la Dirección Municipal de Ecología en coordinación con la empresa Aguakan.
Esto como parte del Programa Permanente de Educación Ambiental.

Great times were had at the Posada Beach with a fun and healthy Zumba class-exhibition, attended by a large number of island women. Health and well being.
Extraordinarios momentos se vivieron en Playa Posada del Mar con la divertida y saludable clase/exhibición de zumba a la que acudió un gran número de mujeres isleñas. SALUD Y BIENESTAR.

Fireman's Day in Mexico: Aug 22
Dia del Bombero in Mexico is celebrated on August 22 when the first fire department was established in the port of Veracruz in 1873. In 1922, in Mexico City the Reglamento del Cuerpo de Bomberos del Distrito Federal was formed, and in 1951 the President decreed the establishment of the Heroico Cuerpo de Bomberos»
Se celebra el 22 de agosto, fecha en la que se creó el primer cuerpo de bomberos en el puerto de Veracruz en 1873.
En 1922 se expidió el Reglamento del Cuerpo de Bomberos del Distrito Federal y en 1951 se le otorga el carácter de «Heroico Cuerpo de Bomberos» por decreto presidencia


link to Quequi's Isla Mujeres articles  

Fisherman treated in hyperbaric chamber
  • Fue llevado un pescador a la cámara hiperbárica


    Fue llevado un pescador a la cámara hiperbárica

    0 23 de agosto de 2015 by Carlos Gasca

           This is the twelfth case of  decompression since lobster season began (July 1). Last weekend Francisco Hernandez Cordoba, 26, suffered pain in his arms and numbness in his adomen after diving to 35 meters deep. He was diagnosed with a mild case of decompression and treated at level five, and was able to leave the same day, after rapid improvement. (Does that name sound familiar? He has the same name as the first Spaniard to 'discover' Isla Mujeres, sailing from Cuba in 1517, so there is a school by that name on the island.)


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link)


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles

Twelve fishermen have been treated for decompression
Ya son 12 descompresionados.. [+] Ver mas
This has the same information as translated above about  Francisco Hernández Córdoba, additionally noting that he came to the hyperbaric chamber for treatment on Thursday at 11am. It says that this problem of lobster fishermen suffering decompression accidents has happened in this region for over thirty years. Professionals in Public Health have tried to raise the awareness and sensitivity of the fishermen about this and have hired prominent experts, but this has not been well received and the evidence of ignorance is that several lives have been lost and others have been disabled.
     Experts do not recommend diving for prolonged periods of longer than a half hour in deep waters, but the divers not only exceed the recommended time spent underwater, they go down repeatedly. There have been cases where they went down three times, with a total time of over three hours.
         These fishermen are candidates for accidents, especially the young ones who challenge the protocols of diving safely. They receive their air from a hose from a compressor on the surface and these systems are not 100 percent safe. Privately, some admit that they depend on the grace of God because they work with patched up equipment, because the need (to make money) outweighs the rules (to dive safely).
    In the Afternoon
      On Saturday at 5pm, Manuel Fonseca Santos, 43, of the cooperative Isla Blanca, was treated at the hyperbaric chamber. He had been diving down to 90 feet (nearly 30 meters) and presented with symptoms of general numbness in his whole body and breathlessness. The manager of the hyperbaric chamber,  Rosember Dzul Ochoa. said treatment was initiated on the fishermen at level five on the treatment table.

Recreational boats filled to capacity
Botes de recreo a su máxima capacidad.. [+] Ver mas
On the next to the last day of the holiday season, the beaches were busy, and many visitors arrived on recreational boats, which were full to capacity, as well as on the ferries. The providers of security, who include the Navy, Tourist Police, Lifeguards, Civil Protection, and Red Cross, report a "saldo Blanco" as of 4pm (no incidents, as of 4pm Saturday), and were monitoring for cases of heat stress with the high temperatures.
     Hotel occupancy increased slightly at ~65%, and it is hoped that this continues through Sunday, because it is expected to decrease on Monday and remain around 40% until Sept. 17 when the whale shark season ends.
    Throughout the holiday season, the golf cart rental agencies, who have ~550 carts, have done very well, allowing them to meet their investments in renewing their fleets last winter, because these are expensive vehicles whose prices are listed in dollars, and with the continuous rise in the exchange rate, they cost more. There are thousands of clients who seek to use this method of transport, and more Americans are arriving who are getting a better deal for their dollars when they visit Mexico.

Taking precautions for Tropical Wave
Toman precaución por onda tropical [+] Ver mas
    Hurricane Danny continues to weaken (it's been downgraded since this was written), as it is moving toward the northern coast of Puerto Rico, with no risks to Quintana Roo, according to forecasts. There was a storm near Nicaragua on Saturday afternoon that could affect this area on Sunday with a 60 percent chance of rain and sever storms. (At 1p Sunday, the sun is shining with blue skies.)
      Meanwhile there is a low pressure area from the Campeche Sound to the Gulf of Tehuantepec, which is interacting with some unstable air above the middle atmosphere extending from San Luis Potosi to Oaxaca, causing clouds and strong rains in those states and minor rains in Yucatan and Quintana Roo, that could be accompanied by rain, lightning, possible hail and gusting winds.
      Islanders are advised to remove loose objects from their roofs that could become projectiles in high winds, now that hurricane season is continuing until November.
       Weak docks are at risk of collapse in a hurricane, including the pier of the Isla Blanca Cooperative, which has not been maintained due to a lack of financial resources, which was confirmed by its leadership.

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Large studio (Sur) with Queen & Single bed. Slider door & view are behind me.

Fine dining a few steps away at Da Luisa or try the traditional neighborhood eateries a couple blocks farther. Stroll five minutes down the coastal sidewalk to Mango Cafe, Bahama Mama, Brisas, or Manolitos. Walk less than 10 minutes to shop at Chedraui or to dine at Green Verde, Kash Kechen Chuc, or Seso Loco. Visit marinas, bars, & beach clubs that are minutes away by bike or on foot. Our guests recommend the Yoga classes a couple villas away at hotelito Casa Ixchel. Fresh juice, produce & tortillas a few blocks away in the village, as well as a variety of other stores and small local restaurants.

August events

Sunset ~7:00
Moonrise over the Caribbean

Aug 29  7:08
Aug 30  7:56
Aug 31  8:44

Sept 1   9:32
Sept 2  10:20

Wednesday, August 5 8pm Circus BamBam (near Boxito, east of Chedraui). Tickets 50 pesos. Performance for the benefit of Medical and Therapy needs for kids with Down syndrome, coordinated by Corozon del Willito. Raffle for two sets of tix to swim with Dolphins for 2 people at Dolphin Discovery.

Friday, August 7, Junk collections in  Salina Chica, Electricistas, and at  Colegio de Bachilleres.

The Perseid meteor shower will peak on August 11 and be most visible on August 14 when the moon is new

Aug 10-14 Catholic festival for the Assumption of Mary. .Link to translation of schedule.

State campaign for the collection of broken electronics and appliances July 29 to August 28 at the Hacienda Mundaca tourist building at the Ecology Department, 9-4, Paseo de las Aves, colonia La Gloria

Thursday August 13 at 1pm at the Futbol Rapido soccer field: 2nd "Gotcha" Paintball Tournament  
August 14-17 Isla Fest   Anniversary of the Founding of the town in 1850     
7p Town Square Inauguration
Gastronomic event with Tik in Xic fish
Local Talent Night
Coronation of the Queen of the Festival

Friday August 14 
10am Casa de Cultura  Oratory Competition 
7pm  Casa de Cultura  Photography and documentary exposition "Art of Fishing"
                                     Historical conference by historian Fidel Villanueva Madrid
8pm Immaculate Conception Auditorium  Performance by The Symphonic Orchestra of Quintana Roo

Saturday, August 15
 12:00 Casa de Cultura Signing of Sister Cities agreement between Mission Tx & Isla Mujeres

Saturday, August 15
 12:00 Casa de Cultura Signing of Sister Cities agreement between Mission Tx & Isla Mujeres
5:30pm Procession from Sangrado Corazon (Sacred Heart) Church in La Gloria to the Immaculate Conception Church on the Town Square

~7 or7:30  Mass on Town Square for consecration, with candles officiated by Mons. Fabio Martinez Castilla
8pm Religious Procession through the downtown streets, returning to the Town Square where there will be Fireworks
10pm Regional Dance

Sunday, August 16 Town Square
7pm  Performance of "Añoranza for Isla Mujeres"  (Yearning for Isla Mujeres)
          by the Quintana Roo Folklorico Ballet Group
         State Musical Group

Monday, August 17
9:30am  Departing from the API pier: Wreath placement event at the Cross in the Bay
6:30pm Town Square  Special Session of the Town Council
9 pm Performance by the musical group "Marconi"

 Thursday, August 20 at 7 p.m. a vegetarian dinner to benefit the animals of the street. The money raised will be used to by food for stray cats and dogs will be at the restaurant da Luisa at Casa Ixchel Hotel.  150 pesos, beverages are separate. (a mixed vegetarian entree and a vegetarian pasta, accompanied by bread). Buy your ticket at: Gelateria Italiana FraSe on Madero avenue or  at Hotel Casa Ixchel.

 August 24, Monday: School resumes (Teachers return the week before)
Tickets available for free theater event Saturday at the Casa de Cultura (see below)

Tuesday Aug. 25 8p Town Square Naval Mariachis

Thursday, Aug. 27  7:30pm,  dome on the Bachilleres campus,  photographic exhibition of the 25 years since the birth of this institution in the municipality

Friday, Aug. 28 Inauguration of the new hospital
Friday, Aug. 28  8pm In front of the Town Hall  Video spectacular 'mapping'  "Isla Mujeres Vive/Live" Isla Fest event.
Aug 28-Sept 20  Video Mapping is a light projection technique that causes fascinating visual effects.
Here is an example below and at  (Link)

Saturday, Aug 29 Casa de Cultura by Theater Company "La Libelula""Cuentos en Movimiento" (Stories in Motion) at 5p (For the whole family) and "La Risa Extraviada" (Lost Laughter) at 7p (For teens & adults) Tickets available August 24th. Free event  Isla Fest.  

Every Tuesday and Thursday: Free spay/neuter clinic
 Consults 100p, Vaccines: parvo & distemper 50p, flea & tick meds 20p, wormer 10p. Helpers always welcome! Isla Animals, Mundaca Hacienda, 10am-4pm (No food morning of surgery/water ok)

Wednesdays in September  5p-8p  Nico's Restaurant,  $30usd Painting Class with profits donated to Isla Animals & Little Yellow Schoolhouse  HH drinks & appetizers available

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