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In Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Friday, November 14 The Afternoon Edition

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This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte 

   Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

Environmental threat from shrimp boat that ran aground

Prevalece tras el encallamiento de buque camaronero

The shrimp boat Fipesco 51, which ran aground on Tuesday night, is estimated to contain ~20,000 liters of water contaminated with fuel and about 15,000 liters of fuel. The Harbor Master, Ismael Gonzalez Gil said the captain and crew began efforts to recover and refloat the ship by purchasing tanks with a capacity of 10,000 liters each, with the intention of transferring the contaminated water and fuel, to remove it from the area.
     They plan to plug the 10 inch hole prior to removing the water and fuel, and then to attempt to refloat the boat. The efforts began in the early hours on Thursday, and this day it could be removed for the spot where it ran aground, with the help of other vessels. The Harbor Master said there are several remedies that can be used to float this boat, so it can be taken to a repair site, and then return to its place of origin.

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 13 de noviembre.-.

White Flag flying over North Beach after certification  

Tras certificación

Lanrry PARRA
It was an historic moment on Thursday when the White Flag was hoisted over North Beach to certify it is a beach of high environmental quality. This designation was obtained after nine months of hard work by staff from different departments of the city, restaurant and hotel personnel, and volunteers to meet the stringent requirements of this certification. There were rigorous tests of water quality, coastal infrastructure, solid waste management, biodiversity, safety and services, environmental education, and noise pollution. The inspectors from the Instituto Mexicano de Normalización y Certificación A.C. (National Institute of Mexico of Standards and Certification) determined that North Beach met the criteria established in the law Norma Oficial Mexicana NMX-AA-120-SCFI-2006.
      At the festive event, the mayor gave acknowledgement and appreciation to the staff of the following departments:  Zona Federal Marítimo Terrestre (Federal Zone agency), Protección Civil (Civil Protection: lifeguards & fire fighters), Servicios Públicos (Public Services), Turismo (Tourism), Fiscalización (Enforcement), and Desarrollo Urbano (Urban Development), as well as all the concession holders on Playa Norte. He said, "We have been awarded the White Flag with which we sent the following message: When the people and government of Isla Mujeres propose something, we accomplish it together."
   Many officials were in attendance, who are listed in the article including the director of the National Institute of Standards & Certification, Viviana Fernández Camargo; the Naval Chief of Staff Rodrigo Vargas, representing the base commander Admiral Juan Ramón Alcalá Pignol , and the following state and city officials:  Elizardo Sánchez Espejo, director of ZOFEMAT of the state government, en representación de Juan Pablo Guillermo Molina, secretario de finanzas y planeación del Estado; el sub administrador local jurídico del SAT, Christian Felipe, en representación de la administradora local jurídico del SAT, Yedid Montalvo Vidal, & municipal treasurer, Alvaro Magaña Galué, among others.

ISLA MUJERES, 13 de noviembre.- .

Malecón Oriente, con mejoramiento de su imagen urbana

Lanrry PARRA
Benches, planters, and waste baskets have been installed along the eastern malecon sea walk, in addition to the salt-tolerant solar lights & panels. The lights offer safety and security, with significant  savings on electricity. These are part of renovations downtown that are improving the urban image and have included new pavement, sidewalks, changed lighting, construction of bathrooms near the walkway by the Triguena statue,  and modernizing the Town Square, which is the most traditional and emblematic  public space on the island.
ISLA MUJERES, 13 de noviembre.-

 Tvisla Mujeres

Hotel occupancy in Isla Mujeres at 52%

Historic moment Thursday when North Beach of Isla Mujeres was given White Flag certification of quality

Imágenes de esta tarde durante el Izamiento de la bandera blanca! (4 photos)

The City extends a cordial invitation to the 7th State Job Fair on November 19th
Ayuntamiento De Isla Mujeres's photo.
Están todos cordialmente invitados a ser parte de la Séptima Jornada de Empleo. ¡Les esperamos!

Noticias de  Quequi......

  • No one appointed as Director of Ecology yet 


    Sigue sin titular la Dirección de EcologíaSigue sin titular la Dirección de Ecología

    0 14 de noviembre de 2014  
    The Director of Ecology, Cristina Figueroa Medina, left office to lend transparency to the investigation by the City Comptroller into reports that staff had electrocuted a dog. This news went viral on social media and led to her resignation.
          A cooperative agreement was signed by the City Government and the Municipal Citizens Council for Animal Welfare and Care was sworn in recently. No one has been appointed as Director of the municipal Ecology Department yet, and it is unknown who will take over the position.

    Por Carlos Gasca > Quequi.- El municipio aún no puesto a nadie  a cargo.
  • Se incrementa la ocupación hotelera
    Increased hotel occupancy 


    Se incrementa la ocupación hotelera

    0 14 de noviembre de 2014 
    The Director of Tourism in Isla Mujeres, Gustavo Rodriguez Orozco reported that hotel occupancy is at 52%, despite this still being low season, due to the arrival of tourists from the United States. The HIM Association reported on occupancy rate of 36% on Thursday, while the other hotels reported an occupancy rate of 59%,  leading to an overall average of 52%. He said these figures are encouraging, and indicate a good end of year season. He noted it is almost a month until the holiday season arrives, noting that winter is the best season for most entrepreneurs, and that the month of February is when the highest hotel occupancy is recorded.

    Por Carlos Gasca > Quequi.- El flujo de visitantes es constante y la complejos reportan un 52% de operatividad.

Noticias de Diario Respuesta...

Poaching of lobster traps

Roban trampas para capturar a langostas

  • Written by Diario Respuesta  Jesus Molina
  • Category: Isla Mujeres
the head of the fishing cooperative, Por la Justicia Social, Baltasar Gómez Catzin, reported that more than 250,000 pesos are lost annually by fisherman due to poaching of their lobster traps. He said that for example, of 50 colleagues who are engaged in catching lobster, 49 have had thefts of traps & lobsters. It is noted that since the lobster season began nearly five months ago (on July first) the production from all the cooperatives (there are five) has been 10 tonnes of live lobster and 1.5 tonnes of lobster tail. Production is expected to increase with the arrival of the cold fronts, which are accompanied by strong winds.
Read more: Roban trampas para capturar a langostas

Increased sales for artisans

Crecen ventas de artesanos

  • Written by Diario Respuesta Jesus Molina
  • Category: Isla Mujeres

 Anabeth Villanueva, who has a store in Plaza Maya where they sell souvenirs, beachwear, silver, and other crafts, reports that sales have increased by 20%. She noted they expect high season to be good, because there are more people walking around on the island.
   This increase is attributed to promotions done by the Governor, Roberto Borge Angulo. Other tourism service providers also report marked increases in business, mostly from foreign tourists. At the new Maritime Terminal you can see many visitors arriving with luggage, seeking a hotel, and the beaches also reflect the increase in tourism.
   The Navy makes walking patrols through the streets, accompanied by a canine, which make the tourists feel secure. It is noted that November 23rd in Día de la Armada (Naval Day).
Read more: Crecen ventas de artesanos

 por esto

Flag flies over North Beach

Abanderan playa Norte[+] Ver mas

Parents complain about alleged favoritism
Padres de familia denuncian favoritismo[+] Ver mas
Parents who prefer anonymity are making complaints about the supervisor of Cesar Mendoza primary school, Guadalupe Briceno Leon, alleging that she has brought her sister and niece in to run the school cooperative, which they say is in violation of regulations. There is also a complaint that the food is expensive, is 'bad', and that they are selling junk food, which is prohibited.
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Free amenities such as hammocks, bikes, outdoor shower, portable beach chairs & beach towels, washer, loungers & BBQ. Breathtaking panoramic views from the rooftop terrace. Upstairs room also available.   Downtown is  ~ a mile away; if you don't feel like walking or biking, flag a $2 taxi or hop on the bus. We also have room for parking,You can enjoy the music & crowds downtown, then come home our quiet neighborhood of Bachilleres where you'll  sleep to the sounds of the sea.$275/$325/$425 wk   $40/50/$65nt  Monthly Discounts

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Large room
Fine dining a few steps away at Da Luisa or try the traditional neighborhood eateries a couple blocks farther. Stroll five minutes down the coastal sidewalk to Mango Cafe or Monchi's,shop at Chedraui or visit restaurants, bars, & beach clubs; minutes away by bike or on foot. Our guests recommend the Yoga classes a couple villas away at hotelito Casa Ixchel. Fresh juice, produce & tortillas a few blocks away in the village, as well as a variety of other stores and small local restaurants

 Charity Info
See tab at top of page!

Donation Drop offs:
Red Cross:  Social Justicia Restaurant (south of ferry terminal, north of car ferry)

 Books for Grade School Reading Program, Items for Isla Animals, Diabetes Supplies, Shoes for the Kids, Items for Little Yellow School House...Barlitos @ Marina Paraiso

 Isla Animals campaign for the upcoming November Clinic-Spay-Neuter-Educate
Sally Margolis  on FB....
Hi everyone, I just posted a campaign for an Isla Animals November Spay/Neuter & Education clinic. The only way to make change is through education of pet owners and particularly education of the children-and spay/neuter campaigns. At the last big IA campaign 220 animals were spayed/neutered. There will be an education station at this clinic and Isla Animals is also set to go to the schools. Please continue to support an organization that has made great strides with 15 years of steady service to the island. And please, please help us share this campaign! Thank you! "This is Lucky's campaign, let's make it everything it can be." -

HELLO! Thank you for taking a moment to check out our campaign for ISLA ANIMALS , a 501c3 non-profit organization located on the island of Isla Mujeres ,...
Diane White Daniel    We are donating the profits from any of our Isla designs (tshirts, hoodies, stickers, cards, iphone/pad skins and a couple of tote bags) to Isla Animals for the entire month of November. Not every design is available in every item but it is a nice mix of goodies.…/…/collections/230304-isla-mujeres    (There's a sample sticker & link in the margin also)
The DIF is our local social service agency... 
Photo: Entrega de Auxiliares Auditivos, en el marco del Programa “Recibe el Regalo de Oír”. #FamiliaEnAcción
From their FB site posted Nov. 4:   Giving hearing aids: Within the program  Receiving the Gift of Hearing


Miguel's high season schedule:
Sunday: The Sol Rockers @ El Patio 9p - 11p
Monday: Miguel solo @ El Patio 6:30p - 8:30p
Tuesday: La Banda Sin Nombre @ El Patio 9:15p - 11:15p
Wednesday: The Sol Rockers@ El Patio 7p - 9p, Faynes 10:30p - 12:00a
Thursday: Miguel Solo @ el Patio 6p - 8p, Faynes 10:30p - 12:00a
Friday: Marina Paraiso 7p - 9p, Faynes 10:30p - 12:00a, Adelita's 12a - 2a
Saturday: Marina Paraiso 7p - 9p, Faynes 10:30p - 12:00a, Adelita's 12a - 2a

 John Cain's schedule   
 Sunday 9pm - 11pm
  Tuesday, Cafe Del Mar, solo, 8 to 10 pm
Wednesday 7pm - 9pm  Comono/Patio Sol Rockers 
Thurs, Marina Paraiso 7-9 pm 
. Sunday at El Patio w Sol Rockers from 7 to 9 pm

 El Patio House of Music...(formerly Comono)

Sundays 630 to 9 - solo Ryan Rickman - 9 to 11 - Sol Rockers
Mondays 630 to 830 Miguel - 830 to 1130 Ryan Rickman -

 Tuesdays  not sure who is there, but someone is...
Wednesdays 7 to 9 Sol Rockers and DJ 9-12
Thursdays 6 to 8 Miguel and Elvin from 8 to 11
 Fridays 630 to 815 Fabio Ryan and band 830 to 1130 
Saturdays 830 to 1130 Ryan and Band..
. Sunday at El Patio  7 to 9 pm Sol Rockers 

Javier Martinez Cen La Banda Sin Nombre has played for 12 years at Faynes, we needed some days off, so less than a year a go, we let the band Radios play for us (at the same stage same time), they are great! LBSN play Weds/Saturday from 10:30 till 12, Fridays and Saturdays we also play next door, at Adelitas, just salsa music, from 12:39 till 2:00  (I'm not sure if this is still current
Banda Sin Nombre at Chuuk Kay 3:30p Sat & Sun

Fenix  Sun ~2p  Salsa 

You may find live music after 9 or 10 on Hidalgo at Fayne's, La Terraza, or  Comono, and at Poc Na Hostel.

Saturday afternoon ~3-5 Cuban music at Veradara's Cuban restaurant

Here's Music by day of the week...with a thanks to Jean Lemke for rearranging it!

Monday - Miguel solo @ El patio 6:30 - 8:30
Ryan Rickman @ El patio 8:30 - 11:30

Tuesday - John Cain @ Café Del Mar solo 8-10 p
Sol Rockers @El patio house of music 7-9
La Banda Sin Nombre @ El Patio house of music 9:15-11:15

Wednesday - Sol Rockers @El patio house of music 7-9
La Banda Sin Nombre @ Faynes - 10:30 - 12:00

Thursday - John Cain @ Marina Paraiso - solo 7-9
Miguel @El Patio house of music 6-8/ Faynes 10:30 - 12
Elvis @ el Patio house of music 8-11
La Banda Sin Nombre @ Fayne's 10:30 - 12

Friday - Miguel @ Marina Paraiso solo 7-9
Miguel @ Fayne's 10:30 - 12
La Banda Sin Nombre @ Adelitas for Salsa 12:30 - 2
Fabio @ El Patio house of music 6:30 - 8:15
Ryan and Band @ El Patio house of music 8:30 - 11:30

Saturday - Cuban Music at El Veradaro's 3-5
Banda Sin Nombre - Chuuk Kay 3:30
Miguel @ Marina Paraiso solo 7-9
La Banda Sin Nombre - Faynes 10:30 - 12:00
Banda Sin Nombre - Adelitas for Salsa 12:30 - 2
Ryan and Band @ El Patio house of music 8:30 - 11:30

Sunday - Fenix for Salsa 1-3
Banda Sin Nombre @Chuuk kay 3:30
Sol Rockers El Patio 7-9


November events
Sunset ~5:10p
Moonrise in the east..over the Caribbean
Nov. 6 at 5:14p  Full Moon
Nov. 7 at 6:03
Nov. 8 at 6:54
Nov. 9 at 7:46
Nov. 10 at 8:38
Nov. 11 at  9:29
Nov. 12 at 10:20
Nov 13 at 11:10

 Nov 1  Halloween Buffet & Party at Casa de los Suenos 6:30 (reservations recommended)
Nov.1 & 2 Dia de los Muertos
Nov 1 DIF Catrina Costume event.. Benefit for DIF, social service agency, at the Naval Club (Playa Albatros)  200 pesos  The DIF is also collecting jackets & sweaters.
Photo: Siempre debemos de preservar nuestras tradiciones. #FamiliaEnAcción
We must always preserve our traditions From DIF on FB:. #FamiliaEnAcción

Photo: Con mucho cariño y respeto nuestros abuelitos realizaron su altar para el día de muertos. #FamiliaEnAcción
With much love and respect our senior citizens created an altar for Dia de Muertos.s. #FamiliaEnAcción

Activities for Municipal Month of Ecology:

 On Nov. 5, the Animal Welfare Act will be signed by the State Ministry of the Environment.
Nov. 8 is the Day of Municipal Urbanismo with compulsory cleaning of vacant lots, and the start of collecting of batteries.
Nov. 15 is World Recycling Day, when there will be a training workshop about recycling and reusing.
Nov. 20th is Municipal Clean Air Day, when an ongoing campaign will begin for the certification of smoke-free spaces.
Nov. 25 is Municipal Day of No Use of Pesticides when an interesting conference will be held on the management of solid residues concerning vegetable oils: "What to do with them"
Nov. 27 is Municipal Species Conservation Day when there will be an opening of the drinking fountains and inauguration of the space for the conservation of the Striped Iguana (Iguana Rayada). Also there will be a brigade to rescue and assist the Blue Crabs during their period of reproduction. (They move between the mangroves and the sea to spawn during the full moons in the fall, which often includes crossing a road).
On Nov. 30th, Sunday, there will be a drawing contest, and a presentation of the cookbook "Lion Fish".
Friday Nov 7  near Centro Cemetery 7pm
It says...Jean Piaget school invites you to the Festival of the Souls 2014...A silent procession starting promptly at 7p at Hidalgo & Lopez Mateos, followed by a presentation of altars representing 5 Mexican states at Jean Piaget school. Dress code: regional clothing or white. Friday Nov. 7 at 7pm

Nov 10 World Science Day for Peace and Development
Nov 11 US Veteran's Day Canada Remembrance Day
Nov 12 Postal Worker Appreciation Day Mexico
Nov 12-18 Caribbean Culture Fest
Nov. 13, Thursday 9am at Naval Club:  Navy Wives' Breakfast
            All proceeds go to the Navy Hospital, The tickets are $100 pesos, and can be purchased         in advance thru Mon. from Sue McDonald Lo (and may be available at the door?)
Nov 14 World Diabetes Day
Nov 14-17 Buen Fin (discounts)
Nov 15 World Recycling Day
Nov 16 International Day of Tolerance
            8:30p Caribe Culture Fest Concert in Town Square  (see below)
Nov 17 Day off for Revolution Day 
              Parade date TBA
Nov 19  World Toilet Day
Nov 19 6:30p  Sisters of Perpetual Disorder Wine Meeting location TBA (Coffee meetings are first Sunday of the months at 10am)
Nov 20  Dia de la Revolución with parade
Nov 23 Solemnidad de Cristo Rey (Christ the King Day / El día de Cristo Rey)
Nov 23  Día de la Armada (Naval Day)
Nov 25 Día Internacional de la Eliminación de la Violencia Contra la Mujer  UN International Day
             to End Violence Against Women
Nov 27 US Thanksgiving holiday
Nov 28 Beginning of Festival for Town Saint through Dec 8: Virgin of Immaculate Conception (exact date TBA)  HERE is an article about the Festival
Nov 30 Hurricane Season Officially Ends

Caribe Culture Fest Nov 12-18 #FestivaldeCulturadelCaribe
Music, dance, theater, art, design, dining, handicraft, literature, academia and the traditions of Quintana Roo and the countries of the Caribbean.  Celebrating 40 years of identity caribeña

This says that Sonora Dinamita will be playing in Isla Mujeres, as well as Son del Barrio & Yura Santo Negro

Sunday, Nov. 16
domingo 16
LITERATURA 5p Town Square
“Matices de Quintana Roo”
Quintana Roo, México.
Hora: 17:00 Lugar: Plaza Principal

MÚSICA  8:30pm Town Square
Yura Santo Negro
Son del barrio
Quintana Roo, México.
La Sonora Dinamita  Cumbia!!!
Hora: A partir de 20:30 Lugar: Plaza Principal

From Christy Dix: Hola amigos, I'm happy to announce the first Spanish Boot Camp of the season will be Tuesday November 18-Thursday November 20 from 1-4pm. Beginners and intermediate students are welcome. We will focus on conversational skills while having fun!
Students are welcome to come for 1 day, 2 days or all 3 days, depending on their schedule. The pricing is as follows:
1 day (3 hours): 650 pesos, 2 days (6 hours): 900p, 3 days (recommended -9 hours): 1200 p
Let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions. I can be reached on Facebook, via email ( or phone 998-136-1497 (texting or whatsapp is preferable).

 Artist Fairs on the Square, usually first Thursday, were cancelled for October & November.  Next Fair: Dec. 4

Paula Parra's photo.

Friday, December 5 at 7:00pm
Club Naval Isla Mujeres, Quinta Region Naval
 Fashion show with participation of designers from Merida, Cancun, & Isla Mujeres, as well as participation by local models and our little children models. 200 peso donation. Cocktail reception at 6:30
Pasarela con participacion de Diseñadores de Merida,Cancun e Isla Mujeres; asi como participacion de Modelos locales y nuestros pequeños modelos infantiles.
costo Donativo $200
6:30pm Coktail de Recepcion de Invitados

Dec 8 Day of the Virgin of Immaculate Conception, Isla's town saint
Dec 11-13 Posada Beach National Handball Tournament 
Dec 12 Day of Virgin of Guadalupe, Mexico's saint


 Blue crabs are migrating to the sea for spawning during full moons, from the mangroves. Try to avoid running them over. Look out for them where there are Sac Bajo & near areas of Makax Lagoon.


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