Thursday, February 2, 2023

Isla Mujeres News & Events Thursday, February 2


Yesterday, Governor Mara Lezama joined Mayor Atenea Gomez Ricalde at a public event presenting the newly renovated La Gloria Park, where improvements have been made to the kiosk, bathrooms, public lighting, vendors area, soccer field, and police caseta, as well as all of the Plaza Bicentenario.

The Thor Heyerdahl is back! It's a teaching ship that visits Isla Mujeres in the winters, with a crew of teens and young adults, who study regular classes as well as sailing. (It didn't visit in 2020, 2021 or 2022.) During the rest of the year, the tall ship mainly sails on the Baltic Sea and around the Canary Islands. She has four cabins for the captain & regular crew and 10 'guest' cabins with berths for 32-34 people.
Built in the Netherlands in 1930-31, her home port was originally Hamburg, Germany and she spent her first 50 years as a freighter. In 1979, two sailing enthusiasts purchased her and renovated the run-down ship to use for sail-training, especially for teens and young adults. Ownership was later turned over to an association & the High Seas High School now operates the 50 meter schooner.
Photo by Bruce Roberts.

Various guns, ammunition and about 50 kilos of what appears to be marijuana were found in a house in colonia Cañotal during a police operation by the FGE (State Prosecutor's office-La Fiscalía General del Estado) and the Grupo de Coordinación para la Construcción de Paz y Seguridad de Quintana Roo.
The search was carried out following the pursuit of a suspect who had detonated a firearm from a motorcycle, then abandoned the vehicle at a home in colonia Cañotal. After requesting and obtaining an order to secure the building from the juez (judge) de control, the agents searched the premises. In the building, they reported finding five short guns, three long guns, and 286 live cartridges of various calibers, in addition to the presumed marijuana, which were confiscated. Photos posted by Noti Isla Mujeres.

Adult Education
In the first group of photos are 16 islanders who received their primary and secondary education certificates, which was made possible by municipal teachers in coordination with the state IEEJA, Institute for Education of Adults and Youth. The IEEA school, located next to the IEEA dome and operating from 9a to 6p, also assists students who want to pursue a career by taking online college classes.
In the second group of photos are women who completed an E-Commerce Workshop at the Community Center, which provided training for marketing and selling products via digital platforms and websites. They were taught by Mary Hadad, head of the IQM, Q Roo Women's Institute, with the goal of providing more women with tools that enable their self-sufficiency and empowerment.



Wednesday-- For several months, the municipal government has been working to improve the island's public spaces, which has included renovations, new construction, and maintenance. Now they are working on the final details, which included giving the Park and Plaza Bicentenario in colonia La Gloria an fresh, new appearance.

Photos (by Tony Garcia) from last weekend's women's softball game between the Islenas and the Amazonas (in dresses), which was won by the islanders by one run. A news report estimated that about 300 people attended, and said it was originally scheduled at the El Pescador stadium, but due to the weather, it was moved to the Children's field. (El Pescador is prone to flooding or getting too wet to play.) There's more photos HERE 

 In this VIDEO on Facebook, the Mayor is announcing that painting for the federal beautification program “La Ruta Mágica del Color” has begun along Paseo de Las Aves in colonia La Gloria. The owners along this street can choose the color they prefer, and there will also be murals representing the history and cultural traditions of Isla Mujeres. He says they began painting this house at 7am and they will be painting 120 houses. She also talks about work being done by the municipal government, for islanders and visitors, to improve, beautify and and promote the island. Photo from video. 

Work on the Police 'caseta' in colonia Salina Grande is coming along nicely and is expected to be finished this week. In addition to cameras & technology, the updates include a public exercise area, to complement the nearby exercise path around the lake. The city is updating all of the security and surveillance casetas.


Carnaval begins on Saturday with coronations & the theme is "Soy Caribe"-"I'm Caribbean". The Renatta troupe has already been spotted dancing on Hidalgo.
SAT. Feb 4 at 5:30p--Coronation of the Kings & Queens who are children, 'minis', and special at the Open Air Theater in La Gloria.
SAT. Feb. 4 at 8p--Coronation of the youth Kings & Queens at the Kiosk in Salina Chica.
THURS. Feb. 9 at 7p--Coronation of the Kings & Queens who are senior citizens at the Cachibol court of the Senior Center (in La Gloria).
SAT. Feb. 11 at 7:30p--Mask Night--An Event for a Cause. Coronation of the Queen of the Señoras at the Calipso Events Room.
SUN. Feb. 12 at 7:30--Coronation of the Queen of Diversity at the Calipso Events Room.

FRI. Feb. 17 at 7:30--Coronation Gala--Coronation of the Kings & Queens of the Isla Mujeres Carnaval 2023 with a performance by King and Queen entertainers Lorena Herrera & Carlos Arenas, and a performance by DJ Shei on the Municipal Esplanade (Town Square).
SAT. Feb 18 at 7:30--Night of Fantasy--Comedy show with Tila Maria Sesto, and the Carnaval Grand Dance with live music by Junior Klan on the Municipal Esplanade.
SUN. Feb. 19 at 7:30--Night of Joy--Performance by Nani Namu & Her Stars, and Dancing to live music by Alex Mont & Merengossa on the Municipal Esplanade.
MON. Feb. 20 at 7:30--Night of Tregueñas--Comedy Show by Chino Fernandez, and Dancing to live music by Jemanuel and Los Panas on the Municipal Esplanade.
TUE. Feb. 21 at 7:30--Competition of the Troupes, and the burning of "Juan Carnaval" on the Municipal Esplanade.
It says 'parade' (desfile), but apparently the date(s) & time(s) are TBA.
Photo by Tony Garcia.

The Mayor posted this VIDEO on Facebook of scenes around the island and wrote:  Isla Mujeres...a wonderful treasure of the Mexican Caribbean, which attracts people with the beauty of its beaches, but they fall in love with its gastronomy, culture, traditions, and the warmth of its people.
Happy Sunday, island family, I leave you this video, and while watching it, let's be motivated to continue taking care of our paradise, its beauties and its biodiversity. 
Here's some screenshots from the first minute (they're better with movement)...


 These pictures were taken between 1970 and 1974 by photographer Francisco Gabriel Cano Góngora (RIP) and shared by Pilar Cano & Isla Mujeres al Dia. Thanks! I added captions in English.


Zazil Ha from Playa Norte (now Mia Reef)

View of Caribbean Sea

Garrafon Park

King's Pool, behind Zazil Ha

View from Zazil Ha (now Mia Reef)

Motorcycle rentals

Import store Beatriz


Import store Casa Mirna

Sunset from Playa Norte

Zazil Ha, now Mia Reef

King's Pool, behind Zazil Ha (now Mia Reef)

Zazil Ha, now Mia Reef

Boat anchorage

Garrafon Park

Caribbean view from hotel

View from a boat tour

Kindergarten Festival


 LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres 

LINK to US National Hurricane Center


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