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Isla Mujeres News & Events Monday, May 2

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 Sunday...The Isla Mujeres Marlins beat the Tulum Aluxitas in the opening match of the CIQUBA League 2022. Photo credit-Isla Mujeres al Dia

Saturday--The municipal police force, who patrol on the mainland part of the municipality, as well as on the island, will receive eight pickup trucks, three sedan cars and ten motorcycles. They currently have 11 vehicles and a four-wheeler in operation. The cars and trucks arrived Sunday and the motorcycles are expected today.
They patrol about 10 colonias and downtown on the island, and about 10 colonias and Costa Mujeres on the mainland, as well as the tourism areas in both places. The municipal chief of police, Celestino Palomo Balam, encouraged citizens to make complaints and to call 911 in the event of any risk or emergency. He also reminded drivers to be cautious in school zones.

Sunday, May 1--
     Children's Day began yesterday with a race on the runway, followed by an event in their honor at the Tortuga Park in the afternoon, where new playground equipment has been installed. The first session of the Children's Constitutional Council was held. 
    On Friday, the folklorico group from Tabasco, Ballet Yuunkin, performed at the Open Air Theater in La Gloria. 
      On Thursday, the City Council held a special session on the esplanade of the Casa de la Cultura to honor the participants of the Regatta Sol a Sol from St. Petersburg, Florida. 
      TODAY, the Isla Mujeres Langosteros will play the Selección of Holbox at 1p at the El Pescador baseball field in front of Chedraui. 
     Beach photo posted by the Mayor on Friday morning, noting the weekend has arrived and the playas look spectacular, thanks to the hard-working team who don't give up in the war against sargasso. She encouraged everyone to enjoy the beaches responsibly by putting trash where it belongs. 
    TODAY (Sunday) Mexico commemorates Día del Trabajo.

 Sunday, May 1...Today at 1pm the Isla Mujeres Langosteros will play the Seleccion de Holbox at the Pescadores baseball field in front of Chedraui.
Friday, April 30--
>>Today at 7pm, a folkloric dance troupe from Tabasco will perform in colonia La Gloria at the open air theater by the Blue Dome.
>>Tomorrow is Children's Day which will be celebrated with an Ironkids Race / Carrera Ironkids at 8am on the runway, starting at the north end, across from the Ultracarga vehicle ferry.
>>Artisans are invited to participate in the second edition of the Art & Culture Fair on Thursday, May 5th at 6p on the esplanade of the Casa de la Cultura. They can register at the Casa de la Cultura weekdays 9a-4p. Participants are required to be 18 or older, present a current ID, and pay the fee.
>>On weekdays, free Zumba classes are available at 8:10a & 9:30a and at 7:30p & 8:30p on the Community Center esplanade. Register at the Instancia Municipal de Mujeres office.

 Thursday, April 28...A kitchen fire at the Mar Bella Restaurant was quickly extinguished by Civil Protection firefighters, with no significant material damage nor injuries. Eighty-six people were evacuated for their safety, including diners and employees.

 Thursday, April 28....
   The state and national epidemiological semaforos are being discontinued and the status will remain in Green, unless the situation changes and cases increase. The graphics represent the entire pandemic thru this past week, and the entire state has been reporting an average of 3 to 17 cases daily. Hospital occupancy is less than 1% and there are no intubated C19 patients. 
    At this time, face masks remain mandatory on public transport, in enclosed spaces and for those serving the public, and they are voluntary outdoors. The Governor said he will have an update on Tuesday or Thursday about changes in preventative measures. 
     Astra Zeneca vaccines are now available for all adults, whether they need the first two doses or either booster, and state residency is not required. Youngsters 12 and older are being registered to receive Pfizer vaccines. More information will soon be available about the vaccine that has been authorized for children 5 to 11 years of

      The new federal Mobility and Road Safety Law has passed Congress and the Senate, and will become law after its approval by the President and official publication. The states will have up to 180 days to bring their laws into agreement.
       This federal law standardizes restriction of driving under the influence of alcohol with the limit at 0.25 (mg/L) on a breathalyzer and 0.05 (g/dl) for blood levels. Motorcyclists are limited to 0.1 and 0.02, respectively. There is zero tolerance for drivers of cargo vehicles and public transportation. The penalty for violating these standards is suspension of your drivers license for at least one year.
      The law includes seat belt requirements, licensing and cargo vehicle regulations, and standardization of speed limits & signage, among other topics. Its goal is to decrease traffic deaths and injuries and to improve and prioritize the mobility of people, while reducing the negative effects of social, economic and physical inequalities. It aims to improve safety and mobility for those who are most vulnerable, including pedestrians, the disabled, bicyclists, and those from all socio-economic levels of the community.Graphic credit to

   Work on the installation of a new sewage and drainage network at the northern part of the island has begun and is expected to conclude in July. Aguakan is investing over 2 million pesos in this project, which will benefit 2000+ residents.
    The project will include the installation of over 500 meters of PVC tubing, to connect homes, hotels, and commercial buildings in this area who weren't connected. They will construct a cárcamo in the area of the Convention Center to collect and pump sewage to the Treatment Plant at the other end of the isle.
     This infrastructure upgrade will benefit the residents, businesses and environment. Aguakan will be working in coordination with the municipal Traffic Police and Department of Public Works, to reduce the inconvenience to the public caused by road closures and traffic interruptions. The public is asked to cooperate and respect their recommendations to prevent accidents and to keep the workers safe.
     Aguakan constructed a detour next to the Convention Center, across the basketball court behind it, to the Playa Riíto area.
      For the next month or so, the streets to North Beach near the Convention Center will be torn up while a new (much needed) drainage system is installed. Aguakan created a detour at the Convention Center. This will undoubtedly affect small businesses there, like  Pinche Burger Isla Mujeres & Mi ensalada isla mujeres & so you might keep them in mind if they're able to remain open during the construction...and for your next visit.

 Wednesday, April 27--Yesterday, the last sailboat with the Sol al Sol 2022 Regatta arrived in Isla Mujeres. The 21 participating boats left St. Petersburg, Florida, on Friday, April 22, and the "Pendragon was the first to land, on Sunday.
Planned activities include a golf cart tour around the island, and the award ceremony on Friday. Yesterday, they played the traditional basketball game against residents, downtown.
Monday morning, April 25-- A "Saldo Blanco" (no serious incidents) was reported for this Easter holiday period, thanks to coordinated efforts by the three levels of government, including the municipal police, the department of Civil Protection & Firefighters, the National Guard, the Navy and Secretary of Defense. The holiday Security Operation began on April 7th and concluded on the 24th.
The Director General of the municipal police, Celestino Palomo Balam, reported 63 people were detained for minor offenses, five people were referred to the Public Ministry (Attorney General), two to the DIF (Social Service Agency) and two to Immigration. There were 22 traffic offenses. The 911 emergency number received 293 calls for assistance, principally complaints about disturbing the peace, fighting in public and domestic violence. These statistics include both the island and mainland parts of the municipality, where patrols were carried out to ensure the safety of islanders and visitors.

 Monday, April 25--The Mayor says that hotel occupancy during the Easter holiday was at 87%, which is a 20% increase over last year when it was 67%, which she attributes to successful promotion. (Last year during the Easter holiday period, our Zone was in Yellow status on the state semaforo, with occupancy limited to 60%.)

 Monday, April 25...This man named Jesus (who also goes by Chuy) has gone missing, according to his daughter who lives in the US. She says she has contacted hospitals and filed a police report, and that he works on Isla Mujeres selling handicrafts. She encourages people to share his picture and contact her with any news.

 Wednesday, April 27--Yesterday, bad odors caused residents to report a suspicious large black bag on a pier at Makax lagoon in Sac Bajo, which apparently contains decomposing human remains, according to preliminary information. Authorities cordoned off the area and were waiting for the arrival of the Ministerial Police.
 Thursday, April 28--Unfortunately, the state Attorney General's office reports that Jesus Castro Gomez has been found without life, indicated by the black "Localizado" on the notice that he went missing on April 21st.. The body found on a pier in Sac Bajo was apparently his. Our condolences to his family and friends.

Monday, April 25--New playground equipment was unloaded from a semi truck at the Parque de las Tortugas in La Gloria, where the reporter says he was unable to obtain details from the workers about which parks are receiving playground equipment, the amount invested, etc.
 Sunday, April 24--Yesterday, Isla Mujeres received this beach cleaning-sweeper from the Navy, which will help the ZOFEMAT crew remove sargasso from our beaches.

 Saturday, April 23--
    This weekend in Barcelona, Isla Mujeres is participating in the 1st International Tianguis of Pueblos Magicos, giving tour operators from all over the world an opportunity to learn more about our beautiful beaches, history, culture and gastronomy, as well as the warmth and hospitality of the islanders. This event features 261 exhibitors and buyers from 16 countries.
    Seventy-two Pueblos Magicos will be represented at the event, from 14 states and 11 municipalities of Mexico. The remaining 60 Pueblos Magicos are participating via digital platforms.
The "Magical Town" designation is awarded to communities that have maintained their original architecture, traditions, history and culture. They are places of special beauty and magic, whose attractions provide visitors with opportunities to connect with Mexico's roots and people. In Quintana Roo, there are two other Pueblos Magicos, Tulum and Bacalar.
     At this website, you can look them up by state or by categories, such as "Festividades/Festivities en Isla Mujeres" :

 Thursday, April 21--Everyone is welcome to join us for an Earth Day 🌎 Cleanup and Dive Against Debris on Friday, Apr 22nd. Thank you to the staff, volunteers and sponsors that make this amazing event possible! We hope to see your smiling faces tomorrow.
Dive Against Debris participants need to register at their local dive shop by today and attend a safety briefing this evening. Everyone else can meet at the ISLA MUJERES letters on the Malecón on the Caribbean side at 9:00 AM tomorrow.
💧 Remember to bring a hat and a refillable water bottle so that we can help you stay hydrated.
See event page for more details.
 Saturday, April 23--Yesterday, volunteers removed 775 kilos (1709 lbs) of trash from the sea and beaches of Isla Mujeres, with 515 kilos (1135 lbs) collected from the sea and 260 kilos (573 lbs) from the beaches. After sorting, counting, bagging & weighing the trash, they ate lunch, socialized and won prizes donated by the generous sponsors. This Earth Day event was organized by Acción Isla, led by Kai Creamer, who's pointing out the abundance of disposable snorkels and beer bottles to a reporter. We are reminded that the solution isn't just to collect trash, but to stop generating so much of it, particularly disposable plastic items. Thank-you for your participation!!
Group photo by Claudia Ha, and probably the banner too.

 Friday, April 22--- (Posted by the Mayor)--Every day, the war against sargasso is hard, like today when an new, unusually large amount arrived, but when you have a team that takes action with love for Isla Mujeres, nothing is impossible. We won another battle!
Thank-you to the ZOFEMAT staff and all the municipal personnel who joined in the beach cleanup. You, too, can be one of our warriors, we await you every day, starting at 6am!

 Wednesday, April 20 (Posted by the Mayor)--Our emergency personnel are patrolling the beaches and tourism areas to provide assistance during this Easter holiday for both locals and visitors. If you need help, don't hesitate to reach out!

 Friday, April 22--"You can't make a truce with sargasso, but every day, thanks to a team who work together for Isla Mujeres, we are battling it. It's not occurring every day, nor on every beach, but as long as there is sargasso, we will be here". Screenshots from municipal video posted by Mayor--

Friday, April 22--Children are invited to participate in activities and a soccer tournament today at 5p at the soccer field in Salina Chica. Various free activities have been provided over the holiday for islander kids, who return to school on Monday.

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Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

LINK to US National Hurricane Center 


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