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Isla Mujeres News & Events Tuesday, April 12


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Tues. April 12, Astra Zeneca vaccines will be available at the Bicentennial Dome in colonia La Gloria for those over 18, who need 1st, 2nd or 3rd (booster) doses.
The Langosteros of Isla Mujeres will play a preseason game against Los Tigres de Q Roo, this Saturday, April 16, at El Pescador baseball field in front of Chedraui, starting at 1pm.

>>A new buoy line has been installed at Playa Norte. The Harbor Master said it will be a double-line with the first one 50 meters offshore and the other 20 meters past it, to protect the swimmers while allowing the small, outboard-boats to enter the middle area. He also said a kilometer of sargasso barriers will be installed to protect North Beach. He mentioned that they had 8 jetskis in custody, awaiting their documentation.
>>Workers with ZOFEMAT, who clean our beaches early each day, have been receiving help from City employees, and their teamwork has kept Isla's beaches clean and beautiful. The first set and the "Before/After" photos are from today, the other beach photos are from yesterday.
>>The Tourism Department now has four service booths downtown, open from 10a to 5p located: 1) On Medina in front of their old office, next to INM (N of ferry terminal); 2) On Medina in front of Playa Centro, next to Coco's Restaurant; 3) Playa Norte near Hotel Ixchel; 4)On Guerrero, the back street, in front of the Casa del la Cultura by their office. Phone +52 998 877 0307.
>>Free Zumba classes have started at the esplanade of the Community Center at 8:10a and 7:30p, Monday thru Friday. Register at the offices of the Instancia Municipal de la Mujer, M-F, 9a-4p.
>>The Art & Culture Fair concluded successfully yesterday, with dance performances by folklorico troupes, jazz troupes, other troupes and salsa dancing. Prizes were awarded for the beach volleyball & soccer tournaments. Check out the mural that was painted at the Casa de la Cultura honoring La Trova Islena musicians. 





Sunday... The Harbor Master explained that permission has been given for the installation of double-buoy lines at North Beach. The first one will be the one closest to the coast, about 50 meters out. The other will be about 20 meters past it, with a dual function. This will protect the tourists (swimmers) and allow the small boats with outboard engines to enter (the middle area). They are also going to maintain barriers of about 1000 meters (1 km) to prevent the sargasso from landing on North Beach. They are supposed to begin with the first barrier yesterday or today and finish in about a week. The second one is being manufactured and will be installed after it arrives. He said they are ready and will be busy, and expect a "Saldo Blanco" (no serious incidents) for the holiday period. He said sanctions will continue to be issued as always, noting they have eight motos (presumably jetskis) impounded until documentation is submitted and they are each proven to be legal and in compliance with maritime law. (Translated from video by Noti Isla Mujeres, April 9. )
Sunday... The Mayor thanked everyone who helped with the cleanup yesterday in colonia Salina Chica and extended an invitation to participate in next Saturday's cleanup. She also posted photos from last evening's Art & Culture fair. Tonight is the final night--starts at 6p.

Sunday,, April 10--The municipal government says they are working in coordination with the other two levels of government to coordinate security operations to ensure everyone's safety during this vacation period in our beautiful Isla Mujeres.
The graphic says Keeping our beaches clean is the responsibility of everyone. "I'm Broomie & I want to see our Isla clean!"
Punta Sur


Next Friday is the Viacrusis / Stations of the Cross--The reenactment, carrying the cross, goes from Guadalupe Chapel to the church on the Town Square, downtown, from 10a to noon. In the evening at both churches: The Meditation & Penance, Celebration of the 7 words, Celebration of the Passion of Christ, Silent Procession, Rosary of Condolences for the Virgin.
Saturday is the Silent Vigil.
Easter Sunday of Resurrection at the four churches as listed.

Saturday...Free activities for kids--whose Easter vacation began today. They include classes in English, literacy, cookie-decorating, crafts, and basketball, as well as basketball competitions and Zumba. On Saturday, April 16 at 7p, there will be a Folklorico troupe performance at  the Casa de la Cultura esplanade.


     Civil Protection is encouraging residents to take advantage of their expertise to ensure their propane hook-ups are safe. CP is offering free inspections and you can come by their office for advice. He says a common problem is purchasing the wrong type of hose, such as hoses meant for water. Another common problem is tanks that are in need of replacing, mostly due to rust.
     A recent home-fire caused by a propane tank sent a family to the hospital, with the parents suffering extensive, serious burns. Another from a hose-leak was extinguished by neighbors without damages, but frightened the homeowner & her neighbors. Fire extinguishers from businesses often provide a vital first-response when there's a fire in their vicinity. If there's none at your tourism rental, odds are excellent that it's unlicensed & illegal.
     Businesses are required to have annual inspections of their propane and electrical systems, including all tourism rentals. This year, Civil Protection also requires an additional overall compliance inspection. Requirements include emergency exit signage and having fire extinguishers recharged or replaced yearly, as well as annual certificates from Fire Safety and First Aid courses. Rentals with pools now need Water Safety class certification and signage. The new requirements may also include smoke detectors and emergency lighting. Gas detectors and flame retardant for palapas have also been mentioned in response to last month's palapa fires at Dolphin Discovery and last year's downtown fires.
      The new requirements and increased enforcement has put pressure on many small businesses. Therefore, the deadline for compliance has been extended to May 31st, making it easier for this segment, who make up 80% of licensed island businesses. This year, Civil Protection is providing the courses at their facility, during the renewal period.
      Municipal licenses require annual payments for trash collection, signage, zoning (uso de suelo), and Ecology. For hotels & other tourism rentals, this year the municipal government added a nightly Sanitation Fee which equals ~$11usd per week, per guest, to be paid monthly.
Before issuing a municipal license, the City also ensures the business is registered with SAT to pay federal IVA taxes (16%). They check that rentals have state licenses, which require monthly payment of the 3% state hospedaje tax. It's a means for paying the tax and not comparable to a municipal license.
      A majority of the B&B-type rentals on Isla are said to be unlicensed and foreign-owned. Their unfair competition is annoying the licensed businesses, particularly the small Mexican hotel owners & the licensed B&B's. They're bypassing safety inspections & pocketing money that would otherwise help contribute to our overly-stressed infrastructure.
       Meeting these requirements indicates respect for your safety & the island--it's costly & complex. If your rental lacks fire extinguishers, a first-aid box & emergency signs, and management won't provide a copy of their municipal license, it's safe to assume they're unlicensed. When visitors decline to rent from unlicensed B&B's, and instead choose rentals who care about their safety and contribute to Isla's infrastructure, they're sending a message to the owners of unlicensed rentals. Let them know it's not okay for islanders to bear the costs of infrastructure, while foreigners reap the benefits and evade their responsibilities. It makes us all look bad.
FRIDAY, April 8>>The weekly Saturday cleanup will meet tomorrow at 7:30am at the kindergarten at the north end of colonia Salina Chica (where the road is very wide with a freshly painted crosswalk, across from Casa Ixchel). The volunteers will gather afterward at the Salina Chica Kiosk.
>>The Art & Culture Fair continues thru Sunday on the esplanade behind the Casa de la Cultura. Announcements originally said 4-9p, but tonight's said 6p. It includes entertainment on the stage (including dancers young & old), murals & workshops, a collective art exposition, artisans & food vendors, and a tournaments of beach soccer & volleyball next-door at Playa Media Luna.
>>This is the first weekend of the Semana Santa Easter holidays, which is one of the busiest times of the year on the island. The Governor expects the state to receive more than a million visitors (1,170,000+) between April 8th and 24th who will enjoy the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean. "We will serve our visitors with quality, warmth, and with caring for health."
>>Despite this morning's rain, courtesy of Cold Front #41, the crew of ZOFEMAT were out cleaning the beaches, with help from staff of the DIF, social service agency. Civil Protection workers attended to flooded areas with portable pumps.
>>The squiggles on the weather map forecast windy weather this weekend, from norte #41. The "A" means a high pressure system and the big blue arrow is the subtropical jet-stream current.
>>This morning several scooters had accidents near "The Village" on the Caribbean coastal road, including this fellow transporting eggs, due to fuel on the road. Civil Protection was notified and cleaned up the slick area. Screenshot from video by Noti Isla Mujeres.
>>Photos of Isla Mujeres are featured on this week's national Lottery tickets, including one of the Ixchel statues at Punta Sur. (There's a new one since the renovation, of her sitting in a crescent moon.) The drawing is Tuesday.



Photos from the first day of the Art & Culture Fair at the Casa de la Cultura esplanade yesterday. There's also beach volleyball & soccer tournaments scheduled next-door at Playa Media Luna. 4-9p thru Sunday.  (The start time changed to 6p on Friday and afterward)

 Friday, April 8--NOTE---The duration of the Dry Law / Ley Seca has been shortened to 3am to 6 pm on Sunday, April 10th. (Previously it was midnight to midnight.) The Dry Law is in force on Sunday due to the "Proceso de Revocacion de Mandato", which is an opportunity for citizens to vote on whether to keep the President in office or remove him with a vote of no confidence. (The rules are that alcohol is still served to foreigners in the Tourist Zones during the Ley Seca, with food, but it's not sold at stores.)
Both zones of the state remain in Green thru the 17th of April. All of Mexico is Green on the national map, for the second consecutive two-week period. In Quintana Roo, there are no intubated patients and there have been no deaths in recent days, The daily graphic reports Hospital Occupancy in the Northern Zone at 0%,
The Governor was pleased that the municipalities are at or near an average of zero cases daily, and we were reminded not to let our guard down, particularly in Isla Mujeres and Solidaridad (where Playa del Carmen is located).

 Thursday....Today the Security Operations began for the Easter / Semana Santa holidays which will conclude after Easter on the 17th. You'll probably see patrols on the streets and on foot on the beaches, Hidalgo, Medina . . . Naval/Federal, state and municipal officers. Because Mexicans are voting on Sunday, the Dry Law goes in effect at midnight on Saturday, throughout Sunday, except in the Tourist Zone, foreigners can buy alcoholic beverages (technically, with food), but no package-alcohol on sale at the convenience stores, groceries, etc until Monday.
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Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

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