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Isla Mujeres News & Events Friday, February 4

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 Both regions of the state move to Yellow status Monday, Feb. 7 thru Sunday, Feb. 13. The Contagion Rate for our Northern Zone has dropped significantly to 0.57 and the Governor says the Hospital Occupancy has also had a considerable decrease, as well as the average of daily new cases as shown on the graphics. Most capacity rates increase to 85% in Yellow. Q Roo will also move to Yellow on the national Semaforo.


Jan. 31-- Residents who lack C-19 vaccinations can register to receive their first or second dose at tables at the Community Development Center in colonia La Gloria, Monday thru Friday, 9a-12p, starting Wed., Feb. 2 thru Thurs. Feb. 10. The requirements are: a vaccination form downloaded from the mivacuna site, current CURP, ID, utility bill (proof of address), and proof of first dose for those seeking a second. 
Feb. 2....This week residents 40-59 received boosters, and second doses were available.

   This weekend will be a "puente" with banks & many offices taking a holiday on Monday, commemorating the 105th anniversary of the Political Constitution of the United States of Mexico. Tourism businesses remain open & may be a little busier than usual.
     Mexico's Constitution is considered one of the most progressive legislative and constitutional documents of the 20th century. It created a minimum wage, the right to strike and an eight-hour work day (decades before the US). It enumerated basic human rights for all Mexicans, mandated land reforms, implemented a strict separation of church and state and imposed term limits for legislators and the President. It was published in various locations which included San Antonio, Texas, a refuge for Mexican political exiles during the Revolution.
    The Mexican Constitution contains many political, social, and economic guarantees, including the right to free basic education, gender equality, criminal victim rights, agricultural and environmental rights, control of foreign investment, freedom of competition, and extensive labor rights, which are absent from its U.S. counterpart. It catalogues the duties of citizenship and defines the role of political parties.
     Each state (and CDMX) elects three senators to the "Senado", while the "Camera" consists of 300 legislators elected by their districts. The executive branch is elected by popular vote (no electoral college). There are eleven Supreme Court judges, who serve 15 year terms and are selected by the Senate from a slate of three candidates chosen by the President.
    The Mexican Constitution extends most rights to foreigners, but it prohibits their interference or participation in political events and limits their land ownership by direct title within the restricted zone, which is 50 km inland from the coasts and 100 km from the international borders.

 Feb 1st....Monday in the US, the CDC changed Mexico's travel status from Level 3 to Level 4, advising against visiting due to high levels of C-19 cases.
Mexico and Q Roo's Governor have rated our state at status "Orange", with capacities limited to 70% for most businesses. Last week's update reported that daily cases are declining in our Northern Zone of the state, where the Contagion Rate dropped nearly a point to 1.75 from 2.8. Hospital occupancy increased to 30%, with ventilator beds at 12%. Most of those hospitalized are unvaccinated and/or have comorbidities. The state updates are on Thursday nights.
   More than 90% of Q Roo residents are vaccinated with at least two doses & this week the 40-59 year old islanders are getting boosted. (The seniors were already jabbed.). Residents who need to catch up are receiving shots or registering for them.
Isla Mujeres has been reporting an average of 1-2 new cases daily. Today's Geoportal update reports 20 active cases on the island, with the majority in La Gloria (9).

Before & After of the Trash Transfer Facility, where >29,000 tons were removed over the past four months. Thirteen semis arrived each night and departed early each morning for the mainland landfill. Islanders pitched in to provide home-cooked meals for the drivers.

   Quintana Roo led Mexico in short term economic growth during the third quarter of 2021, growing 7.45% in comparison with the previous quarter. Looking at the first three quarters of last year, our state is in second place for economic growth, as shown on the graphic.
     The economies of eight states have recovered from the pandemic, showing growth when compared to the first three quarters of 2019. The economy of Quintana Roo is the farthest in the nation from its pre-pandemic levels, with the other main tourism state of Baja California Sur at second-worst.
     Tourism was the national industry most affected in April and May of 2020, when non-essential activities were prohibited and mobility was restricted. The tourism states had the farthest to go to recover, and their economic contraction in 2020 produced low statistics for comparison.
     Quintana Roo has a +12.2% growth rate for the first three quarters of 2021, but when compared to our economy during that period in 2019, it's at -18.6%. Baja California Sur, reports similar data, with +11% growth for Jan-Sept 2021, but they're at -17.9% compared to that period in prepandemic 2019.
Data is from the Quarterly Indicator of Economic Activity by State for January-September, by INEGI, seasonally adjusted.

Jan 30 (Posted by Karen Rosenberg....Clean the Salina crew showed up strong with 10 volunteers today. Please consider joining us every Sunday at 9:30 am for one hour. Gracias Therese McComas Durhman for your pics and ongoing support!

   The "Jaguar National Park" will be established as a Protected Natural Area covering 260,000 hectares in the municipality of Tulum. Yesterday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was in Cancun announcing this and three infrastructure projects for Cancun; improving an intersection near the airport, constructing a 13.5 km bridge connecting the Hotel Zone with downtown, and making a main street more urban-transport-friendly. He also reported that 1200 hectares of land have been purchased for the construction of the new Tulum airport, with plans to inaugurate it in December of this year.
    This video by the federal government begins by explaining that this is an ecological project to care for the natural and historic wealth of the Riviera Maya and preserve the jaguars that inhabit the Yucatan peninsula. It says that uncontrolled and illegal urban development has invaded the jungle around Tulum over the past four decades, presenting a direct threat to the local flora and fauna. This is attributed to illegal land sales and unauthorized changes to land-use documents.
    This project is expected to set an international benchmark for environmental care and conservation, while providing a space for respectful coexistence with nature and protection of habitat. Plans include restoration of degraded areas and the development of productive activities such as beekeeping.
An area of nearly 1000 hectares will be delineated to avoid future invasions of habitat, with passages and accesses developed according to environmental guidelines to allow animals to circulate freely. At the press conference, an official explained that 50 percent of the world's jaguars are located in Mexico.
     The narrator says that natural, local materials will be used, and professional bio-climatic principles will be implemented for water and energy resources. In conjunction with the Maya Train project, this is considered an opportunity for planning for the municipality, region and entire Peninsula.LINK  

  The Environmental Sanitation Law (DSA) is a new municipal tax due by the 17th of each month, which will be paid to the Treasury by the hotels and B&B's who provide overnight lodging, and by the boat companies who bring visitors over. It's about a dollar per passenger and $1.50/night per person.
Like many other fees in Mexico, it's based on the UMA, which increases to 96.22 pesos on Tuesday, from 89.62 pesos. This advisory is using the old rates. The boats pay 20% of UMA per passenger, and the lodging centers pay 30% of UMA per tourist, per night That's about three dollars per couple per night, or $21/week.
     The screenshots are from the official municipal portal & the second one says.... 
    What is the purpose of Environmental Sanitation?
To promote sustainable development, the preservation and restoration of the ecological balance and environmental protection, due to the visitors who visit or stay temporarily in the municipality
    What is the amount of payment of the environmental sanitation right?
For those who temporarily visit the municipality without staying overnight, the rate that nautical companies must retain will be equivalent to 20% of the daily UMA. Likewise users of hotels, inns, pensions, hostels and motels will pay 30% of the value of the UMA daily per tourist, per night of stay. (POE #193 Extraordinary 12/24/2021)
     Who should declare it?
Those retaining the fee must provide the information and declare it monthly, using forms approved by the Municipal Treasury, which are provided electronically, with the information referring to the number of visitors per night who were provided service, as well as the operations carried out with "personas personas físicas y morales" (natural, legal persons).
        When should it be declared?
No later than the 17th (seventeenth) day of the month immediately after the withholding was made, accompanied corresponding information.

 Jan 29...A crew with the municipal Department of Civil Protection worked at cleaning a drainage trench is colonia Salina Chica, removing blockages and plants that have accumulated in recent years. Residents are reminded to keep their yards and patios cleared of objects or litter that could wash into the drains and grates, causing blockages and flooding.

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Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

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