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Isla Mujeres News & Events Thursday, January 13

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      Our Northern Zone will remain in Yellow thru January 23rd, but the Governor warned that we are approaching Orange and everyone needs to adhere to the sanitary protocols. Our Zone's Contagion Rate is 2.0, which means each infected person is infecting two others and the curve is in ascension. However, our Zone is reporting very low levels of hospitalizations and deaths.
      The second graphic shows a breakdown of the percentages of C-19 variants in Quintana Roo, and the Governor predicted that Omicron will take the lead in upcoming weeks.
        Benito Juarez (Cancun), which strongly affects the graphic of the whole state, reached a record-breaking average of nearly 350 cases daily, which overshadows Delta's peak of nearly 250 and their previous peaks of around 50 cases daily. Solidaridad (Playa del Carmen) reached a very high 190 cases in one day, but their average is at 120 daily. Cozumel is experiencing a record-breaking average of 27 cases daily.

This afternoon (Thursday) ....It's been quite a while since one of the Isla Mujeres neighborhoods made the state's weekly Top Ten of colonias with highest number of Active Cases, but colonia La Gloria was #8 for last week, Jan 2-8, with 11 active cases (and growing).

The state Geoportal for today, Jan. 13 reports Active Cases by colonia as follows: La Gloria-13, Guadalupana-1, Colonia #5 (~Sac Bajo)-2, El Canotal-5, Miraflores-4, Caridad del Cobre-1, Meteorologico-2, Salinas-3, Electristas-2, and Centro-1 for a total of 34 active cases (officially) in Isla Mujeres. (Not all cases are in the official statistics).

Boosters for local educational personnel will be administered Monday, Jan 17 from 8a to 6p at the Naval Club. Residents who are age 40-59 can register for their booster on the mivacuna site. (Dates TBA). #3 is a graphic from the governor about mask efficacy.

Carnaval 2022 will be cancelled due to the accelerated upturn of positive cases of Covid-19 around the world and the government's mandate to take care of the people. in order to avoid exposing the inhabitants and tourists who visit during those dates to enjoy the celebration. The municipal Secretary General, Hugo Sanchez Montalvo, urged everyone not to lower their guard and to continue with the sanitary measures and recommendations made by the state Secretary of Health.

Jan 11 During the first 100 days of this municipal administration, sports areas were cleaned and 'rescued', which included the fútbol rápido soccer field in colonia Salinas and adding hoops to the La Jaula basketball court. The Plaza Bicentenario in colonia La Gloria is undergoing renovation, which is 80% complete, according to the municipal Director of Sports and Recreation, Marco Antonio Preciado Islas. He noted that with the state's epidemiological status in Yellow now, sports activities are suspended to avoid spreading C-19 among the populace, especially the young people who use these sports fields and courts.

It looks like the municipal government is going to start charging for residential trash collection at a rate of one peso per day, with a 10% discount if paid in a single payment during January thru March. (365 pesos minus 10% is 328.5 pesos/yr. That's ~$17usd, which is ~$1.45/mo. Businesses pay a higher rate, based on their type and size.)

Jan. 11--As of Friday, 142 lobster fishermen-divers have been treated in the decompression chamber, with one death, since the season began on July 1st. There are six weeks remaining to the lobster-catching season, which ends Feb. 28th.

      Although this is a high number, it is seven fewer than last season during the same period of time. The diver who passed away in September was a member of the Caribe cooperative, based in Puerto Juarez.
     Decompression illness, aka "the bends", can cause blood clots and permanent damage and dysfunction to muscles and nerves, including the spinal cord and brain. Experts estimate its occurrence is about 3 cases per 10,000 dives in sports divers and up to 10 cases per 10,000 dives in commercial divers, but our region appears to have a very high rate. 
     Its cause is gas bubbles, usually nitrogen, which can form when using compressed air and ascending from the depths too quickly. Contributing factors that increase risk include dehydration, high body fat, alcohol consumption, and previous injury. The number of local cases has increased since lobsters have become less plentiful and divers are spending spending longer periods underwater at deeper depths. 

    The five fishing cooperatives of Isla Mujeres have captured about 31 tons of lobster so far this season, compared to 50 tons reported at this time last year.
The lobster-catching season lasts eight months, from July 1st until the end of February. By October of this season, the coops had collected about 20 tons of whole lobsters and 1.5 tons of tails. However, in the last two months of the year and the first week of 2022, the five coops have only captured 5 tons of live lobsters and 4.5 tons of tails. (That's a total of 25 tons of whole and 6 tons of tails, so far. The    majority is exported.)
     The 2020-21 season ended with a total catch of 60 tons. The fishermen will need to catch 29 more tons in the next six weeks, nearly doubling their catch, to reach last season's total.

      An article by Cambio22 reports that the stolen boat that brought eight Cuban refugees to Isla Mujeres in December has been destroyed by the sea. The boat "Albacora" was owned by Cuban fishermen Josmer Castellanos Alvarez, who said it was taken without his permission. The eight Cubans, who included one pregnant woman, were arrested by municipal police who turned them over to Naval personnel until they were taken into custody by Immigration officials. 

Today the state Semaforo entered Yellow status, causing SEFIPLAN to modify the sales hours for alcoholic beverages. Restaurants may sell them during regular hours of 10a to 11p Monday thru Sunday, and those with permits for extra hours may also sell from 11p to 1a. Stores selling package liquor, such as convenience stores, grocery stores and minisupers may sell alcohol Monday thru Saturday from 9a to 10p and those with permits for extra hours may also sell from 10p to midnight. On Sundays, stores may sell during the regular hours of 9a to 5p. Bars, nightclubs discos and cantinas are closed in Yellow.

The growth rate of cases in our Northern Zone is 0.64 and hospital occupancy is 10%.

Jan. 10  The Governor advises Quintanarroenses that tomorrow/Tuesday Cold Front #21 will be causing rain, wind, lightning, and lower temperatures around the state. The squiggles in our area indicate wind, while the circles indicate more rain is expected in the southern part of the state & Peninsula

Isla Mujeres al Momento reports a total of 16 employees tested positive during the first week of 2022 at the Isla Mujeres Community Hospital, including nurses, doctors and administrators. The document is from the hospital Director, requiring a checkpoint for hospital staff at the building entrance to detect anyone with symptoms, who will be given a PCR test.

The article says the situation is complicated by low pressure for the tap water, making it difficult for patients and staff to meet the frequent handwashing protocols. Union administrators are submitting a request to SESA to hire a private service for frequent disinfection of all areas of the hospital, saying there is insufficient staff available.
In-person group meetings have been discontinued, and a capacity-limit of three has been set for the dining room. Union leaders say it is important to resume measures that were implemented at the beginning of the pandemic, which included a special access area for suspected C-19 cases and separate entry areas.
Approval has been granted for the use of the oral medication molnupiravir for emergency use to treat Covid-19 patients with mild to moderate cases, and increased risks for complications. A prescription is required, and the Commission emphasized that this treatment should not be used unless medically indicated, and it is not a substitute for vaccination.
The head of COFEPRIS (Federal Commission for Protection Against Sanitary Risks), Alejandro Svarch Perez, noted that Mexico is one of the first countries to authorize the drug. He said, "This approval is being issued in record time, since health regulatory agencies around the world have scientific evidence which allows us to evaluate this oral therapeutic option as safe and effective, which will reduce hospitalizations due to Covid 19."

Jan. 8  Today, tomorrow & Monday, teens 15-17 can receive their second Pfizer vaccine. On Wed., Jan 12, first doses of Pfizer C-19 vaccine will be administered to those turning 15 in 2022.

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Sources for Weather Information:
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