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Isla Mujeres News & Events Thursday, July 29

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Both Zones of the state remain in Orange status thru August 8th. The graphs are in order of best to worst for the past week with Tulum & Isla Mujeres showing decreases of 39% & 38%. Benito Juarez (Cancun) continues to spike and Solidaridad (Playa del Carmen) has an historic peak.
     Isla Mujeres leads the state with 39.1% of our adult population fully vaccinated against C-19 and we're in second place with 77.1% having received at least one dose. More than a million vaccine doses have been administered in the state with 69.2% of adults receiving one dose (814,966) and 22% (259,356) receiving both doses. 
 The bar graph shows the confirmed cases from February (when vaccination began) thru July by age.
The text says that 100% of the people who are intubated in Quintana Roo were not vaccinated. Ninety percent of those hospitalized were not vaccinated and of the other 10%, 8.5% had a single dose and 1.5% received both doses. 

 Today....Prosecutors with the specialized unit for Forced Disappearance of Persons of the FGE (State Attorney General) presented evidence against the foreigner "Eduardo P", linking him to the crime of the forced disappearance in June of a female foreigner, originally from Germany, who had been reported missing. 


Experts and agents of the Investigative Police collected evidence at a home in Isla Mujeres and from a boat, which established that the detained foreigner, who was the boyfriend of the victim, probably caused injuries that caused her death. The evidence was presented before a judge who allowed "Eduardo P" to be linked to the process. He will remain in custody for the duration of the criminal proceedings.
During the complementary investigation by the Public Ministry, it will be determined whether accusation of the crime of femicide will be incorporated.
The caption says he is presumed innocent as long as judicial authorities have not declared his responsibility.
Note....Regine Beatrix Roessler, 62, was a foreign resident of Isla Mujeres who was reported missing since June 12, until fishermen recently found her body in the sea near Cabo Catoche. Our condolences to her family and friends.


Wednesday, July 28--This report says the body of the missing foreign woman was found in the sea at Cabo Catoche..
Regine Beatrix Roessler left her home in Isla Mujeres on June 12, allegedly to go shopping in Cancun, but wasn't seen again. An investigation was initiated after her roommate reported the case to the state prosecutor's office and the ALBA protocol was initiated, which has now been deactivated. The lifeless body of the German woman was found floating in the sea near Cabo Catoche by fishermen ten days ago, whose identity has now been confirmed, 42 days after her disappearance. Condolences to her family and friends.


Tuesday July 27... In this interview, the Governor explains that in the current Orange status restaurants and similar tourist businesses are allowed to operate at 50% capacity, without requirements about documentation of C-19 vaccines or tests. Those who want to operate at increased capacities, exceeding 50%, can obtain a certificate with all of their employees fully vaccinated or testing negative every three days, and requiring entering clients to present documentation of full vaccination or a negative test within 3 days, thereby creating a 'sanitary bubble'. Other measures required for increased capacity certification are:

• Give preference to the use of open spaces and maximize natural ventilation in enclosed spaces.
• These establishments should have HEPA filters and Carbon Dioxide meters in closed spaces that have no natural ventilation.
• Do not allow customer access (entry) after 10:30 pm.

Tuesday, July 27 

As of yesterday, there has been a total of 381 cases of C-19 officially reported in Isla Mujeres, with 39 deaths and 322 recovered. There have been 14,938 doses of C-19 vaccine administered in our municipality.

In our Northern Zone (which includes seven municipalities) the Growth Rate of cases has reached a record-high of 0.96. The previous week it was 0.84, and in the weeks before it was: 0.77, 0.73, 0.63, 0.6, 0.59, 0.55 and 0.58.
(NOTE--The Growth Rate is different from the "Contagion Rate" aka "Rt/Reproduction Rate", which has reached 1.1 for our Northern Zone. The Rt means each infected person is infecting 1.1 other people and the curve is increasing. The curve decreases when the Rt is below one.)


 Tuesday, July 27 Nearly a million doses of C-19 vaccine have been administered in Quintana Roo, as campaigns resumed in the state's municipalities yesterday. The total of 947,144 doses administered breaks down as follows:

Health Personnel-35,255
60+ - 193,029
50-59 - 227,786
40-49 - 201,032
30-39 - 207,866
18-29 - 45,466
Pregnant - 3062
and 3392 in other groups such a volunteers and active brigades


Say "No" because you are taking care of yourself and those you love--Cut the Chain of Contagion!
Say No...If you're invited to a party, a BBQ, a wedding, a gathering of friends, a birthday party. If you say no to an party invitation, it isn't because you don't want to have fun, it's because you are being responsible in this situation we are experiencing; that you are empathetic with the people who are suffering. You say no because you are a friend, an acquaintance, a family member; because you take care of yourself and protect the people you love and respect, including the family who organized the event. Break the Chain! Wear face masks. Stay home. If you have to go out, use healthy distancing. Wash your hands. Ventilate closed spaces. Don't be an accomplice, don't say nothing happens. Because I love you, because I respect you, because you are important to me--Say No.
From the Governor & the state Department of Communication. accompanied by a video.


 Tuesday, July 27-The Jetway ferries made a minor schedule change and continue to offer longer hours, with their first ferry departing the island at 6am and the last one leaving Puerto Juarez at 11pm. They added an 8:30pm crossing from Puerto Juarez, and eliminated the 3:30 departure.


Tuesday, July 27-- Yesterday at the C-19 vaccine administration for 18-29 year olds, organizers said there was a better turn-out compared to the event for the thirty-somethings. Administration of Astra-Zeneca vaccines to these young adults of Isla Mujeres will continue thru Thursday, 8a-6p, at the Bicentennial Dome. Both vaccine doses have been provided for all island residents 40+, and the thirty-somethings are awaiting their second dose. (on FB accompanied by a photo by TVIsla Mujeres of many young people seated at the dome, all wearing masks, with medical personnel and police standing

 Tuesday, July 27 Photos from yesterday's C-19 vaccination event for residents 18-29 years-old at the Bicentennial Dome, which continues thru Thursday. Islanders 40+ have been provided with both doses, and those in their thirties are awaiting their second jab.

Tuesday, July 27 

Yesterday, the lifeless body of a construction worker was found at the bottom of a pool at a house under construction at the Mar Turquesa subdivision, and the prosecutor's office is investigating to clarify if it was an accidental drowning.
On Sunday, a teenager died and another was transported to a Cancun hospital in serious condition after their motorcycle hit a parked truck near Parque Las Hormiguitas and the Yza pharmacy on avenida Martinez Ross.

Sunday, July 25--Screenshot from Video by TV IslaMujeres  The caption says this is one of three electrical generators being installed by the CFE (Federal Electrical Commission) to put an end to the recurrent blackouts. The reporter explains this is located in Sac Bajo near Zama beach club, and that the large generator at the airfield wasn't running.

Sunday--This sign on the Maritime Terminal downtown advises caution in this zone of high contagion and says that wearing a face mask is mandatory & it recommends healthy distancing. (Photo on FB by TVIsla Mujeres...with a family walking past the sign with no masks.

Saturday, July 24-- Maintenance work continued on the large electrical generator at the airfield; various neighborhoods have been experiencing outages. Screenshot from Video by TVIslaMujeres


Saturday, July 24--C-19 vaccines for residents 18-29 will be administered at the Bicentennial Dome, Monday thru Thursday 8a-6p. Bring your registration print-out (from the mi vacuna site), a copy of your CURP, ID, and utility bill.


Saturday, July 24--
The governor of Quintana Roo announced five extraordinary measures to provide safe spaces and give more opportunities to people to care for health, save lives and advance the economic recovery process. These recommended measures, which add to the 10 actions to control and reduce infections from Covid-19, are:
• Privilege the use of open spaces and maximize natural ventilation in enclosed spaces.
• When customers enter, request a vaccination voucher or negative antigen or PCR test test of no more than 72 hours.
• Personnel with the business should be vaccinated or present negative antigen or PCR test every three days.
• Do not allow customer access (entry) after 10:30 pm.
• That establishments have HEPA filters and Carbon Dioxide meters, in closed spaces that have no natural ventilation.
These are recommendations,not requirements. If a restaurant or similar business wants to exceed the 50% capacity limits, they can meet these requirements, creating a "sanitary bubble" of vaccinated and/or tested employees and clients, to receive a certification from COFEPRIS.
* With the participation of all, safe spaces will be created, the capacity of restaurants will be monitored and whoever does not comply will be closed.
* He advises that the situation that is being experienced due to Covid19 is complicated
The ten measures that have been in place are:
#1-Continuing to work as a team with all the Quintana Roo municipalities.
#2-Technological tools such as the Questionnaire Together We Avoid the Red (Graphic has QR code to access it).
#3-Increase actions of vigilance and implement new measures to avoid the state returning to red, with special attention to Benito Juarez (Cancun), Solidaridad (Playa del Carmen) and Tulum.
#4-Increase vigilance on Public Transport--
>>Correct use of face masks and hand gel, frequent sanitation of all units and their areas, sanctions for noncompliance, retention for up to 30 days or loss of the concession
>>Ferries and Boats--Sanitation before each cruise, complete respect of the boat's capacity, Keep healthy distance and use face masks at the terminals.
#5-Vaccination-More vaccines in coordination with the Federal Government, (The vaccination of persons 18-29 begins Monday in Isla Mujeres), Management to incorporate the tourism sector into the vaccination scheme.
#6-Closing time of businesses in the Northern Zone-Is 11pm Increase supervision of compliance with protocols and capacity limits, Compliance with Certification en Protection and Sanitary Prevention in Tourism Installations, Sanctions: fines, prolonged closures, and/or revocation of licenses.
#7-Closure of streets and mobility in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum-Closure of principal streets and avenues from 12am to 5am, limit circulation of vehicles and people.
#8-Increase C-19 testing in the cities-Identification and establishment of filters at 10 points of major concentration of people and vehicles at Cancun's commercial centers, paraderos and colonias (neighborhoods); maintain sanitary bubbles for tianguis and tourism points.
#9-Identification and signage for colonias and points of high contact--Geoportal & the Yellow Caps/Vests.
#10-Avoid social gatherings where measures of prevention are relaxed, Intensify the operations to detect and sanction improper social gatherings.


Last month, about 1.3 million passengers arrived on international flights, mostly from the US, while nearly 800k came from Mexican locations. By comparison, in ALL of 2020 Cancun received 6.8 million people, while in the previous two years visitors exceeded 16 million annually. (Sixteen million annually is an average of 1.3 million monthly.)
Cancun health authorities are reporting an average of 200 infections and seven deaths daily from C-19, with residents 20-35 being the most affected. From January to June 2021, about 1300 foreign tourists tested positive in Quintana Roo, on tests that are carried out before returning to their homelands, according the the State Secretary of Health. (That's an average of 217 per month.)
According to government data, 65% of adults in Q Roo have received at least one C-19 vaccine, but that number drops to 50% for Cancun. In Isla Mujeres, residents in their 30's received their first dose and those 40+ have been provided with both doses.
Although the area's "Orange" status limits hotel occupancy to 50%, more than 280 hotels are allowed to have 70%, mainly in Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cancun and the mainland area of Isla Mujeres.
Quintana Roo is the only state of the Yucatan Peninsula that remains in Orange on the updated Federal 'semaforo', as a third wave of C-19 affects the country. Nationwide, eight more states have joined us in Orange, the Green states have decreased from 19 to 3, and Sinaloa is now Red. On the updated State semaforo, both Zones of Quintana Roo remain in Orange, where our Zone has been since May 3rd.
The National Ministry of Health announced changes in the methodology of the Federal Epidemiological Light system, adapting to the new dynamics of infections, deaths and hospitalizations, and seeking to benefit the continuity of socio-economic activities. Modifications were made based on the fact that younger age groups are most affected in this third wave, as a result of progress with the (by-age) vaccination program.
The new system gives more weight to the Rt value and to trends in mortality & hospitalizations as early warning indicators. The Rt or Reproduction Rate measures how quickly the virus is spreading. When the Rt is higher than one, each infected person is infecting more than one other person, causing the curve to rise. Our Northern Zone of Q Roo is at 1.1. The Governor generally refers to this as the Contagion Rate.
The Undersecretary of Health, Dr. López-Gatell, said the new evaluation system will be a useful instrument for state authorities for the implementation of sanitary measures and provisions, and conduction of the epidemic. He emphasized that it is the responsibility of the federal government to prepare and give instruction about the health guidelines, but that it is the responsibility of local governments to implement actions based on the color of the traffic light.
The national Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer Varela, said strategies of mitigation and prevention must continue, as well as the dissemination of the importance of vaccination to avoid serious cases and deaths. A new set of guidelines for medications for infected patients has been released.

Thursday, July 22--As of today, the municipality of Isla Mujeres reports a total of 374 cases of C-19, with 39 deaths and 320 recovered since the pandemic began in 2020. Last Thursday, the total was 366 reported cases in Isla Mujeres, with 37 deaths and 306 recovered. This is an increase of 8 cases in a week and two deaths. One week prior (Thursday the 8th) there were 351 cases with 37 deaths and 295 recovered. That was a total of 15 new cases reported that week, and no deaths.

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Public events have been suspended due to C-19, mostly. Some holidays have featured online competitions and events. 

Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

LINK to US National Hurricane Center 


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