Thursday, December 17, 2020

Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Thursday, December 17

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We remain in Yellow on the state epidemiological light thru December 27th, as does the rest of the state. There was an improvement in our Northern Zone's Contagion Risk rate, which improved slightly this week from 1.3 to 1.0, and the Governor emphasized...Don't drop your guard, these holidays are complicated times.



Just after 10a yesterday (Wednesday) the Mayor wrote....I ask you to take your precautions because of the inconveniences caused by the strike carried out by the workers of Ultramar, which is an internal issue of the company that is affecting mobility with the mainland. It is important to emphasize that the cooperatives are already organized and supporting the crossing of personnel and citizens, as a government we will be attentive to the issue resolved as soon as possible.

 ~11:30a Wednesday--Ultramar reports their ferries are back to running on their regular schedules. (They weren't operating in the morning due to an employee strike.)

This is the current schedule that began Dec. 15

Wednesday morning--Smaller boats are providing transportation across the Bay, while the Ultramar ferry has not been operating this morning, allegedly due to a strike. News sources report the strike allegedly concerns a lack of payment of wages & benefits. There have been no official statements yet.


Dr. Salas, who has Covid-19 and was intubated & sedated in a Cancun hospital, has been extubated and yesterday (Wednesday) morning he posted: “In January, back on the battlefield!” Wednesday's update also said he was planning a video call that day or the following.  


 Tuesday, Isla Mujeres continues to report a total of 228 cases of C-19 with 20 deaths and now there are 194 recovered. The state geoportal for 12/14 has zero active cases for our municipality. On the national map for 12/14, Isla Mujeres reports 160 suspicious and 130 negatives.

 Wednesday-- Isla Mujeres continues to report a total of 228 cases of C-19 with 20 deaths and 194 recovered.

  Isla Mujeres continues to report a total of 228 cases of C-19 with 20 deaths and 194 recovered. The state geoportal for 12/16 reports 2 active cases, with one in colonia Amp. La Gloria and the other in colonia La Gloria. On the national map for 12/16, Isla Mujeres reports 168 suspicious and 130 negatives.


There was a brief power outage yesterday (Wednesday) and the generators on the airfield were activated.


 Tuesday--News reports say municipal police captured an armed suspect, following the murder of V.F., known as Pocholo, who died immediately after being shot at ~4pm downtown, after he (the victim) tried to escape from the street into the Joaquin golf cart rentals, near the Harbor Master's office. The arrest was made just south of there, near the car ferry and the whale shark monument. The suspect, allegedly Kevin J.T.N. was made available to the Attorney General's office. 


LINK   Official Declaration by the Governor concerning all the municipalities of the state, effective December 15th:
#1--Mandatory and ongoing observance of the state epidemiological traffic light, established as a health safety/security measure, is required for all persons, natural and legal, (personas físicas y morales) who are in Quintana Roo, which includes respecting the allowable capacity according to the activity being carried out; the maximum capacity for public transportation services; and compliance with preventative health measures issued by authorities. This includes mandatory and ongoing observance and compliance with the decrees issued by SEFIPLAN (Ministry of Finance and Planning) regarding schedules and suspensions of the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages throughout the state.
#2-- Anyone over 60 years of age or with hypertension, diabetes, heart or lung disease, immuno-suppression or immuno-deficiency, or pregnant/recently postpartum should stay at home, whether or not their work activity is considered essential.
A restriction on the number of people in private vehicles and public transport is contemplated. In the case of rental cars, there is a maximum of three passengers, including the driver. Collectivo vehicles can travel with 50 percent of the maximum passenger capacity. The mandatory use of a face mask is established for all persons outside their home and on board public passenger transport vehicles. Social events, meetings and gatherings of more than 10 people are canceled, on the occasion of December parties, which should preferably be done outdoors and with the use of face masks as much as possible. The installation of sanitary filters (checkpoints) is instructed at the entrances and exits of the municipalities, as well as at points deemed necessary. With this declaration, it is provided that the person who interferes or opposes the implementation of these sanitary measures or who, in absentia/in rebellion, refuses to comply with the provisions, will be sanctioned in terms of the Health Laws of the State of Quintana Roo.
#3--Suspension of face-to-face work in state offices Dec. 14-Jan 15, except activities related to processing documents (atención de trámites) and public services. Agencies that carry out face-to-face activities must continue with mandatory observance of the established health safety/security measures. 


 VIDEO of the Governor's conversation with Dr. Carlos Castillo Salgado, Director of John Hopkin's Global Public Health Observation and a professor of epidemiology at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore about the importance of face masks. The doctor explained that the use of a face mask represents a protection of up to 60% to avoid contagion by coronavirus, so it is an important protection tool that is available now. He warned that not using them can cause high levels of infections. He spoke about the importance of paying attention to science and scientific studies demonstrating the benefits of face masks to reduce spreading of the virus, as opposed to the misinformation being spread on social media. He also talked about the dangers of gatherings during Christmas, New Years, and Three Kings Day causing more cases, and the importance and benefits of face masks & he discussed the vaccines. The Governor emphasized the importance of wearing face masks and the importance of paying attention to scientists like the doctor.

 The Governor spoke about the increases that are occurring, particularly in Chetumal & about the measures that are being taken to turn the curve from increasing to decreasing, which include administering 10,000 rapid tests focusing on the area of high contagion. In addition to Chetumal, this testing has begun in Cancun/Benito Juarez and Solidaridad/Playa del Carmen. The process is explained (and demonstrated in a video) which takes about 10 minutes & includes use of QR codes.  The Governor again warned against gathering for the holidays, of only gathering with those in your household, and preferably outdoors. He said there are phone numbers to report meetings of more than 10 people or where protocols are not being followed. He said starting December 15, there will be fines or penalties, established by decrees.
In the comments, he said the tests are free and the 10,000 are being administered as follows--3000 in the Southern Zone, 5000 in our Northern Zone and 2000 to pregnant women. He said complaints about capacity violations in public transport can be reported to IMOVEQROO at 983 185 3403 and replied to a complaint about the lack of healthy distancing on Ultramar ferries, by saying they will be addressing this situation. He said complaints about non-compliance with mandatory face masks can be made to 911.


Yesterday/Wednesday-Fire extinguished at a CFE (Federal Electrical Commission) substation--with no injuries and minor damage.


The National Minimum Wage Commission decreed a 15% wage increase despite objections from the private sector.  The current minimum wage of 123.22 pesos per day will increase to 141.70 peso daily in 2021. (From ~$6.15/day to $7/day).  Two new professions were added to the list of minimum wages with domestic workers receiving an increase of 25% to receive 154.03 pesos daily and agricultural workers getting a 30% increase, to receive 160.19 pesos daily.  (~$7.75 & $8/day).

    This could contribute to the loss of nearly 700,000 companies in the next three months, with loss of jobs, according to the president of COPARMEX (Employers Confederation of the Mexican Republic).  He said that between March and July, nearly 1.2 million formal jobs were lost and over 1 million micro, small, and medium size enterprises have disappeared, based on INEGI data.

 From the City (Ayuntamiento de Isla Mujeres)

 Wear face masks in public spaces.

 When you leave your house, always were face masks

 The Young Islander Merit Awards 2020 were presented. The A category for ages 12-17 was won by Yaremi Mendoza Uh, 15, who has represented Isla Mujeres at various speaking and political debate competitions and participated in the Children's Parliament and in the state taekwondo competition, as well as winning first place the CUAM's Carribbean Scientific Research Encounter.

In the 18-29 Category B, the winner was María José Cruz Tun, who has been a resident of Isla Mujeres since she was three months old, but was born in Campeche. She is currently a Specialist Engineer for PEMEX Exploration & Production in Villahermosa, Tabasco, and won this award for her professional and academic trajectory, as well as being an example for island youths of overcoming and constancy. She has received recognition as an instructor for inter-semester courses at UNAM, as a semi-finalist at the UNAM knowledge competition and for her participation in the Youth Excellence program CitiBanamex UV. In April 2019, she presented her thesis at the Student Paper Competition hosted by the Society of Petroleum Engineers in Houston Texas. She was accepted as a speaker at the 2020 edition of the CMP (Mexican Petroleum Congress), but participation was postponed until 2021, due to the pandemic.  Officials gave recognition to all who participated in this competition, which was part of Youth Day.


 The Mayor posted that Ultramar lied & that islanders and state residents are not going to be charged a sanitation fee, which they are exempted from since it went into effect in January 2019 and he posted Article 58 of the Treasury Laws of the municipality of Isla Mujeres. He said it is outrageous that the islands small and medium-sized businesses meet their tax/fee obligations and Ultramar refuses.

 TVisla Mujeres 

The state Director of Port Administration in Isla Mujeres said that the operation of the Maritime Terminal on the island is well below last year at this time, as a result of the pandemic and restrictions that continue in many countries. She said passenger traffic is about 8000-9000 daily, while it exceeded 18,000 per day before the pandemic. She said the terminal remains subject to safety and hygiene protocols, and noted that the outlook is uncertain regarding tourism and people's travel plans. It is noted that the Director of Tourism reported that global hotel occupancy is at 50 percent, but many have hopes for improvement in January, when more tourists are expected to arrive from the United States and Canada. LINK   


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Full moon rising over the Caribbean  


Full moon Nov 30 Monday 6:28p

Dec 1-Tuesday at 7:15p

Dec 2 Wednesday at 8:06p

Dec 3 Thursday at 9:01p

Dec 4 Friday at 9:58p

 Sunrise 7:08-7:24 (beginning vs end of month)

Sunset 6:04-6:16


Public events have been suspended due to C-19. Holidays have featured online competitions and events. 

The usual Patron Saint festivities from late November until her Día de la Inmaculada Concepcion on December 8th are suspended, but the priest will celebrate a Mass with a holy rosary each day for each of the groups and organizations, according to a schedule.

Saturday, Dec. 12 Dia de Guadalupe, Patron Saint of Mexico

Sunday, Dec 13-14 Peaking of the Geminid meteor shower--This is one of the two best showers of the year (the other is August Perseids). The sky will be dark all night (new moon) & the largest numbers will be visible around 2a (when the radiant point is highest in the sky). But you should see them from mid evening until dawn, weather permitting. There should be a 'smattering' of meters the nights before & after, and it builds to a peak the week before. This shower features meteors that tend to be bold, white and quick, with up to 50-150 per hour when peaking in optimal conditions, like this year's moonless sky. On Dec. 11,12,13, the slender lunar crescent and planet Venus will rise in the eastern sky at or near dawn.

Posadas Navidenas Dec 16-24 will presumably be suspended along with the two decorated Caravans. 

Monday, Dec. 21-Solstice

Tuesday, Dec 22-Dark predawn hours-Ursid Meteors (active Dec 17-26, much less than Geminids)

Thursday, Dec. 24 Noche Buena--Many families celebrate, so some businesses may close early and the last ferry crossing could be suspended, as well as the first one on Christmas morning. 

Friday, Dec 25- Christmas

Dec 27-Jan 10-Quadrantid meteors, which will peak Jan 2-3, but the moon will interfere. 

Monday, Dec 28-Dia de los Santos Innocentes--Similar to "April Fool's Day"

Thursday, Dec 31-New Year's Eve events will presumably be digital & public events suspended.

Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres


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