Friday, March 27, 2020

Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Friday, March 27

  Here's the webcam LINK, which also has time lapse of the past 24 hours.
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As of 6p, March 26, in the state of Quintana Roo, laboratory results are: 28 positive cases of Covid-19 with one death, 32 cases under study, and 93 negative cases. They are 23 in Benito Juarez (Cancun), 4 in Solidaridad (Playa del Carmen) and 1 in Othon P Blanco (Chetumal), with 3 hospitalized and 25 in social isolation. They are 15 foreigners and 13 Mexicans, who are 11 women and 17 men. You're reminded to maintain social distance of 1.5 meters from other people.

Effective today, Friday, March 27, Ultramar passenger ferry schedule Puerto Juarez-Isla Mujeres.
From the City....

The Mayor says he has advised the municipal police department to increase patrols during this contingency, to keep Isla Mujeres safe and at peace. 

Governmental officials toured various stores to prevent and detect the underground sale of alcohol, which is punishable by fines and even closure.

The Mayor and a PROFECO (Consumer Protection agency) official toured stores to ensure they are in compliance with laws requiring that prices are displayed and prices on basic groceries (the canasta basico) are within perimeters and prices are not being inflated. VIDEO   Complaints can be made at 800 468 8722 or at 

TVisla Mujeres    

VIDEO from the state Secretary of Tourism Marisol Vanegas about the current situation in the state regarding tourist matters during the coronavirus contingency, including recommendations to avoid going out unnecessarily, to maintain social distancing, to take care of your family members & to use the recommended hygiene measures.

TVIM gives statistics from yesterday noting that the patient who died was a 74 year-old Mexican man. The state Secretary of Health said he entered  intensive care  in grave condition, with a history of smoking tobacco, and having diabetes and hypertension. LINK LINK    (NOT IN ISLA MUJERES). He passed away at the Genearl Hospital "Jesus Kumate Rodriguez, and is the first death from coronavirus in Quintana Roo. His contacts were duly identified and are in isolation and sanitary surveillance. Handling of the body was carried out in accordance with protocols established by WHO/PAHO.The patient, Abimael Sanchez passed away at 11am Thursday, with septic shock, hepatic encephalopathy and liver failure, and had entered the hospital on March 25th.

Mayor Juan Carrillo announced "Increased  Recommendations" ('Recomendación Ampliada') will begin next weekend to prevent the spread of Coronavirus among the Isla Mujeres population.

 ***NOTE--Since he said this yesterday, on Thursday, "a partir del próximo fin de semana" may mean this weekend.***

  The Mayor said that while many have understood the message to stay indoors to prevent the spread of Covid-19, others are still going out for various reasons. He said that in order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus these days, he will make an "increased recommendation" which could establish administrative sanctions for those who do not respect them.   
    He said that the Ministry of Health has been very clear in the recommendations made to the community, especially now that phase 2 has been decreed.
      He said the islanders must also abide by these provisions since otherwise they not only expose their own health, but also that of their loved ones and friends. He said, "Now I am seeing few people in the streets, but it is important to stay at home; next weekend we will make a very amplified  recommendation (una amplísima recomendación) and whoever does not comply with it could spend the night in the separation areas." (quien no la acate podría pasar la noche en los separos)

The Navy is recruiting Mexican health professionals for a period of six months. LINK 

Due to COVID-19, the amount of trash collected in Isla Mujeres has decreased significantly LINK   
   Low hotel occupancy and the closure of  restaurants and downtown businesses has caused the production of trash to decreased by nearly 70 percent (sic. ~40%). The municipal Director of Public Services said the crews are working normally and covering 100% of the routes.
   Due to the health contingency, trash production has decreased on the routes serving downtown, the beaches and Sac Bajo. He said trash production in the colonias has remained about the same.
         He said until recently, they were collecting over 55 tons of trash daily, and now there are 30 to 32. (55 tons minus 40 percent would be a reduction ~22tons, leaving 33 tons.) However, there ae still ~1800+ tons that had accumulated, which are being reduced during these days, and transported to the Continental Zone, with the 32 tons that are collected daily.

From  Por Esto :

First suspected case in Isla Mujeres LINK  (see yesterday's edition)
  On Wednesday afternoon, the first suspected case of coronavirus was registered in Isla Mujeres, with results pending until Friday.  The Isla Mujeres Community Hospital Director, Leily Osorio Mares said she spoke with the patient on Thursday morning, who is stable and in home isolation, with protocols in place to contain and mitigate the spread of the virus. The Director stressed that at this time there have been no positive (confirmed) cases in the municipality of Isla Mujeres. 
   She said those who become infected will be advised to confine themselves in their homes for 14 days while recovering, noting there are no medicines to treat this illness, nor vaccines. Those with fevers above 38 degrees and shortness of breath will be treated at the hospital.
   The identity of the patient was not disclosed, but there are rumors that is was a tourism service vendor at the Maritime Terminal, who is presumed to have been infected, if it were confirmed he was ill, by contact with a tourist. 
 Dr. Osorio reiterated the recommendations to take preventative measures by avoiding going outside and to do so only if necessary. She recommended eating well and exercising if there is space at home or taking advantage of an open space, such as the beach early orlate, to strengthen your immune system, in accordance with recommendations by various health professionals regarding this contingency. 
   State statistics are given (see above) and it is noted that as of Thursday morning, in Mexico, there were 475 positive cases of whom 6 are dead and 4 have recovered. Mexicans are reminded to use Healthy Distancing, which is force from March 23 to April 21st. The federal Undersecretary of Health, Hugo Lopez Gatell, reported that during Phase 3, the time of greatest incidence, the Nave and the Army will participate with their support.

More pigeons than people on the beaches     LINK  

  At midday on Thursday on Playa Centro, there were more pigeons than tourists, and the sands were nearly deserted, due to precautions people are taking to avoid getting coronavirus. There were only a half dozen people on this second most popular beach on this island.
   The ferries from Puerto Juarez are arriving at about one-third capacity one each crossing. Some residents are still leaving to purchase items and a few visitors are arriving, so the frequency of crossing could be reduced further at any time, but there are no plans to close the ferries for entering or exiting.
  The Punta Sam cargo-vehicle ferry schedule was reduced from five departures to four on Thursday and Friday, with three on Saturday and two on Sunday.


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Full moon rising over the Caribbean 
 At Sunset--March  9  7:09p (sets 7:07a)
March 10   8:13
March 11   9:17
 March 12  10:20
 March 13   11:22
This is the second of four supermoons for 2020. The Moon will be at its closest approach to the Earth while full, causing it to appear slightly larger and brighter than usual.

 Sunset  6:52-7:02pm (beginning vs end of month)
Sunrise ~7:07-6:40am
Painting by Pamela Haase at MVC
The Events section will resume when there are public events scheduled.

Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres


The buses operate from 6a to 10p. The overhead digital display indicates whether they're going to the Tourism areas or the Colonias.The bus numbers don't indicate the route, they're numbered 1 thru 10.

The main downtown stops are just south of the Maritime (Ultramar) Terminal & across the street from it. In Centro, the buses stay on Medina, except they turn around near the Convention Center, behind the downtown Mercado. Outside of town, there are no designated stops & you flag them. Exit thru the back door, first pushing the red button nearby so the driver knows to stop.

Pay the driver 38 pesos/$2usd (or $9/175p for an all day pass). The front seats are for seniors, disabled & pregnant women. The 32 passenger buses have air conditioning & security cameras. (State residents pay 10p, INAPAM card holders & local students pay 5p.)  LINK to bus company page on FB.


Route 1 goes down the western side on Rueda Medina and returns northward on the east side via Jesus Martinez Ross. Its west-east transit is Paseo de los Peces in colonia La Gloria.

Route 2 goes down the eastern side on Jesus Martinez Ross and returns northward on the west side via Medina. Its east-west transit is also Paseo Peces.

Routes #1 & #2 aren't exact opposites.
#1 takes J.M. Ross northward all the way from Peces to downtown, traveling thru Salina Chica,
 #2 going southward turns left/east just before Salina Chica, leaving JM Ross & taking the Caribe Coastal road thru Meteorologico. I've heard it turns right/west back into the colonias by Madera Food & Art.


Now the company advises riding #3 to Sac Bajo and #4 to Punta Sur. 

Route 3 goes to Sac Bajo, down the western side of the isle on Medina.
(It was originally advertised as also going to Punta Sur. Then they said it only went to P.S. when that was the destination of passengers aboard, and otherwise after routing thru Sac Bajo it turned east on Paseo Peces & returned via the Caribbean Coastal road, Payo Obispo.)

Route 4 goes to Punta Sur & Garrafon down east side on the Caribbean Coastal road and returning northward on Medina to town.

This isn't a bus route map, it's a street map, showing how Jesus Martinez Ross follows the Caribbean coast until becoming the main street of Salina Chica and going on to La Gloria, while the Caribe Coastal road (aka Payo Obispo) follows the coast. The east-west transit, Paseo de los Peces, is shown, but not labeled, between colonia La Gloria and the Mundaca Hacienda. 

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