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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Friday, September 27

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Wednesday's sunset from MVC B&B 

There was a power outage this Wednesday morning around 9am for less than an hour and the Mayor explained it was caused by a problem in the line in the Continental Zone, and he said power was being provided by the generators at the airfield. There was another outage for a couple hours that started after 3p, and power returned a little while ago (~5:30~6p).

Raising awareness about breast cancer

Four new trash collection trucks were received this year to ensure the cleanliness of Isla Mujeres
Campaigns have taken place in 25 colonias in the municipality for a cleaner Isla Verde, with a firm commitment to being ecologically-friendly.

On the 25th of each month, Dia Naranja-Orange Day is commemorated, to raise awareness against violence toward women and girls.This month, posters to raise awareness were placed around the island, and there was a mega-class of Zumba, with participants wearing orange, at the Senior Citizen park.

Personnel with Civil Protection have been cleaning out the storm drainage system. They are providing maintenance at various points on the island, particularly the lower areas where water accumulates when it rains. Work was being done on along Rueda Medina at the absorption pits and other drains.

Municipal police arrested 18 year old Adrian JV for allegedly stealing a cell phone from a local establishment, who was chased by residents. The police chief said he could be released  within hours if no complaint is filed against him, and noted he is a repeat offender. .  The crime carries a sentence of six months to six years, if charged and convicted. The official said police would have more success if victims of crime would follow through and file complaints, otherwise the suspects are released to commit more crimes.

Maintenance for the seven hurricane shelters on the island and for the five on the mainland LINK
  The main hurricane shelter is at the southern end of the island,  two are in primary schools, one is the middle school, in the lodges of the taxi union and City workers union, and at the Naval base.  

The Trash Transfer Facility has been cleaned out, and all of the organic and inorganic trash has been removed.
Trash is collected at 8p-10p and residents are asked to cooperate, and to separate their trash (into organic and inorganic...the collectors will also recycle aluminum that's separated.)

Breaking records at the Tortugranja 
The number of protected sea turtle nests this year so far is 1418, which has already exceeded last year's total of 1190 nests, by 209 nests. The season officially ends on October 15th, but monitoring continues until the end of the month, and it is expected that a record-breaking 1500 nests will be protected.The highest number so far occurred in 2017.  So far, 161,949 eggs have been collected, with a expected hatch rate of 80 percent. It is  noted that there are also about 80-90 nests that were left in place.
   Agencies assisting with the Sea Turtle Protection program (which began in May) are: the Navy (SEMAR), municipal Civil Protection & Firefighters Department, PROFEPA (Federal Environmental Protection Agency), municipal Police Department, and ZOFEMAT (Federal Zone Agency), as well personnel and volunteers with the Tortugranja.  

For World Maritime Day (Sept. 26) the City is sponsoring a Drawing Competition for children aged 6-12. The deadline for bringing drawings to the Casa de la Cultura is Sept. 30th and prizes will be awarded on October 1st. The theme is "Guardians of the Seas"  The overall theme this year is "Empowering Women in the Maritime Community".

Inauguration of the municipal Volleyball league 
  The municipal volleyball league has categories for children, youths, and open, and was inaugurated at the Green Dome in colonia Salina Chica.

TVisla Mujeres    

Cabbies given deadline   LINK  
  The Mobility Institute has given the Isla Mujeres taxi union a deadline of October 12th, to get their paperwork in order because a majority of the union members haven't completed the annual renewal process of the vehicle with the Institute. The notice was dated Sept. 12th and they were given 30 days to comply. Noncompliance can make them subject to sanctions from 151 to 700 UMA's (An UMA is a "Unit of Measurement" and is the new term for the Minimum Daily Wage, and is about 102 pesos/day), which means the sanctions could be from 12,757 pesos to 59,143 pesos.
NOTE--The new Mobility Institute enacted new regulations that were supposed to go into effect in March that included cars must be 5 years or less in age and must have working air bags and seat belts. There are a number of taxis on the isle that lack passenger air bags.

   Noti Isla Mujeres     

Police returned a backpack to a worker of a 'well known maritime company', moments after it was lost (photos).

New regulations regarding golf cart rental agencies transporting gasoline
 The agencies will only be able to transport multiple gas cans before 10am, after that they may only carry one can per trip. They must use standard fuel containers that are in good shape, and they cannot transport them on scooters. Guidelines are given for transportation which recommend using the rear box and securing them with a belt that is a minimum of a half-inch wide. If using a rear box isn't an option, they may use the seats and the floor of the cart, with the cans secured firmly. They must also carry a six-pound extinguisher of the type PQS, and understand how to use it.

VIDEO of golf cart abruptly making a U Turn downtown, in front of a cab, who yielded, and the cart went up on the median tilting as it ran over the base of a tree, then falling over when it hit the second tree. 

Notice about municipal regulations for hours when alcohol can be served, which are listed according to their various classifications. Bars & Cantinas--Mon-Sat 11a-5p, Restaurant-Bars Mon-Sun 7a-11p, Discos-Mon-Sun 9p-2a, Night Centers (Centros Nocturnos) Mon-Sat 7p-2a, and Piano-Singing Bars Mon-Sat 5p-2a. Owners are given 60 minutes to close after these hours. Cantinas must be closed by 7p.

Six teams have signed up for the Veterans basketball league and the next meeting will be at Las Hormiguitas Park, the Venado court on Friday, Sept. 27 at 6p.

Campaign for the prevention of cervical and breast cancer with free services every Thursday at the Community Hospital

   La Tertulia 
Yesterday at ~8:30am, a ~30 year-old construction worker was on his way to work at "La Diosa" by Punta Sur, who had complained of chest pain earlier, and  he died from what is presumed to be a cardiac arrest. Condolences to his family and friends.

From  Por Esto :

Construction worked died from apparent heart attack  

Albañil muere de paro cardíaco

 See translation above. He collapsed in a brushy area, about 100 meters from Garrafon Park, and the other workers didn't know how to assist him. They called authorities to report a lifeless body, who arrived an found the young man without vital signs, and lacking identification. His backpack with his tools was next to him, and it is presumed he is not from the island, as is the case with most construction workers, who often come from other states such as Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, or Yucatan. The area was cordoned off by Police, staff from the state Attorney General's office came to the site, and personnel with the Medical Examiners office removed the body and will conduct an autopsy. There were no signs of injuries.

First Aid Trauma Training  

Imparte capacitación la Semar

   Naval personnel are providing training in Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support, and it is noted that every year, 24,000 Mexicans die in road accidents, of which 52% are pedestrians, which represents a real challenge. There was a practice drill in colonia Salina of extraction from a (Navy) vehicle. The course began on Wednesday and will end on Thursday, with a total of 18 hours of training. About 25 people attended.  The course is offered to rescuers, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, doctors and nurses who provide emergency service

Installation of the new underwater cable  

Instalarán nuevo cable submarino

The CFE has already assigned financial resources to replace the underwater cables that supply electricity from Punta Sam to Isla Mujeres in 2020, according to Mayor Juan Carrillo. The announcement for bids was made on August 6, 2019, and the decision occurred on September 9th. The signing of the contract was scheduled for Sept. 30 at 1pm in Mexico City. The Mayor estimated that work on placing the new seven-kilometer line will begin next summer.
   Regarding Wednesday's outages, these were reportedly caused by damage to the cable in Punta Sam, which supplies the island, by private work taking place in that area. The CFE confirmed that they repaired the line successfully, which is a four-wire cable. It is noted that there is enough diesel to supply the generators during any contingency of this type, with the addition of a double trailer truck which increased the amount of fuel to 64 cubic meters, which can run the generators for 15 hours. 

Power outages twice on Wednesday   

Dos apagones en toda la isla

 The first outage was from 9am to 9:55am, and the second was from 3:25pm to 5:20pm, which is the first time in recent months. It is noted that there was a 15 hour outage two years ago, which is less of a concern since a generator was installed at the airfield this year, which is capable of providing power for the entire island.

Popular middle school director retires   

Apreciado director pasa al retiro

   The Director of the Middle School, Benito Juarez, Carlos Canto Salazar, announced his retirement, after 31 years of service. It is noted that he has achieved good results in the past 14 months, working in coordination with the Parents organization and other staff. The average of the students has risen another tenth of a point since last semester, to 8.3. There have been improvements and maintenance for the campus, which currently serves 599 students, which is a record-breaking number for the school.

Alleged repeat thief released after no complaint was filed  

Ladroncete libre nuevamente

   See translation above. This says he was in a commercial establishment for a purchase, and while the attendant wasn't paying attention, he stole a cell phone and ran, but was captured, thanks to timely intervention by neighbors & nearby workers.

Regulation of transportation of fuel for rental golf carts

Regulan traslado de combustible en carros de golf

Some eateries close temporarily for low season  

Cierran negocios

  The leader of CANACO, the Chamber of Commerce, Juan Carrillo Figueroa, who is also a restaurateur, said an average of about ten restaurants close during low season and will reopen between mid and late October. He said among these restaurants, two plan to reopen with new owners and a different name. This includes “Taquerías Medina” on Hidalgo, who've permanently closed their doors.Some owners use the time to remodel and give vacations to their staff, which is the case with his restaurant Fayne's.  He said some other businesses take vacations, noting a diving agency was doing that. He said the seasonal closures include: “Tres Mentiras”, “Olivia”, “Chacha Grill”, “Faynes”, “El Patio”, “Gin and Fish”, “Fuego de Mar” and “Nunccios”. (He says Asia Caribe is about to close until mid-October, but really their temporary closure is over and they've reopened. And I heard the closure of Topaz isn't temporary.)
  He said some will open in mid-October and others at the end of November, when tourists begin to arrive, especially from North America where they will be fleeing the cold weather. Currently there are very few people on the island, and for some it isn't worth it to stay open.He said there are more people on Hidalgo on the weekends, and some restaurants had many clients on Saturday, since some others weren't open. 

Port open for general navigation 

Puerto abierto a todo tipo de embarcación

 Sept. 25    The port is open and it is slow season with fewer tourists, and therefore less business for the boats offering touristic services, and fewer people arriving by ferry or recreational boats. 

Salina lakes maintaining their levels  

Salinas mantienen sus niveles

   Salina lake levels were monitored during the recent rainfalls, but there was no need to turn on the pumps which lower their levels as needed. The head of Civil Protection said they are currently about a half meter below the point when they overflow onto the salt flats, and the pumps will be turned on when the water reaches 30-40 centimeters. The levels are currently low, and they will continue monitoring them, because rain is forecast in the next few days. He noted that people should be attentive to the presence of storms because the most active time for systems to form into tropical storms or  hurricanes in in September until nearly the end of October.

Isla Mujeres news briefs   

Breves de Isla Mujeres

Sept 24. The water levels in the Salina lakes remain low and the DIF social service agency is ready for its breast cancer prevention campaign next month. Businesses are joining in the effort by using pink lighting or paint and wearing pink accessories, such as bows. Breast cancer occurs in two out of ten women.

Islander will represent Quintana Roo in a singing competition   

Isleño representará a QR en concurso de canto

Islander Aldahir Dávila Baeza, 19, has passed the state level auditions for the reality show "Academia" and will join 11 other competitors from Quintana Roo to audition at the national level. He is a singer and will be one of the 23 finalists selected to audition for the show on Aztec Television. 
   The state contest was held this weekend at the Puerto Cancun Marina, with about 800 participants. He has had vocal training since a young age and is currently studying in Merida for a degree in languages. He has represented the island in other competitions.


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Full moon rising over the Caribbean 

September 13   6:56
September 14   7:30
September 15  8:04
September 16  8:38
September 17   9:14
September 18   9:51
September 19  10:33
September 20  11:18
Painting by Pamela Haase
Sunset  ~7:00-7:05p (start-end/mo)
Sunrise ~6:30-6:36a (start-end/mo)
September Events 
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events

Wednesday nights at 8:45p, the group "Isla en Bici" bike around the isle, meeting at Juarez &  Abasolo. Lights required, helmet recommended. LINK   

In September,  fishermen in this region are banned from catching  Shrimp & Conch  LINK 

The new date for the Women's Fishing Tournament "El Dorado del Caribe" still hasn't been announced.

By Diane Daniel
Protection of nesting sea turtles continues on the east coasts of the island thru mid-October and the eggs are collected and taken to the incubation pen at the Tortugranja. Releases of the hatchlings are done by personnel with the facility at sunrise or sunset when there is less heat and fewer predators. Three species nest on the island, with the most nests being from Green turtles, second are the Loggerhead, and third are the Hawksbill.

Incubation pen

Nests & tracks at MVC B&B
By Tony Garcia

Whale shark tour season ends in mid-September. September tends to be one of the busier months for storms & hurricanes.

Sunday, Sept. 8-Soccer at 5p at the field in Salina Chica--Club Isla Mujeres vs Noh Bec

Saturday, Sept 14-8a Boat procession taking the Virgin of Caridad del Cobre to Isla Contoy from the Marine Terminal pier, after the 7a mass and a procession to the dock. About 1200 participants are expected, and about 120 small and medium sized boats.

Independence Day Celebrations:

Sunday, Sept. 15- MegaBoom will perform. Festivities start at 10p & include DJ Dani, and the Mayor reading the Grito & ringing the bell. Tables on sale at the Town Hall from 12p-8p.

Monday, Sept 16-Parade on the main street usually scheduled to start around 8. It usually goes from South to North from the Naval base, with a reviewing stand in the vicinity of the 7-11.

Friday, Sept. 20- Dance to salsa, cumbia and more under the stars on the Town Square starting at 8p, performed by the Naval band “El Galeón”. Enjoy a Noche de Paz Magica! Free. And check out the new food trucks on the nearby malecon at the Paso de la Trigueña.Cancelled due to weather.
Saturday is the International Day of Peace.

Saturday, Sept. 21 Cleanup 8a-10a meeting by North Garden (near Sea Hawk Divers & Buhos).

 Sunday, Sept. 22 Soccer at 5p at the soccer field in Salina Chica--Isla Mujeres vs Cozumel.

Monday, Sept. 23-Equinox-Autumn begins 
Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

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