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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Monday, Jan. 8

This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte.  HERE is a timelapse version, that you can set to slow or fast (fps-frames per second). It takes a few seconds to load.
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From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (  FB page link)

Committed to the safety of our visitors  and of the island families, we activated the security operation Guadalupe - Reyes, with a final result of a "saldo blanco" (no incidents). (Guadalupe-Reyes is the holiday period from Dia de Guadalupe, Dec. 12, to Dia de Reyes, Jan 6.)

     Thanks to the coordinated work with the Departments of Public Safety and Municipal Traffic, we maintained a salado blanco in this holiday season. LINK.   VIDEO    
   Thanks to the coordinated work of the three levels of government, the security operations for the Guadalupe Reyes holiday period were successful and the season concluded with a "saldo blanco". These include the Department of the Navy, (SEMAR), the Port Administration of Quintana Roo (APIQRoo), the Department of Public Safety and Municipal Traffic, the Department of Civil Protection and Fire, the Department of Public Services, the Red Cross, and the Department of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone (ZOFEMAT).
     The municipal president, Juan Carrillo Soberanis, said his government are committed to ensuring the safety of islanders and vacationers, and the Christmas holidays were no exception
      Isla Mujeres is currently considered one of the main resorts in the Mexican Caribbean, thanks to its natural charms, gastronomy, but above all because it is calm and peaceful.

We ended the holiday season Guadalupe - Reyes with a record of more than 10,000 visitors per day and 100% hotel occupancy in the last days of 2017. Thank you for your visit!


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link to photos & articles)

Operation Guadalupe-Reyes concluded with a saldo blanco (no incidents). LINK 

Excellent celebration for Dia de los Reyes  LINK  
       The celebration for Kings Day featured the presentation of a superhero show, surprises and gifts for all the children who gathered with their families at the baseball field "El Pescador". The Mayor and City government are committed to keeping traditions alive and supporting Isla families and healthy lifestyles.


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles & photos

Taxis are difficult to catch  
Imposible usar taxi[+] Ver masFull article at this link

      The problem for taxi users in Isla Mujeres is actually much more critical than most people think, passengers have to wait in vain for an hour to be transferred to their places of work and to return home. 
      There have been several complaints and the are desperately requesting the support of the new board of directors of the taxi drivers union to take measures, because this represents a problem with doing their work. 
       Faced with these circumstances, they ask for alternative services such as Uber and an urban transport service, since  the municipal authorities have not issued a call for bids for public transportation, despite two years passing since the company Isla Turican finished their contract. It is noted they didn't attend to the terms of their contract.   
         The complaints are very frequent in the social networks, as it is the case of the woman Sara Vázquez García, who had to wait 45 minutes last night at the corner of Guerrero and Matamoros, before she was given a taxi ride. She published her complaint on the group "Zona Libre Isla Mujeres", saying, "Good Afternoon. I'm not one to speak against anyone, but today I'm upset. This is the sixth time it has taken 45 minutes for a taxi to stop, and now that is enough. I took pictures of some of the taxis that blatantly passed by with no passengers or one passenger." She added , "I'm an islander. I have to pay for a taxi. Of that there is no doubt, then I don't think people will get mad if I  bring my Uber here on the island.  (No creo que la gente se enoje si llego a poner mi Uber aquí en la isla.)  Several taxis are shown in the photos she posted online, including some that are one behind the other, among them are #23 and #80. 
   The taxi drivers are disdaining local users to seek tourists and earn dollars, which is a typical attitude of many of them during high season. This causes locals to arrive to their commitments late, and on Monday when classes resume, the students will also begin to experience this.

2017 closed with stable lobster production  
Se cerró 2017 con estable producción de langosta. [+] Ver masFull article at this link
       The Federation of Fishing Cooperatives of Quintana Roo reported a stable lobster catch at the end of 2017, after the season began in July, with a figure of 258 tons of production, according to the head of the agency, Baltazar Gómez Catzin. He said this volume of production along the coasts of Quintana Roo is good and could reach 300 tons before the season closes on March 1st, noting there are about 50 days left. 
   He explained that of these 258 tons, only about 25 are just tails, and the majority are whole lobsters, dead and alive, whose costs are, respectively, 600 pesos, 360 pesos, and 250 pesos. 
    There are just over 20 cooperatives included in this report of production. 
   It is noted that the Justicia Social cooperative reported that this weekend they had a catch of about 150 kilos of sierra fish. 

Choppy seas on Sunday morning  
Amaneció “picado” el mar[+] Ver masFull article at this link

The northeastern winds increased and caused the Harbor Master to close the port for small boats, except for activities within the bay and lagoons, such as trips to El Farito, Sac-Bajo, MUSA, Cruz de la Bahía, and Manchones, among others.

 Classes resume with transportation problems  
Reanudan clase con problemas de transporte. [+] Ver masFull article at this link
    Around 2500 students return to school on Monday, and another 2500 in the Continental Zone, but a large number of students don't have their own means of transportation to arrive on time. It is estimated that a third are dependent on transport by taxis, but during this high season for tourism, the drivers prefer tourists, according to mothers Elia Caballero and Maria Caceres. They are worried because their children have to walk two kilometers to reach their classrooms. 
    There are three primary public schools distributed on the island, in Centro, Salina Chica, and La Gloria, and four kindergarten-preschools with a similar distribution. However, the Middle School and the High School are more difficult to access. Those who live in Centro or colonia La Guadalupana have to walk nearly three kilometers to reach these institutions and begin their classes at 7am, with the same problem again at midday, due to the lack of urban transportation.

Consumer Protection agency addressing complaints  
La Profeco está pendiente [+] Ver masFull article at this link

 The local module of the Federal Attorney's Consumer Protection Office (Profeco) intensified its services in order to tackle abuses of food merchants and distributors, in the face of possible price escalation due to increases in gasoline and propane prices.  
        Since August of 2017, when Profeco returned to the island, until December of the same year, 47 complaints were brought to the agency.  Of these 47, nine were reconciled by telephone and directly with personnel; seven consumers have initiated a formal complaint procedure from the Isla Mujeres module against various suppliers,and three consumers have lodged citizen complaints against suppliers located on the island. 
        Thus, 28 suppliers have voluntarily gone to the offices of Profeco Isla Mujeres to request information for the registration of agreement contracts and with documents for calibration of scales.Of the nine reconciliations that were carried out, 6,899 pesos have been recovered in favor of the consumers. Of the seven complaints that were formally filed from the offices of Profeco in Isla Mujeres, there is a total amount of 114 thousand 752.26 pesos. Of these, two have been reconciled, recovering an amount of 3998.73 pesos in favor of consumers, while five are in the process of conciliation. Users of the cable internet service are among the complainants, who are receiving slower speeds than on their contracts. 
       Staff of Profeco have made 22 visits of verification to various establishments located on the island, among which are restaurants, jewelry and silverware, craft shops, tortillerías, self-service stores, laundries, and others.   As a result of the verification visits,  Procedures for Infractions of the Law (PIL) were initiated against seven establishments, of which two are craft shops, two sell jewelry and silver, and the others were a self-service store, a laundry, a mini-supermarket and a tortillería. The main reasons were not displaying prices in view of consumers, for not respecting the displayed prices to the detriment of the consumer, noncompliance with the Official Mexican Standards,  not having an agreement contract registered with Profeco, or for not having the calibration hologram for the year 2017 from Profeco. As of last weekend, fines have been imposed for 39,894.60 pesos to various establishments.

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View from the rooms.

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 Kitchen in a large studio. (Sur & Norte are identical)
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Large studio (Norte), I'm standing in the kitchen. A queen & single bed.

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Large studio (Sur) with Queen & Single bed. Slider door & view are behind me.

Fine dining a few steps away at Da Luisa or try the traditional neighborhood eateries a couple blocks farther. Within ten minutes walk are the restaurants Mango Cafe, Brisas, Manolitos,  Green Verde, Kash Kechen Chuc, and the large department store-grocery Chedraui. Visit marinas, bars, & beach clubs that are minutes away by bike or on foot. Attend Yoga classes a couple villas away at hotelito Casa Ixchel. Fresh juice, produce & tortillas a few blocks away in the village, as well as a variety of other stores and small local restaurants. It takes 20-30  minutes to walk downtown.


January Events
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events

Wed. Jan. 3 Special performance by Folklorico dancers Fuego Nuevo (New Fire) with live music by Mariachis on the Town Square at 8p

Thurs. Jan. 4 Artist Fair at the Casa de la Cultura 3-8p. On the back street Guerrero at the cross street Abasolo.

Full moon rising over the Caribbean 
                                                                    Sunset ~6p
Jan 1  6:10
Jan. 2  7:15
Jan. 3   8:20
Jan. 4    9:24
Jan. 5  10:25
Jan. 6  11:22

Saturday, Jan. 6 Día de Reyes/ King's Day   This day commemorates when the three kings or Magi visited Jesus & is the culmination of the twelve days of Christmas. Traditionally this is the day when Mexican children receive gifts (which are brought by the three kings as opposed to Santa). It is customary to eat Rosca de reyes, a sweet bread that represents King Herod's crown with figurines of baby Jesus hidden inside. Whoever finds the token in their piece is obligated to host a party on Candlemas Day (Dia de la Candelaria), Feb. 2, which usually includes tamales.

 Festival for King's Day (Jan. 6) at the el Pescador baseball field in front of Chedruai on Saturday starting at 5p. More than 6000 people are expected to attend to enjoy the entertainment, surprises, and presents.
  There's also a toy giveaway at Ruben's restaurant on Guerrero, but as of 8am on Jan. 5, they're unsure what time....probably ~11am. 

 Jan. 6 is Día de la Enfermera. This special day was established in 1931, when Dr. Jose Villagrana said nurses were like a "regalo de reyes"...a gift from the Magi.  (International Nurse's Day is celebrated on May 12th, the birthday of Florence Nightingale).

Sun. Jan. 7 Noches Magicas entertainment on the Town Square at 8p. 

Jan 7-17 Art Festival & Exhibition “Festival de Arte Mutuo” / "Mutual Art Festival". 17 artists creating six murals at various locations around the isle, children's workshops, and an exhibition at the Casa de la Cultura with art on sale.

Thurs. Jan. 11  Artist Fair at the Casa de la Cultura 3-8p. On the back street Guerrero at the cross street Abasolo.

 Sun. Jan. 14 Noches Magicas entertainment on the Town Square at 8p

Thurs. Jan. 18  Artist Fair at the Casa de la Cultura 3-8p. On the back street Guerrero at the cross street Abasolo.

Sun. Jan. 21   Noches Magicas entertainment on the Town Square at 8p

Thurs. Jan. 25 Artist Fair at the Casa de la Cultura 3-8p. On the back street Guerrero at the cross street Abasolo.

Sun. Jan. 28   Noches Magicas entertainment on the Town Square at 8p
  Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service (Yucatan peninsula is under Satellite GOES Este, I recommend "Animacion" (it used to be in my blog margin, until Blogger became incompatible with it).
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres   

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