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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Thursday, December 22

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  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

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Important accomplishments of Juan Carrillo during his first 100 days as Mayor 

Importantes logros de Juan Carrillo

 Durante los primeros 100 días de su gobierno

Lanrry Parra

ISLA MUJERES, 21 de diciembre.-
Leer más...Full article at this link 
      As part of his first 100 days in office,  municipal president (Mayor), Juan Carrillo Soberanis, has sought to provide efficient results that benefit the citizenry, ensuring better lit streets and the reduction of automobile accidents with the application of the "Zero Alcohol" program.
         Since public lighting is one of the most important issues that needed to be addressed by the current administration, the General Directorate of Public Services,  José Guadalupe Ríos Chalé, following instructions from the Mayor, has worked on the rehabilitation of the lights along the eastern coastal road, including the stretch between the Naval base, and the high school, Colegio Bachilleres, for the benefit of more than 10 thousand inhabitants.
      Also following instructions from the Mayor, the Department of Municipal Traffic and Public Safety has implemented a breathalyzer with the program,  "Zero Alcohol" , which began on October 28th. It has achieved a significant reduction in the number of automobile accidents, providing the citizenry with peace of mind and the certainty that their loved ones will come home safe and sound.
     The Mayor said that the main purpose of these works is to ensure that the islanders have a municipality that meets their greatest needs, and above all, one that provides them with quality services. This is why he has worked hand in hand with the citizens, listening to them; in order to know which are the issued that need to be attended to  with the greatest urgency,, not only during these first 100 days of work, but throughout his administration.
   The Mayor said he  will keep working with the various departments to ensure that these efforts will continue and that citizen requests will be met in a timely manner, ensuring that they have a friendly government that works to provide them with a municipality in optimal conditions and a better quality of life.

Balseros continue arriving

Monday the Navy rescued fifteen more Cubans near Isla Mujeres

Siguen llegando balseros

 El pasado lunes la Semar rescató a quince cubanos más en Isla Mujeres

Lanrry parra

ISLA MUJERES, 21 de diciembre.-
Leer más..Full article at this link.
This information was translated yesterday.


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (  FB page link)

This evening dozens of Islanders enjoyed the holiday season play "El Diable Viene de Cozumel" presented by the Institute of Culture and Art at the Casa de la Cultura.
Esta noche decenas de isleños disfrutaron de la divertida pastorela "El Diablo Viene de Cozumel" ofrecida por el Instituto de la Cultura y las Artes de #IslaMujeres en la Casa de la Cultura.

We are responsible for the image of our island;  let's work as a team to maintain the beauty of #islamujeres.  
 The poster says...We are working to keep our beaches clean, help us keep them this way.
Somos responsables de la imagen de nuestra isla, trabajemos en equipo para mantener la belleza de #IslaMujeres.


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link to photos & articles)

More than 4000 students on vacation until January 9th…/Full article at this link
   Wednesday was the last day of school for over 4000 students in Isla Mujeres, until they return to class on January 9th.

SINTRA hasn't given green light to mototaxis in Rancho Viejo…/Full article at this link
          Jorge Miguel Martín Álvarez, SINTRA representative in Isla Mujeres explained that authorization or permission has not been given for the new mototaxi service in Rancho Viejo (on the mainland part of the municipality). He said they would be operating outside of the law. The official said that although photographs and a video began circulating on social networks yesterday indicating that they had given the green light for the operation of a new mototaxi service by a cooperative associated with COR, in fact, this cooperative has no concession nor authorization. 
     COR proponent and leader  Santiago Martinez Tenoro has been seeking legalization (regularizar) of these vehicles. However, at this time the mototaxis have no authorization and if they operate, they are subject to being sanctioned and impounded.

FIDENA helps Harbor Master's office monitor boats (This info has been translated)…/Full article at this link

Ixchel hotel employees create Christmas trees from recyclable items…/
  As the Christmas holidays approach, the Ixchel hotel is continuing a unique annual tradition of having employees create decorative trees from recyclable items. At annual employee party organized by the hotel, the most creative tree will be chosen and the winners will receive invitations to dine at one of the restaurants affiliated with the Ixchel hotel.
   Selma Rubi Torres Velazquez, who has worked at Ixchel for three years, explained, "There are six groups with 11 members, and we are allowed to use any type of recycled materials." There are examples of different trees on display in the reception area, showing creativity and a variety of designs that reflect the commitment of each group and the excellent results of their efforts. In this way, they spread the culture of recycling to the community and its visitors.
   The ingenious employees have used various materials such as golf cart tires, egg 'maples' (crates?), and the plastic cards used at the hotel, among other items. Next to the Christmas tree display is a Nativity scene with 'recycled' figures of Mary, Joseph, the animals and gifts, which demonstrate the love and desire to raise awareness among this group of coworkers.


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles & photos

Lobster prices to increase  
Subirá de precio la langosta [+] Ver masFull article at this lin
  Because the costs of fuel and fishing equipment is tied to the dollar, the price of lobster could rise from its current rate of 500 pesos per kilo of tails to 700 pesos per kilo. Bad weather is reducing production, which has fallen by 30 percent at the end of the year, compared to this same time last year.
       The President of the Federation of Fishing Cooperatives, Baltazar Gómez Catzin, said that with the rise in gasoline prices announced for 2017, they must begin negotiating the market price of lobster to 700 peso per kilo of tails and 400 pesos per kilo for live lobster. This would represent a 30 percent increase over the prices at the beginning of the season, which started July 1, and will end on February 28, when there is a seasonal ban for four months, along the coasts of Quintana Roo and Yucatan.
      The four months of the seasonal ban on the capture of lobster is difficult for the fishermen, but there has been good support for 32 of them who received 7000 pesos in governmental assistance for the previous ban, and they expect this program to continue again this year. One of them said,  "We are asking for the three levels of government to provide the Temporary Employment Program during the four month closed period and pay us 1500 pesos a week."
    Last week the payment of 7000 pesos for the previous ban period was made to 90 fishermen in Quintana Roo, of whom 32 are from Isla Mujeres, who had been waiting to receive this assistance. Sr. Gómez Catzin said that there will be an investment program in 2017 for six ice production 'factories' in Quintana Roo, as well as for renovations of the pier of the Isla Blanca cooperative.  A meeting is scheduled in January with the state government concerning funding these projects.

No rescue of airfield  
Incumple rescate del aeródromo [+] Ver masFull article at this link
    A proposal by entrepreneurs for the government to rescue the airfield, which was inaugurated 52 years ago for the benefit of tourism in Isla Mujeres and Cancun, has not been supported by the government. On the contrary, more obstacles are now in place with the construction of a two story house less than 50 meters from the runway, which should be available for tourist use this winter. The members of the business community wanted that construction project stopped and were angered when it continued.
   In November, 2015, during the celebration of Naval Day, the Governor at that time, Roberto Borge, confirmed the termination of an agreement with the Mexican Navy, whose custody of the airfield ended after two decades, and it was turned over to the state government.
    The proposal by the business community members includes the extension of the southern part of the runway by 300 meters for a total of 1500 meters, in order to accommodate planes of up to 50 seats. They are interested in having flights for the members of yacht clubs in the Southeastern United states, who participate in the two regattas from Florida to Isla Mujeres, “Al Sol” and “Del Sol al Sol”,  according the the Isla Mujeres Yacht Club president, Enrique Lima Zuno, who is a strong proponent of this proposal.  (One regatta occurs every other year and the other is yearly).
        They say it would be necessary to renovate the infrastructure for a passenger area, offices for Customs and for Immigration, and to renovate the tower, as well extending the runway. It has been more than a half of a century since the airfield was constructed, and there are apparent weaknesses in the runway, but Sr Enrique Lima says this is not a big problem. The small terminal once had flights between Merida, Mexico City, and Bahia, including planes of 52 passenger capacity. Their clients were guests of the Zazil Ha Hotel, which was opened in 1964 by Sr Jose de Jesus Lima Gutierrez, who was an important developer of tourism in Quintana Roo.

"El Farito": A must-see attraction  
El Farito, punto de recreo obligado. [+] Ver masFull article at this link
-(Note..."El Farito" means the little light house)
         The coral area of ​​El Farito, located one mile from port, is one of the favorite places for snorkeling, even in times of bad weather, when navigation is restricted, because of its location in the bay, where it isn't usually affected by winds, according to the boat tour operators. Recently, the area has been experiencing excessive numbers of visitors, and the National Park Management department has installed some artificial reefs nearby in Sac Bajo, to offer more attractions for visitors & reduce the 'saturation' effect at El Farito. 
   Each day, hundreds of people arrive in dozens of small boats from the island and in medium sized boats from Puerto Juarez and Cancun, bringing an 'overload' of visitors to the site, and to MUSA, the Cross in the Bay, and to Manchones.
      The Virgen del Carmen was placed in a local chapel in 1965 by underwater explorer Pablo Bush Ramero when he traveled the coast of Quintana Roo, and two years later it was placed at El Farito, where it has been a tourist attraction. However, in 1994, the image was desecrated and disappeared, and was replaced by this same one of 30 centimeters in height, on Dec. 8th of that same year, according to historian Fidel Villanueva.  He said many native islanders recall vividly when there was a procession of more than ten wooden boats, with Father John McCarthy giving the blessing to the "Virgin of el Farito" the instant it was deposited under the crystalline waters of the Bay. This story is told by the tour guides to their clents, and the faithful Catholics entrust themselves to la Divinidad when they approach the image. One of the guides spoke about the behavior of the domestic and foreign visitors to this site and said, "A spiritual connection is created in the marine environment, together with the fish".  There is also a natural rock arch which visitors enjoy crossing under by free diving. Children and adults enjoy an excellent experience in proximity with the underwater life.

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View from the rooms.

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Large studio (Sur) with Queen & Single bed. Slider door & view are behind me.

Fine dining a few steps away at Da Luisa or try the traditional neighborhood eateries a couple blocks farther. Stroll five minutes southward down the coastal sidewalk to Mango Cafe, Bahama Mama, Brisas, or Manolitos. Walk less than 10 minutes southwest to shop at Chedraui or to dine at Green Verde, Kash Kechen Chuc, or other options. Visit marinas, bars, & beach clubs that are minutes away by bike or on foot. Our guests recommend the Yoga classes a couple villas away at hotelito Casa Ixchel. Fresh juice, produce & tortillas a few blocks away in the village, as well as a variety of other stores and small local restaurants.


The holiday period in Mexico from Dec. 12 to Jan. 6 is called Guadalupe-Reyes (from Dia de Guadalupe to Dia de los Reyes/King's Day). In Isla Mujeres, this is preceded by patron saint festivities Nov. 28-Dec. 8.

Festivities for the Patron Saint the Virgin of Immaculate Conception 
On the Town Square
Nov. 28 Opening at 8p with the band Los Marlins .
Nov. 28, The Mestizas de Agua Salada;
Nov. 29, Folkloric dance troupe: Son del Caribe at 7:30p;
Nov. 30th, Academy La Isleña;
Dec. 1 Cavalcade (Horse procession) in Honor of the Virgin, noon;
Dec. 2, Dance group Añoranzas;
Dec. 3, Dance group Entorno and musical group Mar & Arena
Dec. 4, Dance Studio Renatta and Academia La Isleña;
Dec. 5,  Mestizas de Agua Salada;
Dec. 5, Dance group Entorno;
Dec. 6  Caravan procession at 6:30,
Dec. 7 Yucatan band Picante Plus will perform and “Las Mañanitas” will be sung to the Virgin
Dec. 8 Boat Procession of the Virgin in the Bay 3pm
Dec. 8 Day of the Virgin of Immaculate Conception
At the bullring at the end of the runway, by the car ferry

Thursday, Dec. 1  Horse procession (12p), and a performance by horses & a band (4p).
Friday, Dec. 2   Bullfight  (4:30)
Saturday, Dec. 3 Rodeo  with a band (4:30).
Sunday, Dec. 4 Bullfight (4:30)
Thursday, Dec. 8 Bullfight with dwarfs (8p).
Friday Dec. 9 Bullfight w little people 7p


December Events
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events
 Dec. 1 Thursday  
12p Horse procession 
4-9p Artist Fair at Casa Cultura w live music, craft beer, food, & art.
5p Anti-AIDS/HIV march & Health Fair at Bicentennial Dome La Gloria
6p Horse performance & live music 6p North end of runway.

Dec. 2  Friday
4:30p Bullfight at North end of runway
7:30p Dance group Añoranzas at Town Square

Dec. 3  Saturday
4:30p Rodeo & live music at North end of runway
7:30p Dance troupe Entorno and band Mar & Arena at Town Square

Dec. 4 Sunday
7:30a Charlie & Friends Marathon 5 & 10km Garrafon/P.Sur along Caribbean coast
4:30p Bullfight at North end of runway
7:30p Dance Studio Renatta and Academia La Isleña at Town Square

Dec. 5 Monday
 7:30p Mestizas de Agua Salada dance troupe at Town Square
           Entorno dance troupe at Town Square

Dec. 6 Tuesday 6:30p Caravan procession for Patron Saint

Dec. 7 Wednesday 8p Yucatan band Picante Plus at Town Square
 “Las Mañanitas” will be sung to the Virgin at Town Square

Dec. 8 Thursday  Day of the Virgin of Immaculate Conception
3pm Boat Procession of the Virgin in the Bay
8p Bullfight with Dwarfs North end of runway
4-9 Art Fair at Casa de Cultura

Dec. 10 Saturday 8p Town Square Federal Police Rock Band Free event  Cancelled.

Dec. 11 Sunday  Celebration in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe at the Chapel Guadalupana in Meteorolgocia (which overlooks the Caribbean, across from Mango cafe), with singing of Las Mananitas before midnight, possibly with Mariachis.

Dec 12  Monday  Day of Virgin of Guadalupe, Mexico's patron Saint. 
People honor her with pilgrimages and efforts of endurance, such as the annual run around the island, which will probably be held in the morning, usually from the downtown church to Punta Sur to the Guadalupe Chapel.
 There is a procession in the afternoon with children dressed up as Juan Diego, shepherds, and shepherdesses usually between the Chapel Guadalupana and the downtown church, and sometimes there are horses.  Juan Diego saw the vision of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the hill at Tepeyac, 485 years ago.

Sunset ~6:05p
Moon rise over the Caribbean
Dec. 13  6:12  Full Moon
Dec. 14  7:13
Dec. 15  8:15
Dec. 16  9:16
Dec. 17 10:14
Dec. 18 11:10 
Painting by Pam Haase
Starting Mon. Dec. 12 for the Christmas holidays...departures every 15 minutes on weekdays 3:30-7:30 and on w/e 2-8. There's an additional crossing daily from P. Juarez at 9p and from Isla at 9:30.

Dec. 15, Thursday
4-9  Artist Fair Casa de la Cultura  Art, music, food, craft beer

Dec, 16-24 Posadas Navidenas.
During the Posadas, there is usually a dance on the Town Square, featuring regional dances & costumes from different states of Mexico. The schools may have Posada plays, which are reenactments of Mary & Joseph being refused shelter. Posada means 'inn'.

Dec. 17 Saturday 5:30p Resident parade of decorated golf carts thru the colonias, tossing candy & toys
Dec. 18 Sunday 8p Noches Magicas on the Town Square   

Dec. 21 Wednesday Solstice

This is a holiday play with black humor, in Spanish.

You can drop off donations of toys at Rueben's restaurant, across from the Mercado on Guerrero. Kids in Mexico receive presents on King's Day/Dia de los Reyes on Jan. 6. Currently the DIF is collecting blankets, coats, and other warm items for residents in need in the Continental Zone on the mainland.

Dec. 22 Thursday Art & Food Fair Thursday 5-9 at the Casa de la Cultura with electronic jazz by Chucho, various types of Tamales, craft beer, & photos with Santa Claus! 

Dec. 24 Saturday  Noche Buena / Christmas Eve
Ultramar ferry is usually cancelled after ~11p, as well as the first crossing Christmas morn. Some businesses are not open in the evening, because families are celebrating together.

Dec. 25 Sunday  Dia de Navidad / Christmas Day  The first ferries may be suspended. No Noches Magicas performances.  

Usually around this time the annual Quinceaneras event and Mass are held at the Church of Immaculate Conception for young women who turned 15 during 2015 and who wear beautiful gowns. More info TBA when available

Dec. 28 Wednesday  Dia de los Santos Innocentes A day of practical jokes, similar to "April Fool's Day"

Dec. 29 Thursday  4-9 Artist Fair Casa de Cultura. Art, food, craft beer, music. 

Dec. 31 New Year's Eve Festival on the Town Square with live music and fireworks. Tables can be reserved in advance, with information TBA. The last ferries are usually suspended.

Jan. 1 New Year's Day People observe the sunrise at Punta Sur The first ferries are usually suspended.
Celebrating New Year's in Isla Mujeres
   To celebrate New Year's Eve, some  Isleno families set up tables in the side streets with pinatas strung overhead, and dine on turkey stuffed with seasoned ground meat, while others crowd the Town Square for live music, dancing, and fireworks. Each neighborhood brings in the New Year with a bang, and the skies explode with color in all directions. 
     During the NYE countdown, there is a tradition of eating twelve uvas de buenas suerte (grapes of good luck), each representing a month, with a toast of champagne or cider. The party on the town square continues all night long. At the other end of the isle, people gather at Punta Sur to greet the first rays of the sun at the eastern-most point in Mexico.  
     Other customs include cleaning your house on New Year's Eve & sweeping out bad luck. Wearing red underwear could bring you love in the New Year, or  your white undies may bring you peace, while yellow represents wealth. Those who hope to travel should grab an empty suitcase and carry it around the room or the block, and set it by the door. If you drop a shoe on New Year's morn and it lands "boca arriba" (face up)  you will enjoy good luck in the upcoming year. 
 The old year is represented by a life sized character called El Viejo, The Old Man, who is later filled with fireworks and set ablaze. He may resemble a politician, and he is usually holding cigars & tequila. Fireworks are everywhere, and their names are metralletas (literally "machine guns" – but it means fire crackers), cañones (larger fire crackers), voladores (rockets in many different sizes), chifladores (whistlers), and barre pies ("foot sweepers", that spin on the ground & shoot sparks).
      Kids receive toys on Dia de los Reyes, January 6, when families, friends, and coworkers share rosca de reyes. King's cake, usually with hot chocolate. If you get the Baby Jesus,it means you'll be hosting a party & providing the tamales on Candlemas Day, Feb. 2.


The Artist's Fairs are scheduled twice a month, on the First and Third Thursdays, weekly on Thursdays at the Casa de Cultura, 5-9 thru April 20. 

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