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In Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Sunday, Oct. 5 The Afternoon Edition

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This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte 


   Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

Tomorrow there will be a nutritionist

At the General Hospital: In response to patient demands

En el Hospital Integral, en atención a demanda de pacientes

Lanrry PARRA
Starting on Monday, the General Hospital of Isla Mujeres will offer the services of a licensed nutritionist,as part of the ongoing efforts to improve the quality of service and care for the patients. The Director of the hospital, David Valenzo Loaeza, announced the this is the first time these services have been provided.
   The specialist, Leonardo Jhisvan Can García, will work with patients with chronic degenerative diseases, aiming to improve their diets. Additionally this specialized service will be aimed at the general community to provide measures for weight control. He will also give attention to the diets and weight problems of the medical staff of the hospital, seeking to help them maintain excellent health to perform their duties.
    Dr. Valenzo said, "We will seek to attend to all the people in the general community who are overweight, to prevent them from suffering any involvement in their health."
ISLA Mujeres, 4 de octubre.-

Ante petición de deportistas

Lanrry PARRA
In  response to a request from athletes concerning the premature deterioration of the basketball court downtown,  “José del Carmen Pastrana”, repairs are being made. In the early morning hours, about a half dozen workers could be seen repairing the court, which had suffered cracks in various places. In recent months about 800,000 pesos was spent on its remodeling and adaptation, including new bleachers, baskets & backboards, and paint.
ISLA MUJERES, 4 de octubre.-

Confirma Beto Borge para el municipio, durante esperada visita

Lanrry PARRA
During the Governor's visit for the inauguration of the Maritime Terminal, he announced that a large investment of funds will be allocated to various works in Isla Mujeres in upcoming months. Significant resources are being invested in the completion of the Casa de Cultura, whose construction was abandoned for several years when previous administrations did not provide the corresponding funds.
  There will be a significant investment in the rehabilitation of the baseball field to raise its level, because it lacks a drainage system and suffers from flooding.
     The Governor said they will invest funds in the remodeling and expansion of the Convention Center, which is said to be in an advanced state of deterioration. He said, "I don't want the Convention Center to  just be a place for fiestas, so it will become a real convention center, with resources for its maintenance and operation."
   He also indicated that the new hospital will be completed in upcoming months and will be provided with the equipment necessary for its operation.
   He said 6.5 million pesos are being invested in the new Maritime facility for a structure and roofing along the dock, to prevent those seeking maritime transport from getting wet when it rains, or hot when it is sunny.
    In Punta Sam, the maritime terminal renovation involves an investment of 27 million pesos. Money is also being invested in development in the Continental Zone of Isla Mujeres to provide more sidewalks, streetlights, roads, and electricity.
ISLA MUJERES, 4 de octubre.-

 Tvisla Mujeres

Noticias de  Quequi......

Noticias de Diario Respuesta...

 por esto

Announcement of more assistance during the opening of the terminal

Anuncian más apoyo en apertura de terminal[+] Ver mas

Enforcement of the regulations protecting pets
En vigor reglamento de protección a mascotas.. [+] Ver mas
The municipal Director of Ecology announced that since the one year period of sensitization has been completed, now the penalty phase begins, and the regulations protecting pets will be enforced. She said dogs and cats will not be tolerated in the streets, and action will be taken against their owners under the  Reglamento para el Cuidado y Protección de los Animales Domésticos, (Regulation Act for the Care and Protection of Domestic Animals). 
   The first two fines have been imposed. A foreigner was among those being punished regarding three Boxer dogs who were suffering from malnutrition and neglect. A dog was rescued from the primary school, "Cesar Mendoza", that was being fed the leftover food of the students.
   On October 1st, the penalty phase began against those who do not pick up the feces of their animals in public places, against those who keep their animal out in the sun or in other improper places such as roofs of houses.  The penalties range from 10 times the daily minimum wage to a thousand times the daily minimum wage. (The daily minimum wage is about $5usd).
   Among those who had been critical of the governments inaction is the renowned veterinarian Delfino Guevara, who just opened a hospital for dogs and cats, and who led the plan to control stray animals for the past two decades.

Unemployment worsens
Se agrava el desempleo.. [+] Ver mas

In response to decreased tourism in September and October, some business close and others impose "Solidarity Days" with compulsory days off for two or more days per fortnight, and employees are given vacations during this period. It is anticipated that this may continue into the first half of November, which is not good news for workers.

 Charity Info
See tab at top of page!

Donation Drop offs:
Red Cross:  Social Justicia Restaurant (south of ferry terminal, north of car ferry)

 Books for Grade School Reading Program, Items for Isla Animals, Diabetes Supplies, Shoes for the Kids, Items for Little Yellow School House...Barlitos @ Marina Paraiso
Karen Rosenberg's 
NEED DIABETES SUPPLIES FOR OCTOBER DIABETES CLINIC: We have been doing Diabetes Clinics on Isla Mujeres for five years, with more local residents participating annually. This is a joint project of bilingual social workers, nurses, and other health care professionals originally from the USA, working with Isleno community partners. Diabetes is now the primary cause of death in Mexico.
We are in great need of donations of glucometers and strips, specifically these brands: Contour, Contour Next and OneTouch. Many doctor's offices, clinics and hospitals discard strips that are almost expired. Strips are actually still effective for at least a year after expiration dates so often those are the ones that are most often donated. If you have any contact with medical professionals or pharmaceutical reps, you can often get current supplies. We can also use lancets, lancet devices, alcohol pads, and syringes.
The next clinic will be in October 2014. Contact Karen Rosenberg at or Kathy Ennis at or FB either of us. We accept monetary donations too and will buy strips to bring down.


Miguel's schedule
 Wednesday 7 - 9pm   Comono - solo
 Wednesday through Saturday - 10:30 - 12:00 - Faynes -  La Banda Sin Nombre  (closing 9/16 for 4 weeks)
Friday & Saturday 7 - 9p Marina Paraiso -  solo
Friday & Saturday 12:00 - 2:30am - Adelitas -  La Banda Sin Nombre Salsa Music 
Sunday 7 - 9p - ComoNo - The Sol Rockers 

 John Cain's schedule   
Tuesday, Cafe Del Mar, solo, 8 to 10 pm
Thurs, Marina Paraiso 7-9 pm 
Sunday  Comono at El Patio, The Sol Rockers  6:30-8:30


Sundays Sol Rockers 7-9 pm and Ryan 9-12
,Mondays Ryan 8 - 11, 
Tuesday Ryan 8-11, 
Wednesdays Miguel 6:30-8:30 Felo and Israel 8:30-11:30, 
Thursdays Ryan 8 - 11 
Fridays, Fabio 6"30-8:30 and Ryan 8:30-11:30..

Javier Martinez Cen La Banda Sin Nombre has played for 12 years at Faynes, we needed some days off, so less than a year a go, we let the band Radios play for us (at the same stage same time), they are great! LBSN play Weds/Saturday from 10:30 till 12, Fridays and Saturdays we also play next door, at Adelitas, just salsa music, from 12:39 till 2:00 
Banda Sin Nombre at Chuuk Kay 3:30p Sat & Sun

Domingo Salsa en Vivo con ¡¡Puro Sabor - Salsa Cubana !! ::  Sunday Live Salsa with ¡¡Puro Sabor - Salsa Cubana !! + Gratis/FREE Chilpachole Pa' la Cruda! + Tragos/Drinks + SUP & Kayak :: See You There!! / No Falten!! 
 Sat ~2p Frequencia (maybe)
       Sun ~2p  Salsa 
Weekday's ~2p.. Various artists including
Chucho (Jesus Campezino) Tues & Thurs, Cuban & Caribbean & Latin music Wed, Fri Discontinued for low season

You may find live music after 9 or 10 on Hidalgo at Fayne's, La Terraza, or  Comono, and at Poc Na Hostel.

Saturday afternoon ~3-5 Cuban music at Veradara's Cuban restaurant


October events
Sunset ~6:30p
Full Moon..Moonrise
Oct. 8    6:50pm
Oct. 9    7:37pm
Oct. 10  8:26pm
Oct.11   9:16pm
Oct.12  10:07pm
Oct.13 10:58pm

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the state, Gov. Borge has announced a series of five concerts by the  Orquesta Sinfónica de Quintana Roo. In Isla Mujeres, it will be held in the Parque Central (on the Town Square) at
 7pm on Sunday, Oct. 12. 

Sunday, Oct. 26th
On October 26th a competition called “Nado en Aguas Abiertas” (Swim in Open Water) will be held offshore from the beach along Rueda Medina avenue, known as the Posada Beach. They will be swimming laps between the buoys in the following distances: 250 meters, 1250 meters, two kilometers, and five kilometers.
     More than 300 swimmers are expected for this international event, and the top three in each category will be given  certificates. The registration costs 430 pesos and includes a tee shirt and a timing chip. The event is being held by the company Más Acción, in coordination with the municipal Sports Department. 
      The Mayor is encouraging islanders to participate by absorbing the cost of their registration, to support athletes who lack monetary resources.


 Blue crabs are migrating to the sea for spawning during full moons

Turtle release dates TBA, usually only a day or two in advance
 Caribbean-Mayan Cultural Festival  TBA Nov?

Artist Fairs on the Square, usually first Thursday, have been cancelled for October & November.  Next Fair: Dec. 4


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