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This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte

   Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....


Assuming responsibility: Ultramar after unfortunate boat accident

Asume responsabilidad

Sábado, 26 de Abril de 2014 20:58

Empresa Ultramar, tras lamentable choque de embarcaciones

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 26 de abril.-
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Determination of the responsibility for the accident which occurred on Thursday afternoon will be made by authorities. Utltramar manager Atruro Baez Vega said the company has not evaded any responsibilities and is paying for the expenses of the two people who received medical attention. The mishap occurred between an Ultramar ferry and a catamaran owned by Dolphin Discovery, and the  Port Authority was called to the scene.Chilean tourist Karen Olga Marecena Velez was taken to the Amerimed hospital in Cancun, then discharged later to her hotel room after it was determined her injury was not serious. The Captain of the boat Aguatours was also treated.

Open invitation to fishing tournament 

Abren invitación a torneo de pesca

Sábado, 26 de Abril de 2014 20:57

Será netamente familiar

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 26 de abril.- 
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Promotion for the XI International Fishing Tournament of Isla Mujeres "Cosme Alberto Martinez Magana" now includes a new slogan encouraging the participants to bring their whole family to enjoy the island's attractions.
    The last day to register is May 9th, and prizes include a truck, a boat, a golf cart, and several scooters. This is considered one of the best fishing tournaments nationally, and a record number of participants are expected. 
     The new slogan is:   “Mientras tu pescas y participas en XI Torneo Internacional de Pesca de Isla Mujeres ´Cosme Alberto Martínez Magaña´, tu familia también se divierte con los atractivos”.

Basketball team "Bahia" wins tournament 

“Bahía” se agencia el galardón

Sábado, 26 de Abril de 2014 20:53

En el básquetbol de Segunda Fuerza

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 26 de abril.- 
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This basketball tournament has been completed and the next championship is expected at the end of April or the beginning of May, with about 10 teams participating, which is two or three more that were in this competition. This competition was won by the team "Bahia" after three exciting and intense matches. Bahia won with a score of 74-61, and the star players names and points are given in the article. This is the Liga Permanente de Basquetbol de Isla Mujeres, group B or Second Level (Segunda Fuerza), whose champions "Bahia" defeated the team from the high school, Colegio Bachilleres. The third place team was the City team (Ayuntamiento) and the fourth place team was the Taxistas.


Whale shark licensees nervous about new rules

Cunde el nerviosismo

Miércoles, 23 de Abril de 2014 22:09

Entre los permisionarios del tiburón ballena, ante nuevas reglas

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 23 de abril.- 
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A change in a clause of the regulations of the National Marine Park has generated considerable concern among the whale shark licensees because several of them could lose their concessions. The change in the regulations would mean that permittees from Isla Mujeres could not have more than one whale shark permit. There are about a dozen people who hold about ten permits and will have to transfer those names, but the process is generally quite slow and the season begins May 15th. There are concerns about losing their concessions and they are awaiting more information.


Promotion of fishing tournament in the state of Yucatan

Promueven torneo de pesca

Martes, 22 de Abril de 2014 20:32

A celebrarse en Estado de Yucatán

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 22 de abril.- 
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Promotion of the international fishing tournament is taking place in the state of Yucatan, as well as in Quintana Roo and the final registration is at the Captain's Dinner on May 9th at 6pm. Participants are expected from Chelem, Yucalpetén, Progreso, Chixulub and Mérida, as well as other national and international boats. Prizes include 300,000 pesos for first place, a pick up truck for second place, a golf cart for third place, a Suzuki 250 cc motorcycle for fourth place, and a trip to Las Vegas for sixth place that includes four nights, and transportation. (? fifth place?). Seventh thru tenth prizes are scooters, and eleventh place is a surprise prize. The prize for the best captain is a scooter. 

Closure of main street Rueda Medina

Truck that transports chickens spilled diesel

Cierran la Rueda Medina

Martes, 22 de Abril de 2014 20:31

Camión distribuidor de pollos derramó diesel en carril

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 22 de abril.- 
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A truck was making a delivery of fresh chickens at 9am to Salina Chica, when it was spilling diesel and stopped by the police. It had gone from the vehicle ferry terminal, heading south, when it was stopped by the municipal police near the Middle school Benito Juarez. A fine is expected to be given and the vehicle was taken to the impound yard. Staff from the Civil Protection agency cleaned up the spilled fuel, and the road was closed during the clean up. There were no related accidents or incidents reported.


Completion of municipal  basketball court this week

Esta misma semana, la cancha municipal

Lunes, 21 de Abril de 2014 21:22

Concluirá remodelación

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 21 de abril.-
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The remodeling of the basketball court downtown is nearly complete and only awaits the installation of the new bleachers, after the old concrete bleachers were demolished. The work included an investment of 530,000 pesos, with funds from the National Sports Commission (CONADE).
    The renovation began on March 7th and was expected to be completed at the end of March or the first week in April. The work included removal of old paint, leveling the playing area with the implementation of lightweight concrete (concreto ligero), application of non skid paint, changing of the 'tableros de juego' ( boards), improving the landscaping, and installation of electronic scoreboards.
     The announcement was made by the Mayor, who is in the photograph: Agapito Magana Sanchez.


Book fair begins tomorrow

Aiming to promote reading 

Buscan fomentar la lectura

Lunes, 21 de Abril de 2014 21:22

Mañana inicia la Feria del Libro

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 21 de abril.- .
Leer más...
The event was scheduled for Monday April 22, in coordination with the Department of  Culture of Isla Mujeres as part of World Book Day. Additional activities included reading and a puppet theater. 

 Tvisla Mujeres

Noticias de  Quequi......


Ready for the arrival of the sailboats

  • Prevén que hoy inicie el arribo de veleros


    Prevén que hoy inicie el arribo de veleros

    0 26 de abril de 2014

    Por Carlos Gasca > Quequi .- Son 18 competidores provenientes de San Petersburgo.

    The 18 competitors from St Petersburg departed on Friday and are expected to arrive in Isla Mujeres today. This regatta is expected to conclude on May 3rd and the Regatta al Sol edition XXCII begins on May 7th from Pensacola Florida. 
      This regattas activities in Isla Mujeres will begin on April 30th with the traditional gathering at the iconic Casa de las Rocas, and on that day there is a basketball game scheduled between the yacht crews and players from the island. The formal, official welcome as Distinguished Guests wil take place May 1st at 7pm. On May second the Amigos Regata will be held (when island children act as crews to race around the island) and the awards will be given that evening. 
       The next regatta starts on May 7th with a cannon shot for the departure from Pensacola-New Orleans, and their arrival is expected on May 10th, with a party planned for May 11th. Their official formal welcome as Distinguished Guests is scheduled for May 13 at 7pm and their awards dinner is planned for May 15th, with their departure scheduled for the following day.
  • Ultramar awaits verdict


    Ultramar espera veredictoUltramar espera veredicto

    0 26 de abril de 2014

    Por Carlos Gasca > Quequi .- Rechazan la versión de que la embarcación abandono la escena del accidente.



Record number of visitors

Récord en número de visitantesRécord en número de visitantes

0 22 de abril de 2014

Redacción.- Un total de 34 mil 017 personas arribaron a la ínsula entre el jueves y el domingo.

A total of 43,017 people arrived to the island between Thursday and Sunday.  On a normal day about 3500 visitors are transported, but on Holy Thursday that number was 7,302, and on Good Friday there were 7610 visitors transported,  and on Sunday the number was 9,080.  Never before in the history of Isla Mujeres during a single day of a holiday period have 10,000 passengers been mobilized, as occurred on Holy Saturday, said the governor, Roberto Borge Angulo.


Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the heroic deeds in Veracruz

Conmemoran centenario de la gesta heroica de Veracruz Conmemoran centenario de la gesta heroica de Veracruz

0 21 de abril de 2014

Por Carlos Gasca > Quequi .- Encabezaron el evento el gobernador Roberto Borge Angulo

This ceremony commemorated the heroic defense of the port of Veracruz by Naval Academy cadets against an attack by the United States on April 21, 1914. The United States invaded following an incident involving the arrest of 8 crew members of the American ship Dolphin in Tampico, Tamaulipas. The Americans demanded a public apology, which the Mexican government was willing to give, but the Americans also insisted that a US flag be flown over the Plaza of Tampico, with a 21 gun salute, and the Mexican government declined to meet this demand, which triggered the invasion of Veracruz by the United States. Veracruz was at the mercy of the foreign troops, and civilian volunteers began organizing, handing out the few rifles available. Even the inmates of the prison at San Juan de Ulua (the isle near the entrance to the port) were organized. The defense by the Naval Academy cadets was organized by Comodoro Manuel Azueta, and the defenders took cover in the Veracruz City Hall, in the doors of the hotel Diligencias, at the hotel Buena Vista, and in the old light house Benito Juarez. In the battle, Lieutenant Jose Azueta Abad and Cadet Virgilio Uribe Robles were killed. The mottos of this solomn celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Gesta Heroica 1914 is: “Hoy, como hace 100 años, veracruzanos y marinos unidos por México” ... Today, like 100 years ago, residents of Veracruz and Naval sailor are united for Mexico. (There are names of cadets from this battle on the memorial in the middle of the traffic circle in front of the Naval base.)

Noticias de Diario Respuesta...


 por esto

"Cristalazo": Window broken at convenience store

“Cristalazo” a tienda de conveniencia[+] Ver mas

The person who broke the window of the convenience store on Rueda Medina at 4:30am on Saturday has not been identified, and he ran off immediately, but his picture was captured by the security video camera. He apparently was arguing with a woman who appeared to be his girlfriend and took his anger out on the window. According to the photograph that was given to officials, he is a person with brown skin  (una persona morena), with spiked hair (pelo erizado), who was wearing a shirt with horizontal stripes of red and green. His companion had her hair in a 'donut' and wore a beige blouse with short sleeves.
  Employees of the 7-11, which is located opposite from the port area, said they have never had any vandals before, and they expect an investigation will be made into who is responsible for this damage. When the reporter visited the scene, the glass shards were on the ground and on the floor of the store, and it appeared that the evidence was being left to be reviewed by authorities or management.

Ultramar pays medical expenses
Ultramar se responsabiliza del accidente[+] Ver mas
The Ultramar company took responsibility to pay for the medical expenses of the two people injured in the mishap on Thursday. The causes and responsibility for the accident will be determined by officials. Manager Arturo Baez acknowledged that there are many versions of the accident between an Ultramar boat and a catamaran owned by Dolphin Discovery, and he rejected the version that one of their boats left the scene. He said both boats were 'enganchadas' (literally: hooked) for several minutes, until the Port Authority was reached and it was determined to safeguard the passengers from both boats. He said proper emergency and security measures were implemented according to protocols, where each person has specific tasks assigned to them to streamline and organize the rescue and assistance of passengers, with attention to meeting medical needs, and coordination with other authorities.

Renovation of Captain's pier has been budgeted
Ya se presupuestó renovar muelle de Capitanía [+] Ver mas
The dock of the Captain of the Port of Isla Mujeres had collapsed as a result of damage during Hurricane Wilma in 2005, and now 120,000 pesos have been budgeted for its renovation, said the Harbor Master Ishmael Gonzalez. The Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) is expected to provide the funds in 2015, and the work is expected to take 20 to 30 days. The dock will be 20 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. Until it is completed, the Port Authority boats are parked in a temporary location.  According to information gathered by the reporter, the wooden base of the dock has endured several hurricanes; from the strongest to the weakest, including Gilbert in 88, Mitch in 98, Ivan in 2004, and Wilma in 2005, among others. ( Hurricane Emily hit in 2005, and Dean degraded to a tropical storm before landing in 2007.)

Fishermen await help from the federal government
Pescadores esperan apoyo de la federación[+] Ver mas
During the four months of the closed season for lobster, (March-June) many fishermen lack means to support their families. During this time they prepare their fishing equipment such as traps, nets, and diving gear. The municipal government under the PAN administration paid 2500 pesos monthly to the fishermen during the closure, although the previous administration could not meet all the payments and last year gave them each a total of 5000, rather than 10,000 pesos. The current administration has remained mute on the subject of municipal support, and federal resources have been sought. Beginning in May, some fishermen may receive some or all of funds totaling to 8000 pesos each, or the equivalent of 2000 pesos per month, for receiving training in topics such as survival at sea, cooperative development, health & education, and ecology, among others. The season will reopen on July 1st, and about 300 fishermen are affected and hoping for federal assistance.

  From Friday....

Arrival of tourism 'bajon' 

“Bajón” en el arribo de turismo . [+] Ver mas
After Tuesday, the flow of tourists experienced a 'slump' at the points of embarkation and disembarkation in Cancun, Puerto Juarez, and Punta Sam, but a strong rebound was expected for this weekend. There were record numbers of passengers on last Saturday, with over 10,000 visitors according to the Port Authority. About a dozen medium sized boats depart from various points daily in the Cancun Hotel Zone, Gran Puerto, Puerto Juarez, and Punta Sam, moving around 5000 passengers daily, and there are also dozens of catamarans, trimarans, and boats under 40 feet which move tourists from Puerto Juarez.
   There has been safety during the holidays, and protocols were increased following the death of a tourist who had a heart problem, which did not result in any complaint to the Public Ministry,  which was confirmed by a judicial source.
  The Navy maintains speedboats conducting surveillance in the area, especially in locations with more activity, such as the marine parks near Isla Mujeres and Isla Contoy.


Caribbean boardwalk: Abandoned 

En abandono el malecón Caribe+] Ver mas

ISLA MUJERES, 23 de abril.-
    On May 1st, the Caribbean malecon will have been opened for a year, but it appears to be abandoned because non functioning lights leave it in semi darkness at night. The area of 400 meters looks nice during the day and is a popular stop for tourists, but at night it is not safe for families, because this walkway is near cliffs over 10 meters high, and here have been some vandals who paint graffiti.
      During the day you can see cyclists, motorcyclists, golf carts and pedestrians visiting the area and taking pictures and videos. From this area, you can see the passage of cruise ships, visiting from Cozumel and Mahahual, looking from these cliffs near the colonias of La Gloria and Meteorologica, among others.
     Families are asking that the lighting be repaired, because many people are out after 10pm during the spring and summer, and both tourists and locals like to enjoy nature. This area is suffering from neglect and citizens would like it to be better policed and maintained.

Growing interest in high school online
Creciente interés por bachillerato en línea[+] Ver mas

ISLA MUJERES, 23 de abril.- There are ten computers at the Community Hall, that serves the CROC union, which are being used to complete educational equivalency courses. There are also facilities for members who bring their computers from home.
     Equivalency certificates are also being obtained by employees of the municipal council. On Tuesday evening, 15 certificates and diplomas were awarded to  CROC members and to the general public, in primary and middle school equivalency. These are diplomas and certificates from workshops in English and in Computers.
    About 30 more people should be graduating this year. It usually takes about 2 years to complete the subjects, but this  varies according to the ability and circumstances of each individual. There is a continued effort to combat illiteracy and lack of education among the laboring community.

Hotels satisfied with good occupancy
Hoteles satisfechos por buena ocupación [+] Ver mas
ISLA MUJERES, 23 de abril.-

Occupancy has a good prognosis on the eve of Semana Santa, Holy Week, and some hotels are reporting reservations at 30 percent for the summer. The HIM hotels reported very good occupations, and the small ones such as the hotel Caracol report 80 percent occupancy. Good occupancy is expected during the fishing tournament on May 9, 10, 11 which is expected to bring 120 competitors and hundreds of their friends and family members.


Whale shark: At Tianguis Turistico

Tiburón ballena, al Tianguis TurísticoVer mas
ISLA MUJERES, 22 de abril.

The Whale Shark Festival will be promoted at the Tianguis Turistico 2014 tourism fair convention, which will take place in Cancun May 6-9th. This the 39th edition of the fair. It will take place in an area of nearly 30,000 meters, which is divided into 524 modules, of which one will be ready for the hoteliers and restauranteurs of Isla Mujeres to promote their best services and products. In the Quintana Roo pavilion, there is space for about 65 companies in the tourism industry. The municipal director of tourism has information about costs and the business associations are working on actions, strategies, and promotions.  

Isla Mujeres remains a safe destination
IM se mantiene como destino seguro. LINK  
ISLA MUJERES, 22 de abril.  With the presence of cadets from the Federal Police Academy and the municipal police, the beaches of Isla Mujeres are kept secure for the domestic and foreign tourists who are enjoying their last week of Easter vacation. Every morning about 40 cadets arrive on the island to patrol various areas, and this will continue until April 28th. In addition there are patrols on foot and in vehicles by the municipal police, as well as staff from the Navy offering security, as well as the support of a medical and information module, with bilingual  staff available. These security operations began two weeks ago, and were intensified following the drowning of a tourist during this holiday period. (It has also been reported that he had a heart attack.)

Small artisan business closed[+] Ver mas
Autoridad carcelaria desmiente acusación[+]
ISLA MUJERES, 22 de abril.-
A small business selling handicrafts in front of the municipal cemetary was closed on Thursday, following an altercation with a former girl friend. Salome Badillo, who had been a street vendor on Rueda Medina, thinks the officials have exceeded their authority, and plans to complain to the Human Rights Commission over his loss of income. While he was at City Hall, he showed reporters the document and said he thought the fine of 1000 pesos is unfair. He said on Thursday his ex girlfriend appeared with an attitude of jealousy, because Badillo has scheduled to marry another woman soon. He said witnesses saw the whole event and he never raised his hand to the woman and didn't strike her. He said, "I know my rights and I wanted to avoid complications, and when the policeman patrolling the area appeared, I asked him to intervene to calm things down." Then more police arrived as a result of his request for help and the judicial authority, but then the woman claimed she had been hit, and as a result, they were both taken away to jail.  He said he knows that raising a hand to a woman is tantamount to automatically being incarcerated, because it is a crime to hit a woman.  He said he was given a fine of 640 pesos, without a receipt, and was given his freedom, but regarding the closure of his business, he would not be able to get it reopened until noon Monday. He has a lawyer to represent him because he thinks his constitutional rights were unfairly violated.

Flow of visitors to the beaches
Sigue la afluencia en las playas[+] LINK  
ISLA MUJERES, 22 de abril.
The municipal Department of Tourism reported that hotel occupancy remained at 70% during this last week of vacation. Many tourists were enjoying the beaches and other attractions of the island.


ZOFEMAT reports increased income during first quarter from beach concessions
Mejora recaudación por uso de playa. [+] Ver mas
ISLA MUJERES, 21 de abril.-

During the first quarter of 2014, ZOFEMAT raised 4,889,275 pesos from Federal Zone fees or taxes according to financial reports made at the 75th session of the Technical Committee for Funding of Supervision, Administration, Maintenance, Preservation, and Cleaning of the Federal Maritime Zone (ZOFEMAT). This fiscal period concluded on March 31 and resources were higher than the same period in 2013, due to increased work at collecting these revenues. The report also included the ongoing work being done to clean the beaches, by the crews of the agency, on the island and at Punta Sam. The crews have been removing debris and seaweed, for the benefit of those who use the beaches. There were also representatives at the meeting from SEMARNAT, regarding environmental matters and SAT (the federal tax agency) regarding collection of funds.  Regarding the Clean Beaches program and the Program Fiscal Regulation, the increased work reflects the increase in revenue, and a census is being done to verify that usage of the federal zone is being respected, and if not, the concessions could be revoked and the concession holders could lose their privileges.

There could be other businesses with potential hazards
Habría más negocios inseguros por negligencia [+] Ver mas
ISLA MUJERES, 21 de abril.- Given the facts and questions raised by the fall of a foreign girl from the upstairs level of the restaurant JAX, there could be more businesses with alleged violations because of officials neglecting to enforce safety measures. This property was first sanctioned in 2006 for not meeting safety measures required in high locations, because there were only ropes for protection. At least one employee and one diner have fallen on separate occasions , and officials did not intervene to have the problem corrected. The business was given closure seals following the fall of a six year old girl who was taken to a hospital in Cancun, where they think she will recover without further mishap. There was no official statement, and in the morning employees were observed outside the business, waiting to see when it would be reopened. The municipal Civil Protection agency has been verifying that businesses meet the mandatory requirements such as having an evacuation plan, fire extinguishers, and entrepreneurs have reluctantly adjusted to meeting these official requirements. There are accusations by unnamed people that some inspectors, both municipal and from other levels of government,  have asked for money from businesses inappropriately.

Seaweed invades the beaches
Sargazo invade las playas .. [+] Ver mas
ISLA MUJERES, 21 de abril.-
Although this is not yet the period that is considered to experience the greatest displacement of seaweed from the Atlantic Ocean, the arrival of large amounts of seaweed to the east end of Playa Norte has begun. It is affecting the area of the hotel Na balam and Casa Maya, and the families who swim in the area. Normally the season for this is between August and February, according to studies reported by the  Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, by Kurt M. Dreckmann & Abel Sentíes. A brigade was able to keep the area clean, until a stretch of 300 linear meters was strongly affected overnight. The seaweed is of the species " Sargassum,", and the macroalgas planctónicas is of the class Phaeophyceae , which can be exploited for industrial purposes to generate food for birds in captivity, and can be composted for horticultural cultivation, and has possible uses in the production of foods and medicines, according to experts.
   Usually it is buried at the beach by the beach cleaners, and sometimes it is taken to the Trash Transfer facility.  According to scholars, the seaweed comes from off the coasts off the United States, in the Atlantic Ocean, whose currents push it to the coasts of Caribbean countries such as Cuba , Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico , Mexico , and the Central American countries , among others. The "Saragossa Sea", where it reproduces, is larger in area than the country of Mexico, according to researcher Juan Jose Morales. 

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April 12 Saturday: 6:30am Pirate Triathlon

April 13 Palm Sunday event 6:30pm Chapel of Caridad del Cobre

April 17 Maundy Thursday (bank holiday)

April 18 Good Friday  (bank holiday)
Two Reenactments of the Stations of the Cross / The Passion of Christ
10 am  Starting at Sacred Heart of Jesus in colonia La Gloria, going up  Paseo de las Aves, and by the park Las Tortugas, then over to prolongacion Rueda Medina, and entering the street by the new hospital, to come back to the church. 3000-4000 attendees expected
Noon For the representation by the Church of Immaculate Conception, they will start at the chapel to Guadalupe (la capilla de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe) at noon to travel five kilometers under the rays of the midday sun to the church of Immaculate Conception. That is the chapel overlooking the Caribbean, near Mango Cafe in Salina Chica.  300-400 attendees expected

April 19 Holy Saturday

April 20 Easter Day
Children's Fishing Tournament  “Buenaventura Delgado Díaz-Coleguita” Sponsored by the DIF celebrating Children's Day

April 27, Sunday  Regatta XLVI Sol al Sol arrives in Isla Mujeres
April 30 Regatta event Casa de las Rocas

April 30  Día del Niño


May 1 Thursday 4p-9p Artists Fair on Town Square
May 1 Formal welcome to Regatta Sol al Sol XLVI
 May 1 Labor Day in Mexico
May 1  May Day
May 2 Regatta Amigos XLV 12:30 Isla Children sail around isle
May 2 Regatta Sol al Sol Awards dinner 
May 3 Regatta Sol al Sol departure
May 3 Day of the Holy Cross (festival for mason/constrct wkrs /Dia de Santa Cruz, also called El Día del Albañil. (Essay..maybe May 4th 2012)
May 5 Battle of Puebla 2012 "Cinco de Mayo" 

May 8 Thursday Regata Al Sol XXVIII Departs for Isla Mujeres

 May  9-11 Cosme Magana Fishing Tournament

May 10 Saturday Mother's Day  in Mexico
~May 13-20  Festival of Lady of Fatima Rancho Vieho ~30+ yr tradition
May 15 Thursday Teachers Day
May 29 Thursday Ascension Day



May 15- Sept. 15- Whale Shark Season
Early May -  Nov.  Sea Turtle Mating & Nesting

Whale Shark Festival TBA  ~ late June-early July?

6th Annual Alicia Ricalde Magana Women's Fishing Tournament  TBA August?

Turtle releases August-Sept dates TBA, usually only a day or two in advance

Caribbean-Mayan Cultural Festival  TBA Nov?


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