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In Isla Mujeres News Wednesday, February 19 The Afternoon Edition & Translations From Monday & Tuesday

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This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte

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The "Morning Edition" has translated headlines &  newspaper photos. This Afternoon Edition has  translations of the news articles,  Daily Events, the Live Music Schedule  & the "Around the Internet in the Past 24 Hours" section including photos & info from individuals & local businesses .... Daily In Isla Mujeres. There are always links to the original articles in Spanish.

   Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

Paying "65 & Over" today

Marthy hosts the event at 11am

Hoy pagan “65 y Más”

Martes, 18 de Febrero de 2014 21:47

Marthy encabezará evento a las 11:00 horas

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 18 de febrero.-
Leer más...
Payments will be made at the Senior Citizens facility to 225 islanders who 65 years of age or older, and  enrolled in this federal program. The required documents are listed for seniors who wish to enroll and it is noted that the Mayor also facilitated enrollment in the federal insurance program for single mothers. 
Promoting "regularization" in the Federal Zone 

Lanzan llamado a morosos de Zofemat

Martes, 18 de Febrero de 2014 21:46

Promueven la regularización

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 18 de febrero.-
Leer más...
Discounts are being granted on fines for concessions in the federal zone, to encourage payment, because there has been a high default rate. There have been campaigns to raise awareness about the need to make these payments. If they are not paid, the Municipal Treasury may initiate proceedings for revocation of certificates.  The law is cited which applies. 
Thieves take computers from Department of Ecology offices

Atracan oficinas de la Dirección de Ecología

Martes, 18 de Febrero de 2014 21:45

Cacos se llevan computadora y motosierras

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 18 de febrero.- 
Leer más...
Over the weekend two chainsaws, a computer, and other equipment were stolen from the Municipal Department of Ecology, and a complaint has been filed. The staff said this is not the first time municipal offices have been burglarized, and it is noted that municipal offices at the Mundaca Hacienda have had computers and electronic equipment taken.  An investigation is under way.


Fruitful meetings 

Fructíferas reuniones

Lunes, 17 de Febrero de 2014 21:56

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 17 de febrero.- 
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 In recent days the mayor has had important and productive meetings with entrepreneurs in different fields who have shown interest in investing in the municipality. These meetings could result in increased investments, more income, and more jobs. Care of the environment is a consideration with any project or proposal under consideration for the beaches of the "continente isleño". The mayor was optimistic and said the potential investors showed a serious, caring, and positive interest in the municipality of Isla Mujeres as an extraordinary location for investment and the creation of businesses.

Shortages detected at hospital 

Detectan desabasto en hospital

Lunes, 17 de Febrero de 2014 21:48

Aunque no es de consideración: Director

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 17 de febrero.-
Leer más...
In the past week the General Hospital has not had an adequate supply of medications to meet the demands of patients, but the new stock is due within the next few days. The hospital director explained the cause of the problem, which was an administrative question about a 'licitacion' for the purchase of medicines on the part of the state Health Department. He is confident the medications will be delivered in the upcoming days, because the company who won the bid could lose its contract if commits an error, such as failure to deliver the medicines.

Makax lagoon 

Federal Zone concession holders remove mangroves 

Rellenan laguna Makax

Domingo, 16 de Febrero de 2014 22:16

Concesionarios de zona federal eliminan zonas de mangle

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 16 de febrero.-
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Residents in Sac Bajo are complaining that some concessionaires are removing mangroves, which are a protected species, and adding debris as fill to Makax Lagoon,under the cover of darkness. This activity is common in Isla Mujeres because of a lack of spaces to leave boats, especially among those who do whale shark tours. They fill in wetlands and mangrove areas, to create a small marina, where they park several vessels. They do this without permission, and may pay a fine afterwards, but can then use the area without hindrance. The residents of the area say it is urgent that the municipal Ecology Department and the PROFEPA federal authorities take action to protect the mangroves.


 Tvisla Mujeres

Noticias de  Quequi......

  • Combaten inseguridad en la ínsula
    Combating insecurity on the island


    Combaten inseguridad en la ínsula

    0 18 de febrero de 2014

    Por Carlos Gasca > Quequi .-
  • Deja bonanza a pescadores, temporada de langosta
        Bonanza for fishermen: Lobster season


    Deja bonanza a pescadores, temporada de langosta

    0 18 de febrero de 2014

    Por Carlos Gasca > Quequi.
  • Sin respuesta del MP a denuncias de agraviado.


    Still awaiting response to complaints

    Sin respuesta del MP a denuncias de agraviado.

    0 17 de febrero de 2014

    Por Redacción > Quequi.
Cleaning Isla's bay of broken boats
  • Limpiarán la bahía de la isla, barcos al deshuesadero.


    Limpiarán la bahía de la isla, barcos al deshuesadero.

    0 16 de febrero de 2014

    Por Carlos Gasca > Quequi.- 

Noticias de Diario Respuesta...

Advising debtors to get caught up

Llaman a deudores a ponerse al corriente

Llaman a deudores a ponerse al corriente

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Vendors of tourism services to undergo drug testing 

Someterán a antidoping a venderores turísticos

Drug testing is mandatory for the comisionistas who sell tourism services, in anticipation of renewal of their badges later this month. There are 34 of these "enganchadores", and the Director of Tourism said that number will not increase.  There have been some problems with these hawkers, and in addition to drug testing and badges, they have been given classes.
Leer más...
DIF invites seniors to receive their pensions

Invita DIF a adultos mayores a recibir su pensión


Hotel occupancy is booming

Va viento en popa la ocupación hotelera

Va viento en popa la ocupación hotelera

Leer más...

Occupancy is at an overall rate of 87 percent.

SEyC offering scholarships to 120 students

Becará la SEyC a 120 estudiantes

Leer más...
The scholarships are for primary, middle school, and high school, for 120 students born in the state of Quintana Roo, or with a minimum of two years residency. For the Economic scholarships there is a minimum grade point required of eight and for the Excellence scholarships, the minimum is nine point five. There are some general rules and requirements, and registration was Tuesday.

 por esto

Hoteliers want golf carts put in order
Poner orden en carros de golf, exigen hoteleros[+] Ver mas
 (Por Esto published the photo sideways.) When asked about the need to regularize golf carts which are circulating without plates or registration, and causing unfair competition, Guadalupe Martinez, President of the Association of Hotels in Isla Mujeres said that these "pirate" vehicles are often owned by vacation home owners who lease them to tourists. This practice generates conflict, which could reach greater proportions with saturation by vehicles of this type.
   Negative information, even of isolated incidents, has a devastating effect on destinations like Isla Mujeres, and because it is spread on social networks, she said. For this reason, regularization should be considered, to prevent problems and bad publicity  An example of this was the intentional damage of three golf carts in six months, stolen while they were leased to tourists, when two were thrown off the cliffs and one was burned. She said we sell this location as being quiet and peaceful, but events like this contradict all our efforts. At the far south end of the island, there have been countless burglaries to homes of foreigners. While authorities say that good government must give priority to the area of population in greatest need, this problem needs attending and is damaging the image of this destination, she said.

Difference of opinions about palms

“Que sí…” “Que no…” Y de ahí no pasan [+] Ver mas
The staff of the Ecology Department says the coconut palms are free of desease, while the former head of that office, Alvaro Rios, says the yellowing of their leaves is evidence of a disease caused by red mites.

Clarity of accounting by high school director
Exigen cuentas claras al director del Cobach[+] Ver mas
There will be a meeting Thursday to respond to questions, including those regarding accounting for the tuition fees, which are in a Banamex account under the name of the Director of the high school, Colegio Bachilleres.

Successful meeting between business owners & the new Director of Tourism
Con buenos propósitos terminó encuentro entre el titular de Turismo y empresarios [+] Ver mas
Issues discussed included promotional activities, the image of the island, mobile vendors, comisionista hawkers of tourism services, and noise pollution, among others. They discussed coordinating events with each other and with the municipality, such as musical events, photo contests, and festivals. They welcomed the willingness of companies like Poc Na hostel to create an annual calendar of world class outdoor events, such as Julieta Vanegas who will be here Saturday, February 22.
        An unnamed person interviewed after the meeting said any activity that involves positioning the brand of Isla Mujeres in the international arena will be supported, to achieve coordinated promotion and scheduling of cultural activities and other events.
   Regarding the promotional websites being 'down' for lack of payment, the new version of the page should be ready after March. The new Director said he intends to investigate the fate of the more than 10 million pesos collected annually from the 3 percent occupancy tax, that has not been invested in promotion in the past three years. The new Tourism Director is Gustavo Rodriguez, and the meeting with business owners and leaders was held over breakfast.


Awaiting improved service at the hyperbaric chamber
Esperan mejor servicio en la cámara hiperbárica[+] Ver mas

The hyperbaric chamber will be moved to the new hospital, which is well regarded by the fishermen because it ensures the continuing operation of this capsule that rehabilitates divers injured while seeking lobster. This should resolve the problem of the lack of money to sustain a staff, which has been done by patronage from the four fishing cooperatives.
      It is noted that this weekend four outboard motors and four boats were distributed via the Programa de Apoyo a la Inversión en Equipamiento e Infraestructura. It is also noted that access to PROFEPA programs could provide temporary employment for fishermen during the closed fishing seasons.

Residents want authorities to intervene against potential danger
Latente peligro y ninguna autoridad actúa[+] Ver mas

 Parents are concerned about three dogs owned by neighbors of the kindergarten-preschool "Isla Mujeres" in colonia La Gloria, because of the violent attitude displayed by the dogs, which has been recorded on video and shared on social networks. A representative of the Sociedad Protectora de Animales said the Department of Ecology has been advised and has contacted the owners of the dogs. The owners are said to be the Amaya family, who kept the dogs in during the recent visit to the school by a senior official of the Ministry of Education. A concerned parent noted that the dogs are not to blame, but rather the problem is the owners who are allowing the animals to go free.
   It is noted that in La Gloria, in recent months, on the main street of calle 14, there have been two chihuahuas killed at different times by a larger dog, "of an aggressive race", that was loose in the streets.
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February begins with a long holiday weekend, and on Sunday are tamale parties for Epiphany. Monday is a day off for Constitution Day & the (fun!)benefits begin on Monday, that accompany Island Time Fishing Tournament. ITFT lasts all week until the following Sunday night. (See schedule of events below.)
    The next weekend is Valentine's Day & the Lion Fish Tournament. On the 15th the Carnaval King & Queen will be presented & Carnaval begins as the month ends. Read more here at the Isla Mujeres Magazine February Events Page!

Feb 20-21 Circus Event at Convention Center. More Info HERE

The tentative, partial Carnaval schedule...

 (There are usually parades in the afternoon, down Rueda Medina to the whale shark festival, and events at night on the Town Square. The troupes also perform at parties, hotels, restaurants, & in the streets. There are usually activities on Friday night also.)

Saturday night, March 1, will be Cuban night, with the traditional Negrada.

 On Sunday, March 2,  they will hold the traditional Carnaval Playero at the Posada del Mar Beach. (Along Main Street/Rueda Medina. Playero means of the beach.).

 On Monday March 3 will be the traditional regional evening with Yucatecan outfits, and the dance of the pig's head & the bull petate  (el baile de la cabeza de cochino y el toro petate), among other activities. In addition, with the regional night on Monday, will be held a celebration of the discovery of Isla Mujeres, which occurred on the 3rd of March.

On Tuesday March 4th the competitions between the troupes will take place, as well as the traditional reading of the will of Juan Carnaval, and then the burning event.

 Charity Info
See tab at top of page!

Donation Drop offs:
Red Cross:  Social Justicia Restaurant (south of ferry terminal, north of car ferry)

 Books for Grade School Reading Program, Items for Isla Animals, Diabetes Supplies, Shoes for the Kids, Items for Little Yellow School House...Barlitos:  is closed & relocating. email me at westofcuba@gmail for help arranging pick ups. Kathy Ennis has volunteered to fill in. They plan to reopen at Marina Paraiso in March.




Iguana's: Live Music Thurs, Fri, Sat, & Sun! ~6p
 Thursday is Blues, with beer & pizza specials, usual menu also 

Friday evenings Caribbean, Blues. 
Saturdays   Reggae- Caribbean-Tropical music & Carlos is on the BBQ making ribs, burgers, arranchera, & steaks. Usual menu also
Sundays  Vera Cruz, Carribean music & the special is paella. Usual menu also.

  Miguel's playing schedule 
 Fayne's BarandGrill  Wednesday through Saturday 10:30pm - 12:00am.
 Saturday Tequileria La Adelita's 12:00am - 2:00am for salsa night. 
 Sunday Bahia Tortuga with the Sol Rockers 7:00pm - 9:00pm

 John Cain's schedule   
Tuesday, Cafe Del Mar, solo, 8 to 10 pm
Saturday, The Sunset Grill, solo, 530 to 730 pm
Sunday, Bahia Tortuga, The Sol Rockers, 630 to 900 pm 
Banda Sin Nombre at Chuuk Kay 3:30p Sat & Sun

Domingo Salsa en Vivo con ¡¡Puro Sabor - Salsa Cubana !! ::  Sunday Live Salsa with ¡¡Puro Sabor - Salsa Cubana !! + Gratis/FREE Chilpachole Pa' la Cruda! + Tragos/Drinks + SUP & Kayak :: See You There!! / No Falten!! 
Fenix Sat ~1 or 2p Reggae/Cuban  

       Sun ~1 or 2p Salsa 
(Start times have been variable. Posted on menu board by entrance)
Fenix Lounge   Domingo Salsa en Vivo con ¡¡Puro Sabor - Salsa Cubana !! :: Sunday Live Salsa with ¡¡Puro Sabor - Salsa Cubana !! + Gratis/FREE Chilpachole Pa' la Cruda! + Tragos/Drinks + SUP & Kayak :: See You There!! / No Falten!!
every tuesday!You may find live music after 9 or 10 on Hidalgo at Fayne's, La Terraza, or  Comono, and at Poc Na Hostel.
ComoNo, Isla Mujeres, Mexico  RYAN RYCKMAN......back at ComoNo......every night 8:30

Texas Holdem Every Monday and Thursday
 at 6:00pm   El Patio Caribbean Grill


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