Thursday, November 25, 2021

Isla Mujeres News & Events Thursday, November 25

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The entire state advances to Green-Second Stage on Monday, Nov. 29 thru Sunday, Dec. 5, with capacities at 100% for all activities. Preventative hygiene measures continue with mandatory face masks, and everyone should maintain social distancing, wash their hands frequently and avoid agglomerations. Hospital occupancy in our Zone is 3% in regular beds and 2% in beds with ventilators. Quintana Roo is second in the nation for rates of vaccination, with more than 97% of adults having at least one dose.  "Sin variation" is without change. Disminucion is decrease.

The Patron Saint festivities for Our Lady of Immaculate Conception will begin this Sunday, when the icon is taken down from her niche to be honored by a procession thru the streets, followed by a Vaqueria dance. She'll return to her niche on Dec 8th, after a procession that includes a boat ride in the Bay.

 The Sac Bajo road looked safer and brighter last night, thanks to the staff of the Department of Public Lighting and the municipal government's commitment to caring for the people of Isla Mujeres.

The military lottery drawing for those born in 2003 will be held Sunday, Nov. 28 at 8am in the City Council Room at the Town Hall and participants are advised to wear comfortable clothes, to have had breakfast and to wear their mask correctly. 

 As part of the ongoing work to keep Isla Mujeres clean and beautiful, the municipal Parks and Gardens Department worked on the grounds of the Blue Dome and the Community Center.


 Young people who are interested in volunteering are encouraged to contact the municipal Youth Department whose offices are at the Casa de la Culture with hours from 9a to 4p and their phone number is on the graphic.

 There has been a good response to the municipal government program "La Gente Decide", which encourages residents to express their opinions on various topics for the Municipal Development Plan. A forums are being held on the island and in the Continental Zone, tables have been set up in specific locations, and input can also be left at the municipal website, with the deadline tomorrow, Nov. 26.

  Thank-you to the families Lugo Pinelo, Vargas Caamal and Gil Silva,who donated meals last night for the truck drivers who spend the night on the isle, transporting trash from the Transfer Facility to the mainland each morning. Various families, groups and businesses have been doing this.

 The Christmas Piñata workshop for children ages 6-14 began Tuesday, and there is still time to register for the upcoming courses that begin on December 2nd and the 14th from 4p to 6p. Register at the Community Development Center in colonia La Gloria between 9a and 4p.


 Thank-you to the Sulub Parra family who fed the truck drivers Tuesday night!

There has been an excellent response to the Christmas Crafts workshops at the Casa de la Cultura, which began this week. Residents over 12 are invited to participate on Mondays & Wednesdays from 5p to 6:30p.

 Enrollment tables will be available for the program "Pensions for the Benefit of Senior Citizens" at the Bicentennial Dome in La Gloria, November 30th to Dec. 3rd, from 9a to 4p.

Personnel with the Public Services Department have begun patching potholes around the island. 

The Isla Mujeres City Council signed a collaboration agreement with the national Teletón México AC so that the children in the municipality can access services offered by this center. The Mayor noted that Isla Mujeres is going thru a financially difficult time, and encouraged the residents to make a basic (sencillo) donation for this good cause.

     Eduardo Martínez Salgado, general director of CRIT Quintana Roo, explained that with this agreement, it will be possible to work on training of personnel who provide therapies on the island. In addition to training, there will be an exchange of experiences with access to information about new technologies to assist the children's therapies and achieve better things for Isla Mujeres families.


 Thank-you to personnel with the municipal department of Social Development and the departments of  Salud, Educación, Participación Ciudadana, Pesca y Desarrollo Empresarial y Productividad, (Health, Education, Citizen Participation, Fishing, Business Development and Productivity) who fed the truck drivers Sunday night.

Thank-you to the Medina Rosado family and staff with the Centro de Atención al Isleño who fed the truck drivers Saturday night

Monday, Nov. 22--This morning, personnel with the municipal Parks and Gardens Department were working at the Town Square, as part of the ongoing efforts to clean and beautify the island.

The downtown basketball court "José Del Carmen Pastrana" is temporarily closed while it is being rehabilitated.

Courses for those receiving their drivers licenses for the first time will be available starting Tuesday, Nov. 23. They will be held on Tuesdays and Thursday at 10am and 1pm and on Saturdays at 10am. Bringing your vehicle is required for the course, and the license process requires an eye exam and a medical certificate (from SESA, Red Cross, IMSS, ISSSSTE or a clinical lab) as well as your INE, CURP, proof of address and birth certificate.LINK  

Mon., Nov 22--Today the municipal market "Audomaro Magaña" in colonia El Cañotal received new paint and lettering from personnel with the Department of General Services.

On Saturday, the City used three portable pumps to resolve the flooding problems that occurred at various locations around the island. The two pumps downtown which normally pump away the water that accumulates on the pedestrian street Hidalgo were both broken. Yesterday they were able to repair one of them and the other one will be taken for a more extensive repair. Mayor Atenea Gomez Ricalde complained that her administration inherited infrastructure such as this in deteriorated condition, and she reiterated her commitment to addressing and resolving these problems. Screenshot from this FB video.    

The businesses Palapa LEIDY, Belo Isla Mujeres and Prisma Golf Cart Rentals donated equipment to the municipal ZOFEMAT agency, whose crews clean our beaches each morning.

Sun. Nov. 21--Again this morning, personnel with Civil Protection resolved the flooding near the Fishermen's Monument at the roundabout on Medina. Their many hours of work removing water from the flooded areas of the island are greatly appreciated!

There was flooding on Saturday....Mayor Atenea Gómez Ricalde toured the areas of the island affected by rains from Cold Front #9, and expressed her commitment to addressing the infrastructure deficiencies that her administration has inherited. She thanked the personnel with Civil Protection who began working at 4am. She admired their hard work and said their department suffers from a lack of equipment.

    She explained that the two pumps that remove water from Hidalgo Avenue were broken when she took office, and were repaired, but after many rainy days they have burnt-out again, adding, "We are doing everything possible to repair them, and the staff of Civil Protection continue working to clear these areas."
     She said they have been monitoring the water levels of the Salina lakes and the status of their pumping equipment, as well as the various affected areas around the island. She thanked the people of Isla Mujeres for their support and solidarity, and assured them that her administration is addressing the situation. The last photos show Hidalgo after the water was cleared away, which was one of the most affected areas.

Saturday, Nov. 20 Dia de la Revolucion....Personnel with the municipal Department of Civil Protection were out early this morning attending to flooded areas.

Discounts on Drivers Licenses were approved at the 4th Special Session of the City Council, which will be available during the first five days of each month. The discount is 15% for the general public, 25% for students, and 50% for those registered with INAPAM, pensioners and retirees, as long as they meet the requirements for issuance and their documentation is in order.
Also approved was the municipal Ley de Ingresos / Law of Income for 2022, which will be sent to the Legislature for approval and official publication.

Mayor Atenea Gomez Ricalde turned orange lights on the Town Hall in honor of the Mes Naranja / Orange Month campaign which includes various activities to raise awareness about the importance of preventing and eradicating gender violence. This event was coordinated with the municipal Women's Institute / Instancia Municipal de la Mujer.

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Sources for Weather Information:
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 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

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