Thursday, November 18, 2021

Isla Mujeres News & Events Thursday, November 18

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Both zones of Quintana Roo remain in Green-First Stage thru November 28 on the state epidemiological semaforo. In the Northern Zone, the Contagion Rate is 0.8. In the state, hospital occupancy is at 3% and beds with ventilators are at 2% occupancy. The Daily Average of Cases in Isla Mujeres is 0.25. The state remains in Green on the national semaforo also.

      There's cloudy skies in our forecast, but here's the timeline for tonight's lunar eclipse in case it's visible. It's a long one that begins just after 1am (Eastern Time / 'Isla time') when the Earth's shadow (penumbra) begins to shroud the visible lunar surface. The moon will gradually dim as the shadow creeps across its surface for about an hour, becoming a partial lunar eclipse at 2:19a, when it's almost fully cloaked in the darkest part of the shadow (umbra). Around 3:45a the moon will be a rusty amber hue, which will build until the eclipse's peak at 4:03a, when 99.1 percent of the moon's surface will be covered in shadow. By 4:20a, the shadow will cross enough of the moon's surface that the colors are no longer visible, and the eclipse will fade as the moon slowly moves out of alignment, ending at 7:04am.
      The sun sets just after 6pm these days and tonight the nearly full moon rises at 5:47p. Tomorrow the full moon rises over the Caribbean at 6:25p, on Saturday at 7:07p, on Sunday at 7:53p, on Monday at 8:43p, Tuesday at 9:35p, and Wednesday at 10:29. If you happen to see a meteor, it's one of the leftover Leonids, which peaked yesterday. Photo by Bruce Roberts at Maravilla Caribe Bed & Beach. 

The islanders chose this design, without the kiosk, for the Town Square.

Nov. 18--Isla Mujeres families contributing their "granito de arena" (lit-grain of sand) by bringing meals to the truck drivers who sleep overnight on the island to depart early in the morning, transporting accumulated trash to the mainland landfill.

Nov. 18  Isla Mujeres is participating in the 45th edition of the national Tianguis Turístico travel convention in Merida, Yucatan, which concludes tomorrow. This important event includes more than 1252 buyers with 814 companies from 41 countries. The island, which has "Pueblo Magico" designation, is promoting our hospitality, award-winning beaches, cultural traditions, gastronomy, and tourist attractionsFB VIDEO LINK  

An invitation is extended to the young residents of Isla Mujeres from the Casa de la Cultura to attend dance workshops on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The classes for children are from 4 to 5pm and classes for youths are from 7 to 8pm. A guitar workshop is available on Wednesdays and Fridays from 5 to 6:30pm for young people who are age 12 and older. The Christmas crafts courses for those 12 and older start on Nov. 22, on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5 to 6:30pm. Registration is available at no cost weekdays from 9a to 4p at the Casa de la Cultura. The Director, Renata Rodríguez Ortega, said they are organizing workshops in Hammock-weaving and Polynesian Dances

Due to the weather and forecasts, the Grand Opera Gala benefit for the DIF, which was scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 20th behind the Casa de la Cultura featuring tenor Mario Monge, has been postponed, It will be rescheduled in January when the tenor will be here again. Those who have purchased tickets can call 998 318 6564 for a refund or to use it on the next date. 

Starting on Tuesday,  courses in construction of Christmas Pinatas of the character Olaf & Grinch will be available at the Community Center in La Gloria from 4p to 6p for islander children ages 8 to 14. Each course consists of three sessions on the dates listed, limited to 15 students, at a cost of 50 pesos. Documents required for registration are given. 

Personnel with the municipal Department of Parks & Gardens have been clearing brush along the Sac Bajo road, as part of the ongoing efforts to improve the urban image of Isla Mujeres. 

 Facebook's auto-translater says the ZOFEMAT crews are keeping Isla's beaches "free of sarcasm"! Every morning, these municipal workers groom North Beach & Playa Centro, raking & sifting the sand, removing trash and keeping the beaches free of sargasso. (It also claimed the workers pruning brush / trabajos de chapeo were "doing hat tricks".)


Noti Isla Mujeres

reported yesterday that Naval personnel responded to a call requesting support and provided a medical evacuation of a male Mexican from the boat "MARINERO VI" approximately 25 nautical miles/46km northwest of Isla Mujeres. He was in stable condition with a cardiac problem, and was transported to the Naval station in Puerto Juarez, where an ambulance was waiting to take him to a Cancun hospital for specialized medical attention. Photos posted by Noti Isla Mujeres

Today/Thursday morning....Cloudy blue skies this morning, with a low pressure system (the interrupted line) that could cause some intermittent squalls in the region today and tomorrow. Hot temperatures are expected, with breezes of 15-25 kph, with occasional stronger gusts possible. A new cold front "Norte" is approaching, and the red dots on Sunday signify it stalling out and deteriorating over the Caribbean.

The Diablillas of Hondzonot, Yucatan who played in Isla Mujeres last month, are achieving international renown as Mayan béisbolistas who play barefoot in huiples. LINK   

On Nov. 18th, 1969, the Governor of the Quintana Roo Federal Territory inaugurated the "Sistema Federal de Agua Potable de Isla Mujeres". This public work began with a deep well located 20 kilometers inland, pumping the potable water to the port of Punta Sam, then under the Bay thru 5810 meters (3.6 miles) of high-density PVC.
This was the first underwater project of its kind in Mexico, and was installed by Isla Mujeres divers, led by the brothers Rogelio and Emelio Magaña Castro. Usage of the line was discontinued after it was damaged in 2005 by Hurricane Wilma, when it was replaced by a larger line. Historian Fidel Villanueva Madrid notes that it was also damaged in 1988, during Hurricane Gilberto.
Our wastewater is processed on the isle, and our electricity is provided by an underwater cable from the mainland, with back-up generators on the island. Since the electrical cable has exceeded its projected life by several years, CFE planned its replacement, but no progress has been announced. The last update was that they were planning to launch announcements for bids again, with no success when they'd done that previously. This summer, the CFE also said they had plans to replace the generator at the airfield with a more efficient version located at the southern part of the isle, which hasn't occurred, yet.
Here's a quick look at our water-line under the Bay:

Source of most of the information in this article (in Spanish) by Fidel Villanueva Madrid: LINK  

These images of the Maya Train car-designs were presented Tuesday in Merida at the 45th edition of the national Tianguis Turístico travel convention. The 1500 km. route spans the states of Campeche, Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Chiapas and Tabasco, and officials say the exposed design is a tribute to the visual aesthetics of our region. The first order of 42 passenger cars is divided into three types:
"Xiinbal"---Thirty-two standard units featuring a pattern inspired by Mayan architecture and its stone pyramids, with a graduated design in colors of various tones of turquoise, with white and charcoal.
"P’atal"--Three train-cars designed for passengers on long trips, in night-tones referring to the starry night-skies studied by Classical Mayan astronomers. The patterns are inspired by the traditional textiles of this region, which are an important part of ancient Mayan art and religious beliefs. These designs are still woven into huiples (traditional style of dresses & blouses), tapestries, brocades, embroidery, and dyed textiles.
"Janal"--Eight restaurant-service units whose pattern is inspired by spots of the jaguar, the most iconic feline of the region, with colors of gold, chestnut and dark turquoise.

Lights, Police, Opera....
A dozen municipal press release tidbits from the past few days....
#1--Twenty municipal police officers received First Aid training at a workshop coordinated by the Community Hospital and the State Health Department. (These captions are also posted next to the picture-groups for easier viewing.)

#2--Under the new municipal administration, the Public Lighting Department has repaired 136 lights on the island, and installed 28 LED lights downtown on Rueda Medina Avenue between the Fishermen's Monument and the Naval base. 

#3--Personnel with the Parks & Gardens Department continue working to clean up Isla Mujeres, but your help is required to keep the municipality clean & tidy. Don't forget to put your trash in the bins & together we'll have a more beautiful island!

#4--Our Pueblo Magico Isla Mujeres is currently participating in the 45th edition of the national Tianguis Turístico de México 2021 travel convention, promoting its cultural traditions, hospitality, gastronomy, beautiful beaches, and tourism attractions. The event in Merida, Yucatan from Nov. 16 to 19 includes more than 1252 buyers with 814 companies from 41 countries.

#5--Local politician and former head of the taxi union, Eduardo "Wato" Peniche passed away from a heart attack this weekend. Our condolences to his family and friends.

 #6--The "La Gente Decide" program continues collecting opinions from islanders thru Nov. 26th for the Municipal Development Plan.

#7--Tickets are available for the concert behind the Casa de la Cultura on Saturday, Nov. 20th at 5p to benefit the DIF social service agency, starring tenor Mario Monge. (1000p/$50). Cancelled

#8--Islanders age 12 and up are invited to participate in a workshop of Christmas crafts starting Nov. 22 on Mondays & Wednesdays, 5:00-6:30p, at the Casa de la Cultura. 

#9--Single mothers of children age 1-3 who work, study or are seeking employment, and lack access to IMSS or the ISSSSTE daycare services and wish to apply for these services are encouraged to visit the Community Development Center today, Nov. 17, 9a-5p, with their documents and those of their child. 

#10--Various families, businesses and groups have been delivering meals to the truck drivers who are hauling trash from the Transfer facility to the mainland landfill and staying overnight on the island. Thank-you to the Canché Pool & Canché Ricalde families who fed them last night!

#11--The ZOFEMAT crews who clean the beaches early each morning have removed more than 35 tons of sargasso since the start of this municipal administration on Sept. 30th. Isla Mujeres is fortunate to have small quantities arrive, which can generally be removed almost immediately, allowing the island's beaches to show their natural beauty. 

#12--Isla photos from the Tiangus Tourism Convention promos.

Nov 14--In response to flooding caused by the intermittent strong rains associated with the arrival of Cold Front #8, personnel with the municipal department of Civil Protection & Firefighters used portable pumps to remove water downtown at the Pescador roundabout and Hidalgo avenue. The downtown pumps are damaged and these portable pumps were donated by business owners for this purpose.

Nice satellite image of Isla Mujeres & Cancun. LINK  

Sunday, Nov 14...This is a long weekend (a "puente") for Día de la Revolución, with tomorrow as a day-off for most Mexicans & closures of banks, schools, governmental offices, etc. The actual Día is November 20th, Saturday.

Saturday, Nov. 13  The open-water competition "Circuito Isla Mujeres 2021" was held at North Beach today, with participants in the categories of Men, Women and Open.

Sat, Nov 13--Last evening the Governor said the state's economic recovery is going well, which is indicated by the approximately 200,000 international passengers who arrived last week at the three airports of Cancun, Cozumel and Chetumal. This is the highest weekly number since 2019. In addition, 65,000 passengers arrived on cruise ships, with 60% at Cozumel and 40% at Mahuahal.

On Saturday, the Cancun airport handled 100,000 passengers, and 90,000 on Sunday. There was a daily average of 80,000 to 85,000 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The Governor emphasized the importance of maintaining sanitary measures to protect our visitors and our workers.

Sat. Nov. 13 Behind the Mayor is the Makaax lagoon, where a 'clandestine dump' is being removed, as part of the program of Saturday clean-ups. She explains that they are working along the main road (prolongacion Rueda Medina) to Garrafon Park, Punta Sur and the Touristic Zones. She says they are cleaning Isla Mujeres and caring for it, so that the island is better for you and your family, and need everyone's help. She implores everyone not to litter or dump and wishes a Happy Saturday to all.

Nov. 13--Aerial photo of the Trash Transfer Facility published by the Mayor with the caption: "We've been able to remove 10,000 tons of garbage and clear 87 meters!" The work continues nightly.

Nov. 13 7am~~At the City Council's 3rd Regular Session, they approved a Discount Program for various traffic fines and for towing and impound fees.

IMPOUND FEES or vehicle deposit fees will be discounted 50% for those currently imposed or for vehicles still impounded since 2019. There is a 70% discount for vehicles in the yard 2016-2018 and a 90% discount for those from 2015 and before.
TOWING FEES will be discounted 30% for vehicles towed in 2019-2021, 50% for 2016-2018 and 70% for 2015 and before.
FINES FOR TRAFFIC REGULATIONS will be discounted 50% thru December 31st, if entirely paid in a single installment.
The Council also authorized the Mayor to sign a loan agreement with CAPA (Commission for Potable Water & Sewage) for installation of a pump downtown to prevent flooding (at Sm1,M30,Lt19)

Nov.13~~These are vendors from the"Audomaro Magaña" mercado in colonia El Cañotal feeding the truck drivers who've hauled away over 10,000 tons of accumulated trash over the past month & a half. Different islander families or groups bring them meals nightly.

Each evening at 8:30p, the 13 trucks roll onto the Punta Sam ferry & cross the Bay, traveling to the Trash Transfer Facility at the southern part of the isle to be filled, finishing by 1am. The drivers sleep on the isle, departing at 5am, heading for regional landfill on the mainland part of the municipality.

Nov. 13--Thru November 26th, islanders are invited to share their opinions as part of the municipal "La Gente Decide" program. This post invites them to vote on two options for the Town Square renovation.

Their input is sought to construct the new Municipal Development Plan. The six topics are Dignified public services & sustainable urban development, Tourism & a strong economy, Safety, Health, Inclusivity, and Good government. Islanders can participate fom 9a to 4p at three locations (Blue Dome, IEEA Dome, Palacio Municipal) or at the municipal website

Nov. 13--On December 17, 18 & 19, Isla Mujeres will host a national soccer competition "Copa Nacional de Fútbol 2021" with clubs and leagues from different states of Mexico participating, in various age categories from young children to older young people. The event will take place at the soccer field in colonia Salina Chica, and was announced at a press conference yesterday.

Friday, Nov. 12--One of two waterspouts offshore in the afternoon before sunset. Photo taken from MaraVilla Caribe Bed & Beach by Bruce Roberts, from the isle's eastern / Caribbean coast 

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Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

LINK to US National Hurricane Center 

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