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Isla Mujeres News & Events Sunday, June 27

 Our Northern Zone remains in Orange thru July 4th, as does the Southern Zone, according to the Governor's update Thursday evening. The grey bar shows the last two weeks, when Isla Mujeres had a decrease of 6%.(See graphics further down page). The municipality of Benito Juarez (Cancun & Puerto Juarez) is having about 100 new cases daily & is at the highest point so far in the pandemic. Cozumel also hit a record high.

 Monday thru Thursday at the Bicentennial Dome in La Gloria, vaccines will be administered to residents in their 30's, from oldest to youngest. Face masks are required, as is pre-registration on the mivacuna site. Bring that print-out with a copy of your CURP and utility bill.

YESTERDAY--The municipal Department of Civil Protection & Firefighters are informing the populace that the pumps (that remove flood water) are working at maximum capacity and personnel are visiting various locations on the island. They ask for your patience and understanding. They also request that you don't put out your trash unless the collection truck is passing because this is what causes blockage of the drains and absorption pits.

 YESTERDAY....Video from Isla Mujeres al Momento (These are screenshots from the video--that's smoke beneath the clouds) ....Personnel with the municipal Department of Civil Protection and the Firefighters are at Punta Sur working to extinguish a fire in a palapa there.

They had been working at clearing drains in flood-prone areas and earlier they activated the pumps which prevent the salina-lakes from overflowing and the downtown pump by the Casa Cultura which drains flooding from the area of Hidalgo (the pedestrian street) and Abasolo.

 YESTERDAY, late afternoon....Noti Isla Mujeres reports that various neighborhood are still without electrical service, including a large part of colonia La Gloria and Ampliación La Gloria.

 YESTERDAY afternoon....The caption with this video (Screenshot from the video) says that the level of the floodwaters on Hidalgo is decreasing little by little, with the pumps working at maximum capacity.

YESTERDAY AFTERNOON....The caption with the video (this is a screenshot from the video) says that the palapa at the Mundaca Hacienda was hit by lightning and personnel with Civil Protection & the Firefighters responded to the call.

Isla Mujeres al Dia published this photo from Isla Mujeres by Hope Kampnich.

 Here's the new Ultramar ferry schedule, which began yesterday. There will be crossings on the half-hour during the main day-visitor hours: TO the island 8:30a to 2:30p (left side of the graphic) and FROM the island 4:30p-8:30p (right side). The times of the first & last ferries are unchanged, on both sides of the Bay.

As of Thursday, Isla Mujeres reported a total of 326 cases of C-19 with 35 deaths and 279 recuperated. The Geoportal for Isla Mujeres reports one active cases in Miraflores.
>>The Growth Rate of cases in the Northern Zone is 0.6 which is a slight increase from 0.59 last week. It was 0.55 the week before that and 0.58 before that.
>>Our Northern Zone remains in Orange thru July 4th with the next update on Thursday evening. This is unchanged since May 3, when capacities were officially reduced from 60% to 50% at hotels & restaurants, and to 30% at public beaches.
>>Isla Mujeres has a decrease on the graphics from Thursday night's update, which show the history of C-19, with the past two weeks in grey. Unfortunately, Cancun & Puerto Juarez, (who are the municipality of "Benito Juarez") are experiencing about 100 new cases daily, an historic increase. Cozumel also has record-breaking numbers.
Today the Governor reported that Q. Roo was most economically impacted state by the pandemic. Thousands of jobs were lost, but as of this month, nearly 35,000 have been recovered. He implores everyone not to let down their guard about health habits, reminding us that the pandemic continues on. The graphic says, "Wear Masks, Wash Your Hands & Maintain Healthy Distance".


 FRIDAY...The beaches of Isla Mujeres are without (sin) sargasso on today's update from the “Red de Monitoreo del Sargazo en Quintana Roo". ("Red" means net/network.)

 Here's the Naval report, which is in agreement about Isla Mujeres having their best level, which is "scarce" (escaso). It also notes that nearly 19,000 tons of sargasso has been removed from Q Roo beaches since March (and about 750 tons from the sea).

 WEDNESDAY, June 23  Cancun Al Minuto reports the cause of death of a person (male) on the vehicle ferry from Punta Sam is unknown. Authorities were called via 911 and it says tourists and residents were aboard the ferry.


 WEDNESDAY, June 23  La Tertulia reports that the FGE (Fiscalia/Attorney General) has released the Macambo Restaurant's property, where the palapa fires began on April 26 which caused major damage to four restaurants, and other nearby businesses.

Nearly two months have passed since that chaotic day when entrepreneurs helplessly watched fire consuming the businesses they had worked on for years. Although they were able to reopen with facilities under temporary canopies, the Macambo restaurant where the fire began was placed under guard while the investigations were carried out. This caused concern among some business owners about the bad image that the site presented to visitors.
Now that it has been released by the prosecutor's office, work will began to clean up the property, The local public prosecutor's office (Ministerio Publico) notified the affected businesses that the Macambo property was being released, which included Miramar, Picus and Luna.

 TUESDAY, June 22  IM Noticias reports that INM (Instituto Nacional de Migración) will be conducting night-time operations on Isla Mujeres, after recently carrying out two daytime operations. Personnel with INM said four or five agents from Cancun will carry out the operation, in response to allegations about the presence of undocumented people on the island and to detect foreigners who are working illegally. Personnel with INM said they are aware of these allegations, especially in regard to concerns about there being many foreigners who are competing in the workforce with Mexicans at tourism areas such as North Beach. So far in 2021, six foreigners have been detained on Isla Mujeres, with twice as many in 2020, according to their source.

TUESDAY, June 22  Video from Noti Isla Mujeres on FB (This is a screenshot from the video, which only shows a portion of the group)... These students from "World School", their teachers & a couple visitors were cleaning up trash along the road to Garrafon Park. In reply to questions, they say... If you want to help, donations of the 'grabbers' & gloves are appreciated, as well as monetary donations. Everyone is encouraged not to litter & to help keep the island clean. The kids give their names & nationalities, they agree with the reporter about the importance of masks & join in a hearty "VIVA ISLA MUJERES!!"

TUESDAY JUNE 22...This is a report from Kerem Pinto Aguilar, director of the ZOFEMAT (Federal Zone agency) that the beaches of Isla Mujeres are free from Sargasso, for the enjoyment of visitors & residents. She notes that the ZOFEMAT crew cleans the beaches with rakes and wheelbarrows early in the morning, and other Sargasso removal equipment is available when it arrives in larger quantities. Today's update from “Red de Monitoreo del Sargazo en Quintana Roo” lists Isla Mujeres as "without sargasso".

THURSDAY, June 17  Attempted murder in La Gloria

Around 6pm today, a male person received a bullet wound when he arrived at his home near the La Gloria Tortilleria and the CRIM rehabilitation facility. He was shot as he was about to exit his car, and it appears that the assailant approached him on foot, and ran away afterward. The injured man drove himself to the Community Hospital, where he was treated. Police were stationed outside the hospital and the street was cordoned off, as was the crime scene in colonia La Gloria. Due to the gravity of his injury, he was taken by the LIFE ambulance to the Naval pier to be transported to a hospital in Cancun for specialized care. The authorities were notified by neighbors who heard the gunshot. (Later reports said he was a jeweler & allegedly carrying a significant amount of cash).

THURSDAY, June 17 from Tortugueros Mexico These photos aren't from Isla Mujeres, whose rating on the Sargasso Traffic light remains Green-sparse. The caption says: It's nesting season 🐢 in the #RivieraMaya and this is how some beaches look, reminding us of the imbalance we have caused to our environment.


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Full moon rising over the Caribbean  


Nearly full moon Wednesday, June 23 rises at 6:42 p over the Caribbean & the sun sets at 7:32

Full Moon rises on Thurs, June 24 at 7:49p

Fri, June 25 at 8:52

Sat. June 26 at 9:48

Sun, June 27 at 10:36

Mon, June 28 at 11:18

Tues. June 29 at 11:56

 Sunrise in June~6:05 (first of month)-7:33a (end of month)


Public events have been suspended due to C-19, mostly. Some holidays have featured online competitions and events. 

Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

LINK to US National Hurricane Center 



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