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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Tuesday, April 14

The second issue of 
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This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte 


  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

link to their Isla articles

Only minor accidents and people detained for administrative offenses during the holidays

Y detenidos por faltas administrativas durante las vacaciones

Lanrry PARRA
Over the Easter holidays, the agencies involved with security and safety operations reported there were only minor incidents and accidents. There were about 50 arrests for various administrative offenses, of which two were referred to the local prosecutors agency because the alleged crime involved drug dealing. Last year during the Easter holidays there were about 30 offenses. 
      Officers were instructed to do social work and encourage drivers to wear protective equipment and not to drive while intoxicated. The director of Civil Protection said the work of prevention was satisfactory, because there were no accidents with regrettable outcomes. Over the holidays, visitors to the beach were treated for cuts from a broken bottle, for heat stroke, for weakness and fatigue, among other minor problems. 
      Workers learned that during the Easter holiday there was a case of a child drowning registered, but it was in the Continental area of the municipality, at a private facility that was open to the public in general. Regarding this issue, those involved in the preventative operations said it was not included in the results, because the area of the accident did not have monitoring established.
ISLA MUJERES, 13 de abril.-

INAH confirms finding of Mayan ruins at Hacienda Mundaca: Temple of the goddess Ixchel? 

De vestigios mayas en la Hacienda Mundaca: ¿Templo de diosa Ixchel?

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 12 de abril.-
After several weeks of research, the staff of the INAH, National Institute of History and Anthropology, announced the discovery of Mayan ruins and pieces of various materials on the Mundaca Hacienda in Isla Mujeres. There is evidence of five Mayan buildings, one of which could be the true temple of the goddess Ixchel. The INAH also found and is holding over 100 pieces of obsidian, jade, and human skeletons and skulls. 
     During excavations in a mound, they detected what could possibly be the true temple of the goddess Ixchel, which served as a temple and observatory, since Isla Mujeres is the easternmost site in Mexico and therefore important to the Maya. Although at least five buildings were detected on the Mundaca Hacienda, there could be seven. So far, they have only worked on one building. The place could have been a sanctuary, since some of the buildings have boxes to receive offerings, combined with the articles found of obsidian, jade, and many other materials that are not found in this region, that were introduced and indicate there was trade between Panama and Isla Mujeres.


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (you can join this FB page at this link)

In accordance with the previously established agenda,  the first session of the Citizen Council for Animal Protection and Welfare in the municipality of Isla Mujeres on Monday morning.

The council consists of the following people: (regidor means City Council member) Agapito Magaña Sánchez, presidente municipal; Antonio Ríos Chale, regidor presidente de la Comisión de Salud Pública y Asistencia Social; Víctor Alfonso Osorio Magaña, regidor presidente de la Comisión de Cultura y Ecología; Tharin Vital Casique, director de Salud; Carlos Barranco García, director de Ecología; Joaquín Poot Acosta, director de Seguridad Pública y Tránsito; Francisco Acasuso Signoret, de la clínica veterinaria COLAS; Delfino Guevara Collazo, de la clínica veterinaria de Isla Mujeres A. C; Alison Sawyer Current, presidenta de la A. C. Isla Animals y José González Herrera, presidente del Comité de Cuidado y Defensa Animal.
  During the meeting, they announced the results and advances in vaccination and sterilization of pets and regarding the laws for animal protection, through visual presentations. The president of the Civil Association, Alison Sawyer Current, gave a report on the latest sterilization campaign organized by that association, on February 12-15 in Rancho Viejo and on the island, and March 26 & 27, where they attended to a total of 242 pets and gave 230 doses of vaccines. 
     It is important to note that due to the characteristics and particularities of the urbanization and populating of Rancho Viejo (on the mainland area of Isla Mujeres) the problem of the proliferation of stray animals is serious and requires more committed actions of the inhabitants of that area of the municipality, of course with the accompaniment and support of the City and with the Civil Associations. Regarding the most recent rabies vaccination campaign, held from Sunday March 22 to March 27, there were 500 doses given. 

Remember to yield to our friends the pets. The law of animal protection and welfare.
Recuerda ceder el paso a nuestros amigos las mascotas.
Ley de protección y bienestar animal.
Isla Mujeres receives the first rays of the sun at each sunrise, due to its location on the easternmost tip of the Yucatan Peninsula.
Por su ubicación, en el extremo más oriental de la Península de Yucatán, Isla Mujeres recibe primero los rayos del sol de cada amanecer, y donde se vislumbra primero el ocaso de cada atardecer.

Don't abandon them, pets are our friends
no los abandones, las mascotas son nuestros amigos.

Login to our website and download the rules of International Fishing Tournament.
Entra a nuestra página y descarga el reglamento del Torneo Internacional de Pesca.


From Tvisla Mujeres (You can join this fb page at this link)

26 scouts, members of the Association of Scouts of Mexico, visited the Naval base.

Noti Isla Mujeres (you can join this page on FB at this link & view the photos)



From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles

North Beach: Vanishing
Playa Norte, en vías de desaparecer [+] Ver mas
North Beach concession holders are concerned about the indifference of officials concerning the erosion occurring due to lack of maintenance to the geotubes installed after Hurricane Wilma in 2005. After the hurricane, two methods were employed to reduce erosion. The first used wooden jetties, and the other method employed giant flexible structures filled with sand and placed along the west side, for the entrance area of Hidalgo avenue. Both methods require maintenance, and more so for the latter method because they are easy to rip, and need continuous repair, and therefore five of them have deflated, causing erosion on the west area abutting the Posada beach.
      Carlos Cervera, one of the concessionaires in the Federal Zone in this area, contacted  and paid an experienced foreign company, hoping to solve the problem before the Easter vacation season, but the Mayor and the neighbors did not assist. The erosion has exposed rocks and a low wall, leaving no space for visitors in this area, and presenting a poor image of the island.  In the final quarter of last year, the Blue Flag designation was given to North Beach, an international symbol indicating security. It could allegedly become a "double edged sword"  if these problems are not addressed.

Full schools
Escuelas saturadas [+] Ver mas
Almost 5000 students returned to school in the municipality of Isla Mujeres, and there are concerns that the schools on the mainland urban area are becoming saturated, while the situation on the island is still tolerable. When the classrooms become full at the middle school "Benito Juarez", they will consider an afternoon shift, such as they have had at the primary Julio Sauri for over two decades. This could be employed at other schools, when there is a need.

Animals need protection
Falta voluntad para proteger animales[+] Ver mas

Final preparations for Regata "Del Sol al Sol"
Regata “Del Sol al Sol” en preparativos finales [+] Ver mas


Poor reviews online for Mundaca Hacienda
Mundaca, reprobada en web de viajeros+] Ver mas
On the TripAdvisor review website, there are reviewers who chose the adjectives regular, poor, and bad, while  23% said it is very good and 10% rated it as excellent. One comment noted that the grounds are not well cared for, and that the photos in Mundacas house were interesting and the iguanas were very cool. Another said the gardens need work, there was a lack of signage, and advised tourists not to waste their time or money.
      It is noted that very little has been invested in developing the site for tourism, and it is believed that the entrance fee of 20 pesos does not bring in a large return. The hacienda was built by Antonio Fermin Mundaca and Marecheaga, in the second half of the nineteenth century, who was an explorer, mercenary, and slave trader of Basque origin, according to historians. It is said he took refuge in Isla Mujeres, fleeing from justice for trafficking slaves. It is said that this story is "sold" to visitors, but at the site there are no guides or signs, or information about his infatuation for “La Trigueña”.  Tourists visit his empty crypt at the municipal cemetery, while his mortal remains are in Merida, Yucatan, where it is said that he died.
       Mundaca took refuge in Isla Mujeres in 1860 "after earning a fortune from the sale and trafficking of slaves from Africa to Cuba, to work on the sugar plantations of that island". Legend has it that after he had taken refuge on the island, having faced the British navy in 1858, Fermin Mundaca fell in love with the an island woman known as “La Trigueña”, which inspired him to build a hacienda with wells, arches, and extensive gardens, which he called "Vista Alegre" and is now known as the Mundaca Hacienda. He always lived alone there, without much contact with his servants and providers: fishermen, masons, and farmers from whom he bought supplies of services. He had no heir, and there are some inscriptions on the main building, one of which relates to himself: "Nautical pilot, el "fomenter" Fermin Antonio de Mundaca y Marecheaga" and "Tree of Guernica. There works were done by the fomentador natural of the villa of Bermeo, of the province of Vizcaya.
   Mayan ruins were discovered on the site during excavations over the past 15 months by the INAH. The information is similar to what I have already translated.
     (Historians say that  Martiniana (Prisca) Gomez Pantoja, " “La Trigueña” was born in 1862, so Mundaca was presumably on the island establishing his estate for years before he became infatuated with her. He was still on the island when the Le Pongeons visited and described him in 1876, and according to newspaper reports in 1877.  Most reports say he left the isle in 1880, while some oral reports indicate he left in 1882. Most reports say he was suffering from yellow fever and went to Merida, where he reportedly died. (Our historian's search for records of his death have been unsuccessful.) 
       He was born in 1825, therefore he was 37 years older than Prisca. She would have been 18 years old in 1880, when he reportedly died in Merida.  It is my personal theory that maybe she married in 1877,  at age 15, because that is when he carved and dated his tombstone, noting "As I am, you will be").

Easter vacations conclude without incident
Concluye la Semana Santa con saldo blanco[+] Ver mas

Resume normal number of ferry crossings
Ferry normaliza horario de cruce:.. [+] Ver mas

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View from the rooms.

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Large studio (Norte), I'm standing in the kitchen

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Large studio (Sur) with Queen & Single bed. Slider door & view are behind me.

Fine dining a few steps away at Da Luisa or try the traditional neighborhood eateries a couple blocks farther. Stroll five minutes down the coastal sidewalk to Mango Cafe, Bufalo, Bahama Mama, Compadres Barbacoa or Manolitos. Walk less than 10 minutes to shop at Chedraui or to dine at Green Verde, Kash Kechen Chuc, or Seso Loco. Visit marinas, bars, & beach clubs that are minutes away by bike or on foot. Our guests recommend the Yoga classes a couple villas away at hotelito Casa Ixchel. Fresh juice, produce & tortillas a few blocks away in the village, as well as a variety of other stores and small local restaurants.

April Events

Sunset  ~7p
Sunrise ~6:30a

Moonrise over the Caribbean
April 4   6:42
April 5   7:20
April 6   9:07
April 7   9:59
April 8  10:53
April 9  11:46

Fri March 27 - Sun April 12: Easter Break w lotsa daytrippers/busy ferries.  

April 1, Wednesday: Last Artist Fair until next high season
 On the Town Square. Food samples are 10 pesos.
Thursday, April 2 Town Square 7p  Reenactment of Last Supper
Friday, April 3  Passion of Christ reenactments "Via Crucis" in the streets

Friday, April 3, Noon-2p: >3000 people are to expected to join in the Viacrucis event walking from Guadalupe chapel (Meteorologico) to the Immaculate Conception church on the Square, with (parishioner) actors in costumes playing the parts.
  The other representation of the martyrdom of Christ is at 10a in La Gloria..departing & returning to the Catholic church there..down the main streets, with parishioners carrying the cross.

Sunday April 5: Easter  (Mexico changes to DST, except not QRoo)

Tuesday, April 7: UN World Health Day

Friday, April 10: Arte en Todas Partes event TBA

Friday, April 17: Arte en Todas Partes event TBA

Tuesday, April 21: Commemoration of Defense of Veracruz

Wednesday, April 22: Earth Day 

Friday, April 24: Arte en Todas Partes event TBA

 Friday, April 24 Start of Regata del Sol al Sol Yachts depart from St Petersburg, Florida on the ~500 mile journey

          LINK to history of the Regata del Sol al Sol  (The Regata al Sol, the other regatta, occurs every other year, on even years)

Wednesday, April 29 Regata del Sol al Sol  Golf Cart Poker Run (10a) & Cocktail party at Rock House (1p) & Crew Party at Buhos (1p) Basketball game by Town Square 7p

Thursday, April 30 Regata del Sol al Sol Cocktail Party at Ballyho's (1:30)  , Poker Run (3:30p), Mayor's Reception (7p)

Thursday, April 30 Dia del Nino...Children's Day

Friday, May 1  Regata del Sol al Sol Amigo's Regatta: Children board (10:30a), Departure (~11:30a) Awards ceremony at Buhos (7p)

Texas Hold 'Em Poker Mon & Thurs at El Patio 6p on Hidalgo..more info HERE.

There may be a Children's Fishing Tournament in April,  Date TBA
DIF Hat Breakfast, Desayuno de Sombrero is usually in April,  Date TBA
No Artists Fair in May, scheduled to resume in November 

Fishing Tournament May 22, 23, & 24

 Charity Info
See tab at top of page!

Donation Drop offs:
Red Cross:  Social Justicia Restaurant (south of ferry terminal, north of car ferry)

 Books for Grade School Reading Program, Items for Isla Animals, Diabetes Supplies, Items for Little Yellow School House, Moto Helmets for kids...Barlitos @ Marina Paraiso

For donations to Zapatos Para Los Ninos.. please contact Greg at bullridersnider@yahoo.com, or find them on Facebook at "Shoes For The Children."

Music: Schedule likely to change for low season (By band & location)

Miguel's high season schedule:
Sunday: The Sol Rockers @ El Patio 9p - 11p
Monday: Miguel solo @ El Patio 6:30p - 8:30p
Tuesday: La Banda Sin Nombre @ El Patio 9:15p - 11:15p
Wednesday: The Sol Rockers@ El Patio 7p - 9p, Faynes 10:30p - 12:00a
Thursday: Miguel Solo @ el Patio 6p - 8p, Faynes 10:30p - 12:00a
Friday: Marina Paraiso 7p - 9p, Faynes 10:30p - 12:00a, Adelita's 12a - 2a
Saturday: Marina Paraiso 7p - 9p, Faynes 10:30p - 12:00a, Adelita's 12a - 2a

 John Cain's schedule  
Wednesday 7pm - 9pm   ElPatio Sol Rockers 
Thurs 9-11 El Patio 
Sats. El Patio 630-830 
Sunday at El Patio w Sol Rockers from 7 to 9 pm

 El Patio House of Music...(formerly Comono)

Sundays 7-9 - Sol Rockers
Mondays 630 to 830 Miguel / 830 to 1130 Ryan Rickman -

 Tuesdays  9-11 Banda Sin Nombre
Wednesdays 7 to 9 Sol Rockers /  DJ 9-12
Thursdays 6 to 8 Miguel / John Cain from 8 to 11
 Fridays 630 to 815 Fabio & Ryan / band 830 to 1130 
Saturdays 630-830 John Cain solo Country music / 830 to 1130 Ryan and Band..

Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo 
Mon - Tues 7pm - 9pm - Jazz with Norman and Darin 
Wed- Sat 8pm - 11pm - Tips or Sex aka Alfedo & Jorge

Javier Martinez Cen La Banda Sin Nombre has played for 12 years at Faynes, we needed some days off, so less than a year a go, we let the band Radios play for us (at the same stage same time), they are great! LBSN play Weds/Saturday from 10:30 till 12, Fridays and Saturdays we also play next door, at Adelitas, just salsa music, from 12:39 till 2:00  (I'm not sure if this is still current
Banda Sin Nombre at Chuuk Kay 3:30p Sat & Sun ?? Now Playitas

Fenix  ~1p~4p   Live music at the beach in the afternoons including  Chucho (Jesus Campuzano) on Mondays & Wednesdays, the Cuban musicians Tuesdays & Thursdays, Pao & others on Fridays, someone on Saturday, Cuban musicians w Barbie playing Salsa on Sundays. 

Marina Paraiso has live music Thursday, Friday, & Saturday 7-9

Bahia Tortuga has live music at times...announced on their streetside signboard.

You may find live music at night on Hidalgo 
Fayne's: 10:30-12 (see above)
La Terraza: 9 or 10-12 
Morgan's:  7 or 8 - 9 or 11 (see above)
El Patio (see above)

And at Poc Na Hostel: 9:30-11

Saturday afternoon ~3-5 Cuban music at Veradara's Cuban restaurant

Here's Music by day of the week...with a thanks to Jean Lemke for rearranging it!

Monday - Miguel solo @ El patio 6:30 - 8:30
Ryan Rickman @ El patio 8:30 - 11:30
Jazz with Norman and Darin 7-9p Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo

Tuesday -  Fenix live music 1-4
Banda Sin Nombre @ El Patio house of music 9:15-11:15
Jazz with Norman and Darin 7-9p Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo

Wednesday - Fenix live music (Chucho?) 1-4
Sol Rockers @El patio house of music 7-9
La Banda Sin Nombre @ Faynes - 10:30 - 12:00
Tips or Sex aka Alfedo & Jorge 8-11p  Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo

Thursday -Fenix  live music 1-4
Miguel @El Patio house of music 6-8/ Faynes 10:30 - 12
John Cain @ el Patio 9-11
La Banda Sin Nombre @ Fayne's 10:30 - 12
Tips or Sex aka Alfedo & Jorge 8-11p  Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo

Friday - Fenix- 1-4 La Guera & band
Miguel @ Marina Paraiso solo 7-9
Miguel @ Fayne's 10:30 - 12
La Banda Sin Nombre @ Adelitas for Salsa 12:30 - 2
Fabio @ El Patio house of music 6:30 - 8:15
Ryan and Band @ El Patio house of music 8:30 - 11:30
Tips or Sex aka Alfedo & Jorge 8-11p  Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo

Saturday - Cuban Music at El Veradaro's 3-5
Banda Sin Nombre - Chuuk Kay 3:30
Miguel @ Marina Paraiso solo 7-9
La Banda Sin Nombre - Faynes 10:30 - 12:00
Banda Sin Nombre - Adelitas for Salsa 12:30 - 2
 John Cain 6:30-8:30 @ El Patio house of music Ryan and Band 8:30 - 11:30
Tips or Sex aka Alfedo & Jorge 8-11p  Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo

Sunday - Fenix for Salsa 1-3
Banda Sin Nombre @Chuuk kay 3:30
Sol Rockers El Patio 7-9
Monday - Miguel solo @ El patio 6:30 - 8:30
Ryan Rickman @ El patio 8:30 - 11:30


 Artist Fairs on the Town Square, usually first Thursday, 4p-9p ~Nov-April. 
Now the City is having Arte en Todas Partes events on Fridays.

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