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  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

link to their Isla articles

Protecting Isla Contoy

Licensees agree to reduce the number of tourists transported to the reserve

Permisionarios acuerdan reducir cantidad de turismo que trasladan a la reserva

Lanrry PARRA

ISLA MUJERES, 26 de abril.-
Pemittees have agreed to a plan to reduce the number of tourists transported to Isla Contoy, to stay within the limit of 200 visitors daily, which has been exceeded frequently. So far this year, as of April 15th, the capacity had been exceeded by 17.5 percent, with an average of 235 people entering the park daily. This means that during the 96 days it was open, the capacity of 200 visitors was exceeded on an average of 29 days.
   The agreement has seven points. There are vessels that go on six days a week, which will reduce the intensity of use, which include Javier Ayala, José Magaña & Jorge Lara, who agreed that on Wednesdays and Fridays they will have five fewer tourists on each boat, which are the  “Sol Ja”, “Buchanan´s”, “Caribbean Express” & “Jatsajá”, who each hold 25 passengers. For their part,  Ricardo Gaitán & José Aldo Alvarez  agreed that on Wednesday and Friday they will have 9 fewer passengers, on their boats "Obi-kue" and "Martha Luisa".  The Park Management will not grant authorization for private boats on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 
      Regarding the application from Javier Ayala requesting to be allowed to take a tour boat to the northern part of the island to reduce pressure on the beach Ixmapoit; the Director said this is under review, within the legal framework, mentioning that it may require the supervision of a Ranger on board, a speed of less than three knots, and to be at a distance of 100 meters from shoreline to prevent disturbing the birds perched near the water and the marine life.

Preparing the beaches and the incubation areas for the arrival of sea turtles 

Y corrales de incubación para el arribo de tortuga marina

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 25 de abril.-
The Director of the Tortugranja, Raziel Rivero Coba, said they are working hard on preparations for the nest season of the sea turtles, which is from May 15 to October 15. They are cleaning the beaches along the eastern coast where they nest, which is about five beaches, as well as preparing the incubation corrals at the Tortugranja facility. The beach cleaning is carried out by staff of the Tortugranja, with assistance from City employees, and the preparation of the incubation areas is done by qualified personnel of the Tortugranja.
   Regarding the possibility of early arrivals of the turtles of different species, hawksbill, loggerhead, and green, the DIrector said they will begin tours of the eastern beaches of the isle on May first, and another in the Poniente area (It is usually the Hawksbill turtles who nest earlier, and have the fewest numbers of nests.) The formal surveillance patrols are out protecting the turtles every night for five months, beginning on May 15 and concluding on October 15th, with participation by personnel of the Tortugranja, and assistance from the Police department (Dirección de Seguridad Pública) and the Mexican Navy (la Armada de México).
  The formal ceremony installing the Committee for the Protection of Sea Turtles will be done before the start of the nesting season, for these species that are in danger of extinction.

Juveniles: Municipal champions 

“Borró” a Mantarrayas

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 25 de abril.-

The team "Juveniles" were crowned champions for the first time in the Municipal Basketball League of the First Division, after winning the second game in a row against the team "Mantarrayas"  The second game was won in overtime by a score of 79-77, and there were two errors and a failure at the penalty line, which led to the defeat of the Mantarrayas.  Previously at the first match, the team Juveniles were ahead in a series of three games after winning two matches, defeating the Mantarrayas with a score of 65-68. The top players are named in the article and the awards are expected to be given this week, by the organizing committee.

CFE guarantees power supply from underwater cable 

Precisa CFE sobre cable submarino

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 25 de abril.-
 The submarine cable supplying electricity to Isla Mujeres was installed in 1988, with  an estimated useful life of 30 years; and it has given 26 years of service. The superintendent of the CFE (Federal Electricity Commission) in Cancun, Gerardo Castaneda assured islanders that they do not need to worry, and that the cable is is good condition and service is guaranteed. He said they have begun prospective studies for the replacement of the cable, anticipating any eventuality that might occur. The new submarine cable is expected to offer better service to the islanders, because it will have newer and better technologies.


Adverse weather conditions suspend the event "Moto Surf" 

Por condiciones climatológicas adversas

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 24 de abril.- The final competition of the Carrera Larga de Moto Surf GP, scheduled for today from Isla Mujeres to Cancun, was cancelled due to weather, which was announced by the Port Authority of the Island. The race was scheduled to take place from Isla Mujeres to Bahia Chac Chi in the Hotel Zone of Cancun on Sunday, April 26th, as part of the activities of the Primera Carrera Internacional de Moto Surf GP en México. The Harbor Master, Ismael Gonzalez Gil said it was suspended on that route because on Sunday the weather forcast included increasing strength of wind and waves, up to 35-40km per hour, which would jeopardize the safety of the competitors, with the strong winds from the south-southeast. Therefore, the organizers chose another route from Coral Beach to the Bahia Chac Chi in the Cancun Hotel Zone, a route closer to the coast. The Harbor Master said that so far, they had not requested consent for this event and would have to communicate with the staff of the Regional Habor Master regarding the situation. (The race is for jet skis).

Neighbors complain about noise from new restaurant 

Por exceso de ruido

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 24 de abril.-

Following the opening of a new restaurant-bar at the north end of Hidalgo Avenue, neighbors and nearby businesses have already begun complaining concerning noise and invasion of the street. The noise occurred from 9pm to around 2am, consisting of live music and shouts from patrons.


CFE replacing posts as part of the infrastructure maintenance program

Como parte de programa de mantenimiento de infraestructura

Lanrry Parra

ISLA MUJERES, 23 de abril.-

This work of replacement of electrical poles is expected to conclude before the start of the rainy season, when there can be strong winds, during hurricane season, in order to prevent interruptions in service. These actions will take place over several weeks are are expected to continue until all the posts in disrepair are replaced.


 Negotiated: Members of "Laguna Makax" fishing cooperative receiving 5 million pesos for property

Integrantes de Cooperativa Pesquera “Laguna Makax” recibieron 5 mdp por predio

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 22 de abril.-
After more than three months, the process of selling the installations of the fishing cooperative "Laguna Makax" have been finalized on this day, and the fishermen will have to leave the facilities by Thursday morning. The president of the group, Policarpo Pastrana Portillo, explained that after tomorrow, the headquarters of the fishing cooperative would be about 300 meters farther ahead, where they already have a larger venue for both fishing and marketing. In this new headquarters, in addition to the work of production and distribution of seafood, they will also perform work on behalf of devastated areas with reforestation of native plants, such as mangroves. He said since they have more space at the new headquarters, they plan to create a sort of mangrove nursery and zone for reproduction, for subsequent distribution to areas that have been affected by development.
   He said the process of sale of the facilities of this group has been going on since the early days of January, and were given full payment for the property and facilities, and the new owner gave them three and a half months to move their property. He said they were paid five million pesos, and in turn purchased another property for 400,000 pesos to move the headquarters of the fishing cooperative to conduct their respective activities. According to information obtained, this space was already committed for sale on two occasions, first by the former Mayor Hugo Sanches Montalvo and the second time by the current municipal authority, but in neither case could they complete the amount being asked by the fishermen. It was said in the Town Hall that payent was made on the sale of this property, which apparently will be used to build a restaurant and a marina.

Celebrate with reforestation: World Earth Day 

Día Mundial de la Madre Tierra

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 22 de abril.- .
 Chit palms and coconut palms (palma chit & de coco),purple maguey (maguey morado), chacá, sea lilies (lirio de mar), and flor de mayo (plumeria) were planted on this 45th anniversary of Earth Day, by volunteers high school students from Colegio Bachilleres.The plantings took place on the median of Paseo de los Peces, at the Tourist palapa of Mundaca Hacienda, the municipal cemetery near colonia Guadalupana, and on the campus of the high school, beside the newly build sports down. Next Friday, there will be a day of reforestation in the Continental Zone (on the mainland)in Ranch Viejo.


Creating a common front against individuals renting golf carts

Contra renta de carritos de golf de particulares

Lanrry PARRA

Leer mas   
THe leader of the taxi drivers union,  Eduardo Peniche Rodríguez, said they are planning to schedule a meeting between interested parties to make the necessary agreements for the elimination of the renting of golf carts by  individuals who do not hold rental concession, most of whom are foreigners. The meeting is intended to involved representatives from the Association of Golf Cart Rental Agencies, municipal authorities, the Police Chief, the head of the Department of Communication and Transport, the director of the office of Revenue Collection, and the leader of the taxi union. Among the agreements they will seek is the distribution of stickers for golf carts owned by individuals, which must bear the notice "Special Service" "Rental Prohibited", wit the intention of preventing the owners of these units from renting them. He said this measure is directly targeted at foreigners, and a couple Mexicans, who own guesthouses, and who include golf carts in the rental. Now there are some cases in which houses exist that have up to 10 golf carts included with rental of the property. (Sostuvo que esta medida va directamente dirigida a los extranjeros y uno que otro mexicano, que son propietarios de casas de huéspedes, las cuales rentan con todo y carritos de golf, ya que en algunos casos existen casas que tienen hasta 10 carritos de golf que incluyen con la renta del inmueble).
    The taxi union leader said foreign visitors who come to Isla Mujeres and are renting these houses that include carts do not know that they are committing an irregularity, but with the stickers now they will know to take precaustions to avoid being sanctioned. These sanctions can range from 600-800 daily minimum wages (~62 pesos or ~$5usd. 600 x $5 is $3000usd & 800 x $5 is $4000usd) for renting of a golf cart without a concession, since only the rentaly agencies are given this type of permissions (concessions for rental). He concluded by saying that this malpractice, mostly done by foreigners on the island, hurts the economies of both the taxi drivers and of the golf cart rental agencies.


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (you can join this FB page at this link)

The second edition of the challenge Rooster On The Go, in which 350 athletes participated, who went between 3 km and 15 km, a family event.
La segunda edición del reto Rooster on The Go, contó con la participación de 350 atletas que recorrieron entre 3 y 15 km. Este evento 100 % familiar lo que pretende es la convivencia deportiva.

Our pets deserve, shelter, food and medical care. Animal Welfare and Protection Law.
Nuestras mascotas merecen, techo, comida y atención médica.
Ley de Protección y Bienestar Animal.

Isla Mujeres and the city of San Petersburgo (St Petersburg, Fla) are sister cities, fulfilling a long standing commitment to friendship derived from the traditional regatta, Sol al Sol.
Con la ciudad de San Petersburgo hermanamos a Isla Mujeres cumpliendo así un añejo compromiso de amistad derivado de la tradicional regata de Sol al Sol


From Tvisla Mujeres (You can join this fb page at this link)

The search for Marco Martinez Leon aboard a jetski (moto acuatica) extended to Isla Mujeres! Authorities confirm
La búsqueda de Marco Martínez León a bordo de moto acuática se extendió hasta Isla Mujeres! confirman autoridades

Confirman autoridades de Isla Mujeres que no habrá desfile el próximo 1 de Mayo; La CROC si lo celebrará
Isla Mujeres authorities confirmed that there will be no City parade next May 1; The CROC union will celebrate  (Worker's Day/ Labor Day is May 1)

Noti Isla Mujeres (you can join this page on FB at this link & view the photos)


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles

Runner from Cancun wins "Rooster Challenge on the Go"
Cancunense gana el “Reto Rooster on te Go”.. [+] Ver mas
Abraham Cruz Castillo, from Cancun, won the second annual race "Reto Rooster on the Go" with a time of one hour and 21 seconds, making a circuit around the periphery of the island. Second place went to Rocardo Serrano with a time of 61 minutes and 32 seconds.
       Some of the more than 200 competitors reported that the geography is a challenge at the southern end. The winner said this race helped him prepare for the upcoming competitions in Merida-Progreso involving swimming 2 km at the port and bicycling 30 km to Merida, to run 5 km. And on October 21, 2016, he plans to compete in a worldwide competition of 21km, in the category "Master".  He confirmed that the difficult terrain at the southern part of the isle represented a good choice for the opportunity for training for those competitions. In reality, many experts flock to the island to train, because of this geography, so you will see people regularly who go to that section of the island with this in mind.
   The Municipal Sports Director, Enricqu Barros, attended the awards ceremony for the winners in the Men's and Women's division and recognition was given to the over 100 children who walked three kilometers along the Rueda Medina Malecon. Adults were seen walking the perimeter circuit, protected by a system of security set up by the Traffic police from 6am to 9am, when they arrived at the finish line which was installed outside the offices of the CROC labor union. They are expecting the number of participants to reach 400 next year.

"Sol al Sol" progresses slowly
Lento avance en la regata del “Sol al Sol” [+] Ver mas
Against all predictions, there was a sudden appearance of strong southerly winds, which prevented progress since Saturday for the 16 sailboats participating in the 47th edition of the regatta "Sol al Sol", when satellite signals indicated they were just north of Cuba on Sunday afternoon, and with the sun, the first are expected to arrive in Isla Mujeres on Monday. The weather has made this regatta difficult, and one of the slowest in its history, and as things stand, the last boat is expected to arrive on Tuesday night.
     The competition was strong until 5pm on Sunday, between the boats "XTL" and "Split Decsion", whose captains are John Hamm and Tom Glew. The first vessel is in the Non Spinnaker class and the other is in the the Class "A". Close behind the leaders are "Fruition", captained by Willam Fately, and "Midnight Sun" by Blaise Pierson.  There is no guarantee of who will win the tournament, facing the forces of nature, and there is much history of accidents occurring with the navigation systems. The four boats that are 'custodian' may offer a surprise ( (Blue Heron, 14 Pennies, Freyja, Tatto & Zephyros).
   Don Armando Novelo, who is one of those responsible for the reception of the competitors, said this was postponed until Monday.  It is estimated that if the weather behaves favorably for the competitors the first would arrive around sunrise on Monday, although the crossing of the Yucatan Channels is always complicated by changes in ocean currents from south to north, while all day on Sunday the sea current was from west to east. Meanwhile, from an early hour on Sunday, the southern winds were intensifying, which was not good news for the competitors, which adds more pressure to the weary crews of those 15 vessels that are fighting these described circumstances to reach their goal.
    The satellite tracking showed variances (quiebres, literally "breaks") of 30 degrees in the straight line of the competition route from St Petersburg, Florida to Isla Mujeres, which would be a distance of 550 nautical miles. However with these variances and turns, the distance can increase by up to 30 percent, according to the sailors.
   According to the satellite tracking, the sailboat "Nereid", in the Spinnaker division, whose captain is Robert Freeland, turned back toward the starting point on Saturday, apparently having some problem and using its engines to return. Returning usually occurs with one or two boats per regatta. Fifteen sailboats are competing, and one returned. There are four categories and final standings will be revealed on Monday, after they advance zig-zagging (zigzagueo) for days thru the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

Poor quality of public work
A la vista la deficiente calidad en la obra publica [+] Ver mas
On Guerrero Avenue, near the entrance to the Hospital parking lot, there is a drain register that is in need of replacement, having been broken recently by a vehicle passing over it. Near the entrance to the Casa de Cultura, there is an unfinished corner of alight pole, and a drain nearby whose concrete has broken, revealing an unstable lattice. It is noted this could be dangerous to a scooter, and a bicyclist fell there recently.

"Super Longo" accused of cutting cables
Evidencian al “Súper Longo” en el corte de cables[+] Ver mas

It is reported that Humberto Rodriguez Velazquez, Director of Civil Protection appears in a video where cables were cut, which affected service to 1500 cable TV users. Personnel with Cablemas and Chedraui initiated investigations regarding his alleged role in ordering the cables to be cut with machetes. It is known that the box of a department store truck pulled down the wires in colonia Salina Chica, near the tennis court, which did not cause an interruption of service, and the cables needed to be put back, by specialized personnel arriving for this type of contingency. However, the official, whose nickname is "Super Longo" ordered the cutting of the cables to clear the road. Ordering the cutting of the wires by machete caused much damage to the company, since the replacement of fiber optic cable is expensive, and they began the replacement that afternoon, the 17th until present.


Everything is ready for the race
Todo listo para la carrera atlética [+] Ver mas

 Complaints about Telmex service and downed wires
Cables de Telmex en los suelos[+] Ver mas

Fighting two invaders in Isla Contoy
Se combaten a dos invasores en Contoy[+] Ver mas
The red mite (ácaro rojo)  has attacked Isla Mujeres for less than 10 years, and has been fought by SAGARPA. Now there is a spraying campaign against the insect at the Isla Contoy National Park, which also suffers from invasion by grackle bids. The Director of the Park, biologist Maria del Carmen Garcia Rivas confirmed they are seeking measures to combat the insect and the grackles.
    Regarding the mites, for a month there have been specialists at the reserve combating it with spray pumps going plant by plant to the chits and palms, in a campaign led by Amigos de Sian Ka’an. The workers are laboring flat out to meet this emergency, against this insect which has not predators, which must be eradicated as happened in Isla Mujeres at this time, when a program and campaigns were conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, via SAGARPA (Secretaría de Agricultura, Ganadería, Desarrollo Rural, Pesca & Alimentación).
   Regarding the grackles (ave zanate), who arrive because of the presence of humans, and eat food debris, an assessment of their population will be conducted. There are "hundreds" and they eat the eggs of the migratory birds, and therefore present a threat to other species on the reserve. She did not mention the techniques used to combat birds that affect plants in agricultural areas of the United States, where they have used these techniques for some time, according to reports. Apparently a flock flying over arrived and settled when they saw that there was enough food debris. What is not known is whether the flock left from (for?) Isla Mujeres or Isla Blanca or Chacmuchuch lagoon. IT seems that since last year were have begun to see specimens of this bird "that always accompany humans".
    The rest of this article is has the same information as already translated about reducing the number of tourists to Isla Contoy to the limit of 200, and the application by Javier Ayala to bring tourists near the northern part of the isle, near the fishing camp, where flocks of "carmoranes" feed in the bay.

Islander dancer to Merida
Bailarina isleña a Mérida[+] Ver mas
The youth,  Shaunny Valeria Figueroa Quijano, who is a prominent dancer in Isla Mujeres, will participate in a salsa dance contest in Merida on May 8th, said dance teacher Renatta Rodriquez, who has a dance academy which bears her name. Valeria joined the academy on October 8, 2012, and she will partner on stage for this competition with Abraham Delgado, the current master of salsa with the school. The first prize for the contest is 25,000 pesos and a trip to Panama to tour with the artists of this event.

Unfulfilled dreams, for now
Sueños truncados, por ahora[+] Ver mas

At this time, ten year old Mauro Alfonso Pantoja Chi, did not get admitted to the Club Pachuca, who only admitted three players out of a group of twenty competitors who were summoned from across the country. His father explained that one of the factors is that he is smaller/younger (más pequeño), because those who were admitted were 11 years old, born in 2004. Therefore he will be given another opportunity to be considered, and was notified of this on Friday, by the directors of this Mexican soccer club. He will be given another chance in May.
     In a telephone interview, the youngster did not seem affected by this news, noting he gave his all during the sessions of the competition that lasted all week. They were preparing to return to Isla Mujeres, following a visit to the capitol city of the state of Hidalgo. His father,  Diego Gilberto Pantoja Cauich, thanked the staff of the muncipal DIF agency for their support, the Club Pachuca for the opportunity, and the children who were summoned as representatives of their areas from Guerrero, Puebla, San Luis Potosí, and Zacatecas. He said, "We lived with them all week in Pachuca, amid great excitement".The youngster also thanked his uncles for the support they have given him.
      The temperatures dropped in the city of Hidalgo for most of the day and the atmosphere was fresh. The interviewees stressed that the kids had given their all. They gave thanks for the motivational and economic support given by the families of Chi Tuz and Pantoja Cauich.


Set up another ferry for crossing to Puerto Juarez
Habilitan otra nave para el cruce a Puerto Juárez [+] Ver mas
The Magana Maritime Transport Company announced that it will seek to ensure the normal frequency of daily service to Puerto Juarez, after it was suspended for a few days due to the mechanical failure of the boat "Caribbean Island". The boat "Caribbean Lady" will assist the boat "Caribbean Island" to ensure service throughout the summer season. The suspension of service by the "Caribbean Island" boat was due to a delay in obtaining the parts that were needed, because there were none available in Mexico, and they had to be obtained from the United States. To avoid this problem in the future, they plan to enable another ship, in addition to the recreational boats "El Queen" and "Princess" to assist with commitments.  Manager Jorge Aragón, said the problem was regrettable, and they hope to avoid future problems with the enabling of this vessel to respond to any emergencies, and to guarantee service in the upcoming summer season. They continue to support the budgets of workers by offering discounts for frequent passengers of up to 50%, according to their rates which are authorized by the SCT (Ministry of Communication and Transport). This company, Magana Maritime Transport, was a pioneer in ferry service for more than half a century, but has faced serious economic problems since their competition arrived offering more frequent service every half hour, while they offer hourly service at two terminals. The children of don Raul Magana Carrillo, who has passed away, now continue this business.

Lighting problems on Hidalgo Avenue
Problemas de alumbrado en la avenida Hidalgo[+] Ver mas

Along the pedestrian street Hidalgo Avenue, which is a popular area for tourism nightlife, there is a stretch between Adolfo Lopez Mateos and Abasolo where among the seven lights, there are three that are out of service. The area is not dark because businesses have lighting, but after they close, the visibility is reduced.

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April Events

Sunset  ~7p
Sunrise ~6:30a

Moonrise over the Caribbean
April 4   6:42
April 5   7:20
April 6   9:07
April 7   9:59
April 8  10:53
April 9  11:46

Fri March 27 - Sun April 12: Easter Break w lotsa daytrippers/busy ferries.  

April 1, Wednesday: Last Artist Fair until next high season
 On the Town Square. Food samples are 10 pesos.
Thursday, April 2 Town Square 7p  Reenactment of Last Supper
Friday, April 3  Passion of Christ reenactments "Via Crucis" in the streets

Friday, April 3, Noon-2p: >3000 people are to expected to join in the Viacrucis event walking from Guadalupe chapel (Meteorologico) to the Immaculate Conception church on the Square, with (parishioner) actors in costumes playing the parts.
  The other representation of the martyrdom of Christ is at 10a in La Gloria..departing & returning to the Catholic church there..down the main streets, with parishioners carrying the cross.

Sunday April 5: Easter  (Mexico changes to DST, except not QRoo)

Tuesday, April 7: UN World Health Day

Friday, April 17: Arte en Todas Partes event 6pm La Gloria park
 Presentation by the Renata Academy Dance Studio, the Academy of Polynesian Dancing of the Department of Culture, and an interesting pictorial exposition .

Tuesday, April 21: Commemoration of Defense of Veracruz

Wednesday, April 22: Earth Day 

 Friday, April 24 Start of Regata del Sol al Sol Yachts depart from St Petersburg, Florida on the ~500 mile journey

          LINK to history of the Regata del Sol al Sol  (The Regata al Sol, the other regatta, occurs every other year, on even years)

Wednesday, April 29 Regata del Sol al Sol  Golf Cart Poker Run (10a) & Cocktail party at Rock House (1p) & Crew Party at Buhos (1p) Basketball game by Town Square 7p 

Wednesday, April 29 Celebrate the International Day of Dance, 6pm, at the Plaza Bicentenario (La Gloria) with performances by groups from all genres...from the municipal Cultural agency, free.

Thursday, April 30 Regata del Sol al Sol Cocktail Party at Ballyho's (1:30)  , Poker Run (3:30p), Mayor's Reception (7p)

Thursday, April 30 Dia del Nino...Children's Day

Friday, May 1  Regata del Sol al Sol Amigo's Regatta: Children board (10:30a), Departure (~11:30a) Awards ceremony at Buhos (7p)

Texas Hold 'Em Poker Mon & Thurs at El Patio 6p on Hidalgo..more info HERE.

There may be a Children's Fishing Tournament in April,  Date TBA
DIF Hat Breakfast, Desayuno de Sombrero is usually in April,  Date TBA
No Artists Fair in May, scheduled to resume in November 

Fishing Tournament May 22, 23, & 24

 Charity Info
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Donation Drop offs:
Red Cross:  Social Justicia Restaurant (south of ferry terminal, north of car ferry)

 Books for Grade School Reading Program, Items for Isla Animals, Diabetes Supplies, Items for Little Yellow School House, Moto Helmets for kids...Barlitos @ Marina Paraiso

For donations to Zapatos Para Los Ninos.. please contact Greg at, or find them on Facebook at "Shoes For The Children."

Music: Schedule likely to change for low season (By band & location)

Miguel's high season schedule:
Sunday: The Sol Rockers @ El Patio 9p - 11p
Monday: Miguel solo @ El Patio 6:30p - 8:30p
Tuesday: La Banda Sin Nombre @ El Patio 9:15p - 11:15p
Wednesday: The Sol Rockers@ El Patio 7p - 9p, Faynes 10:30p - 12:00a
Thursday: Miguel Solo @ el Patio 6p - 8p, Faynes 10:30p - 12:00a
Friday: Marina Paraiso 7p - 9p, Faynes 10:30p - 12:00a, Adelita's 12a - 2a
Saturday: Marina Paraiso 7p - 9p, Faynes 10:30p - 12:00a, Adelita's 12a - 2a

 John Cain's schedule  
Wednesday 7pm - 9pm   ElPatio Sol Rockers 
Thurs 9-11 El Patio 
Sats. El Patio 630-830 
Sunday at El Patio w Sol Rockers from 7 to 9 pm

 El Patio House of Music...(formerly Comono)

Sundays 7-9 - Sol Rockers
Mondays 630 to 830 Miguel / 830 to 1130 Ryan Rickman -

 Tuesdays  9-11 Banda Sin Nombre
Wednesdays 7 to 9 Sol Rockers /  DJ 9-12
Thursdays 6 to 8 Miguel / John Cain from 8 to 11
 Fridays 630 to 815 Fabio & Ryan / band 830 to 1130 
Saturdays 630-830 John Cain solo Country music / 830 to 1130 Ryan and Band..

Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo 
Mon - Tues 7pm - 9pm - Jazz with Norman and Darin 
Wed- Sat 8pm - 11pm - Tips or Sex aka Alfedo & Jorge

Javier Martinez Cen La Banda Sin Nombre has played for 12 years at Faynes, we needed some days off, so less than a year a go, we let the band Radios play for us (at the same stage same time), they are great! LBSN play Weds/Saturday from 10:30 till 12, Fridays and Saturdays we also play next door, at Adelitas, just salsa music, from 12:39 till 2:00  (I'm not sure if this is still current
Banda Sin Nombre at Chuuk Kay 3:30p Sat & Sun ?? Now Playitas

Fenix  ~1p~4p   Live music at the beach in the afternoons including  Chucho (Jesus Campuzano) on Mondays & Wednesdays, the Cuban musicians Tuesdays & Thursdays, Pao & others on Fridays, someone on Saturday, Cuban musicians w Barbie playing Salsa on Sundays. 

Marina Paraiso has live music Thursday, Friday, & Saturday 7-9

Bahia Tortuga has live music at times...announced on their streetside signboard.

You may find live music at night on Hidalgo 
Fayne's: 10:30-12 (see above)
La Terraza: 9 or 10-12 
Morgan's:  7 or 8 - 9 or 11 (see above)
El Patio (see above)

And at Poc Na Hostel: 9:30-11

Saturday afternoon ~3-5 Cuban music at Veradara's Cuban restaurant

Here's Music by day of the week...with a thanks to Jean Lemke for rearranging it!

Monday - Miguel solo @ El patio 6:30 - 8:30
Ryan Rickman @ El patio 8:30 - 11:30
Jazz with Norman and Darin 7-9p Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo

Tuesday -  Fenix live music 1-4
Banda Sin Nombre @ El Patio house of music 9:15-11:15
Jazz with Norman and Darin 7-9p Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo

Wednesday - Fenix live music (Chucho?) 1-4
Sol Rockers @El patio house of music 7-9
La Banda Sin Nombre @ Faynes - 10:30 - 12:00
Tips or Sex aka Alfedo & Jorge 8-11p  Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo

Thursday -Fenix  live music 1-4
Miguel @El Patio house of music 6-8/ Faynes 10:30 - 12
John Cain @ el Patio 9-11
La Banda Sin Nombre @ Fayne's 10:30 - 12
Tips or Sex aka Alfedo & Jorge 8-11p  Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo

Friday - Fenix- 1-4 La Guera & band
Miguel @ Marina Paraiso solo 7-9
Miguel @ Fayne's 10:30 - 12
La Banda Sin Nombre @ Adelitas for Salsa 12:30 - 2
Fabio @ El Patio house of music 6:30 - 8:15
Ryan and Band @ El Patio house of music 8:30 - 11:30
Tips or Sex aka Alfedo & Jorge 8-11p  Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo

Saturday - Cuban Music at El Veradaro's 3-5
Banda Sin Nombre - Chuuk Kay 3:30
Miguel @ Marina Paraiso solo 7-9
La Banda Sin Nombre - Faynes 10:30 - 12:00
Banda Sin Nombre - Adelitas for Salsa 12:30 - 2
 John Cain 6:30-8:30 @ El Patio house of music Ryan and Band 8:30 - 11:30
Tips or Sex aka Alfedo & Jorge 8-11p  Morgan's Restaurant & Bar - on Hidalgo

Sunday - Fenix for Salsa 1-3
Banda Sin Nombre @Chuuk kay 3:30
Sol Rockers El Patio 7-9
Monday - Miguel solo @ El patio 6:30 - 8:30
Ryan Rickman @ El patio 8:30 - 11:30


 Artist Fairs on the Town Square, usually first Thursday, 4p-9p ~Nov-April. 
Now the City is having Arte en Todas Partes events on Fridays.

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