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In Isla Mujeres Daily News Wednesday, October 9 The Afternoon Edition

..This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte



The "Morning Edition" has translated headlines &  newspaper photos. This Afternoon Edition has  translations of the articles,  Daily Events & Live Music Schedules  & the "Around the Internet in the Past 24 Hours" section including photos & info from individuals & local businesses ....Daily In Isla Mujeres. There are always links to the original articles in Spanish.


  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

Reorganizing Department of Tourism

Dirección de Turismo integra organigrama

Martes, 08 de Octubre de 2013 22:28

En puerta, ¿fusión?

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 8 de octubre.- 
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  There is restructuring of the municipal Tourism Department, with indications that it may merge with the Tourism Promotion Department ( Dirección de Turismo and Dirección del Fideicomiso de Promoción Turística). The Director of Tourism, Carmelina Martinez Hamed said they are still in the planning stage, and are expecting to create three entities: Tourism Promotion, Tourism Events, and Tourism Services.  The head of Tourism Services will be Mary Delgado, who will be in charge of Coordination of  Tourism Police and Inspection & Vigilance  (Coordinaciones de la Policía Turística and Inspección y Vigilancia), mainly dealing with the brokers & promoters of tourism and with members of the various tourist services cooperatives in Isla Mujeres. As for the head of Tourism Promotion, Carmelina Martinez said they do not have an appointee yet, but will hire someone for the position promptly, who will be in charge of Coordination of Tourist Assistance (Coordinación de Atención al Turista). They also have not yet hired anyone as head of Tourism Events, who will be in charge of Coordination of Touristic Training, aimed at employees of hotels, restaurants, dive shops, and tourism services in general. In closing it was noted that the department will have at least 10 workers, with the Director as leader, but at this time there are only three, but they are hoping to at least hire the heads of the departments. 

Schools running smoothly: Fully staffed with teachers 

Clases, sin contratiempos

Martes, 08 de Octubre de 2013 21:20

Maestros de nivel básico cumplen con su responsabilidad

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 8 de octubre.- .
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Agapito Magana: Friend of the high school 

Agapito Magaña, amigo de bachilleres

Martes, 08 de Octubre de 2013 20:55

Resalta secretario de Comuna, en acto cívico

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 8 de octubre.- 
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  There was a civil ceremony at the high school (Colegio Bachilleres) on Tuesday morning celebrating the 39th anniversary of the creation of the Free and Sovereign State of Quintana Roo. The Mayor was attending a ceremony at the state Capitol in Chetumal, so he was represented by the municipal Secretary General of the City Council. The article includes their names and other officials in attendance, as well as that of student Perla Aylin Moreno Avila, who received a scholastic award.
 Blaming death of turtle hatchlings on lack of personnel 

Falta de personal, causa de ecocidio

Martes, 08 de Octubre de 2013 20:55

Con crías de tortuga

Lanrry ParraISLA MUJERES, 8 de octubre.-
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An anonymous "former worker of the Program of Sea Turtle Protection", (who says s/he was fired at the change of administration, and rehired/Este ex trabajador, quien pretende ser recontratado), says the program requires at least a dozen people and currently does not have sufficient personnel. S/he says there were formerly 15 workers for the Department of Parks and Museums under the previous administration, and s/he estimates there are now four workers. S/he noted that although the program concludes on October 15, the sea turtles continue to arrive to deposit their eggs on the various beaches of the island, so it is necessary to continue monitoring. (In my experience here, the nesting activity drops off considerably at the end of August. I haven't noticed them monitoring the beaches since early September, and there have been no new nests near us since then.
     There were so many nests this year, in is very understandable that a few were missed. The mamas dig many false nests and restart in another spot if they hit rocks. This summer the sand was rearranged almost nightly at their favorite beaches. There were other missed nests along this stretch, whose occupants headed in the correct direction when they hatched. Birds are their biggest enemy when they are on or near shore. In August, September, and October, the tanks get full at the Tortugranja, and the hatchling releases occur. Yesterday's was supposed to involve 6000 baby turtles, and was cancelled due to weather.
      This summer our propane tank blocked a confused mama who was walking toward the same street these hatchlings got hit on. We didn't have any lights on that would have disoriented her. Sometimes they come up into the back yard  seeking a better spot to dig & when they dig near the house, I usually hear the rocks hitting the patio. She was the first to head down our paseo, which caused the neighbor's dogs to bark at her. I went down to see what was up, and we startled each other (big snakey looking head RIGHT THERE as I stepped out the sliding door). I took care of the doggies, Mama and I both caught our breath, &  she returned to the sea. Along the way, guests & I tried to 'herd' her to the beach, but she went over the rocks. Turns out ya can't really herd a mama turtle who is determined to return to the sea NOW. Occasionally going over the rock ledges causes them to flip, but they are pretty tank-like, and she took the drop-off in stride. They really hate being caught out at dawn.

 Tvisla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres joins fight against breast cancer: Yesterday the pink lights were turned on
Isla Mujeres también se une a la lucha contra en Cáncer; Ayer en el encendido de las luces
36th Anniversary of statehood of Quintana Roo commemorated at the Capitol and in Isla Mujeres

Noticias de  Quequi......



Noticias de Diario Respuesta...

Ready to celebrate Day of the Fisherman

Alistan fiesta del Día del Pescador

Alistan fiesta del  Día del Pescador



Diario La Verdad
Diario La Verdad Still without governmental web page for the City


Sigue sin página web la Comuna de Isla Mujeres

 por esto

Bad weather returns
Retorna el mal tiempo. [+] Ver mas
The arrival of cold front #4 will bring cloudy, rainy weather to the Yucatan Peninsula on Wednesday, and the Harbor Master advised precautions and said there may be restrictions to nautical tourism providers. The weather could last until Friday, and may include winds of 35 kph, gusting up to 45kph. (It clouded up and began raining around 2pm, and now at 3:30 it stopped and the sun is coming out again. It is overcast at 5:50p/dusk)

Lack of teachers: Old problem
Déficit de profesores, añejo problema [+] Ver mas
The teaching positions have all been filled and the schools are operating normally. Por Esto notes a lack of teachers in Isla Mujeres is a longstanding problem, which is attributed to few residents who want to engage in this profession, and few teachers want to move to settle in Isla Mujeres. This causes overcrowding in classrooms who should have a maximum of 38 students per teacher.

Seeking continuation of the search for "Soyita"
Piden no suspender búsqueda de “Soyita” ver mas 
The father of the missing fisherman said the family wants the authorities to continue searching for his son, José Ernesto Zapata Cruz, 30, aka 'La Soyita", who went overboard around 11pm on Wednesday from the shrimp boat "Marengo". His father, Mario Zapata Silva, 52, said that his son was an experienced fisherman. He said his son  left Merida eight months ago to work in Puerto Juarez on the "Marengo", and sent money to his wife and three children. He said his son loved his job and was devoted to fishing, and what happened was a terrible accident, and only God knows why these things happen.

Caught dismantling boat
Sorprendidos desmantelando embarcación+] Ver mas
 This article has similar information to the one already translated, and additionally notes that eight Cubans landed, of whom six were arrested and two were not located. The two men arrested while attempting to disconnect the motor from the Cuban boat were  Gerardo Reyes Azcorra González, 34, and Cecilio Martínez Ruiz, 29, who were charged with failure to obey authority  (por ultrajes a la autoridad), since no authority has been made responsible for the vessel. (The other article said the Cuban Consulate was notified of the vessel, but were not available on Sunday when the police chief called about this incident. An earlier article noted it is powered by a car engine.). This article notes that neither the Port Authority or the Navy is responsible for the vessel, which is neglected, and this 'tempted' some people to take the engine or other parts. With the previous Cuban boat, about two months passed before authorities gave the order for it to be dismantled.

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Fine dining a few steps away at Da Luisa or try the traditional neighborhood eateries a couple blocks farther. Stroll five minutes down the coastal sidewalk to Mango Cafe or Monchi's,shop at Chedraui or visit restaurants, bars, & beach clubs; minutes away by bike or on foot. Our guests recommend the Yoga classes a couple villas away at hotelito Casa Ixchel. Fresh juice, produce & tortillas a few blocks away in the village, as well as a pharmacy and variety of other stores and small local restaurants


In October there are occasional releases of baby turtles that were incubated at the Tortugranja, at dusk on the eastern beaches of Media Luna or Guadalupana. The Blue Crabs migrate with the full moons, and there are usually organized groups to help them safely across the roads. Watch out for them in Sac Bajo and along the southeastern part of the island. The American holiday of Halloween is observed by the expats & a few candy loving kids, while the whole community observes Day of the Dead on November 1st & 2nd. Special foods are available in the weeks before, and Hanal Pixan altars appear in mid or late October. The Orianid meteor shower due on the 18th & 19th will be affected by light from the  full moon.

October is Breast Cancer Month. There are benefits and events by Siempre por Vida.
Oct 1-  Día de Arquitectos  Architects Day
Oct 2- International Day of Beach & Coastal Clean Up
Oct 4-  World Animal Day
Oct 8- 39th Anniversary of Quintana Roo of becoming a Free and Sovereign State
Cancelled due to weatherTuesday, Oct  8  Dusk  Media Luna Beach Turtle Release 
Oct. 8- World Octopus Day
Oct 9-  Dia de Pescadors   Fishermens Day
Oct 12- Día de la Raza 
 Oct. 12  11:30pm My Space Disco  Benefit for Breast Cancer: Pink Divas Night 
Thursday, Oct. 17  4p-7p  Artist Fair at Town Square
PhotoIsla Mujeres Artist Fair Thursday, October 17, 4pm-7pm in the square-Hope to see you there for great art, food, and drinks! xo
Sally Margolis
Oct 18  6:13p Full Moon Rise over Caribbean /  Sunset ~6:20p
Oct 18 & 19 Orianid Meteor shower 
Oct 19- World Food Day Dia Mundial de la Alimentacion  Full Moon Rise 6:57p
Oct 19- Pink Breakfast Benefit for Breast Cancer Due Torri Restaurante
Oct 19- 5p March Against Breast Cancer starts at Posada Beach/Monument to the Fisherman & ends at the Truguena monument at the east Malecon. Participants are asked to wear something pink and carry signs supporting the cause & in support of the people with this disease.
Oct 20 Full Moon Rise 7:42p
Oct 21 Full Moon Rise 8:28p
Oct 21 Ramon Bravo's Birthday
Oct 21-22  Anniversary of Hurricane Wilma when Isla Mujeres broke the Northern Hemisphere's and Western Hemisphere's 24-hour rainfall record with 64 inches in 2005.  Dia del Medico, United Nations Day (last year children marched, wearing white)
October 27 Time Change
Oct 31 Noche de Brujas/Haloween
Here is a list of events in the Maya Riviera area LINK.
Here is a LINK to an article I wrote about Hanal Pixan
HERE is the article I wrote about Day of the Dead in Isla Mujeres.

Last year in October....
 The 5th annual Environmental Culture week had workshops Oct 8-10 (Semana de la cultura Ambiental)
The 7th annual Caribbean Mayan Cultural Festival was Oct 20-24 (There was also a 2nd annual statewide Caribbean Mayan Cultural Fest last year in early November)
The Ramon Bravo Underwater Photography Contest was cancelled. Oct 20-22 The Artist's fair will be the third Thursday in October due to the change of government & will resume being the first Thursday in November.  Oct. 17th, Town Square 4-7p.


See Live Music schedule at top of page for Live music during low season. Fayne's is closed in early October. Some gigs are more intermittent during October & can be prone to weather cancellations. 

John Cain  The Sol Rockers tonight at Bally Hoo Restaurant, 7 to 930 pm...
John Cain schedule last week was..
Tuesday solo from 8 to 10 pm at Cafe Del Mar, lovely spot on the beach across from Jax,
Wednesday the return of The Sol Rockers at Bally Hoo Restaurant from 7 to 930, come support this great venue, relaxing vibe and good food!
Friday solo at Iguana Bar Marina Paraiso Isla Mujeres from 7 to 9 and
Saturday at The Sunset Grill, solo from 7 to 9 pm. They offer 2x1 special from 6 to 10 pm on all wine by glass or bottle, nice deal. See ya! 

At Poc Na Nov 24..Fidel Nada Full Band

Poc-Na Hostel's photo.

Sunday, November 24 at 8:00pm

On the internet in the past 24 hours...

Fishermen's day. Congratulation to all. Have an great lobster season
Pat Oreskovich (yesterday)
what a beautiful day the clouds were like popcorn and now 4pm were having a nice rain after a hot day...turtle release is cancelled til further notice

Lolo lorena added 4 new photos to the album Lolo's dinners fall 2013.

Amig@s, el próximo Sábado 19 de Octubre, realizaremos la Marcha Rosa, esto para conmemorar el día internacional de la lucha contra el cáncer de mama, el recorrido sera del monumento al Pescador (playa posadas) y finalizaremos en el monumento a la Trigueña, la cita es a las 5:00 pm, pedimos que porten alguna prenda color Rosa, que lleven carteles con palabras de apoyo, unámonos como comunidad y demostremos apoyo a las personas que padecen esta enfermedad Recuerden que las Queremos

Since the Turtle Release was cancelled yesterday, here is a video Capt. Tony made last year underwater of a hatchling swimming away. LINK (Sorry... I am unable to find it on YouTube today, to post it directly)

Yesterday was World Octopus Day

Octopuses are masters of camouflage
HERE is a fascinating five minute TED video of "Underwater Astonishments" that includes this octopus in reverse...unbelievable!

The notice below was posted this morning. It just started raining now at ~1:30p.  (Lasted about an hour)
It is a weather notice about that the isle may have weather that is.... cloudy, rainy, gusts of wind, lightning storms, fresh wind form the east, northeast with winds of 25-35km, occasional gusting.
ISLA MUJERES. Nublado, lluvias ligeras a moderadas, con chubascos y tormentas eléctricas, Viento fresco del este y noreste de 25 a 35 km/h., con rachas ocasionales más fuertes. — in Isla Mujeres.

Here is Sally's picture in her new home. Yahoo.
Like ·

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Isla Animals is participating in a contest to win $10,000.00. All you have to do is go to: and vote for them. You can vote once per day, and do not need to create an account to vote. Please share with your animal lover and Isla lover friends!
Below it says...  Happy Fisherman's Day to all the fishermen, greetings!
Rogelio Israel Delgado Noveloposted toRecuerdos de isla mujeres! Feliz día a todos los pescadores en su día saludos

Pat Oreskovich added a new photo.

Me:  Nice coconuts! I love to watch the guys shinny up the palms (and I always look up before I sit on the beach). It is a local legend that if you drink Isla Mujeres coco water, you WILL return.
Pat Oreskovich  walk along the beach in town

Ayuntamiento De Isla Mujeres shared a photo.
  Below....It says the Municipal Clean Up Operation included the participation of more than 15 people, as well as 20 trucks with the objective to remove 2000 tonnes of trash from the municipality, which was accumulated from the past two years.
El operativo de limpieza del municipio contó con la participación de más de 15 personas, además de 20 camiones, que tienen el objetivo de sacar 2 mil toneladas de basura del municipio, rezago acumulado después de 2 años. Nota: — in Isla Mujeres.

This is the heading for an article about the Tourism Fair in Cancun Oct 14-16 which it says it the most important tourism fair of the Mexican Caribbean, according to Jesus Almaguer Salazar, who noted it has 3500 reservations for businesses.
En la feria turística más importante del Caribe Mexicano se concretarán alrededor de 3 mil 500 citas de negocios, opina Jesús Almaguer Salazar, director de la OVC Cancún.

  Playa Norte now in real time in Isla Mujeres   

 "Time Lapse" of Playa Norte Webcam:  LINK  
. .

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