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      The state epidemiological light remains in Green in both Zones for Dec. 13-19, but has gone back to Stage One because the Contagion Rate increased from 0.7 to 0.9. (This statistic indicates how many people are infected by each infected person. While it is below one, cases are declining, but if it's above one, they are increasing.) The hospital occupancy rate is 2% of beds, and 4% of beds with ventilators.
        Third doses of C-19 vaccine will be available on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday at the Bicentennial Dome for residents over 60 years of age. These are Astra Zeneca and compatible with all previous vaccines. (Last graphic-#9). Bring the usual documents with your vaccine record.
      The graphs show the average number of cases daily (left axis) throughout the pandemic (bottom line), with the recent 15 day-period highlighted in gray. Isla Mujeres has no change. Benito Juarez (Cancun) is important since nearly half the state's population lives there. Holbox is located in Lazaro Cardenas and Playa del Carmen is in Solidaridad.
      Quintana Roo remains in Green on the federal light, but it now has 7 points and if it reaches 9 points, it will be in Yellow for the next edition. We are reminded to wear face masks correctly, maintain distance, wash hands frequently or use antibacterial gel, and avoid poorly ventilated areas.

Thursday..The injured motorcyclist was taken to the Community Hospital for treatment from this accident which occurred this evening on Avenue Jesus Martinez Ross, just north of the airfield tower. The reporter said it appears that the driver of the black Chevy fled the scene. He said the wooden pole that was knocked down belongs to the phone or cable company. The street was temporarily closed from the kindergarten near colonia Chica Salinas to the edge of downtown. FB video by Isla Mujeres al Momento..these are screenshot from the video. 

FB Video from Monday night's holiday performances at the Casa de la Cultura. Screenshots from the video...  

 Tuesday, Dec. 7 This may include the island as well as the mainland part of Isla Mujeres. This morning, Aguakan announced that water outages or low pressure may affect the listed neighborhoods today, due to electrical work in the Catchment Area. Most businesses and residences have rooftop 'tinacas' which carry them through, with conservation, as well as everyone having bottled water on hand routinely.

      Monday, the Mayor inaugurated four new trash-collection trucks, each with a capacity of five tons. These trucks will replace the larger ones that have been in use, which were useful for catching up on collecting the amount of trash that had accumulated in the streets. Those will be put into service on the mainland part of the municipality at Punta Sam, Costa Mujeres and Ciudad Mujeres. These are more suited to the narrow streets of the island.

She invited the residents to do their part to live in a orderly community by keeping their properties clean and putting their trash out according the the collection schedule. She said, “Although it is the responsibility of each individual to keep their properties clean, in an effort to generate order in Isla Mujeres more quickly, we are offering the services of the Parks and Gardens department, and the only thing that is required is to request these services from the Director of General Public Services, with Director of Recolecta or the Director of the Parks and Gardens Department."
She said as the holidays approach, the amount of trash that is generated increases, and it is important to follow the collection schedule and avoid leaving trash on the street corners and medians.

IM Noticias reports that the driver of this one-car accident survived and was taken to Cancun for treatment. It says the car knocked the post down in the early hours of Monday, Dec. 6th, near the Naval base, and caused an electrical outage in that area. Personnel with Civil Protection and the municipal Police Department came to the scene.


Sunday, Dec. 5--If you're traveling to the US tomorrow, your C-19 test needs to be done today or tomorrow. The new rule starts tomorrow & the screenshot is from the US State Dept. Note the rule is "within one day of the flight's departure", not within 24 hours.


On Saturday, approximately 50 children aged 6 to 12 attended a baseball clinic teaching batting techniques, base-running and pitching at the "Ariel Picho Magana" baseball field. Afterwards, the children played an "interescuadras" (lit-intersquares) match against their parents. Isla Mujeres baseball coordinator Hector Gil Osorio said that the clinic was taught by four instructors from the Quintana Roo Baseball Association. It also received support from COJUDEQ, the Commission of Youth and Sports.

 Sat. Dec. 4  This weekend, Isla Mujeres is participating in the first edition of the Cancun International Boat Show at the Puerto CancĂșn Marina, which began yesterday and ends tomorrow. Isla Mujeres is being promoted as a preferred destination for those who carry out maritime activities in the Caribbean. This event brings together the main nautical promoters in the state and in Mexico.

The press release notes that the nautical infrastructure of our municipality attracts yacht owners to chose Isla Mujeres to keep their boats in our marinas, in addition to carrying out tours and activities on the water. There is also the attraction of beach clubs and restaurants, as well as hotels with docks to receive tourists. The white sand beaches and the cultural and tourist attractions complement these facilities to provide a perfect visit, generating an important economic benefit for the municipality. It also notes that reinforcement of tourism promotion is very important to the government of Mayor Atenea Gomez Ricalde, to help islander families and the municipality's economic recovery.

Sat. Dec. 4   The municipal Department of Civil Protection and Firefighters announced that the sale of fireworks is prohibited in Isla Mujeres. Residents are reminded to be careful to avoid causing 'shorts' due to overloading of electrical circuits when they install Christmas lights, and to avoid leaving them on for extended periods of time.

Saturday, Dec. 4   On Saturdays, crews of municipal employees and volunteer participate in the program "Cuidando /Caring for Isla Mujeres" to clean up the municipality, return it to order and recover the good image that is characteristic of this vacation destination. Today, they cleaned along Rueda Medina Avenue from the office of Wizz cable company to the Mundaca Hacienda. In addition to the ditches, they cleaned up various roadside areas and parts of the mangroves, contributing to taking care of the environment. Residents of Isla Mujeres are reminded to follow the trash collection schedule when setting our their garbage and to avoid littering. They are encouraged to do their bit to improve Isla Mujeres and invited to join the municipal government's cleaning work.

The press release notes that the Mayor is committed to recovering the order and beauty of the municipality, in addition to providing timely collection of trash and working to clean out the Trash Transfer facility.


Saturday, Dec. 4 This evening's Christmas tree lighting event and performances by three dance troupes and a singer.... FB Video from the Mayor. Screenshots from the video--

 Residents who voted to express their opinion on the renovation of the children's park at the Plaza Bicentenario in La Gloria chose the design with a children's playground and a skating area. (The other plan had an additional skating area for older kids instead of a playground.) The vote was 1167 to 731, and was conducted on the internet and with voting boxes located around the island.


Administration of Pfizer C-19 vaccines to teens aged 15-17 began this week, with 15 year-olds on Monday, 16 year-olds on Tuesday, and 17 year-olds on Wednesday.

Last week on Thursday, the Mayor announced that in the first 63 days of her administration, 13,764 tons of trash had been removed from the Trash Transfer Facility. This was accomplished with a total of 780 semi truck-trips. She said that 2170 tons have been collected in the neighborhoods, leaving the streets cleaner than previously. She thanked the islanders who are committed to making the island more clean, orderly and beautiful, for every one to enjoy, every day, both visitors and residents. She said there has been visible improvement, but everyone must work as team to continue cleaning and should set out their trash in accordance with the collection schedule.

She said that last week the Parks and Gardens Department had mainly focused on the areas near the Whale shark monument, the Bicentennial Dome, the IEEA Dome and 2 kilometers of roadside ditches, which resulted in 25 loads of organic matter and 10 loads of debris.
She also mentioned that progress continues with public lighting, including the Rueda Medina malecon (seaside walkway), and the eastern malecon, near the photo-op "Isla Mujeres" sign, as well as various areas of colonia La Gloria and other neighborhoods. She added that they are continuing to patch potholes, noting that this is a temporary solution and they are working on finding resources to repave areas which need it.

WHEN?- All events are scheduled to begin at 6:30p
WHERE?- Behind the Casa de Cultura, by the main "Isla Mujeres" photo op sign (Av. Guerrero, the back street) *EXCEPT on Dec. 22 which begins at the La Gloria Park.
All events will have dance groups and singers
Sat. Dec. 4-Lighting of the Christmas Tree
Sun. Dec. 5-Voices of Christmas
Mon. Dec 6-Christmas Tianguis Market (Vendors)
Wed. Dec 8-Christmas Musical
Thur. Dec. 9 -Arts & Colors of Christmas
Fri. Dec. 10-Night of Christmas Choirs
Sun. Dec. 12-Classical Ballet "The Nutcracker" from Cancun
Mon. Dec. 13-Ensamble of Christmas Voices
Tue. Dec. 14-Christmas with Rhythm
Wed. Dec. 15-Christmas for Dancing
Thur. Dec. 16-Singing "La Rama" (Christmas Carol)
Fri. Dec. 17-Quintana Roo Police Band/Orchestra
Sat. Dec. 18-Sounds of Christmas
Sun. Dec. 19-Christmas Around the World
*Wed. Dec. 22-Christmas Grand Parade/Procession-Begins at the La Gloria Park. (Decorated vehicles led by Santa, playing Christmas music & tossing candy & small toys. There's usually a private version of this also, which includes visitors, on a different night, starting in Bachilleres. TBA...update-It will be Dec. 18. )

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Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

LINK to US National Hurricane Center 




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