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Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Wednesday October 7

This is the live webcam at North Beach / Playa Norte 

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  From  Noticias de Diario de Quintana Roo ....

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The City prepares to pay homage to the fishermen 

Recognizing their contribution to the development of the municipality

Prepara la Comuna, en reconocimiento a su contribución al desarrollo del municipio

Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 6 de octubre.-
  See the translation in the Municipal Section below...

Low season hasn't been so low 
Lanrry PARRA
ISLA MUJERES, 6 de octubre.-
  The restaurateurs and hoteliers are reporting that consumption and occupancy have not dropped off as much as they usually do in September and October, and that has been a 'regular' demand for their services.
     Owners of restaurants along the beach say that so far, demand has not "dropped off" like it usually does in these two months. Hoteliers say occupancy has not fallen below 50 percent, although in previous years at this time it decreased by 20 or 25 percent.
   A representative from the Isla Mujeres Chamber of Commerce said there is a good presence of tourists on the beaches including visitors from the US, South America, and many young people from Israel.


From the Municipal Facebook site.....  (you can join this FB page at this link)

The City will pay homage to the fishermen

  The official XIVth ceremony for Dia del Pescador/Fishermen's Day will be held on Friday, October 9th at the Monument to the Fishermen on Rueda Medina, where they will be given shirts and raincoats, as well as recognition for their daily work, which benefits this successful tourist destination, which the island has become (a successful vacation destination). 
     This event will include a pleasant meal with participation by the civil and military authorities, before the official ceremony which begins at 2pm. After the official ceremony, wreaths and floral arrangements will be tossed upon the sea in remembrance and tribute for those who died doing this work. This celebration is an annual reminder of the origins and roots of when Isla Mujeres was a fishing village in the past. 
   Currently there are five fishing cooperatives in operation with a roster of 419 fishermen. During the administration of Mayor Agapito Magana Sanchez, the fishing industry has played an important role in the development of the island, and has been one of his priorities, including training courses, supplying materials (such as boats and motor subsidies), and financial support, in coordination with state and federal agencies. One of the most important areas of assistance has been ensuring the health of these seamen with the repair, activation, and maintenance of the hyperbaric chamber. The lives of divers and fishermen depend on this chamber when they suffer decompression.

All taxpayers are invited to take advantage of the discounts being offered
Invitamos a todos los contribuyentes para aprovechar el descuento que estamos ofreciendo.

Personnel in the landscaping section of the Department of Public Services keeping the sports facilities clean and in good shape.
Personal del área de jardinería de la Dirección de Servicios Públicos, se encarga de mantener limpios y en buen estado, los espacios deportivos del municipio.

We attended the FCCA Cruise Conference at Cozumel Island
En la Isla de Cozumel acudimos a la inauguración del FCCA Cruise Conference.

Together we can prevent Dengue and Chikungunya
Entre todos prevenimos el Dengue y el Chikungunya.

The living celebrating the dead in Isla Mujeres...Oct 30 & 31
En Isla Mujeres los vivos celebramos a los muertos.


link to Quequi's Isla Mujeres articles  

Improved hotel occupancy in September compared to last year

    Cierra septiembre con aumento en la ocupación

    0 07 de octubre de 2015  By Carlos Gasca

    The leader of the Chamber of Commerce, Juan Carrillo Figueroa, reported that while September is one of the most difficult months in regards to hotel occupancy, this year there was a slight increase over last year. He said that local entrepreneurs experienced a 6% increase compared to last year, and noted that there were eight establishments who closed temporarily. He said many of them took a vacation or are doing maintenance or improvements, and will reopen in upcoming days. He said the improvement could be attributed to efforts by the state government to promote tourism and keep the beaches clean of seaweed.

    In spite of low season, demand for labor continues


    Aumenta la bolsa de trabajo

    0 07 de octubre de 2015  By Carlos Gasca

    Euan Roman Maldonado, head of the CROC union in Isla Mujeres, said that this year during low season there has not been the usual lay offs or so called "Solidarity Days", and there has event been a slight increase in the job market, as it is measured from week to week. He said there have been requests for personnel from  Marina Puerto de la ínsula, Garrafón, Palace, Villa Rolandi, Aluxes and Zama, which is unusual at this time of year when layoffs or 'conditional vacations' are usual. The jobs being offered include receptionist, kitchen help, security, porters, steward, bakers, waiters, and cashiers, among others.


From Tvisla Mujeres ( link)


From  por esto Link to their Isla Mujeres articles

Decreasing occupancy
Vertiginosa caída en la ocupación.. [+] Ver mas
  Hotel occupancy has decreased and there are some tourism based businesses that have closed temporarily, until the first of December. Upon taking a tour of the beaches and streets, the reporter noticed fewer tourists in these locations, while there were merchants and mobile vendors available offering merchandise. The golf cart rental agencies report they are leasing 60 percent of their inventories.
      The Harbor Master, Miguel Ismael Gonzalez Gil reported that although the port is open for general navigation, the small boats should be exercise caution because of gusting winds to 35 kph and waves of 1-1.5 meters. (yesterday). There are currently no threatening storm systems.

Tourists charged after failure to pay and destruction of property
Al “bote” por agresivos y “malas pagas”�.. [+] Ver mas
  Three young Israeli tourists were taken before the Public Prosecutor on charges after they ate pizza in a local restaurant and refused to pay; then allegedly one assaulted the cashier while the others caused damage to the restaurant. According to information from Public Safety (the police), Israeli tourists Dorom Shoham 23, Ezra Oz Elharar 22 and Daria Skliarov 23 ate a pizza at Brisa Mexicana Restaurant, and had some drinks. After they had finished it to the last crumb, they refused to pay their bill, alleging that they did not like it, which seemed illogical since they had practically devoured it. 
      The cashier, María Citlali Chin Burgos, indicated that they must pay the bill, and Dorom Shoham became angry. She allegedly struck the cashier, causing various injuries to her face and arms, while the other two tourists threw dishes and glasses to the ground, as well as flipping the tables and chairs. While this scene played out of uncontrollable troublemakers, the restaurant staff called for help from the police; who arrived moments later, and took the Israeli tourists into custody on charges of assault to the cashier and damage to the property of the restaurant owner, Cecilia Burgos Sanchez, whose spouse endorsed the charges against the three tourists on Tuesday morning. The tourists were staying at the Posada Hotel. The restaurant is located on the corner of Hidalgo and Matamoros.
   This article also includes an account of an accident between a motorcycle and a vehicle on Rueda Medina at colonia Electristas, which was determined to be the fault of the motorcyclist, who was made available to the Ministerio Publico to take responsibility for the damages. The motorcyclist suffered a large cut in his cheek, and the driver had some cuts on his hand from the rear view mirror. The car was turning and had its turn signal on, and there was nothing its driver could do to prevent the impact, because the motorcycle was passing another car and was unaware of that maneuver, and ran into the left side of the car, according to the account given.

Complaints about poor service from Cablemas
Mal servicio y hostigamiento de Cablemás.. [+] Ver mas

  The Director of the PROFECO (Federal Consumer Protection agency) module at the Maritime Terminal confirmed that the majority of the complaints they have received have been against Cablemas. This included a recent complaint from a consumer who said he cancelled his service six months ago, because he planned to demolish the residence. He said he continued to receive bills at the property, and he was given no other options but to pay the bill, in order to liquidate the account, and that the representative was rude. He said he was given a code when he discontinued the service, but the company refused to recognize it, and explained how the charge for six months of service was unwarranted. He also said the he received harassing phone calls.
    Another Cablemas customer complained to PROFECO on Tuesday after being two days without cable or internet service, and being unhappy the company's response advising him to wait three or four days.

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Fine dining a few steps away at Da Luisa or try the traditional neighborhood eateries a couple blocks farther. Stroll five minutes down the coastal sidewalk to Mango Cafe, Bahama Mama, Brisas, or Manolitos. Walk less than 10 minutes to shop at Chedraui or to dine at Green Verde, Kash Kechen Chuc, or Seso Loco. Visit marinas, bars, & beach clubs that are minutes away by bike or on foot. Our guests recommend the Yoga classes a couple villas away at hotelito Casa Ixchel. Fresh juice, produce & tortillas a few blocks away in the village, as well as a variety of other stores and small local restaurants.

October events

Sunset ~6:40
Moonrise over the Caribbean

Oct. 1    9:52

Oct. 2  10:45

Oct. 27   6:44
Oct. 28   7:37
Oct. 29   8:31
Oct. 30   9:26
Oct. 31  10:22

Thursday, Oct. 1 You are invited to the lighting of the pink lights today at 7pm on the Town Square commemorating the start of the fight against breast cancer

Monday, Oct. 5 Noon Bazaar at offices of El Corazon del Wilito charity which benefits babies and children needing heart surgery (Next to Tugui Paleteria in La Gloria)

Friday, Oct. 9  Day of the Fishermen (Dia del Pescador). Event at Monument to the Fishermen at Rueda Medina commemorating those who lost their lives at sea and placing of wreath at sea

Monday, Oct. 12  Dia de la Raza

Tuesday, Oct. 27   Blue Crab protection campaign scheduled (Sac Bajo, possibly also along the eastern coastal road between the cemetery and Punta Sur)

Saturday, Oct. 31 Halloween

Sunday, Nov. 1 Dia de los Muertos,  All Saints Day
Monday, Nov. 2  All Souls Day

Isla Mujeres: A Place of Traditions 
 Participate!  This is a poster for a Hanal Pixan altar competition   Hanal Pixan is the Mayan holiday that occurs around the time of Dia de los Muertos and Halloween. It lasts about a week and a half and is a commemoration of departed relatives and friends, who are remembered with offerings of their favorite foods, drinks, and items at altars containing their photos, at homes, businesses, and other locations, and their graves are cleaned and decorated. There are specials foods and other traditions. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday: Free spay/neuter clinic  (Isla Animals)
 Consults 100p, Vaccines: parvo & distemper 50p, flea & tick meds 20p, wormer 10p. Helpers always welcome! Isla Animals, Mundaca Hacienda, 10am-4pm (No food morning of surgery/water ok)

From Sally MargolisHi all!! We (Isla Animals) are gearing up for a HUGE Spay/Neuter, Vaccination, Wellness campaign for the animals in Rancho Viejo Nov 17-22. This is a very poor area in the municipality of Isla Mujeres. Most are living without electricity and running water. The situation for the animals there is dire right now with parvo & distemper running rampant, and heavy overpopulation. We expect to treat/vaccinate/spay/neuter 1000 cats & dogs with the cost of surgery at just $10us per dog. This may be the only time any of these animals see a vet. We can treat the existing animals, vaccinate others against disease, curb the population growth, and educate pet owners on proper animal care and make a HUGE DIFFERENCE!! We have the knowledge, experience, volunteers, and heart to make it happen. We are asking for all of your help to raise funds to make the campaign a reality. (We can also accept Paypal donations via our site - just add RANCHO VIEJO in message, and cash in person on Isla Mujeres. Please, please share the link on your social media. It helps us so much. If you are not in a position to donate PLEASE do read the campaign & share, there is lots of excellent info in it about the work we do-There is always so much to do! Thank you for your time!

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