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Isla Mujeres News & Events Thursday, February 16



 The Upcoming CARNAVAL EVENTS are....

FRI. Feb. 17 at 7:30--Coronation Gala--Coronation of the Kings & Queens of the Isla Mujeres Carnaval 2023 with a performance by King and Queen entertainers Lorena Herrera & Carlos Arenas, and a performance by DJ Shei on the Municipal Esplanade (Town Square). 
SAT. Feb 18 at 7:30--Night of Fantasy--Comedy show with Tila Maria Sesto, and the Carnaval Grand Dance with live music by Junior Klan on the Municipal Esplanade.
SUN. Feb. 19 at 7:30--Night of Joy--Performance by Nani Namu & Her Stars, and Dancing to live music by Alex Mont & Merengossa on the Municipal Esplanade.
MON. Feb. 20 at 7:30--Night of Tregueñas--Comedy Show by Chino Fernandez, and Dancing to live music by Jemanuel and Los Panas on the Municipal Esplanade.
TUE. Feb. 21 at 7:30--Competition of the Troupes, and the burning of "Juan Carnaval" on the Municipal Esplanade. 
It says 'parade' (desfile), but apparently the date & time are TBA.


    We're still having Surada weather today, with winds from the Southeast at 10-25 kph, gusting to 40-50kph in the forecast. (That's 6-16 mph, gusting to 25-31 mph.) This morning, we're enjoying sunny skies and warm temperatures, (with predictions of small amounts of intermittent rain being possible). The Surada is generated by a high pressure system. Sur means South, and is the direction they come from.
    Next, Cold Front #33 will arrive from the North (a "Norte") and then become stationary over the Caribbean Sea, before dying out. The extended forecast predicts the rainy areas will be to the Southwest of our region. (They're encircled on the extended forecast.)


    Tonight at 7p on the downtown basketball court by the Town Square, island athletes in eight sports will be announced to compete in state phase of the National CONADE Games 2023. They are participants in the sports of Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Baseball, Skating, Boxing, Weight Lifting and Table Tennis.
      Around the country this week, more than 3800 athletes will participate in this phase, competing in 24 of the 34 sports that are included in the CONADE Games. Next week, athletes in the other 10 sports will compete in Ahome & Mazatlan, where beach volleyball and swimming in the open sea can take place.
After the state competitions, the winners will compete in the Regional, Macro-Regional and National stages. CONADE is the Comisión Nacional de Cultura Física y Deporte en México / National Commission of Sports & Physical Culture in Mexico.

 YESTERDAY, Feb. 15 (Wednesday).... 
Today's Sargasso Report. Blue=Without Sargasso, Green=Very Low

SATURDAY, Feb. 11....

Announcement for Saturday's bike event (from Friday)....
Tomorrow, Saturday, Avenida de las Peces in colonia La Gloria will be partially closed from 9a to 9:30a.
The first bicycle "Ride for the Wetlands" will begin at 8a. The three hydration stations are marked on the map and the ride starts at the Bayside Malecon parking area and ends at the Town Square / Municipal Esplanade. Motorists are encouraged to use caution around the cyclists. Families are invited to enjoy this event--"A Ride Full of Learning & Fun".

Bicyclists and skaters rolling around the island (on Saturday) to raise awareness about taking care of our wetlands--"Rodada Por Las Humedales". The ride ends at the Town Square / Municipal Esplanade. In these photos they're passing thru the Bachilleres neighborhood.
On Saturday morning, Island families came together for the Ride for the Wetlands / Rodada por los Humedales, to have fun while raising awareness about the importance of taking care of our wetlands.
Starting out early, the riders made a circuit around the isle that included iconic locations such as the Punta Sur Sculpture Park. Awards were given out at the Municipal Esplanade / Town Square by municipal officials. (There were also some skaters participating.)

 Promo from last week for Saturday's event.....Tonight's Carnaval event is at 7p at the Bicentennial Dome / Domo Bicentenario in colonia La Gloria where the Queen of the Senoras, Eglantina I, will be crowned. There will be a comedy show and dancing. Tables for ten people have been on sale downstairs at the Palacio Municipal, 9a-3p until sold out. Dress code--Wear Masks.

SUNDAY, Feb. 12....Last evening (Saturday) at the Masked Gala, the Queen of the Senoras was crowned at the Bicentennial Dome in La Gloria.

  Announcement for Sunday's events in the parks (from Friday)....Children are invited to enjoy a mini-concert and take photos with these characters on Sunday, for this event, "Playing With My Favorite Character", sponsored by the DIF, social service agency, at the listed parks & times.


Municipal police officers responded promptly to a report of a three-year old child who was alone in colonia La Gloria, and with GEAVIG (Grupo Especializado de Atención a la Violencia Familiar y de Género / Group Specializing in Attention to Family and Gender Violence), they immediately moved him to a safe place and located his mother. He was reunited with his family after an investigation was conducted, with the mother and child having been attended to at the Women's Center.




Photos from IM Noticias.... "Mirada" Hotel being built near Nomads, along the road to Garrafon/Punta Sur, on >12,000 square meters of property.

An earthquake of 5.5 magnitude occurred this morning (Wednesday) in the Bay of Honduras, at a depth of 18 kilometers, at 9:16am. The tremor was felt in Quintana Roo's capital of Chetumal, where evacuation protocols were initiated for the Palacio Gobierno and the Palacio Municipal. (State Capitol and Town Hall). A Red Cross ambulance arrived to treat one worker for a nervous reaction.
The municipal Civil Protection Director said that due to the distance, only slight movement was perceived. The quake was located 262 kilometers (163 miles) from the capital. There were no signs of any structures cracking, but they plan to do further review of the city's few tall buildings. They toured various buildings to inspect the structures and to assure the citizens were safe. The Governor said there have been no reports of any problems in our state.



(More News & Carnaval photos/video links BELOW)

Vintage photos of Isla Mujeres on Vimeo HERE, thanks to Temo Zurita. 

These are screenshots from an Isla Mujeres promotional video from the 1990's, posted by Fernando Rodriguez Zapata on the Recuerdos de Isla Mujeres group.


Here are old photos of the Sultana del Mar (AKA "The Slow Ferry) of the former Magana ferry company. The first set are Before & After...when it was built and when it was no longer operational. The other photo is from the movie "Against All Odds", released in 1984.


 WEDNESDAY, February 8.....

The exposition "El Caribe Mexicano en Punto Mexico" opened yesterday in Mexico City with our Mayor and Governor in attendance. Works by our state's artisans will be on display throughout February, and artisans of Isla Mujeres will be featured on Feb. 20-25.
The "Punto Mexico" tourism information project began ten years ago and is located on the ground floor of the main building of the national Ministry of Tourism in Mexico City. It utilizes technical tools and offers dozens of "360" tours of Mexico where the visitor can use a touch screen to control images on a video wall, to virtually travel thru Pueblos Magicos, beaches, archaeological sites, museums and nature reserves. In addition, there are displays of handicrafts, traditional clothing, and food from all of Mexico's states. Museum guides provide information about the different destinations, both general and specific, including places to eat, sleep, activities, museums, flights, roads, and other trip-planning assistance. Or visitors have the option of using electronic tablets to obtain information.


The Mayor wrote: "Happy Wednesday ✌🏻! I started the day accompanying our staff of the Traffic Police Department in their school safety operations, and my colleagues from the Public Services doing cleaning work at Cesar Mendoza Santana elementary school."
She also notified the parents that she'll be at that school today at 5p to listen to them and work together to improve school conditions for the children.


 TUESDAY, Feb. 7.....

 Screenshot from Noti Isla Mujeres quick video, about Monday's rain.

 Screenshot from video. Unfortunately, one of the dogs was later killed in the line of duty, by a collapse.

SUNDAY, Feb. 5....

 Sunday evening, young islanders competed, along with their talented comparsas, and the winners were crowned in three age categories, as well as the special King & Queen. HERE is a quick FB video. And HERE.

  There's a ~1 minute FB Carnaval video HERE...Thank-you to David Amayo for these scenes from Carnaval so far, which has included various coronations with performances by their comparsas (dance troupes). First were the young people in three age categories and the special King & Queen. Next was the Senior King & Queen, then Saturday's Masked Gala, crowning the Queen of the Senoras. 

 There's a quick FB video HERE of the seniors celebrating Carnaval at the coronation of the Senior King & Queen, Lanchita I & Guadalupe de la Cruz I.

 These are photos of Emily I, the 2023 Carnaval Young Children's Queen / Reina Infantil and her comparsa from the Al Son del Corazon Dance Academy.

Below is a screenshot from a 360 video of the Mayor dancing with Luna I, the other Children's Carnaval Queen/Reina Infantil, at Sunday evening's coronation event for the four young pairs of Kings and Queens. (There are two children's categories by age, the Youth (teen) King & Queen and the Special King & Queen. Then there's the Senior King & Queen, the Diversity Queen and the overall King & Queen.)


 LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres 

LINK to US National Hurricane Center


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