Thursday, October 14, 2021

Isla Mujeres News & Events Thursday, October 14

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Our Northern Zone remains in Green-Stage 1 status on the state epidemiological light next week, Monday, Oct. 18 thru Sunday, Oct. 24, and the Southern Zone remains in Yellow. Vaccination rates are high for the state with 93% having received their first dose and 75% have had both doses. The number of cases daily has decreased in all of the Northern Zone municipalities, except Tulum, and Isla Mujeres dropped down to an average of zero cases daily.

Today, Oct. 14   Mayor Atenea Gomez Ricalde said she is honoring her commitment to clean up Isla Mujeres and recover the public spaces of the municipality. She said 3225 tons of garbage have been removed from the Trash Transfer Facility and it is estimated that about 7000 tons should be removed by the end of the month, which is about 10 cubic meters. She added that in the first two weeks of her administration, trash collection has reached 100 percent, and there is no longer accumulated trash along the streets, at the corners nor in the parks. She said if residents comply with the collection schedule, that won't happen and it will be removed at the pickup times. 
   She said pruning, brush removal and cleaning have been done in four parks and institutional buildings and along 2.5 kilometers of medians and the program "Cuidando Isla Mujeres" (Caring for Isla Mujeres) has been implemented. Its first joint-effort encompassed the malecon along Rueda Medina and Playa Centro, from the monument to the Fishermen to the gas station. She said they will continue in sections every Saturday at different locations. 
   She also spoke about 400 non-working streetlights in the mainland area of the municipality and that they are working toward repairing the equipmentneeded to repair the lights and replace the bulbs.

The municipal government expressed their appreciation to the baseball and softball league volunteers who joined in cleaning up the baseball field ′′Ariel 'Picho' Magaña′′ along with the staff of the municipal Sports Department.


 Staff with the municipal Department of Civil Protection were inspecting and cleaning the storm drains in colonia Salina Chica yesterday.

Oct. 7  Mayor Atenea Gomez Ricalde held a press conference at the Trash Transfer Facility to announce the new trash collection schedule and report on the her administration's progress with the garbage issue.
She says when she took office on Sept. 30th, there was an estimated 35,000-40,000 tons of trash at the Transfer Facility. In her first week in office, 75 truck-loads ("gondolas") of trash were removed, which represent 1530 tons or 2000 cubic meters.
She reported that the previous administration left things in a state of "abandonment" and lacking in maintenance, leaving the collector-trucks inoperative. She said there was about 70 tons of trash waiting to be collected, which has been achieved. She spoke about other equipment that is also inoperable, including equipment necessary to maintain the street lights.
The new trash collection schedule is:
Beaches Route-Starts at 5am--Put out trash after 8p
Salinas Route-Starts at 5a--Put out trash 8p-12a
El Cañotal-Starts at 1p--Put out trash 11a-1p
La Gloria-Starts at 8p--Put out trash 7-8p
Sac Bajo-Starts at 3p--Put out trash 1-3p
Centro-Starts at 9p--Put out trash 8-9p

Noti Isla Mujeres reports that residents of the municipality of Benito Juarez (Cancun) came to the Bicentennial Dome in La Gloria to receive a vaccine, which caused long lines. The vaccine brigade only had a thousand doses, and the personnel reviewing people's documents decided to give priority to the islanders, which caused some of those from Cancun to cause a ruckus. This vaccine event began yesterday and ends tomorrow, for those who hadn't received their first dose.

Today, Oct. 14. In response to reports from residents about turtles hatching, the municipal Department of Ecology and the Environment responded and assisted 298 hatchlings to the sea who had strayed onto the Caribbean Coastal road. The Director of the Ecology Department said that due to the current situation with the Tortugranja, his staff attended to four areas along the eastern coast of the island. 

   Specifically, there were 50 baby turtles rescued in from the beach near the Trash Transfer unit, 24 in the area of Colegio Bachilleres beaches, 60 in the area of the municipal cemetery of colonia La Gloria and 164 along the Aeropuerto area. Volunteers who help turtle hatchlings to the sea should place them 3 meters from the sea so they can enter alone. Turtles nest along the eastern coast of the island and drivers should take care driving along the Caribbean Coastal road to avoid running over any hatchlings.

VIDEO     Dia del Respeto a la Diversidad Cultural--October 12th

From Isla's Mayor, the caption says: Let's put aside the differences that divide us and look with our hearts at the similarities that unite us. Screenshots from video....The bottom one is the Mayor and a visiting baseball team who played Saturday.

Oct. 11...

Municipal police responded to a report of a fight at Broncos Bar this weekend, in coordination with the C2, Navy and Prosecutor's office. They arrested two men who were turned over to the Juez Calificador (judge) for falta sdministrativas (non-felony crimes). Five female employees were detained for interviews then released and a parked motorcycle was impounded which was found to have been reported stolen.
La Tertulia's version of the incident alleges that the disturbance involved local fishermen and personnel with the Navy, one of whom allegedly shot a gun into the air when they felt threatened. La Tertulia reports that the municipal chief of police ruled out that the incident involved organized crime and said it was apparently a member of the Navy using his weapon irresponsibly, noting that investigations are underway about taking responsibility and suffering consequences for their actions. That article is here:

Oct. 11   The ZOFEMAT crew works daily, removing sargasso from the downtown beaches. Photo credit...Noti Isla Mujeres

The "S" is back on the photo op sign behind the Casa de la Cultura. (That's the Mayor pointing it out.)

La Patrulla Verde A.C. is conducting a cleanup at the Las Iguanas Park on Saturday, Oct. 16, starting at 7:30. You're invited to help & encouraged to bring your machete & rake. Here's their page for more info--

Working every day to keep the beaches of Isla Mujeres clean and free of sargasso! (screenshots from the video).... VIDEO  

With support from the municipal police department, inspectors with the state SATQ agency and the state Fiscalization Department are verifying that businesses in Isla Mujeres are complying with regulations limiting hours of alcohol sales and capacities.

Oct. 11  Edgar Alonzo Paredes, Director General of the municipal police (SPyTM), explained that one of the commitments of the island's Mayor has been to combat crime and regain the peace and tranquility that has always characterized the municipality of Isla Mujeres, so with precise instructions, they are working on this issue, in conjunction with local and state agencies.

Oct. 11    In this video, Mayor Atenea Gomez Ricalde explains that the "Taking Care of Isla Mujeres" program began along the Rueda Medina malecon, where staff from the Civil Protection Department started cleaning in the early-morning hours. Directors and personnel with various municipal departments participated, along with members of the business community and other islanders, working together; cleaning, painting and planting. She thanked them all. (Screenshots from the video)  VIDEO    

Monday, Oct. 11 

Monday.... Isla Mujeres and the rest of the Northern Zone of Q Roo entered "Green 1st Stage" status on the state epidemiological Semaforo light. The local government published this graphic with a caption noting the importance of staying informed about the process of reopening the economy and of continuing to take care of ourselves as we have been doing so far. "The pandemic is not over, let's not lower our guard, please!"
It says.... The economic reopening will be done in a gradual, orderly and responsible manner. Mandatory use of face masks with all activities continues, along with other sanitary measures including frequent handwashing/use of gel, healthy distancing of 1.5m, quarantine with symptoms and strict application of protocols.
The left column lists essential activities that will operate at normal capacity including police, legislature, hospitals & medical services, grocery stores & tortillerias & the food-industry, schools, fishing & agriculture, storage, construction, laundries & water purification.
Open at 80% are hotels, restaurants, historical sites, tourism services, beaches, public parks, hair salons, religious services, and open-air gyms, with closed areas of gyms at 60%.
Open at 50% are bars, nightclubs, discos, cantinas, etc
Public Transport capacities: Motorcycles-1 person, Private vehicles-4 people, Taxis-3 including driver, Public transportation-80% capacity.

Baseball's back! Photos by Tony Garcia of the barefoot, huipil-wearing visiting players.

Oct. 9 Feliz Dia del Pescadores! Happy Day of the Fishermen!

A wreath was placed in memory of those who lost their lives working at sea.

Friday Oct. 8....Today is the 47th anniversary of Quintana Roo as a Free and Sovereign State.
Isla Mujeres was officially founded in August of 1850 as the town of Dolores. Cancun was established 51 years ago.

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Sources for Weather Information:
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LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

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