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Isla Mujeres News & Events Tuesday, May 12

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Isla Mujeres municipality now reports 11 cases with 4 recovered, 7 active. Benito Juarez (Cancun) has 854 positives, 160 dead and 452 recovered. The state reports 1144 positives with 211 deaths, 163 under study, 584 recovered, 172 hospitalized, and 177 in social isolation.

The car ferry now departs the isle at 4:30p (It was 3:30p). The Punta Sam departure hasn't changed.

Monday--Dr Xhanat Tze Gonzalez Mora, municipal liaison for Covid-19 prevention, said of the ten positive cases in Isla Mujeres, 70% have been on the island and 30% on the mainland. She added that 70% have been men and 30% women. She said the average age on the island is 45 and in the Continental Zone it's 35. (Of the 10 total, two have recovered).
The City continues to strengthen preventative measures against the spread of Covid-19, including encouraging everyone to stay at home, especially right now while the virus is at the highest phase of the curve.
She said it is essential not to expose yourself unnecessarily and to only leave your home if the activity is essential. She concluded, "In order to have as little spread as possible during stage 3, it is necessary that we all do our part and take care of each other. It is a priority that we follow prevention measures including the use of face masks, frequent hand washing with water and soap, the use of antibacterial gel and maintaining social isolation."
Source: Ayuntamiento De Isla Mujeres

 May 11- Isla Mujeres municipality remains at a total of 10 reported cases, with two recovered. Quintana Roo reports 1118 positive cases with 189 deaths, 120 under study, 189 hospitalized, 196 in social isolation, and 544 recovered. Benito Juarez (Cancun) reports 836 positives, 146 deaths and 418 recovered.

May 10- he municipality of Isla Mujeres remains at 10 confirmed cases with 2 recuperated. Quintana Roo reports 1081 positive cases with 185 dead, 155 under study, 174 hospitalized, and 182 in social isolation. Benito Juarez (Cancun) reports 813 positives with 143 dead and 415 recuperated.

 From the little yellow school house
"400 beef burritos now that a lot of beef ! This is an extension of the schools Lunch with the children program reaching out to our neighbors in need. Also checking in on some of the closed in families at the same time. Sometimes the psychological effect of this is just as bad as the others. (Did you know that burritos are not Mexican they originated in a L.A. restaurant called El Cholo in the 1930,s) Just thought I would throw that in. Please contact us if you would like to help.


Nationally, Quintana Roo is in THIRD place with 65 total cases per 100,000 residents. The national rate is 28 total cases per 100k inhabitants.
Q Roo is in FIFTH place with 10.5 ACTIVE cases per 100,000 residents. The national rate is 6.5 active cases per 100k inhabitants.
For overall total cases, Q Roo is in EIGHTH place with 1118 accumulated cases.
Q Roo is SIXTH for total confirmed cases among health workers.

As of May 11, 2020, Mexico reports 36,327 total confirmed cases, 8,288 active confirmed cases, and 20,991 suspected cases of COVID-19. There have been 77,798 negatives, 3,573 confirmed deaths, 259 suspicious deaths and 135,116 people have been tested.

The epidemic curves are predictions that will be fulfilled only if we continue following the National Campaign of Healthy Distance until May 30. We are preparing the exit strategy of the measures, which will include interventions for prevention and health security.  Now it is not longer desirable to maintain a generalized intensity of confinement because there is a significant disparity in transmission intensity between different zones. In five cities, the curve is going down, while in others  the cases are on the rise, and some do not have infections.~Dr Lopez-Gatell, Mexico's coronavirus czar.

Cases & Deaths Among Medical Personnel--
#1 Across the country. among health professionals there have been a total of 8,544  confirmed cases of coronavirus, of which 2,147 are active; with 89% outpatients and 11% hospitalized.  There are 6,747 accumulated suspects and 23,525 negatives. 
#2 Nursing personnel account for 41% of infections, 37% in doctors, 19% in other health professionals, 2% in laboratory workers and 1% in dentists. 
#3 Unfortunately, there have been 111 deaths among medical personnel due to Covid-19. 


 Quintana Roo is in third place with 64.9  accumulated cases per 100,000 inhabitants, behind Tabasco with 68.3. The national rate is 28.4 and Mexico City leads with 110.7 per 100,000 residents.

Map of Incidence rates of ACTIVE cases. National rate is 6.5 per 100,000. Q. Roo is in fifth place with 10.5 active cases per 100k residents. Mexico City leads with 22.6, followed by Tabasco (17.8) Morelos (13.6) & Yucatan (11.2)

TOTAL accumulated cases by state
  Mexico reports a total of 36,327 positive cases.  In the lead are Mexico City with 9,983 and Mexico state with 6,155. Quintana Roo is in eighth place with 1118.

So far this turtle nesting season, the Tortugranja has protected six nests with a total of 763 eggs. On the island, there were two loggerhead nests with 106 and 120 eggs; and three hawksbill nests with 140, 142, and 79 eggs; One hawksbill nest was on the mainland part of the municipality, with 176 eggs.
The beaches being monitored on the island include Media Luna, Angar, Chiapanecos, Acapulquito, Invasión, Aguakan and Bachilleres. At this time the surveillance patrols are being done by four employees of the Tortugranja and three volunteers, who will soon be joined by by personal with the National Guard, Civil Protection and municipal Police
The Turtle Protection season officially begins May 15, but surveillance began on April 15th and will continue 15 days after the official conclusion of the season (Oct. 15).

Random checkpoints will continue around the island
   These measures have been implemented to encourage residents to stay home to reduce the spread of Covid-19 during Phase 3. The municipal police are also handing out face masks provided by the state police, as well as verifying license and registration and impounding vehicles without current documents. The police chief emphasized that we cannot let our guard down and said, "Measures of very little popularity with the islanders have been implemented, but we do it for their sake, we want to avoid more cases of Covid, and the instructions have been clear, to protect everyone in Isla Mujeres in the midst of the coronavirus."

Civil Protection clearing drains around the island on Sunday.

TVisla Mujeres    

A 65 year-old male with a possible case of Covid-19 was transferred from the Isla Mujeres Community Hospital to Cancun General Hospital in the protective capsule via the Life ambulance and the maritime ambulance to Puerto Juarez around 7pm on Monday. (Additional information from La Tertulia. TVIM has photos from the pier and La Tertulia from outside the Community Hospital.)  LINK   

TVisla Mujeres reports that it is an "open secret" that some of the positive cases of Covid-19 in Isla Mujeres are among staff of the Community Hospital, noting that some hospital employees including nurses and administrative personnel "are known to have" tested positive for the disease. Although Isla Mujeres has officially had a total of 10 confirmed cases, there are rumors that other families have experienced the disease, but have not been represented in official statistics.  LINK  

The state Secretary of Health toured the facilities for Covid-19 patients at the Cancun General Hospital LINK
    The state Secretary of Health (SESA), Alejandra Aguirre Crespo made a working tour to supervise the operation of the Covid-19 patient care areas at the Cancun General Hospital "Jesús Kumate Rodríguez". She was accompanied by the director of the Hospital, Aurelio Espinosa and deputy director Oscar Pérez, and spoke with clinical staff who care for Covid-19 patients, as well as inspecting the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) supplies. 
   After the tour, she said there is sufficient capacity for patient care because the overall occupancy rate for Covid-19 patients is at 20 percent, and only 18 percent of the ventilators are in use at the hospital. She said in regard to the 23 hospitals in Quintana Roo providing care for Covid-19 patients, there is an overall occupancy of 40 percent of the beds available for these patients, and a 36 percent occupancy of beds with a ventilator. 

Starting Monday, May 11, all stores, except 24-hour pharmacies, may only be open between 7am and 9pm, according to the municipal Director of Civil Protection, Helman Ulises Berman Graniel. He explained that measures are being strengthened at this time when the virus is at the highest stage of the curve. The City made this decision to prevent contagious of coronavirus in the municipality, and recommends continuing with the Healthy Distance and hygiene recommendations.

There are various videos of wet & flooded streets on Sunday. I cleared the obstructed drain near the checkpoint on Jesus Martinez Ross, where mid-calf-deep water was impeding traffic, just north of Casa Ixchel & the kindergarten by the entrance to colonia Salina Chica.

   Noti Isla Mujeres     

Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, more than 1700 tons of trash have accumulated at the Trash Transfer facility in Isla Mujeres according to the municipal Director of Public Services, Pablo Jesús Moreno Povedano, who said that three transfer trips are made weekly. VIDEO  

Z Gas continues to offer at 20 percent discount of propane cylinder refills, as well as honoring the vouchers, in response to the Covid-19 contingency.  VIDEO   

From  Por Esto :

Preparations for reactivating tourism LINK   
 I'll translate this manana.

Rain provides relief for flora & fauna LINK  

Ferry protocols include sanitizing between crossings and healthy distance between seats and rows LINK


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Full moon rising over the Caribbean 
 Just after Sunset--May 7  7:46 (sun sets 7:15p)
    May 8      8:51  
May 9      9:55
May 10   10:55
May 11    11:50

 Sunset  7:12-7:25pm (beginning vs end of month)
Sunrise  6:16--6:05am
Painting by Pamela Haase at MVC
Turtles begin mating and nesting in May. They can be observed mating offshore from Punta Sur during this month, and they nest along the eastern beaches. Tortugranja staff and volunteers gather the eggs and incubate them in the sand in a pen outside the facility. The Protection season officially begins May 15, but Tortugranja staff usually begin checking for nests at the beginning of the month. Three species nest annually in Isla Mujeres, Greens, Loggerheads, and Hawksbills, and very rarely, a Leatherback will attempt to nest, but generally the sand isn't sufficiently deep.

The season for swimming with the whale sharks normally begins on May 15th, which ends annually in mid-September. They congregate and feed on a 'buffet' of plankton and fish eggs from a type of tuna. Rays are also attracted to the feeding areas.  Photos by Tony Garcia

The Eta Aquarid meteor shower peaks before dawn on May 5th, but can be seen during the early hours (starting ~3a nightly) from mid-April thru mid-May. The longest "windows" to see them as they near peaking are the wee hours Friday & Saturday nights, May 1st & 2nd (which are the mornings of Sat & Sun). They peak as the moon is approaching fullness. On May 5th it sets at 4:55a, so will be low on the western horizon, while the radiant point is in the east. You don't need to focus on the radiant, because you may miss the meteors that create the longest bright streaks flying across the sky. This shower is caused by debris from Halley's comet. 

During May, the climate changes 
 Although May is the hottest month in the neighboring state of Yucatan, here on the coast, the hottest months begin in June. In May the "Perceived Temperature" (thin line above the others) begins to rise, as the humidity increases and the rainy season begins as the month progresses. We've been in dry season since November-December, and late April & early May are when firefighters are busy across the Peninsula fighting brush fires. There are ~13+ hours of daylight in May & humidity increases from 92% to 99% as the month progresses. Water temperatures are 81-82 degrees. 

Source: Weather Spark
Source: Weather Spark

Source: Climates to Travel
A wet day is one with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation. In Cancún, the chance of a wet day over the course of May is very rapidly increasing, starting the month at 14% and ending it at 36%.
For reference, the year's highest daily chance of a wet day is 52% on September 27, and its lowest chance is 12% on March 22.   Source: Weather Spark
Source: Weather Spark
Source: Weather Spark
Friday, May 1  Labor Day  Official Holiday with offices closed. 

May 3 Dia de la Cruz, a holiday celebrated by construction workers in Mexico, and is associated with St Helena (Elena in Spanish). Normally, crosses are placed atop construction projects, and crews take a break to pray and eat together, with food & drink supplied by the owner.

May 5  "Cinco de Mayo" Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla against the French in 1862.
May 10 Mother's Day

Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

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