Monday, March 9, 2020

Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Monday, March 9

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"Un Día Sin Nosotras"
   Today, thousands of women in Mexico are planning to strike in protest of gender violence and femicides in Mexico. According to government data, femicides have increased 137% in the past five years. Last year, 3825 women were violently killed, which is about ten women per day.
       Participants in this strike, "Un Día Sin Nosotras" or A Day Without Us,  are staying home from work and school, declining to participate in any economic activities, and are not going out in the streets. The President said government employees should feel free to participate without fear of retribution. The Mayor of Isla Mujeres expressed his support for City employees who participate. Many schools, large corporations and other employers have announced their support. Yesterday, for International Women's Day, marches were held in Mexico and around the world. In Isla Mujeres, the City, via the Women's Institute, conducted a march on Friday.  The colors being worn by those showing support are purple and white.

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