Monday, January 6, 2020

Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events Monday, January 6

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From the City....

 Jan. 4    Fifteen people where were rescued after they were stranded at sea about a nautical mile in front of Sac Bajo, due to the inclement weather causing problems with their boat. The rescue was coordinated between the Harbor Master and the Department of Civil Protection & the Firefighters. The victims, who are originally from Puebla, were anxious but unharmed. They were immediately given first aid and blankets, which were provided by the DIF social service agency. They were also given tickets to return to Cancun, together with the rest of their group.

Jan 4-- Due to heavy rains & winds associated with the arrival of Cold Front #26 on Saturday, around 4:30pm personnel with Civil Protection & the Firefighters assisted with a post that had fallen on a house in colonia Salina Chica, causing only material damages. They also monitored for flooding and cleaned drains and catchment areas to prevent accumulation of water.

The DIF social service agency will provide a large celebration for Three Kings Day today at 4:30pm at the El Pescador baseball field, featuring a show full of magic and fun with many favorite children's characters, as well as raffles and gifts to entertain thousands of young islanders. There will be inflatable houses, games, superheroes, dances, gifts, and a princess show. A similar event will be held in Ciudad Mujeres on Tuesday.

  The CECATI (Training Center for Industrial Work) will provide various courses on the island in colonia La Gloria, including nursing, spas, Tourism English, Food & Drinks, and High School equivalency with a single exam. Students who compete the courses will receive certification from CONOCER (National Council for Standardization and Certification of Labor Skills).

The Municipal Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center (CRIM) has provided physical rehabilitation services and therapies in the categories of learning, behavioral, language, and occupational, among others.  They assisted 1102 patients and the facilities were remodeled in 2019 to provide improved services. There were collaboration agreements with private initiative to raise awareness about early detection of breast cancer, and the "Pink Race" to raise funds for mammograms, x-rays, and free testing for the women of Isla Mujeres. They have offered classes in sign language and braille, as well as other services. The CRIM facility is located in colonia La Gloria. People with disabilities are encouraged to come to the facility to receive credentials for discounts on public transportation and the ferry.

TVisla Mujeres    

Naval personnel assisted a twenty-nine year old tourist from the United States who suffered a wound to his foot.LINK  
    The tourist received immediate assistance from Naval personnel with the first aid station after he suffered an accident with a rock, causing a wound in the sole of his foot that was about an inch-long.
   General recommendations from the Navy:
        Respect instructions from the lifeguards. Don't neglect children at the beach. Don't enter the sea after eating, drinking alcohol, or both. Swim in areas where there are lifeguards. Don't swim in areas of maritime traffic like boats & jet skis. Don't ride in boats beyond their capacity and wear a life jacket that is appropriate for the activity and your needs. Don't block access to the beaches and allow free access to patrols & ambulances. Use sunscreen is you're going to be exposed to the sun for a long time. Drink water & stay hydrated. Don't litter. Respect the warning flags with green indicating swimming is safe, yellow means caution, and red indicates swimmers should not enter the sea. 
 For emergency care or support requests, the Fifth Naval Region is available 24 hours at (998) 877 0194 and (998) 877 0186 and the email rn5@semar.gob .

Port Authority: Fewer passengers than anticipated  LINK    
    In 2018, the highest number of passengers arriving in one day was 28,000,  but this year it was only 25,000 on that same day, December 28th. Between December 24th and 31st, the average number of passengers daily was about 17,000.
     By Dec. 26th, passenger traffic reached 26,000, and it reduced to 22,776 on the 27th, and fell again on the 31st, to a ~20,7000 passengers. Entrepreneurs hope the passenger traffic doesn't decrease further during the remaining days of the holiday period.

Low tap water pressure attributed to increased demand  LINK  
   Residents of the colonia la Caribeña are reporting low tap water pressure since December 30th, which isn't usual for them. They said that water reaches the lower taps, but has difficulty getting up to their tinaca tanks. An Aguakan worker said that pressure decreased because of the demand caused by the arrival of thousands of tourists. Residents in the higher colonias have to resort to using pumps to provide water pressure.

The Cocteleros won an exciting game against the Puerto Morelos Rockes with a score of 8 to 7, and they remain undefeated in this league tournament. 

Port closed for small boats

The office will be open on Saturdays this month...except tomorrow...8:30a-3:30p. You need to bring your old plates & vehicle paperwork, official ID, DL, & electric bill (or other acceptable household bill), both originals & copies, and money to pay for the plate fee & circulation card fee...whose costs MAY increase after January.

From  Por Esto :

Business owners complain about water shortages  

Generalizada escasez de agua: empresarios

   Hotels and condominium complexes located downtown and at North Beach have been experiencing shortages in their water supplies, including Ixchel & Privilege Aluxes.  Although both have a large storage capacity, low pressure has caused difficulty getting the water to the furthest points.
  This problem has affected various colonias, especially those with higher elevations and Punta Sur. It is noted that there is no desalination plant on the island and that Aguakan seems to lack the capacity to meet the demand by using trucks. Some people have searched unsuccessfully to purchase 10 meter lots of water from Cancun, which costs about 11,000 pesos.
    This problem occurred in the summer when consumption was high, and now has been repeated during the Christmas-New Year holidays.

Cold front affects tourism  

Frente frío ahuyenta al turismo

 Jan. 4   Cold Front #26 arrived on Saturday afternoon and caused restriction of the small boats. It rained for about an hour around 3pm. There was some flooding along Rueda Medina, but the water drained away promptly in other areas.

Preparing a great Carnaval in February 

Preparan un gran carnaval para febrero

   The organizing committee has already been formed for the 2020 Carnaval which will be held February 21-25, who will announce the requirements for the King & Queen candidates and competition of decorated vehicles. Local businesses are encouraged to participate in financing part of the events to ensure they have high quality and reflect the culture and tradition of the island, which attracts many visitors.
   There are artist fairs being held at the eastern malecon (at the Paseo de la Triguena off the Town Square) from 4p to 8p on Thursdays, with about 32 participants. There were previously about 20 vendors, and more are expected next Thursday.

High demand causes low water pressure  

Escasea el agua por alta demanda

Jan 3  In the midst of high season for tourism, there is a scarcity of tap water in several of the colonias and in the residential area of Punta Sur, presumably due to high demand. Since Christmas, residents in the colonias of Cañotal, Miraflores, Lol-be, Caridad del Cobre and Salina Grande have been complaining about low pressure and loss of water service. Many establishments at Punta Sur have also been affected, but with less impact since most have large storage capability. 
  The distance and altitude of the terrain work against the people in that area, causing less pressure due to high demand, which also occurred during the summer and the Easter holidays. There have been rumors, but no announcements from Aguakan concerning any possible problems with the underwater pipeline. Normally an announcement is made if there is any problem with the pipe, on the pipes on land, which happened a few months ago near the airfield. There were also announcements when work was required on the line on the mainland. 
   There have also been complaints from consumers about high charges in recent months.

License plates also available on Saturdays  

Emplacamiento vehicular los sábados

   The fees for license plates are discounted in the first three months of the year, with the highest discounts being available in January, according to Jesus Contreras, who is responsible for this program in Isla Mujeres. He estimated there will be more procedures completed in the first three months of 2020 than the 8500 transactions last year.
   Last year there were over 1800 vehicles registered for public use including taxis, rental golf carts, and volquetes, among others. He said more than 5000 vehicles will be processed by the time the program ends.  The required documents include:
 pago de derecho por canje de placas y tarjeta de circulación
pago de uso o tenencia vehicular (payments)
original y copia de identificación oficial con fotografía del INE (Original & copy of INE voter registration--foreigners bring their resident visa & passport & copies_
persona moral: original y copia del acta constitutiva; y poder del representante legal. (for proxies--authorization)
 Original y copia de la licencia de conducir vigente del propietario del vehículo, (Driver's license & vehicle title & copies)
Original y copia del comprobante de domicilio (original & copy of electric bill, or other acceptable household bill)
placas anteriores (old plates)

Death of corals seems unstoppable 

Imparable la muerte de corales

     Researchers say that efforts will continue in 2020 in response to the progress of coral bleaching and death, which includes encouraging thousands of tourists to avoid using sunscreen and to stop all sewage spillage. They are also considering the implementation of the use of speakers on the seabed to help "resuscitate" the corals, which was reported in a British magazine in November and by the BBC, about a six-week study in 2017 in Australia.

Many tourists visiting the island's beaches 

Turistas invaden las playas de la isla

  Jan. 3  Many tourists were visiting the islands of Isla Mujeres on Thursday, Jan. 3rd and there were more than 20 boats moored by the buoys near Mia hotel by 10am. It is noted that the 500 square foot area of beach at el Riito by Zazil-Ha street was filled in two months ago, and has become popular with hotel clients and local residents.
   It is noted that visitors enjoy viewing the colorful fish in that area, and that many tourists who return to the boats then go to other areas of interest, such as Playa Tiburon in Sac Bajo, to eat Tikin-xic style grilled fish. This is an affordable activity that costs about 500 pesos per person, including the round trip from Puerto Juarez.
    Plalya Centro was also popular, and the first effects of the Surada winds were felt around noon on Friday.

"Surada" season begins  

Inicia la temporada de “suradas”

   On Friday, the first Surada arrived with its winds from the south, which typically cause the small boats to be restricted to port and erosion to some of the beaches. The winds were forecast to reach up to 42 kph, but to quickly lose strength with the arrival of Cold Front #26, with winds up to 40 kph, and stronger in the Yucatan Channel, at up to 53 kph.


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Full moon rising over the Caribbean 
 January 10  6:28
January 11  7:31
January 12  8:36
January 13   9:39
 January 14  10:41
January 15 11:41

Painting by Pamela Haase at MVC
 Sunset  ~6:15-6:35p (beginning vs end of month)
Sunrise ~7:25am
January Events 
Provided by MaraVilla Caribe & Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events

Wednesday nights at 8:45p, the group "Isla en Bici" bike around the isle, meeting at Juarez &  Abasolo. Lights required, helmet recommended. LINK

Thursday afternoons ~3p-8p Artist Fair on the Paseo de la Triguena off the Town Square at the malecon by the food trucks.

Some Sunday evenings 8p on the Town Square "Noches Magicas" performances  

Fishermen in this region are banned from catching octopus during January.   LINK 

Friday, Jan. 3 First quarter moon. After the moon has completed the first quarter of its orbit around Earth, the relative positions of the Earth, sun, and moon cause us to see it half-illuminated — on its eastern side. At first quarter, the moon always rises around noon and sets around midnight local time, so it is conveniently positioned for observing before youngsters' bedtimes. The evenings around first quarter are excellent for looking at the lunar terrain while it is dramatically lit by low-angled sunlight. (

EARLY Saturday, Jan. 3 The Quadrantids meteor shower peaks between 3am and dawn. The moon won't be around to interfere. The shower's radiant, which is beyond the tip of the Big Dipper's handle, will be high in the northeastern sky.

Monday, Jan. 6, On the first Monday of each month, there is usually a civic ceremony in the morning, often on the Town Square around 8am.  

Monday, Jan. 6 Dia de Reyes/Kings Day At Ruben's Restaurant, in front of the Post Office & Mercado on the back street Guerrero, volunteers will be giving away 1000's of toys that have been donated, and a snack & drink, usually starting around 10am. They also provide hampers of food for families in need of them. The DIF social service agency usually has an event at the baseball field in front of Chedraui or at the Bicentennial with entertainment and raffles, starting around 4p or 5p, but it's not always held on the 6th.  Jan 6 is also Nurses Day in Mexico.

Friday, Jan 10 Full moon rises at sunset & sets at sunrise. There will be an eclipse as the moon passes thru the earth's shadow, but only the beginning and final stages will be visible here, .

The Thor Heyerdahl traveling school-sailboat visits in late January-early February with about three dozen high school students on board. Under the tutelage of the experienced crew, the students learn to work together, sailing and navigating, as well as receiving their normal lessons. They sail from Germany to the Caribbean, departing in October and returning home in May.
      The ship is named for the man who sailed a hand made raft "Kon Tiki" from South America 5000 miles across the Pacific to the Tuamotu Islands in 1947, to demonstrate that ancient people could have made long sea voyages, creating contacts between apparently separate cultures. LINK  

Sources for Weather Information:
LINK to Civil Protection Q Roo weather bulletin  (Spanish)
LINK to Mexico National Weather Service (Spanish)
 LINK to satellite images for the Mexico National Weather Service
 LINK to GOES East Band 16 GIF (animation)
LINK to a private weather station on Isla Mujeres

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