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Rain! Two Busts, Top Ten, 500 Kids In Isla Mujeres News Sun Oct. 16

Good Progress at Harbor Facility
HarborMastor (Port Captain)  Miguel González Gil reports that reconstruction work of their new facility is 30 percent finished and they expect to be using it in December. Report by Por Esto.
"Playas desiertas"
"Deserted Beaches", reports Por Esto. The port is closed to small boats while a front moves through. (At least they set out some chairs & thought someone might come?)
 It Looks Worse In Cozumel
This photo is from Cozumel. Tomorrow's news will probably have similar pics from Isla Mujeres. The storm is sitting on the whole area, so folks are donning their rain capes and trying  to keep the drains clear & the water flowing. Isla has had some outages of electricity and internet service and plenty of rain.
 TV's Religious Horsemen of Chetumal in Rain
One hundred riders paraded in the rain in the state capital for an event filmed for Pay TV, snarling traffic. Fronts like this produce rain that is often intermittent with intense bouts.
  Two Busts
Diario QRoo reports that Friday around 7:30 pm in colonia “La Caribeña”, police arrested Analy Valente Bautista, 23 for possession of 150grams (~5oz) of white powder, presumably cocaine. It says because she appeared nervous and excited, police stopped her and found it among her belongings wrapped inside a nylon "ball". Saturday morning at 5:25 am police arrested Pablo de Jesús Vázquez Pérez, for drunk driving on a red motorcycle on main street and found 12 baggies of cocaine in his pockets. 
 "Voice of Isla Mujeres" Try Outs
Diario QRoo reports 24 singers participated in try outs for the Voice of Isla Mujeres competition. The three judges evaluated their stage projection, intonation, voice, "performance and charisma". ("desenvolvimiento y simpatía".) and listened to them singing a capella. The top  ten will compete at a concert on Nov 18 for cash, prizes, and the right to compete in state competitions as "The Voice of Isla Mujeres". 
 500 Young Athletes
Diario QRoo reports that over 500 athletes aged 7-17 represented 37 teams in competitions held in Isla Mujeres this weekend at the start of the Southeast Basketball Circuit. Games were scheduled at four municipal courts, and due to weather they played at the Convention Center and under the dome at colonia Salina Chica. At a ceremony at the convention center, they were sworn in and officials threw the first basketball
A Mountain View "Just Like Isla Mujeres"
(This story is from a newspaper in Pennsylvania, where Israel Campos and his brother the chef have closed their "Cancun Inn" restaurant and moved to a smaller venue with an upstairs apartment for their mom. Here is what it says about her visit to the new apartment:
A cool breeze blew in.
Hilda shuffled out to the patio railing, her gaze fixed on the mist-covered mountain to the south.
"It looks just like Isla Mujeres," she said while looking out at Sugar Loaf Mountain.
 (I'm guessing it was the panoramic beauty from a breezy balcony that were similar.)
 New "Old" Video
This video on YouTube is a slide show of old photo.It has extensive credits for the music. Some of the photos from the De Wolf collection on Flickr.   
Spanish In Today's News
bolsita--little bag

Food In Isla Mujeres
There's a new post titled
Xtabentun: Stingless bees, Sacred Quests, & a Slut
about a unique alcoholic beverage

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